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Dawn sighed while combing out her tangled lush blonde mane: ”I can’t believe that Alan should want me to do it. He’s always playing with my tresses and he loves to brush them.”

She looked at her image in the mirror: ”I would do anything for him…..but this…..but this…..I don’t think I can.”

She and Alan knew each other for more than two months now and she had immediately madly fallen in love. And she knew that Alan loved her too. Everything had been a bed of roses untill recently. A few days ago when strolling through the streets together they had struck upon Nevil, an old friend of Alan with whom he had had classes together. For several years they hadn’t seen each other and they had much to tell.

Nevil had invited them for a drink at a pub and an animated conversation had developed in which Dawn was involved. Perhaps they should have been more sparing with drinking! One moment Nevil had questioned Dawn about her hair: ”Tell me, Dawn, you have beautiful hair. Is it your own?”

Dawn had been astonished and Alan quickly had answered: ”Of course it is her own. What do you think?”

”Oh, I’m sorry. Stupid question.” Nevil had said.

They skipped the subject but Dawn was not happy about the comment and back home she had asked what nevil had meant with that weird remark. She had noticed how the two guys had looked at each other and she wanted to know what mystery was hiding behind all this. After severe interrogating Alan had confessed that he and Nevil during their time as college students had phantasized about girls they knew and how they would look with shaved heads.

”Have you ever done it?” Dawn had asked.

”Oh no, we shouldn’t have dared. It was only making up. But darling, don’t be upset, it has nothing to do with you. You know how much I love your hair.”

Nevertheless Dawn had not been reassured. He had never made any suggestions about cutting her hair, nor did he now. But…..she was certain that it was a secret wish; he must have made up how she would look without hair just as Nevil and he had done at the time. She would like to fulfil his wish but she was not able to do this, sacrifice her beautiful mane.

Once she knew it had got a stumbling block. Although the subject wasn’t raised any more, Dawn was afraid that eventually it could ruin their relation. And that she din’t want, by no means.

She talked to her best friend Joyce.

”Are you crazy? You are very in love now but but not for the first time. How long do yoy know him? Six weeks? In another six weeks it might be over. Remember the other times!”

Dawn had been in love twice before. Just as with Alan in both cases it had started as violent and passionate relations but after some months they had faded and come to extinction.

”This time it is different,” she stated.

”Be reasonable, Dawn, how can you know that? You’ll regret that you did something stupid, mind my words.”

No, Joyce didn’t support her and Dawn pondered to whom she could speak about this emotionallly charged subject. Certainly not to her mother; she wouldn’t show any comprehension and think it to be weird.

Her boss? Anita was a woman just past forty and they got along fine. No need for Dawn to be the initiator for the next day Anita noticed that something was wrong with her employer.

”Anything the matter, Dawn? You are not as bright as normally.”

”No……well, I do have a problem but I won’t bother you.”

”If you want to speak about it, I’ll listen.”

”I don’t know…..it is personal…..but maybe.’

”Come on, Dawn, we are on friendly terms, aren’t we? You can trust me, I won’t speak to any one about what you have on your mind.”

”I know…..Well, it is about my boyfriend. I think he wants me to shave my head! Weird, isn’t it?” she blurted out.

She had said it. Anita stared hard at her for some moments, then said: ”I’ll tell you something about myself, Dawn. When I was twenty I began to suffer from hairloss. At first only small amounts but soon more and more, faster and faster. Bald patches became visible and in vain I tried to cover them with the surrounding hair. At last I hand no other option then shaving off the remnants and I bought a wig. A dermatologist told me that it was alopecia and no one knew the cause of the disorder, nor any therapy. He said that there was a possibility that my hair after some time (months? years?) would grow again but he couldn’t give me any guaranty.”

Anita paused. Dawn looked at her dark hair, cut into a nice chinlengths bob. Puzzled she asked: ”So you are wearing a wig?”

Anita smiled: ”No, surprisingly my hair began to grow anew after about four years. I had already been accustomed to being bald and had accepted it. In a way it was easy and the more people knew me as a bald girl the more I was not afraid to show my hairless dome as I really hated it wearing a wig. People in my environment accepted it and at last I hardly covered my head. You know, for me it wasn’t so bad but I learnt that young schoolgirls could be hit by the disorder too and they had far more to suffer. They were laughed at and teased and called baldy.”

