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Chapter 6: The Girl Next Door

Miriam was so proud of her mom’s decision and later on, she credited it with being what brought her mom and her close together. They were always fighting and struggling against each other. Then came the day Miriam had been caught out drinking. Then came the flattop. Then she shaved it herself, with the support of her lover Becky. Now, Denise, Miriam’s mom, came home with a boy’s crew cut, a #2 all over.

Denise looked hot in her new short hairdo, but she didn’t exactly think it was the wisest of choices to have made. She was working outside on Sunday, forgetting that she was wearing a boy’s haircut. It was cloudy, so less chance of sunburn. The bratty boy next door (they had an older daughter and younger boy, who, as it turned out, was a brat) was calling how out how `the house next door has those haircut weirdoes’ (or something similar). “Hey, the mom’s gotten in a fight with a lawnmower and lost!” He started chortling like that was the funniest line he’d ever heard.

Denise sighed and resisted the urge to turn around and flip him the bird or yell. Instead, she just kept on working and pretty well ignored him.

A little later she heard him outside on the other side of the bushes doing something. Then she heard him say “I’m looking for the lawnmower mom, but I can’t find it! I think the neighbors took it to cut their hair!” Then he started screaming in hysterics and ran to the other side of the yard. She couldn’t see him, this time; she availed herself of the opportunity and made a small gesture with her middle finger in his direction. What a brat!

Denise wasn’t sure what made kids act the way they did, saying hurtful things when they knew others were watching. That boy always had a mop of unruly hair and she always wondered why the parents didn’t take him down to the barber’s and give him a proper haircut. She got the sense he’d whine about that so much they’d have to either give in or go insane!

The older girl was completely different. She was very polite and quiet. Denise wondered whether they really had wanted a son in the first place. The father had played football and was rather athletic still, but he traveled a lot. The mother was a banker or something in the city. Still, the girl dressed nicely and wasn’t too much trouble, unlike her bratty younger brother.

Denise wrapped up her outside work and went inside. Miriam was doing some house cleaning. “Guess what, Mom,” she nearly squealed. “Becky’s going to be home earlier than she thought! Can I go out with her?”

Denise smiled and nodded. “Not out too late!”

Miriam nodded her bristly scalp vigorously. “Sure thing!” She gave her mom a kiss. “Thanks!”

School was almost out for the summer and Miriam had really turned herself around in school. She’d joined the band and was playing the clarinet. She was interacting better with people and Denise had Becky to thank for that. So, she didn’t begrudge her daughter running out on Sunday night to be with her lover.

Later on that afternoon, Garry called and Denise talked to him for about an hour and a half. She rubbed the bristly hair she was wearing, but she didn’t tell him more than `I have a small surprise for you next time I see you’ type of thing. Miriam had gone out to meet and be with Becky.

She wondered a lot over the weekend what the implications of her `self-punishment’ haircut. Would she get fired? Would she lose Garry? She could tell he was intrigued by her hints and suggestions, but she was careful not to make a hint about what it was all about.

Miriam had such a wonderful time being bald, she thought, no real expectations and her love; well her love loved it so much she had joined her. Denise thought all the way back to that day she had forced Miriam to have the flattop. What doors it had opened, for both of them!

Denise made herself a light dinner and sat down to watch some TV. She was puzzled when the car pulled up and Miriam came in a few moments later. She was crying.

“What happened?” Denise demanded, leaping up.

Miriam shook her head and sobbed. “Becky and I had a big fight.”

Denise went to her daughter and pulled her into a big hug. “There, there. I am sure it’s just a passing thing. I hope it is.”

Miriam seemed to settle a little and Denise led her over to the sofa. “Do you want to talk about it?”

Miriam choked herself back and then slowly nodded. “Yes, mom.” She was regaining a little of her usual composure.

Denise didn’t press her to start talking. She switched off the TV and waited until Miriam was ready.

“Becky’s been talking about going to State for college and that’s so far away. She wants to room there and `meet new people’ she told me.”

