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Lynn was an eighth grade history teacher and totally devoted to the learning of her students. She spent many long hours preparing for her classes and tried to make her classes challenging but interesting. She would do sometimes do strange things to get the attention of her students like changing her hairstyle or temperament.

After some low test scores, Lynn became concerned if she was getting through to her students. A close friend of Lynn, we had dinner together and discussed the problem. Lynn said that she’d always had a fantasy about getting her head shaved and was considering this as a way of getting her students attention. She asked me how I felt and I told her that I respected her decision and admired her courage. Lynn had driven past a barber shop and with an attractive female barber and wanted to schedule an appointment in the evening aftre the shop had closed. Lynn left the table, walked to a public phone, called the shop and scheduled an appointment for the next evening at 7pm. She ashed me to drive her to the shop and I agreed.

The following evening, I picked Lynn up at her home around 6:30pm and droved her to the Barber Shop. We parked in back, walked in, and were greeted by the attractive female barber, dressed in a nylon see thru tank top. With Lynn wearing a skirt and see thru blouse, the barber suggested she close the window shades and that Lynn remove her blouse for the haircut. Lynn agreed, removed her blouse, and had walked to the barber chair in her shirt, black dress shoes, and a sexy nylon bra. The barber placed a see thru cape over Lynn, with tissue around her neck. She asked Lynn what type of haircut Lynn would like and Lynn replied, “I want you to take it all off with the clippers and shave my head. The barber smiled, picked up her electric clippers, placed them on the setting for cutting down to the scalp and made her first swip down the center of Lynn’s head. With Lynn’s head being clipper shaved and hair falling to the cape, the beauty of her head became a reality. After the clipper shave, the barber removed the cape, lathered Lynn’s head, and shaved her with a razor.

After Lynn’s headshaving, she removed her bra and skirt, and sat around the barber shop, while we all visited, in a pair of white nylon see thru panties and her black dress shoes. I talked with Lynn a few weeks later and she was pleased to report that her students were much more intersted in her classes than before and that some of the other female teachers were considering getting their heads shaved.

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