”That’s terrible. Are there no wigs for them?”

”Not for all. They are rather expensive and not all of the parents can afford to pay for them. But even with a wig the poor children are vulnarable. Children can be cruel to each other, you know.”

Dawn considered for a moment what Anita had told her. Why did she mention it?

”Anita, are tuy suggesting that I should sacrifice my hair?”

”Not at all. It is up to you to decide. I only wanted to show you that it is no disaster losing your hair. In my case I didn’t know whether it would grow back or not. You can be pretty certain that it will. That is the difference.”

Dawn thought a lot about the words of Anita. She spoke again to Joyce.

”Alopecia? That’s a different story, Anita had no choice. But you would be mad to shave your head voluntarily to please a guy.”

Joyce had no high opinion about men. Once she had had a boyfriend who had cheated her. Since then she mistrusted all men and their intentions.

”Men? They want you as a sexobject and if they are bored they drop you like garbage. That’s what they are. You know that, Alan is not your first lover. You’ve experienced that the others discarded you.”

That wasn’t how it had been. Their love had faded and they had broken up. But it wouldn’t serve any purpose to object.

Alan’s birthday was approaching and Dawn had had a serious talk with Anita again, resulting in a plan to surprise him with a big birthday present.

His birthday fell on a Sunday. Satuterday night Dawn said to him: ”I’ve a special birthday surprise for you and I intend to give it you tonight.”

”You make me curious, darling.”

”To obtain it you have to accompany me on a little ride.”

They got into their car and Dawn drove downtown. She parked the car at a parking lot near the mall.

”It’s one block from here,” Dawn said.

”Where are we going?”

”You’ll see soon enough. We’ll meet some friends of mine.”

”Do I know them?””

”No, we are working together but besides our lunches we don’t meet. This is a special occasion.”

Walking along the mall they had approached a barbershop. Dawn stopped in front of the entrance.

”What are we doing here? The shop is closed,” Alan remarked.

”I know,” said Dawn, pushing the doorbell.

A young woman appeared and let them in.

”Alan, this is Lisa, a colleaque of mine.”

”Welcome, Alan, great to meet you. We’ve heard of you very often,” Lisa smiled.

Two other women came forward and Dawn introduced them to Alan: ”Terry and Drew. Let’s go inside.”

After some small talk Dawn said to Alan: ”Let me explain why we are gathered here in this shop. Recently Anita, our boss, told me that she suffered from alopecia about twenty years ago. After having been bald for several years her
hair started to grow again but during this time she was forced to wear a wig most of the time. She told me about young schoolgirls whose parents couldn’t afford to buy wigs for them, so they would sometimes be ridiculed. Fortunately there exists an organisation, called ”Locks of Love”, that helps those poor girls by providing them with wigs. Of course you may use artificial hair but real human hair is preferable to give a natural look. Of course to obtain the hair they are in need of donors. Well, to cut a long story short we decided to donate our hair. Except Lisa the three of us have long hair, so it would be sufficient to have our hair cut short but I promised you a special birthday surprise. Here it is: we decided to go all the way and you’ll be allowed to shave our heads! Isn’t that your secret wish?”

Astonished Alan looked at his friend: ”Are you kidding? I told you, it’s all phantasy, I wouldn’t do it in reality.”

”We are making you an offer, Alan,” Lisa stated.

”I’m not able to accept this,” Alan said, ”I’ve never done it.”

”I’ll guide you, Alan, therefore I’m here. Originally I’m a hairstylist and beautician.”

Alan looked at her: ”You have short hair.”

”That’s right, so I’ve nothing to donate but I’ll help you.”

Alsn looked at the others. Terry with straight blonde hair, just passing her shoulders. Drew midback, wavy, auburn hair. Dawn’s blond lightly curling hair was the longest and cascaded down to her waist.

”Shall we start with Terry?” Lisa proposed.

Terry rose with a nervous giggle and strolled towards the barberchair. Fidgering she looked at her image in the mirror, knowing that soon her appearance would have been radically changed. Lisa threw a cape across her shoulders and showed Alan what he should do.

