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Allison and Steve finished their run with a mad sprint for Washington Square Park. Ally pushed him to the limit, but Steve managed to beat her by a few yards.

“Not today,” he panted trying to catch his breath. “That was a great run. Eighteen miles and we still had a great kick.”

“We’re going to be ready for the marathon in November,” Ally added. “Another couple months of hard training, and we may even get a time to qualify for Boston. I’m going back to my apartment to shower. I’ll meet you at the coffee shop in a half hour. Bring your books, so we can go straight to the library to study.”

This was their Sunday routine for the past year. They ran for an hour or two followed by breakfast at the coffee shop. Of course, some weeks one of them had a conflict, but both of them valued their friendship and their mutual joy for running. They both attended NYU, but they had not known each until meeting on a run earlier in the year. Steve was graduating this year with a business degree, while Ally had two more years to finish with a communications degree.

Steve got to the coffee shop before Ally, so he sat at their usual table and ordered some coffee. He thought about their run that morning. His mind wandered to Ally’s butt in those little running shorts she liked to wear. He further thought about her auburn hair bouncing around in a ponytail. She was beautiful, smart, super sweet, and liked to run, but she was not his girlfriend. When they first met, he was still going with Michelle. Steve had kept a long distance relationship with his former high school girl friend, while she attended Emory in Atlanta. However, in June they agreed to move on. Steve could now pursue Ally, but she was seeing an older guy named George. He did not want to disrupt his friendship with her by making an unwanted move.

Steve’s face lit up as he saw Ally walk in the door. She had her damp hair up in a ponytail. She wore a denim miniskirt and an NYU T-shirt along with a pair of those fashion flips that were all the rage this year. She was hot.

“Hi Miss Allison,” said Pearla, the owner of the restaurant. Pearla knew all of her regular customers by name. “What can I get you this morning? Mr. Steve ordered pancakes. Would you like the same?” Allison gave thumbs up and sat down across from Steve.

“I’ve got a paper I need to finish by Tuesday, so I brought my laptop. How is the finance class going?”

“I know that material cold. I have a few things to review, but I do not see too many problems this year. I am going to the career office Tuesday to look for a job for next year, and I’ll also check on a part time job for next semester.”

Pearla brought the pancakes over to their table as two people walked in the door. They sat down at the next table, and Pearla walked over with a coffee pot. “Oh, Miss Jennifer what happened to you? Why? You had beautiful blond hair.”

“Last night Sam here shaved it all off. Now I look like him, although nature gave him the bald look. Not a razor. Anyway, we met this couple at that new club in Tribeca. They both shaved their heads yesterday at a Locks for Love shavethon. The women looked awesome, and she loved the feel. I don’t know what happened to me, but watching her dance at the club I knew I wanted to be bald. I’m donating my severed hair to charity, and I’ll have a few friends give some cash for cancer research. It will grow back. Look, I have the hair in this shoe box.” Jen opened the box to show Pearla the blond hair.

Pearla took their order and walked away muttering something about crazy people. Jen caught Steve and Ally staring at her. “What do you think about my new look?” Jen asked them with a big grin. “Personally, I love it. We took a shower together this morning, and the water just bounced off my head. No shampoo.”

Ally spoke up, “I cut my hair short and dyed it black my freshman year. It was kind of a rebellion thing. But I don’t think I could go bald.”

“Why not?” asked Jen. “I can’t wait for the interns at the Entertainment Magazine to see me. A few of them have wild haircuts and tattoos, but no one has a shaved smooth head. I can wear a wig for the meetings with the brass.”

“You write for Entertainment. Cool. I submitted an article about the role of television in American Culture. I realized it was only a college paper, but Professor Cooper gave me a good grade. So, I took a shot with your magazine.”

“Your name is Allison, right. I read that paper. I used to work with your Professor Cooper, and she was right to give you a good grade. You write very well, but we had no place to publish it. I should have sent you a note. Next time, I’ll remember to do that. You know what, I’ll do you one better. Here’s my card. Email me your resume, and I’ll get you an interview to be my intern for next summer. Dude, what’s your name and do you want a job too?” she asked Steve.

He answered in a little shock, “My name is Steve. I am a business major, and I’m looking for a Wall Street job.” Sam gave him a card. “I have a few start-up internet companies. I constantly talk with bankers about raising money. I’ll see if one of them could use a hard worker.”

Ally started to thank Jen for her offer, “If I get the job, would I have to shave my head, too?” she joked.