Denise nodded. State was a ways away and it would mean Miriam would be without her lover. She didn’t say anything, she just waited for Miriam to continue.

“I asked her,” Miriam said, starting to choke up again, “I asked her if she was seeing other people and she said..she said she wanted to!”

Denise pulled Miriam close again and gave her a big hug as Miriam started to sob once more. “Oh, maybe it’s not as bad as all that.”

“It is mom!” Miriam practically screamed. “She wants to see other girls. Here I am being faithful and trying to make everything work and she’s wanting to run off on me!”

Denise said nothing, she just held her daughter. Now was not the time for sympathetic words. Just being there and holding her until she settled down was the prescription for soothing Miriam’s ruffled feelings now.

Miriam started to settle back down and she tried to contain herself. “Still, she seemed taken back I got so mad. Maybe I overreacted like I always used to.”

Denise smiled and gazed into her daughter’s eyes. “I am sure that the old habits die hard. Don’t let it worry you so. You two are so close you need to talk it through. You and Becky will get it smoothed out in no time.”

Miriam smiled weakly. “Thanks, mom. Sorry to have sobbed so much.”

Denise pulled her close again. “Sob all you want. It is a sign of true love. Becky and you will have made up in no time. You’ll see.”

She hoped her words were true. She prayed silently that they were. Becky and Miriam were closer and tighter than she had ever been with her ex-husband. That’s one reason she had never really objected when Miriam told her that Becky was `more than just a friend’. Becky was a little new-age for Denise’s tastes, but she treated Miriam well and the two were hot for one another, so shouldn’t true love take over when your personal feelings can’t comprehend those new dimensions?

Miriam wandered about, pacing almost as if she thought Becky would call. Denise told her as she checked on her once more, padding into the living room in her beige satin nightgown, that it Becky might be expecting her to call her. “You can call her,” Denise said, “but I swear I’ll tan your hide if I find out you’ve been up too late.”

Miriam smiled at her mom. “Do you think I should call her?”

Denise nodded. So odd not to feel the hair swishing about! And with all that had happened since yesterday, most times Denise forgot she was sporting a crew cut! “Call her, make things right between you two.”

Miriam kissed her mom and hugged her, hard. “Thanks mom. I love you so much. I can’t tell you how proud I am of what you did in the barbershop. And you are always there for me. I am so proud to be your daughter. I love you.”

“And I love you, always will,” Denise replied in a low voice, holding her daughter almost as hard as she was holding her. It was good that they were so close now. Miriam has certainly grown up a lot in the months since the flattop. Denise was so happy it hadn’t backfired. Though tomorrow would tell the tale of what her own fate, with the crew cut, would be. She could only hope that it was as happy as her own daughter’s encounter with the flattop had been!

Denise padded off to bed as Miriam started punching Becky’s number into the phone. Perhaps with a husband, not tha
t dickhead she had married, Miriam might have been different. But, Denise shook her head (no hair, no hair!) and cleared those wandering thoughts. No! Miriam was the love of her life and she wanted to support her. She dismissed any thought of Miriam being brought up any differently. Both of them had learned an important lesson.

The next day, unaware that Miriam and Becky had whispered to each other for almost three hours, Denise got dressed as usual and got ready to head to work. So strange not to blow dry and style her hair! She opted to dress with an extra nice flair as she hoped that would help ameliorate any bad feelings about her haircut. Also, Garry would be there and maybe this extra touch would soothe any ruffled feelings.

Miriam had made breakfast for her before she went to school and left it for her mom, along with a note that simply said `I love you so much Mom!! Have a terrific day! Rub your head for good luck today!’

Denise couldn’t help but laugh out loud. What a character she was! She did just as her daughter suggested, she vigorously rubbed her bristling scalp for good luck. She might need it!

Off she went to work. She tried to act like everything was the same as when she’d left on Friday, but she knew in her heart of hearts it wasn’t. She left looking like a normal woman, now on Monday morning she looked like a boy who fancied a bit of cross-dressing.