”Gather all of her hair into a big ponytail high up at the crown and tie it with a ribbon as near to the scalp as you can.”

When done she gave him the Wahl clippers without an attachment.

”Okay, now flick on the switch and put them at her nape. Okay, move them across her nape and the back of her head towards her crown. Very well, keep the clippers flat to her skull…Well done, do you see how easy it is to shave the hair from her head?”

Alan went back to terry’s nape and shaved another path up to the base of the ponytail. So he went on, just shaving away her hair from the hairline in all directions till at last the tail came free. Lisa had to give him a hand only to clean the area behind Terry’s ears and then Alan moved the clippers criss-cross over her skull to remove any stray hairl

Lisa had turned the chair while instructing Alan and now she turned it back so Terry, who had not seen anything of the shearing, now got confronted with her image.

”Oh my god! I can’t believe it!” She cried out while rubbing her bald pate with both hands.

Drew was next and went the same way. Alan had got more self-confidence and her long auburn tresses gave way to the eager teeth of the clippers without much resistance. She also was shocked seeing her denuded scalp though knowing it served a good purpose.

Dawn sat down and was caped. One last look in the mirror before the chair was turned. She smiled sadly at Alan: ”I do this for you in the first place.”

He kissed his girlfriend. ”I know, I love you, honey.”

”I love you too, darling. Please, go ahead.”

Just as with the other girls Alan tied her hair into a ponytail. Dawn shivered while awaiting the shearing. When the clippers were placed at her nape and began their way towards her crown Dawn had ambiguous feelings: she was sad losing her lovely, so long cherised tresses, but simultaneously she was aware of sexual arousal.

She moaned and thought: ”This is insane! Oh my god, I think I’ll climax if I feel those clippers much longer caress my skin.”

She couldn’t restrain herself and did when the huge ponytail was seperated from her skull….

Of course Alan noticed and he kissed her naked scalp.

Dawn turned her face to him and whispered into his ear: ”Would you please shave me bald? I want to enjoy the kisses of the razor.”

The razor held no secret to Alan and after all it was more easy to shave the skin of the scalp than the face. Though he had never shaved a girl’s head!

”Wow, that feels so good! Wonderful!” Dawn squeaked, aroused anew. She wished that Alan would continue forever. But after a second lathering and shaving it was over. Lisa wept her head clean and rubbed a lotion into the skin which made her denuded dome shine. For the first time Dawn looked at her new appearance in a mirror.

”Oh my god! That’s weird! My head seems so small and is so white! And my forehead is endless!”

She kept caressing the smooth skin of her shining dome with both hands…….

You may imagine what happened when Alan and Dawn were home again. They were both so excited that it lasted a long time before they were exhausted and fell asleep……………

The next day Dawn woke up in the afternoon and she saw Alan looking at her. Gently he stroked her naked scalp. Dawn smiled: ”Happy birthday, darling. Do you like my gift to you?” Without waiti ng for his answer she went on: ”And I have another one.”

”What is it? You make me curious.”

”I’l tell you if you promise me to do what I ask. Don’t be afraid, surely you will like it and it does you no harm.”

”Okay, I promise.”

”Well then…..I want you to shave me every month.”

Alan gasped; he had thought that Dawn wanted to grow her hair back after this once-only offer.

”You want to stay bald?” he asked unbelievingly.

Dawn laughed: ”Darling, the clipping and shaving was such an indecribable sensation that I want to go through this a lot of times.”

”But why wait a month? I could do it every week; even every day.”

Resolute Dawn shook her bald head; ”No. I want to look out for that day and I want to have enough hair by then to make it a real pleasure.”

”Okay, I promised you to do and I will. But allow me to make it still more attractive for both of us.”

”What do you mean?”

”You’ll see later. Let yourself surprise. But for now, as you love to be shaved, you still have hair . Shall I?”

Dawn laughed:”You are a naughty boy, I know what you mean. Well, go ahead, afer all it is your birthday. Take it all off.”

Alan pulled away the quilt that covered them and said: ”Lie down across the bed with your legsover the edge and put your feet at the floor. Okay, now spread your legs.”

