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Aileen was a young woman of 34 years, who was very statuesque at 5’9. Aileen also had a beautiful body with a clothing size of 6, plus an added feature endowment of 38″- 22″- 36″. With all these attributes, Aileen’s most prized asset to her point of view, was her long hair that flowed down her back and fell like a long coat cut straight across at ankle length. Aileen’s hair was a beautiful chestnut brown in color that was threaded with red and blonde strands through out her hair. Aileen hair was natural, what is known in the hair buying business as virgin hair. Or to put it plainly, hair that has never been touched, never been colored or has ever been cut, just an occasional trim.

Aileen was a professional equestrian, who had an all white Arabian horse she had named WHITE BOY. It was not an uncommon sight to see Aileen on a Saturday, around 3 P.M., washing White Boy’s fine coat of hair, then Aileen who was wet from washing White Boy, would wash her hair by herself with the mane and tail shampoo she was using. The event of Aileen washing her horse was something to watch, but when Aileen washed her hair it was a spectacle to be hold, all that long glorious brown hair, being washed, then rinsed, then left hanging wet to her ankles. In a T-shirt Aileen was even more sensual when her hair was wet and hung down after the final rinse. This show of Aileen’s put on ever Saturday afternoon, was to be known as the MANE EVENT, when Aileen washed her horse, then her self and let it all hang out in a wet T-shirt. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this was priceless.

Aileen had vowed too never cut her hair and so it was kept at ankle length. Both horse and equestrian, when side by side, from the rear had hair to their ankle and hoof. Aileen knew what she was doing all the time and would wear her hair down as often as possible, so as to excite all who saw her. She once played Lady Godiva when she rode in the parade with White Boy. Aileen was riding side saddled with nothing on but her hair, or so it appeared, until you could see she was wearing a flesh colored body suit. Everyone thought she was naked which cause a real controversy, of children having mommy cover their wide eyes. Of course all the men were all praying for a little breeze, which might blow Aileen’s long hair away from the subject matter, which Aileen had so cleverly covered with her long flowing hair. Though this did not happen Aileen caused quite a stir that day and she loved every minute of attention she got from it.

Aileen was single, but; as the story goes she was married to her high school sweet heart, in 1966, just after graduation. Aileen and Tom were deeply in love. Both were only 17 years old. Tom came from a rich well to do family. Tom’s parents were deceased and the ranch was left to Tom and Aileen the year they both turned 19 in an estate trust fund. They had been married about three years and had no children. It was 1969 and Lyndon Johnson the President declared that all males who had no children were no longer deferred from the draft. Tom joined the Army Reserve in 1969 and then the Unit was activated and called to duty in Vietnam. Aileen was devastated as Tom left for the war and vowed to keep her hair long till his return. Tom spent 6 months in country (War Zone) and was last heard from in 1970. Tom never returned home to his Aileen from the war, he was declared MIA (Missing In Action) and was believed to be alive as a POW (Prisoner Of War.

I come into play as a guy who went to school with Tom and Aileen and was asked by Tom to keep an eye on his love. I joined the Army National Guard and was not called to active duty because we were a General Hospital and the Army was looking for a Field Hospital. From 1968 to 1974 when Vietnam was de esculated I was activated 7 times but never sent out of the United States. For the past 14 years I kept a close watch on Aileen and helped her do chores on the farm, clean the loft and stable, gather up the hay, fix the broken fences and string wire from post to post across the 60 acre spread. Aileen had a Government check each month and the ranch was paid for so she was not hurting for funds. I had asked Aileen many a time too marry me, but she kept waiting for Tom too come home one day. She would say “He will be back”.

That day came in May 1984, a black military vehicle came to the house and asked to speak to Aileen. The Officer a Captain Mitchell said Tom was found in a POW camp and was being sent back home in a month after rehabilitation. Tom was alive and doing well in Germany and should be home in July. On the 4th of July 1984, Tom came home a hero. The whole town was there to see him arrive, and a big parade was held for the home town hero’s return. I worked on the ranch with Tom and was sad but happy that all had gone so well. Then in May of 1985, while all three of use were celebrating Tom’s birthday, Tom all of a sudden slumped over the table, he had had a massive heart attack. For the next three weeks Tom was in ICCU at the hospital. Tom pulled me and Aileen to his side and whispered to us both ” Kevin take care of my Aileen, you have been my good friend, all these years you have taken care of the ranch and Aileen and have never asked for sex or tried anything funny with my Aileen, so now I want you two to get married when I die. Aileen do you understand what I am saying too you two?” We both nodded and he made us hold hands with him, we made a pact to honor Tom’s request, we promised this would be done as his last request of us. About 3 hours later Tom died. Aileen was again left with out Tom, but she was not left alone this time. We arrived at the ranch to set up arraignments for the funeral when Aileen asked me “Kevin, do you still love me as you always said you did.” I said “Yes, as I always have loved you while Tom was gone.” She said “I have a favor to ask of you Kevin, before we get married.” I asked “What is it you want me to do Aileen.” She said “Tom always loved my hair and I want you my dearest husband to be, to shave my head.” Aileen continued “I know you love my hair and want me too keep it long, but you see I feel this is Tom’s hair, I want to put the hair in his casket to take with him forever, does that sound weird Kevin.” ” No” I said “It is not weird, it is a beautiful gesture and sacrifice you are doing in honor to Tom your lover.” “I am glad you see it that way and my hair will grow back for you in about four years time to ankle length as it is now.”