The bank manager looked at her oddly as she knocked upon the front door as she had done dozens of times before. He paused, then as he stared at her face, realized she worked there. She gave him a weak smile as she entered the lobby. Butterflies were absolutely swarming in her stomach!

“Denise,” he exclaimed. “Got a haircut?”

“Yes, Mr. Andrews. I did.” She swallowed, hard.

“Wow,” he said after a moment. “Sure is short! I like it, though.”

She released a breath she’d been unconsciously been holding awaiting a stern word telling her to go away, not come back, you reject, whatever. She almost sobbed in relief. She rubbed her head for continued good luck!

“My wife once had her hair cut like that,” Mr. Andrews commented. “Not for a long time, though, since she was in college. Did it on a bet or something. I tried to get her to try it again and she wanted nothing to do with it. Maybe if she sees you, she might reconsider!”

Denise giggled. “I was afraid you were going to fire me!”

He smiled in a rather understanding way. “Times change, Denise. Doesn’t your daughter have a shaved head or something?”

She felt a wave of panic. “She did. She’s trying to grow it out now.”

“She is?”

Denise gulped and nodded. “A little anyway.”

“She looked very modern when last I saw her. I don’t know how I’d feel about my own daughter having a shaved head, but I guess it’s all part of the modern culture we have to live in.”

Denise knew she had a friend in Mister Andrews now. If he’d seen Miriam bald, what more could he do when he found her mother had answered the call of having her hair sheared off?

“Miriam was so defiant for a while, it was tough,” she confided. “Still, we’ve gotten closer since I made her get a flattop.”

Mr. Andrews paused. “You mean you made her get a short haircut?”

Did she cross the line? “Yes,” Denise muttered. “As a punishment for drinking.”

“Oh,” he said suddenly. “Teenage drinking. Bad thing, that.” He sighed and shook his head. “I wish they wouldn’t, but they do. Terrible habit.”

Denise felt a little relief. “You can’t keep an eternal eye on them,” she said.

“No, you can’t,” he replied, and then left her to perform her usual start of day routine.

Almost as if allaying her worst fears, her co-workers all loved her boyish haircut. But still, Garry had yet to see her. He walked in a quarter to nine. She noticed him and started to blush, hard.

He walked over to her station. “So,” he said as he gazed at her. “I see the little surprise you have that you didn’t want to talk about.”

She nodded meekly.

“Well, this will take some getting used to,” he said in a low voice, leaning over the counter and looking hard at her. What could she do?

“I hope you like it,” she finally said after a pause.

Suddenly, he broke into a smile. “Like it? I love it!”

She felt like about a hundred years breath exploded from her body. That deepest tension that comes from the unknown boiled out of her and she smiled an enormous and heartwarming smile. “Oh, I do love you, Garry!”

She gave him a big kiss, the biggest she had ever given him. He was a little surprised, but grasped her in a hug and kissed her full on. Maybe the day wouldn’t be so awful after all.

Miriam’s day had started out on a different tangent, but the end result made her almost as thankful as what had happened to her mom.

She met Becky right before class and the two embraced and kissed. “I am so sorry about that crap I told you last night. When I thought about what I did, I realized that I was a complete and utter bitch to you,” Becky told her. “Completely a fucking bitch to you.”

Miriam grinned as she thought about how angry she had been herself. “I was unreasonable too. Let’s just put this behind us?”

Becky nodded. “I think that’s a good idea.”

“But don’t forget.” Miriam muttered.

Becky shook her head. “No way, lover! You are the best thing that ever happened to me.”

“And you to me,” Miriam said. “Are you still going to come over my house after school?”

“Wild horses couldn’t keep me away!”

Good thing, too. Miriam rather liked horses.

The day seemed to drag on and on. But eventually the final bell rang and soon Becky and Miriam were together again. Becky drove her car over to Miriam’s house. Miriam’s mom was still at work and they could spend some quality time together, making up for that nonsense they had gone through last night.

