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Crystal had moved to another state 3 months ago and it was time that she found a new hair salon. She asked around where she worked and one of the women told her that she should try “Extreme Makeovers” because there was a really cute guy who worked there that she thought Crystal might want to date. The next day Crystal decided to pay a visit to the salon. When she went in she saw the guy her friend had told her about. She told the receptionist that she would like to get her hair trimmed and requested that the guy do it. After a brief wait she was called back.

“My name is Jason. What can I do for you today?”

“I’m Crystal and I just need a trim today.”

Crystal and Jason basically just chatted about Crystal’s recent move for about 20 minutes while he trimmed her hair. Crystal paid and left the salon knowing that she would be back soon because she really did like Jason. She also found out from the receptionist that Jason was single at the moment.

Two months later the weather was starting to get hotter so Crystal decided that it was time to get a decent haircut because her waist length brown hair was getting way too hot for her. She called Extreme Makeovers and made a appointment with Jason for the next day.

Crystal arrived at the salon a few minutes early so she would have time to get another good look at Jason. It did not take long though before she was in the chair.

“What are we going to do to you today?”

“I want my hair a little longer than shoulder length. “

“Would you like to add some color?”

“Why do you ask?”

“I think that if we lighten this dark hair up some that it would be cooler. You know dark hair absorbs the sun. “

Crystal wanted to spend as much time with Jason as she could so she agreed. Jason got to work and soon he had dyed her hair a medium blonde and cut it like she had requested. Crystal finally got up her nerve to ask Jason out right before she left and he accepted.

They went out to dinner and then sat in the park for a few hours just talking. Crystal asked Jason why there were so many pictures in the salon of tattoos, piercings, and unusual hair colors. Jason told her that it was because the shop did a lot of punk type makeovers that they had named it Extreme Makeovers. Crystal told Jason that she did not think she could ever do anything that drastic to herself.

They continued to date and both of them were falling in love with each other more and more each day. A couple weeks later Crystal was in the chair again for a trim.

“Crystal, do you trust me?”

“Yes, why?”

“There is a hairstyle that I know will look good on you so I want to know if you would let me do it?”

“I will trust you as long as you promise not to shave my head bald.”

“I promise I will not do that. Can I turn you away from the mirror so you can’t see until it’s done?”

“I guess so.”

Jason got to work. He applied color and a hour later rinsed it out. The cut was next. Crystal heard scissors crunching away all around her head. Next came a buzzing sound and she jumped when the cold clippers touched the back of her head.

“I thought you promised not to make me bald.”

“You won’t be. Trust me.”

Jason continued his work buzzing the back of her head. Next he cut a little more on each side and then shaped up her bangs. He turned her toward the mirror. Crystal saw bleached blonde hair that was cut into a very severe inverted bob. She liked it instantly. It was about time for the salon to close and Jason told the other stylists that he would lock up. After they were all gone Jason and Crystal had incredible sex.

“Do you trust me to make you even more beautiful than you are now?”

“I will trust you to do anything you want as long as I don’t end up bald.”

Crystal knew that she was totally in love with Jason and that she would let him do anything to her as long as they could be together so she got in the chair while he went to get some stuff. He returned with a cart full of stuff. Soon more color was added to Crystal’s hair and then rinsed out. Crystal was unable to see the color but she knew Jason had used color from two different tubes.

“Now remember that you said you would let me do anything as long as you did not end up bald. I want to give you a few piercings and a tattoo. Ok?”

“I told you anything so go ahead.”

Inside Crystal’s mind was telling her to run and that she did not want any of this. But her heart was telling her to stay and let Jason create a beautiful girl out of her.

Jason started piercing her ears and soon she sported 12 rings in each ear. Next up was a nose ring on the right side. Jason then tattooed a small rose onto her left breast. When he was done he turned her toward the mirror and she got her first look at her new self. Her hair now had pink bangs and the rest was a deep purple. With the hair, new piercings, and tattoo Crystal could hardly recognize herself but she knew she loved the new look as she was very wet between her legs. More amazing sex followed.

A month later Crystal told Jason while they were lying in bed together that she would like to see herself bald. It shocked him but he quickly jumped at the chance and went and got his clippers that he kept in the hall closet. When he came back in the bedroom he found that Crystal had removed all of her clothes.

“I want to be bald all over. Shave off every hair you see except my eyelashes.”

“Do you mean eyebrows as well.”

“Everything but eyelashes.”

Crystal had a cold chill run down her spine as the clippers came to life. Carefully Jason guided them over her head. Pass after pass made Crystal all the more wet while Jason was getting harder and harder. Soon the clippers were turned off and a cool lather was put on Crystal’s head. The safety razor quickly removed all the hair in its path. Crystal’s eyebrows soon followed. Lather was then applied to Crystal’s pubic area. Crystal was in a foggy daze as Jason gently removed her hair and made her look like a little girl down there. Neither of them could contain themselves any longer and they spent the next 5 hours making love non-stop. The next day Crystal had a question for Jason.

“If you could design your dream girl from scratch, what would she look like?”

“Do you really want to know? It might turn you off.”

“Yes. Even though you have not told me what she looks like I think I am ready for you to make me into her.”

“I don’t think you will let me make you into her because like I said, I think it will turn you off.”

“Tell me anyway.”

“Ok. If you say so. I want her to be fully covered in tattoos including her entire head and face. I would want her to have a huge amount of piercings all over. As far as her hair goes I would like her to have a severe inverted bob like I gave you. Her hair would also always be in colors like blue, purple, or pink. On occasion I would also want her to go bald. I told you it would turn you off. “

“I don’t think I am ready to do that but I do want to let my hair grow out so you can do the inverted bob again.”

Crystal and Jason dated for a year and a half and Crystal’s hair had grown out enough to do the inverted bob haircut again. This time Jason dyed it all dark blue. Crystal had a surprise for Jason after he finished.

“Jason, do you think that I am your dream girl even though I don’t look like her the way you described her?”

“Actually yes I am totally in love with you and I have been thinking of this for a while now. Will you marry me?”

“Yes, of course I will. And I want you to have your dream girl. Right now before I can back out I want you to get your tattoo equipment and start on me. Start on my face right here and now so that I will never be able to turn back.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. Do it.”



Jason got his tattoo gun and soon was ready to start.

“Are you 100% sure?”


And with that Crystal felt the prick of the tattoo needle against her cheek. Within a fe
w hours her whole face had been tattooed with all kinds of flowers. Over the next year Crystal fell in love with Jason more and more as well as beginning to love her new look as she became Jason’s dream girl with many piercings and tattoos of flowers that covered her entire body. Over time she sported many hairstyles and even had a rainbow colored mohawk.

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