I asked “When do you want me to cut your hair off.” Aileen replied “I think we will have a closed funeral for us only. A viewing at the church and a burial here at the farm.” I said ” I agree, this was Tom’s house and farm and he loved it as much as us.” `So it is a done deal then” Aileen said and I nodded “Yes.” We would bring the casket home from the viewing at the church about 2:00 P.M. and Tom would lay in repose at the house. While laying in repose, I was to shave Aileen’s head and we would place the hair into the casket by 4:00 P.M. and then bury Tom at 5:00 P.M. that night before dusk.

The day came and went as we had planned. Tom was brought home and lay in repose in the living room. I took Aileen by the hand and we went upstairs to the master bedroom. Here I had laid out a brush, a comb, a clipper set, a cape, two ribbons and a elastic hair band. Aileen sat in the chair at her vanity table where she always did her hair and it’s trimming. She grabbed my hand and said “Kevin are you ready to what I have asked you to do?” I said “Yes Aileen if you still want me to cut off all your beautiful hair I will do as you have asked me to do.” “Oh Kevin I love you so much, you will not regret this, I will make it up to you in the years too come.” I nodded and grabbed the brush and brushed out Aileen long brown mane for the last time. I took the elastic band and cinched it around the hair just below Aileen neck, this left the hair loose for the clippers to cut through the hair easily. If the hair was pulled too tight then the clippers would cut but no
t undercut the hair and would leave gaps as it skipped over the flattend down hairs. I then took the cape and caped Aileen, I put a piece of tissue around her neck, she looked in the mirror watching the event about to unfold as we had planned. Our eyes met in the mirror and tears started to flow down Aileen cheeks. I asked “Are you sure about this, I mean do you still want to go through with cutting off of all your long beautiful brown ankle length hair.” Aileen nodded and said “Yes Kevin, I just have never in my life been seated down caped and waited to cut off my hair.Just a little bit of vanity I guess is all that has overcome me. Oh Kevin do it now, cut it all off now before I have a heart attack looking at what is about to become, or waiting I might change my mind.” I grabbed up the clippers with no guard and flicked the switch to on which brought the clippers roaring to life. Aileen jumped about a foot it seemed but only a couple of inches and said “Oh God what are we about to do.” I said “You can always back out.” I brought the clippers up to her nape. “No, cut it now Kevin, now, oh my god please cut it now, I cannot stand the suspense.” With that I grabbed the ponytail and held it up, I put the clippers to the right side of Aileen’s neck and made the first pass straight up and to the top of her head. The clippers purred and left a 2″ wide white naked area behind., the hair was still attached to the ponytail but hung free from the scalp. Luckily Aileen could not see behind her what was taking place and screamed, “Oh God Kevin please hurry up, I cannot take much more of this.” I made two more passes up the nape and then went to the front of the head, Aileen sat in horror as I drove the clippers down the middle of Aileen’s head and she saw for the first time her beautiful hair being severed and a 2″ white path of a bald head was left behind, and the hair was now hanging with the ponytail. Aileen started crying uncontrollably a river of tears saying “My hair,my beautiful long hair, what have I done.” Then looked at me I was crying with her and she gasped a deep beath and said “Hurry Kevin, oh hurry, I do not like what I have done, but it is too late to stop now” I made two passes up the right side and over the ear. Then I made two passes over the left side and over the ear The hair was now free as it hung loose by itself from Aileen’s scalp. I said “Done, finally I am done as I held the ponytail away from her head and placed the hair very reverently between the two ribbons. We joint hands and tied the ribbons about the severed hair. Aileen was sobbing unemotionally as I took her in my arms for the first time. We took the 66” of long beautiful brown hair and laid it in Tom’s casket in his hand and wrapped around his other hand so it would never fall from a touch. We closed the lid, thus ending the chapter of Tom, Aileen’s hair and our new start in life.

We waited 6 months and too no ones surprise, we were married, as Tom had wanted. Aileen grew her hair out as she said she would and in the interim we have had three beautiful girls all with long brown hair flowing down their backs just like there mother’s hair.

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