Becky sat down, in her miniskirt and laddered tights, tight blouse and simple earrings. Miriam had slipped into a simple velour dress. There wasn’t a lot of doubt that the clothes of the day were designed to attract the other, yet be easy to remove.

The two didn’t talk much other than apologize for the way they had treated the other the night before. Soon they were deep kissing, making up for the fight they had had. Passion was bonding them back together.


It was only about fifteen minutes since they had started to make out on the couch, the doorbell rang.

Miriam swore underneath her breath. Who the hell could this be?

Her worst fears were allayed almost immediately. It was Wendy, from next door. The girl with the brother who was, to put it mildly, a son of a bitch.

“Wendy!” Miriam exclaimed. “Is anything wrong?”

Wendy shook her head, in an almost mournful way. “No. Nothing like that.”

“Something’s wrong. I can tell.”

Becky stood up. “Is this a bad time?”

Wendy looked at Becky. “No! It’s not. I wanted to wait to ask you. until your mom was at work.”

“Ask me what?” asked Miriam.

“Well.” she stammered. “It’s like this. I want to get a haircut like you have. Only I want it now. I can’t wait.”

“Bald?” asked Becky.

“If that’s what you do to me, so be it.”

Becky and Miriam exchanged glances. “Bald?” whispered Miriam. “Bald,” Becky averred, with a pleasant smile. “Shaved baby-ass smooth.”

“You sure,” Miriam said, smiling at Wendy. “We’re thinking you’d look good shaved down to the skin.”


Becky came over and the two of them drew Wendy into the house. “Are you sure? Positive?” Becky was asking the girl next door.

“I am,” was the rejoinder. Wendy was absolutely ready- in her mind.

Denise got over a lot of the shock when Garry had kissed her. Many of her customers had been curious about who the new `boy’ was working the counter. When they realized that it was the same old Denise who had helped them before, they both complimented her and exited quickly, or else they said nothing and sort of hoped that it was a dream that they’d w
ake up from.

Still, Denise was totally conscious of the fact she was sporting a quarter inch crew cut. Barely any longer than that!

Denise felt that this was sort of her divine punishment for what she had forced upon Miriam. Still, Garry was still with her, as far as she knew and there was a pretty good chance that Becky and her daughter were still a couple too. Things hadn’t turned out as bad as she feared.

Love might win the day. Little did she know what was going on in her house as she tried to settle on that philosophy.

Miriam had suddenly developed a lump in her throat. Was this right? She wasn’t so sure, but Becky sure was. The girl who was her next door neighbor was over with the two of them asking, practically begging for a total head shave!

Miriam didn’t know if it was right. Rather like Nixon pondering that age old question about whether it was worth a million dollars to keep quiet about the Presidency, Becky was all for it, but she didn’t want to force her best friend and lover into something she didn’t want to do. Still, the unknown girl was fussing about, practically demanding, a shaved head!

Becky could only think, in her personal opinion, that Wendy was so allured of her choice of hairstyle and also that of Miriam, that she just had to have the same. What was wrong with that? Miriam evidently felt the opposite. Perhaps it was because the girl was her next door neighbor?

Miriam was definitely on the fence. If she didn’t know the girl, she wouldn’t have opened the door, even less been driven to this personal dilemma she was between the horns of now.

However, Becky realized that Miriam was almost excited by the opportunity as she was herself. Despite Miriam’s words, she was secretly elated by the opportunity to shave yet another young girl!

Going from a reluctant flattop and all alone, Becky realized that Miriam was growing a lot beyond when she’d first met her. Now, Miriam was developing into a woman with a fetish for hair cutting and shaved heads. What could be wrong with that?

Miriam didn’t take long to come to grips with her inner sensations regarding Wendy. She was just another female scalp begging to be shaved smooth!

Becky was almost desperate to pull the blouse and skirt off of the previously unknown girl from Miriam’s neighbors. She didn’t know why. She was happy with Miriam, in fact Miriam was the best thin that had ever happened to her all the way back.as far as she could remember.

