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I am Emily.I have sixteen years old.Today is the first day of summer and my mother wants to cut my hair herself,but I do not want to cut my long hair.She said me to go to bathroom and sit in the chair.She forced me to sit in the chairand after some minutes she came back with some tools.She started to cut my hair and cut a lot of it.

At that moment I started to cry, but my mother siad me not to cry because it is better for you to have very short hair.After that my mother brought some clippers.I said what are you going to do? She said I want to give you a headshave and make you bald. I could not beleive that my mother was going to do it. But she buzzed my head and after some minutes I was there with a buzz head.

She said me I am going to shave your head with a razor and yes she shaved my head smooth and I was a bald girl. She said me to take shower and come to the dining room to have dinner.

After the shower I went to have dinner with my mother and my twin brother. When he saw me he started to laugh at me. My mother said him stop laughing because you are going to be bald too. She siad him to go to the bathroom and after some time he was sitting beside me with a blad head. Mother came and sat with us to have dinner when she picked up her hair no it was a wig and yes she was bald too. She said it is better now and we are going to stay bald for all of our lives.

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