He went to the bathroom to fetch a few disposable razors, shaving cream and a few towels. Carefully he shaved off her pubic hair and all hair between vulva and anus and not untill he couldn’t detect any hair he was satisfied.

Dawn moaned: ”Oh darling, that was really delicious. I want that every month too.”

Four weeks later. This weekend the time had come and Dawn got more and more excited as it was nearing. At Friday Alan had said: ”Tomorrow is the big day, hon.”

”Yeah, I can hardly wait, I’m sleeping fitfully and dreaming of clippers and razors. Why shouldn’t we do it tonight?”

Alan shook his head: ”No, you wanted to do it once in a month and besides I’ve made arrangements.”

”What arrangements?”

”No, no, that is a surprise; you”ll see tomorrow but I only will tell you that the shaving will take place elsewhere.”

Dawn bursted for curiosity but however she tried, Alan didn’t give away anything. Nor did he tell her that he had called Lisa and made some agreements.

Saturday afternoon Alan had Dawn get in their car and said; ”I’m going to blindfold you for you shouldn’t see where we are heading.”

Of course he did this to enhance her excitement. He parked the car, let her get out and when they arrived at the right address he took of the blindfold. Dawn didn’t have any idea in which part of the city they were. Alan pushed the doorbell and the door was opened by a cute girl dressed like a French maid:
short black dress, fishnet nylons, small apron and black pumps.

”Please come in,” she smiled, ‘Madam is awaiting you.”

She led the way across a hallway and knocked on a door, then opened it. They entered a well-furnitured room and a middle-aged stately lady wellcomed them.

”You must be Alan and this is your girlfriend?”

”Yes indeed, it’s Dawn.”

”Glad to meet you.” They shook hands. ”Nikki will take you to the lounge.”

Again across the hallway, another door and they were in a big room that looked like a public house or even restaurant with a bar and a lot of small tables and chairs. Some people were sitting at the tables, mostly a man and a woman together, most of them between twenty and forty and some girls were hanging around at barstools. The majority of the girls were scarcely dressed and showed a lot of naked skin. Dawn gasped, se had the impression to have landed in a brothel. Before she could say anything a girl approached them, broadly smiling. Dawn didn’t recognize her at first but when the girl called her name she exclaimed: ”Lisa! What a sight are you ! What are you doing here?”

Lisa wore a red very short and tight latex minidress, a scanty haltertop, leaving her waist and navel uncovered, fishnet nylons and high heels. She had put on a heavy make-up, eye- and lipliner, dark eyeshadow, mascara and violet lipstick. Her navel was pierced.

Lisa grinned; ”I’m working here today. Don’t you know that my mother owns this house?”

Dawn was shocked, she didn’t know what to say. But Lisa said: ”It’s not what you think.” She grabbed Dawn’s arm: ”Come with me to my room, I’ll show you.”

Ascending the stairs Lisa told Dawn: ”This is not a whorehouse. Boys and girls who are in love and want to spent a weekend together but are restricted in their possibilities because they don’t yet have their own housing, living at their parents homes for instance, but also couples who want to be out for a weekend and so on, can rent a room and have a great time.”

”But you and most of the girls, well….you know…..they are looking sluttish.”

Lisa laughed; ”Part of the game, hon. It is phantasy house. Yes, they are all playing naughty boys and girls. Do you understand now?”

”A sort of carnival?”

”So you could call it. But a very sexy one. And that’s what you are going to experience too.”

”In what way?”

”Well…… you know…..sluttish.” Lisa laughed.

Lisa’s room looked like a luxurious hotel room with a royal bathroom, including a whirlpool and also a massage table.

Dawn looked around, then suddenly noticed that Alan hadn’t come with them: ”Where is Alan?”

”Oh, he has to do some errands; he will soon join us. How about a nice, relaxing body massage to start with?”

Dawn felt uneasy. What errands had Alan to do and what had Lisa in mind?

But Lisa didn’t allow here time to think about: ”Come on, Dawn, you have to strip.”

Seeing that Dawn hesitated she urged : ”Don’t be prudish, we are girls among our selves and you know that originally I’m educated as a beautician and stylist and now is the time to prove it.”

