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A group of wealthy hair enthusiasts came to me with an unbelieveable idea. Get two of the worlds most beautiful female tennis players to play a match where the winner takes all. We contacted Anna Kournikova and Maria Sharapova and asked if they would be interested. The deal would be a one set match where the winner would win one hundred thousand dollars and the loser would win nothing. The terms were too enticing for either lady to turn down.

The ladies were picked up at a prearranged hotel and brought to the stadium. When they arrived they both remarked how quiet it was. When they entered the stadium they were shocked to see only a hundred or so people there. Both went about warming up for the match. The next thing they heard sent chills down their spines.

” Ladies and gentleman, today we have a one set match where winner takes all and the loser will lose it all.” Both ladies looked puzzled. The announcer continued,”The victor will leave with one hundred thousand dollars, but the loser will leave without her hair.” Both looked shocked while stroking their hair for maybe the last time. They yelled,”You can’t get away with this.” The announcer replied,”I guess neither of you read the fine print on your contracts did you? Start the match!”

Anna whose georgeous long, blond hair was in her signature style braid, with a ribbon on the end. Before her first serve she flipped her mammoth braid back to the approval of the fans. Maria had her blond hair in a ponytail with the long wisps around her face pinned back with fancy little clips.

Just as Anna was about to serve someone from the stands yelled,”Hey Anna, you won’t have to worry about braiding your hair after today!” This visibly shook her up. The pressure was on and each lady was playing like their lives depended on each point. Anna served and Maria jumped on it like a cat. Anna fought back to win the first game.

Maria prepared to serve when someone hollarded,”Maria, can’t wait to see those little clips removed when you get your haircut!” She was raddled but served hard and won her game. They battled back and forth, with the constant heckling from the viewers, to end up with a six game tie. They both were prepared for a tie breaker when the unbelieveable happened.

The announcer said,”As your contract states, the winner will receive one hundred thousand dollars and the loser nothing. Your contract also states, in case of a tie you both lose. OK guys bring’em in.” Anna and Maria could do nothing but stand there and stare. They watched as a stage was pushed onto the court. It was covered with a large tarp. When in place a man came down with a microphone in his hand. Come to find out he was the announcer. He said,”Remove the tarp and lets get started.” The tarp was removed to expose two large, leather barber chairs. Between them was a cart with all the hair cutting tools necessary. The announcer who was also the barber said,”Bring the ladies up here and get them comfortable!” The people in the stands errupted with applause. The ladies tried to run, but there was nowhere to go. They were placed in the chairs and restrainded.

Anna screamed,”You can’t do this to me! I am Anna Kournakova!”

The barber replied,”You’re right! I’ll save you for last!” The fans exploded with applause again.

Maria pleaded,”Please don’t cut my hair. I’ll do whatever you ask.”

The barber replied,”OK, keep quiet so I can get started!” He approached Maria and slowly removed the clips from the side of her head. He said,”Maria, if you would keep your hair trimmed short you wouldn’t need this clips to keep the hair out of your eyes. Don’t worry I’ll take care of that problem for you.” The barber grabbed the cape and placed it around her neck and snapped it. He removed the band that held her ponytail and left it fall loose on her shoulders. He picked up a comb and ran it through her hair. His touch was light as her luscious locks slid through the comb. As mad and terrified as Maria was she still was turned on by his touch. He gathered as much hair as he could at her crown and reached over and picked up the scissors. Maria began to fight to no avail. The crowd clapped with anticipation. The barber whispered,”Don’t fight it Maria, you can’t escape my scissors.” With that Maria lowered her head in defeat as the barber sliced through that pretty pony. When it was removed the barber held it up to the screams of the crowd. Next he grabbed the clippers.

Maria pleaded,”I’ve never had clippers touch my hair.”

The barber said,”Then you’re in for a treat!” He took the clippers with an half inch attachment and pushed her head forward. Maria did not resist. As he slowly pushed the clippers from her nape to her crown the now shorter, choppy layers began to fall. She watched as her long, blond hair was reduced to stubble before her eyes. Maria looked down to watch her hair pile up on the stage below her. He clipped her back and side hair and tipped her head from side to side. The barber placed a mirror in front of Maria and lifted her head for her to look. Maria’s head was completely buzzed except for a soft fringe of bangs.

Maria looked in the mirror and said,”Well at least you left me some hair you SOB!”

With that the barber picked up the clippers and removed the guard. He said,”That was not what I wanted to hear!” He clicked them on and placed them at her forehead.

Maria yelled,”I’m sorry!”

It was to late. The barber slowly buzzed off her bangs and let them slide down her face into her lap. He then buzzed her entire head right down to her scalp. The barber said,”Maria, do you have anything else to say?”

She simply shook her head and said,”No.”

The barber said,”Maria, just sit there and relax while I do Anna.” As he approached Anna she began to cry knowing what her fate was. He picked up that huge braid and placed the cape around her.

The fans screamed,”Cut it off! Cut it off!”

The barber removed the ribbon and slowly and sensuously took her braid apart. He gently combed it out so that it lay smooth down her back. Anna was partially in shock, but his touch and manner was exciting. He slowly ran the comb through her waistlength hair. Her wavy hair slide through the comb and she became very arroused. The barber fastened her long, wavy hair in a high ponytail. As Anna watched, now arroused, he took the scissors and removed her entire ponytail. He held it up to the crowd to roars of applause. Next he took the clippers with an half inch guard and clicked it on.

Anna knew what to do and bent her head forward. She was resigned to the fact that she could do nothing.

He slowly pushed the clippers up her nape to her crown. He made pass after pass till all her lovely, long, blond hair was removed and laying on the floor around her. He buzzed each side and the top so all that was left was her bangs. The barber approached her bangs and said to the crowd,”Should I save her pretty bangs?”

The crowd yelled,”Cut them off! Cut them off!”

The barber replied with a smile,”Anna, you heard the fans.” With that he picked up the clippers and her lovely bangs were floating to the floor in a matter of seconds.He removed their capes and restraints and they both stood up. They rubbed their now buzzed heads with their hands in disbelief. The crowd screamed with delight. The once longhaired beauties of tennis were now buzzed clean.

Anna and Maria said to the barber,”What are we to do now and how do we get back home?”

The barber replied as he was leaving,”I don’t know. This never happened.”

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