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Once,I had long hair reached my waist. Just at the time when I received appraisement for my silky hair from others,I had it cut. The down-hair was about half a meter,falling like flying-feather down to the ground.

One neat noon,the sunlight runs through my hair without running back. I touched my cut-short hair and felt a feeling like giving away official secrets in my heart without knowing why. I looked far outside under the window subconsciously,and a shock feeling grew in my heart like a beautiful song,at the same time, it was like a heart-broken poem,coming to me from the edge of sky, suddenly.

At that moment,I began to imitate ancient people to express my felling by showing hair, though , I do not know this hair was cut for whom.

And at the same time,I had an idea to grow and keep my hair long,in my brain I made a sentimental story. Every strand of my hair contains my painstaking effort. At that night, in my dream or under the shadow of candle light, I sat before the desk as if I can get appeasement from Xiao Lang.

Across the spring and summer, stepping through the autumn and winter,the moon gets round and imperfect,imperfect and round again till my long hair drawing down to the ground with faint scent,and the long hair permeates all kinds of tartness, sweat, bitter and spice,I finally found that my hair story has weaved for totally five years by my heart.

The hair grows again,showing my five years of life going away. I understand that the long hair is not only one part of my body,it coagulates more love for my life. Through the long hair,the history of ones nation it can be reflected.

Now, my long hair has come in to me with my heart and becomes one indispensability part in my life.

For my long hair is in my life.

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