Dawn had to laugh: ”Okay, what the heck?” She stripped and when she was naked Lisa told her to lie down forward on the table. She was surprised to see that Lisa also took off her clothes but this one explained that she didn’t like to get them stained with massage oil. Dawn noticed that her pubic hair had been shaved off but was really upset to see that not so small hoops adorned her vaginal lips, three on either side.

The pliable and supple fingers of Lisa were the cause of a real blessing to dawn who moaned: ”That feels so good. You are really great in this. Why don’t you do this more often?”

Lisa grinned: ”I will. My mother has asked me to come and live here and I have agreed. I’m going to help her running the house and besides set up a beautysalon.”

”Does that mean that you won’t more work with us?”

”Oh, definitely. No more dull office works! Well, in any case I did it as long as I didn’t find another decent job.

Lisa had first massaged the neck and shoulder muscles and now went down to Dawn’s buttocks. This gave rise to some arousal; though different it remembered Dawn of the way Alan uses to grab them to pull her pelvis to his erect penis.

”Why do I everything associate with sex in this house?” She asked herself. But she knew the answere: ”The ambiance in the whole house is one of eroticism.”

She was interrupted in her reflexion by the voice of Lisa: ”You may now turn on your back.”‘

Reluctantly Dawn obeyed, her private parts being at the mercey of Lisa’s gazes.

”Oh my,” this one noticed, ”We shall have to tidy up this outgrow of pussyhair. But your hips first.”

The massage oil made shaving cream superfluous. Dawn’s arousal rose again when her pubic area was touched by the the razor and fingers of Lisa. To her embarrassment she nearly climaxed! Never a girl had got her so far! But of course never a girl had shaved her! Just in time Lisa spoke: ”Okay, all done. Let’s jump into the jacuzzi.”

They washed each other and shampood each other’s hair: the short pixiecut of Lisa and the half inch outgrow of Dawn. It didn’t cool down Dawn: the bubbling water and the corporeal nearness of the other girl enhanced her being horny. She wondered if Lisa did notice but if so she didn’t show it. She had not much time for reflection however as Alan came in. Lisa had no scruples to show her naked body, not only made she no efforts to hide but on the contrary she jumped out of the tub calling: ”Come on, Dawn, there’s still a lot to do.”

She rushed to a dressing table, meanwhile giving Alan a peg on his cheek and took two large towels. She gave Dawn one and wrapped herself in the other.

Alan put down a few bags and parcels: ”I suppose I’m just in time for a haircut. Listen Dawn, what would you say if I don’t shave off all of your hair but leave some bangs? They will be short for the moment but they will get longer.”

Dawn was surprised. ”Everything has changed,” she thought.” About a month ago I loved to have long hair and now I am looking forward to get rid of this ugly outgrow.”

She looked at Alan: ”Why should I have bangs?”

But Lisa answered: ”We think it would be cute. It will certainly suit you.”

”Alan spoke with you about it? Why?”

”I asked him to do it to me.”

Amazed Dawn said: ”You want your head shaved too?”

Lisa grinned: ”Yep. I want to experience myself how it feels. Let’s start, Alan, and give Dawn a demonstration of the cut.”

She sat down on a stool in the bathroom while she dropped the towel. It didn’t bother Alan nor herself that she was naked.

Alan took his clippers, pushed Lisa’s head to her chest and started to shave from her nape upward to her crown. After a few passes he turned to her left side first, then the right one. He switched of the clippers, drew a vertical part from Lisa’s left ear to her right and after restarting shaved off the hair behind the part. He left the remains of her hair on front as it was. Then he lathered the shorn greatest part of her head and shaved it with a disposable razor. He repeated the latter action to make sure that her scalp was absolutely faultless smooth.

”Well, what do you think?” he asked while Lisa looked at her new image in the mirror.

”Wow, looks terrific,” she answered, moving both hands to her naked dome, ”and feels terrific too. Thank you, Alan.”

She turned and kissed him on both cheeks. The remains of her make-up, which had been washed away for the greater part during her stay in the jacuzzi, stained Alan’s cheeks.

