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I hear some blabbering language (probably Chinese) in the background as I’m about to go on the stage for the finals of the Miss Universe pageant. I don’t make much of it and I proceed to the stage as my name is called. I start walking, but the Chinese competitor yells at me before I know it, I am knocked out in a chair and the competition is over.

After I wake up, I realize that I’m not at the pageant anymore. I am in someone’s basement, tied up and gagged. Suddenly the Chinese competitor appears with some hair clippers. I scream and fight back, but that bitch tied me up. I had nothing to do, but beg. I said, “Please, don’t cut my hair. Please spare me.” That was the stupidest thing that I could have done. She punches me in the teeth and some of them fall out. That bitch was strong. She put the clippers down and I thought that she really was going to spare me, but then one of her friends puts me in a headlock as the Chinese competitor puts a mask on my face which makes me fall asleep.

I wake up hours later and find a shooting pain in my chest and pussy area. I get up to find a mirror when I realize that my boobs are gone! I also see in the mirror that my pussy is bald and that there is no clit in there anymore. I couldn’t believe it. That chinese bitch took my boobs and pubic hair. I was really going to fuck that bitch up. when I got the chance. However once she realized that I was awake, she kicked me in the stomach and forced me back into the chair and her friends tied me back up.

She then picked the clippers back up and shaved a bald stripe down the center of my scalp. She then proceeded to shave the rest of my head, no guard, in only five minutes. Leaving some nicks and scratches on my scalp. She then brought out some butter and a knife and began to shave my head. After she finished she untied one arm and said, “Whore, feel head.” I reached up to feel my head and it was smooth. No trace of hair was left. She then took a jar of some foul-smelling ointment and applied it all over my head. It starts burning my scalp and I demand that she take it off. She then says, “This is chinese head lotion. Buddhist monks use it to sooth head. We use electrolysis on pussy and liposuction on boobs. You are now ugly shit.” However she said the lotion part with a funny look in her eye and was unsure that this was lotion.

She then removes all of the gel and I start to cry. The lady says, “Don’t cry American bitch. You are not done. My friend Soo-Yin will come and give you traditional chinese tattoo.” She wasn’t joking. Her friend Soo-Yin was a huge 300 pound giant man with a million chinese tattoos. Soo-Yin says, “Don’t worry this will take no time at all, but to make sure, I will put you to sleep with old chinese secret.” He then punches me in the neck and I fall asleep.

After I wake up, I feel a stingness on my forehead and the back of my head. The chinese lady then says, “Soo-Yin do wonderful job. Tattoo on forehead say whore in chinese. And one on back say fuck me in chinese. I also should tell you that Soo-Yin use very permanent ink. If you go to doctor to get tattoo removed, your skin will be wrinkly and look dead.” I then know that my life is over and that i will never have fun again.

After they release me, I go to a doctor to get his opinion on my tattoos. He says that the tattoos were made out of rara chinese ink. It was so permanent that if he tried to remove it, that I could die. I thought that my hair will grow over it so I don’t worry. I go home and apply some moisterizer to my scalp and make an appointment to have breast implants.

Later that week I realize that my hair wasn’t growing back. I started to think that the lotion that the chinese lady put on my scalp wasn’t really lotion. It was hair removing ointment. I go to my doctor to have him check and he gives me the address of a specialist. Later that day, I go to the specialist and he says, “That chinese lady put a special chinese remedy that removed hair permanantly and eventually could cause cancer. I asked my doctor if their was any oppertunity to get hair. I said that I was up for anything, but the specialist said that not even a hair transplant was not possible becaise all places for hair were destroyed and could never reform.

Now whenever I talk to people about the experience, (I wear a wig now) they just say “Yeah right”.

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