Wendy had on a short sleeved blouse and a long denim skirt. Becky felt her nipples harden thinking about Wendy being smooth shaven. Who wouldn’t be, she wondered?

Miriam slowly drew Wendy into the house, not that Wendy would have put up much of a fight at that point. “What do you say, lover,” Miriam asked Becky. “Do you think we ought to allow this newcomer access to our private shaved head club?”

Becky nodded vigorously. “I think we should.”

“Well, that is a two-thirds majority, Wendy. Prepare yourself! You’re getting a head shave!”

Wendy, if her nipples were rockets, would have launched ICBM’s at that point! She contented herself with smiling and nodding, this was what she wanted!

To be fair, she wasn’t completely sure what she was getting into when she came over. She only knew the neighbor’s daughter was alone with her friend. She hadn’t been exposed to terms such as lesbian, dyke, etc. but yet she felt an intrinsic feeling of being at home with the two of them.

Among the three girls, a sense of being complete was silently exchanged. The girls were total, complete and at one hundred percent when the three were together.

Still, it hadn’t started out that way. It had developed. Wendy saw the bald girl next door day after day and slowly began to envy her, to anticipate what it would be like. Shortly now, very shortly indeed, she would be able to experience it on her own.

Miriam drew her further into the house, almost as if she wasn’t completely aware what she was doing. She was drawing Wendy towards the cellar of her house. And to her appointment with a head shave!

Becky walked down with them, “Now Wendy,” she said. “We’re going to split the duties up. One of us is going to shear your hair off and one is going to shave you bald. OK?”

Wendy swallowed, but nodded bravely. “Sure,” she said.

“Since it’s Miriam’s mom’s house, she gets first pick.” Becky looked at Miriam.

“I pick to shave her,” responded Miriam.

Becky grinned, nodding her still smooth shaven head. The way the lights caught and glinted off her bare scalp. Miriam felt herself getting wet.

“Can I rub your head, Becky?” Wendy asked. Becky nodded and Wendy ran her fingers and palm over her bare scalp. “That feels so odd, but it feels so cool! Do you love it?”

Becky nodded. “Absolutely. I put gel on it to keep the hair from growing back too quickly. Works pretty well.”

“Would you use that on me?”

Miriam and Becky exchanged glances. Miriam had run out of the gel. “Sure,” Becky said slowly. “I have mine in my bag. It does rather sting when you put it on, though.”

Wendy nodded. “I want the total treatment, please.”

The two older girls nodded. “The total treatment it is,” Miriam said as Becky sat Wendy down. “Would you rather strip down to your underwear before I start?” Becky asked her. “I will too, if it makes you more at ease.”

Wendy nodded after pondering it for a minute. Miriam and Becky helped her off with her clothes, leaving just a pretty pink bra and panties on her. Then Miriam stripped down to just her panties and Becky went all the way, showing Wendy her shaved pussy as well. Wendy rubbed it and both of them sighed. Miriam was almost soaking wet now watching them, her panties showed her emotional level to the world.

“OK, now,” Becky said softly, pulling out a translucent, opaque cape and wrapped it around Wendy’s neck. Then she began to brush out the shoulder-length roan-colored hair. “You sure you want this?” Becky asked.

Wendy nodded vigorously. “Yes, more than anything now. You two have made me feel so special and so wanted. Thanks for doing this makeover for me.”

“What are your mom and dad going to say? To say nothing of the bratty younger brother of yours.”

“They’ll have to cope, I guess. Ever since you got your head shaved, Miriam, I have wanted to try it. I looked up some sites on the Internet expecting it to be a very limited thing. But it’s not; I guess a lot of girls are exploring that avenue now.”

Becky pulled the clippers from the bag and gave them a look over. They were Wahl clippers, but they had a one-size metal blade on them bare. You then attached clipper guards to the metal in order to cut the hair longer. Of course, when Becky and Miriam `played at barbering’ (as they called it when shaving each others heads) they didn’t bother with the guards. In fact, they had never been used.