”I’m going to repair my make-up while you are shaving Dawn and afterwards I’ll decorate you, Dawn.”

Alan turned to Dawn: ”Have you made your mind up? Though, it doesn’t matter much. I’ll give you the same treatment as Lisa and if you don’t like having bangs we can simply shave them off.”

Dawn was
confused. What was going on between Alan and Lisa? Was it more than only talking? Lisa was sitting in front of her vanity stark naked as if was normal to do so in the presence of a man whom she hardly knew. Or did she know him better? Dawn suddenly mistrusted the strange situation but she was disturbed by the impatient voice of Alan: ”Come on, Dawn, it is your turn.”

Defiantly Dawn stated: ”I don’t want bangs. I want a totally smooth shining dome.”

”As you wish. Well, sit down,” Alan ordered her in a rather cool voice. He tugged the towel from Dawn’s shoulders and dropped it. ”Bend your head forward.”

Alan pushed it a little more and put his clippers at her nape. Dawn looked down how a rain of short hair covered her naked thighs. It did not take much time to reduce her outgrow to stubble. Alan lathered her scalp and shaved the stubble away. He did it again and made sure that no more hair could be felt. Dawn had forgotten her gloomy thoughts. The razor had made her horny again but she didn’t think of Alan; it was the naked back and the shorn head of Lisa that attracted her attention!

Lisa gave her the same heavy make-up as she had put up herself and Alan provided her with several bags in which Dawn found a mini short latex skirt, a short top, fishnet nylons, a black girtlebelt and black high heels but no underwear. She had to put them all on and Lisa said that it was time to go downstairs towards the lounge where dinner would be served.

By now most of the girls looked like hookers. It was still too early for dinner, so Alan took the two girls to the bar. Lisa jumped onto a barstool and crossed her legs, clearly showing her naked thighs above the brim of her fishnets. It didn’t seem to bother her. Dawn tried to hide her thighs and was embarrassed that she didn’t succeed fully. Fortunately the presence of Alan protecter her from obtrusive interested guys. Well, most of them were accompanied by similar sluts! Though the shaved heads of the two girls made a lot of heads tur

Sitting at their table they were served by Nikki but Dawn at first sight didn’t recognize her: in stead of her long black hair she was sporting a platina blonde short bob.

”Good heavens, what did you do to your hair?” she exclaimed.

Nikki smiled: ”I like to alternate.Do you mind?”

”No, of course not,” Dawn answered somewhat embarrassed.

The food was wonderfull and was accompanied by ample amounts of whine…………….

When Dawn awoke next morning it was in bright daylite. She found herself to be in Lisa’s room and bed. Alone. But looking around she certainly hadn’t passed the night alone owing to the disorderly sheets and blankets. She tried to remember when and how she had landed in this room but she didn’t succeed. She could only recall her dreaming about naked girls with shaven heads, cuddling and hugging and sometimes making love with mouth and fingers. And she had taken a part in those activities! Dawn still felt the arousal which they had elicited. But it seemed so real that she doubted if it only had been dreams. Oh my god, she shuddered, could this really have happened?

She didn’t get much time to think about it as there was a knock at the door and Nikki came in carrying a tray with tea, orange juice, toast, butter, cheese and marmelade.

”Do you want to breakfast? I see you are awake,” she smiled.

She was again dressed like a French maid but again there was a striking difference and Dawn gazed astonished at her meticulously shaved shining dome where only a faint shadow suggested the former presence of black hair. Her dark almondshaped eyes stood out conspicuously.

”Your hair,” Dawn stammered.

Nikki grinned: ”Didn’t you get it? Yesterday I wore wigs.”

”Oh, of course. I’m still somewhat dizzy and messy. I even cannot remember that I went to this room yesterday night.”

Again Nikki grinned: ”That’s no wonder. You were far gone and could hardly remain upright. Alan and Lisa had to drag you towards the elevator.”

”Oh my god, that’s terrible. Did they undress me and put to bed?”

”I don’t know, they brought you here and afterwards I didn’t more see them.”

Dawn was upset. ”Does that mean that Lisa slept here too?”

”Yes, I think so. Afterall it is her room, isn’t it?”