“Of course, that’s up to you,” Jen answered with a chuckle. “I’ll tell you another benefit of being bald. Jane, the women from last night told me how horny she and her husband, Jack were after the shaving. She was right. We made love so many times last night; we ran out of condoms. Sam became so smitten with me that he proposed. I told him we should sleep on it to make sure it was not just the sex. Well, this morning he got on his knees and put a folded paperclip around my finger. We’re headed to Tiffany’s for the real thing right after we eat. I am sure you kids don’t need any stimulation to have great sex.”

“No we’re just friends,” Ally replied. Steve wished she did not answer so quickly. Ally added, “We can take your hair over to the shop. It’s on our way to the library.”

Ally and Steve got up and thanked Jen and Sam for their generous offers. Jen handed Ally the shoebox. “I look forward to seeing your resume. Have a great day.”

They walked out the door. “Jen is very pretty,” Ally told Steve. “What do you think of her look?”

“She is very hot. I think a beautiful woman looks even prettier with no hair. Jen has the bluest eyes and great cheekbones. You would also look great. You have beautiful hair, but your other features would come alive without it.” Steve was quite surprised that he spoke so candidly.

They arrived at the barbershop, and only a couple of people were there. They asked about donating Jen’s hair, and the owner told them he would take care of it. “Are you also going to donate your lovely locks?” he asked.

Ally answered, “I was not planning to, but now that I’m here.” Her voice trailed off, and she bit her lip.

Steve spoke up “I’ll do it, if you do. We’ll sit in the chairs together with two barbers working on us at the same time. Think of it as a race to baldness.” The owner and another barber volunteered to perform the shaves at no cost. Even Steve’s hair was long enough to donate.

Ally walked over to the chair and sat down. “I’m ready. Steve, take your seat.”

The owner, named Jose, fastened a cape around Steve head. Helen, his wife, did the same to Ally. Ally told them, “we want to finish at the same time. A tie is the correct result for this race.” The scissors cut off long pieces to be donated. Once each of them had a short crop, the barbers used the clippers with no guard to buzz them down to a mere shadow. Ally could feel a warmth building inside, while Steve was doing all he could to suppress his erection. If he watched Ally getting shaved bald, he would cum in his pants. To ready their scalps for the straight razors warm towels were placed on their heads. The barbers removed the
towels and massaged in the shaving foam. Slowly the straight razors scraped away the stubble. Steve tried to slow his breathing and keep his eyes away from the mirror. He could hear Ally let out a sigh. He managed to hold on by going over financial ratios in his head. After the shave the barbers rubbed in a soothing gel. It stung a little, but their scalps felt alive. Ally was amazed at the shine their heads had. After a dusting Steve and Ally got up. They immediately felt their own heads and then each other’s. Their scalps were so smooth.

They thought about buying some hats, but the sun felt too good warming their heads. Steve said, “I better buy some sun block. My scalp will start to burn after a little while.”

They continued walking to the library. People they knew gave them funny looks of quasi recognition. They explained to some friends about the donation, and they met other people who got shaved yesterday. Once inside, Ally asked Steve to help her with a contact lens. They found the private bathroom on the fifth floor. Ally locked the door. Steve was caught off guard, as she hugged him and gave him an open mouth kiss. Steve did not hesitate. He lashed his tongue back at hers. After a few moments Steve broke the embrace, “What’s up ?. I imagined this for months, but what about George?”

She answered, “he moved to London a month ago. It took a while, but I’m ready to move on. I am sorry I did not tell you sooner, but I wanted to make sure my feelings for you were real. I kept thinking, who better, then my best friend for the past year. We have so much in common, and I feel so relaxed with you. She took off her panties and pulled up her skirt. She sat on the edge of sink with her pussy ready for him to enter.

Steve told her he had the same feelings for her, and he pulled out his penis. He walked over to the sink and slid his erection into her. Their first time together did not last very long. Ally grabbed his bald head and dug in her nails. She came in a huge rush. Steve returned the favor with a huge deposit inside of her. He looked into her beautiful emerald eyes. No auburn hair would flop in front of them for a while.

They cleaned up and walked out of the bathroom. Just then Ally’s phone rang. She talked into the phone “Uh huh. yea she’s real nice and I love her kids…I’ve got some work to do, but I can be there by 5 o’clock. What time will you be back.that late, Can I bring my boyfriend? We were supposed to get together tonight.great, Bye.”

“That was a friend of the couple I baby sit for. She needs me desperately tonight, and she said you can come along. Now, let’s get some work done.”

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