Alan in bed with her and Lisa? It seemed that Alan had another fetish! And they must have intoxicated her knowing that she couldn’t stand too much alcohol. It got too much for Dawn. So many strange events in this bewitched house. In an irrational reaction she asked: ‘May I rub youre head?”

”Sure.” Nikki kneeled down at the side of the bed and bent her head to Dawn who stretched out her left hand.

”Mmmm, that feels so good,” she said, pulling Nikki’s head to her mouth and kissing it. Nikki moved and their mouthes united in a passionate kiss, their lips opening and their tongues exploring each other. After some time Nikki pulled back and moved her head to the left breast of Dawn. Soon she had found her nipple and started to suck while her left hand wandered across Dawn’s belly till it touched this ones vulva. Dawn spread her legs and two fingers of Nikki entered her crevice and located her centre of delight. Dawn squirmed and moaned while the stimulating fingers of Nikki worked on her clit untill she came in a shaking orgasm. Quickly Nikki disrobed and climbed on the bed and lay down next to Dawn. She cuddled up to her and whispered in her ear: ”Did you like it?”

Still panting Dawn answered:”I didn’t know this. I never made love to a girl.”

”You think it to be unnatural?”

”No! But it is so embarrassing! I never thought……..oh……….it is ……unconcievable.”

”You have missed a lot.”

”Yeah, I think so. Oh my god, why didn’t I do this before?”

”You see? You discovered a part of you you never knew.”

” My god, how about Alan? Where is he anyway?”

”He went with Lisa to her mother.”

”With Lisa?? The asshole! Didn’t I think? Well……….

At that moment Alan entered the room. The girls didn’t move and looked at him defiantly.

” You seem to like each other,”” he said. “Dawn, I would like to have a word with you.”

”Shall I leave?” asked Nikki.

”No, I want you to stay,” Dawn answered.

Alan shrugged: ” Okay, I got news for us. Lisa’s mother has asked me to become the manager of her house. It is getting too much for her, she wants to retire after some time. But first we are going to achieve a number of rebuildings, the house is big enough. So we will construct a beautysalon as Lisa is going to work here. What do you think?”

”Sounds as if you already has decided.”

”Yes, it would be stupid to let this opportunity slip. Of course the details of the arrangement must be defined but that is a matter of routine. If you want we can offer you a job too.”

”Me? What does that involve?”

”Hostess, wellcome and entertain the guests.”

”Entertain? In what way? Am I supposed to play with them or give a performance? Stripping for instance? No, thank you.”

”Of course not. Just talking….”

”Alan, I have a job and I’m not in need of doing anything else. You seem to accord with Lisa very well, so go ahead.”

”Our relation is purely professional.”

”Maybe but I don’t believe you any longer. I’m sorry to say this but this odd weekend has opened my eyes.”

”You are wrong, Dawn, but we’ll discuss that later. Excuse me but I have to go back to Lisa and her mother to dicuss financial affairs.”

”Please do, Alan. Call me at home when you want to talk to me.”

After Alan had left Nikki said: ”Sounds as if you dismissed him.”

”Virtually I did. Do you think I could go on as before after what has happened? Indeed I’m changed into another person. Yes, I’ve discovered a new dimension, got aware of something thus far unknown to me. Thanks to you, sweetheart.”

Nikki kissed her passionately. And they got very horny and………………

When Da
wn got back home later that day, alone for the first time since several weeks, she called Joyce.

”You were right, our love has faded away.”

”I told you. So you sacrificed your hair in vain and you must regret this formidably.”

”On the contrary. By discovering my scalp I discovered my real self.”

”What do you mean?”

”Whatever I say, a dimension unknown to me.”

”I can’t follow you.”

”A new possibility of a sexual relation.”

”Oh my god, Dawn, you don’t mean………..?”

”Yeah, I do, I got a girl friend.”

”Oh no, not again,” Joyce groaned.

”Again? I never had a sexual relation with a girl.”

” I mean your relations in general.”

”But this is really different from the others.”

”’That’s true indeed. I wonder how this one will end.”

”We will see, Joyce. In any case she will not ask me to shave my head. She will simply do it! Bye Joyce!”

The end.

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