“Miriam! Go get your camera. I’m sure Wendy will want a copy of this moment and I know we do.” Of course! Why hadn’t she thought of it before? She ran upstairs keeping away from the windows as much as possible as she was only in her underwear. No sense in giving the neighbors a peep show. She grabbed the camera, a blank tape and the power cord. She ran back down to the cellar with it.

“Here we go!” Miriam cried out exultantly as she plugged the camera in and unwrapped the tape. She slid it in and took the lens cover off. Then she pointed the camera at Wendy. “Here’s Wendy, the girl who lives next door. She has come here today for the `total treatment’. We’re going to shear off that long, unmanageable hair of hers and shave it smooth. Then we’re going to apply a depilatory gel onto her scalp to keep the hair from growing back so soon.”

Miriam got a few angles of Becky waiting and Wendy in her bra and panties and opaque cape. “Are you ready, Wendy?” Miriam asked.

“I am.” Wendy sat up straight and tried to smile. “Go for it.”

Becky stepped up behind her and turned the clippers on. With a soft click and a steady hum, the clippers
were now a force for action and change. Becky started to raise the clippers. “I will begin the first pass in the back,” she said, for the benefit of the viewing audience. Miriam zoomed in and nodded to Becky. She placed the clippers, humming and full of energy, onto the bare skin of Wendy’s neck. She began to slowly push up the clippers. “We need to thin some of your hair out,” Becky said to Wendy. Wendy just smiled, trying to keep still.

“I can’t believe I am doing this.” Wendy said. “It feels so strange those things pressed against my head.”

“Are you loving it so far?” Miriam asked as the first pass reached the crown on Wendy’s head and Becky pulled the clippers away. Almost with an urgent need, the roan hair plopped down, some on the cape, but most went straight to the floor. Miriam taped it then picked it up.

“I want to wait and see how I transform.” Wendy replied.

“The first lock of sheared hair Wendy keeps for herself. The next is mine, then Becky. Sound good to all of you?”

Wendy nodded. Becky started the next pass. “Miriam’s pass,” she said. She was very slow and methodical; the way good haircutters are about their art. She wanted no mistakes, even though it would all be gone in a few more minutes.

“It feels so strange, so odd the way suddenly it feels cooler in the room where my hair is gone.” Wendy explained. Another plop and Miriam picked it up. “This one is mine,” she said.

Becky nodded, starting the next pass. “You get over it pretty soon though, you adjust. But when it’s bare, it’s totally different. You never quite get used to the feel of things on your head. Pillows, hats, hands, other body parts.” Becky glanced at Miriam with a sly grin.

“Why are you letting yours grow again, Miriam,” asked Wendy. “Can’t we be bald altogether?”

“Sure. I’ll take the stool when you’re one of us. You and Becky can take turns shaving me as well.”

“Awesome,” Wendy enthused. “I want us to be the bald sisters.”

Miriam laughed. Becky finished the third pass. One more pass and the back of Wendy’s head would be just short, fine bristle. Miriam couldn’t resist rubbing her fingertips on the severely short bristle. “Wow,” Wendy exclaimed. “That’s sure different than what I am used to! Can I rub my own short hair, before it’s gone for good?”

Becky said sure thing and Wendy ran her fingers over the strip of ultra-short hair. “My goodness. It’s so strange. But it feels wonderful. Never knew this sort of feeling could come from my hair.”

Becky started the fourth pass. “It gets better,” she said concentrating on pushing the clippers against the grain and mowing off the neighbor’s hair.

Miriam followed Becky around to Wendy’s right side as she continued to mow off the neighbor’s hair. “Funny,” Wendy said after another pass. “I get the feeling like I’m being punished for something bad, yet it feels so good.”

Miriam started to tell Wendy how she’d been forced into getting a haircut as punishment for something she shouldn’t have been doing. “Best thing, punishment haircuts,” she concluded. “You never know what wonderful thing might happen to you. Like Becky here did for me.” Becky paused and kissed Miriam.

“Yeah,” Wendy said after a pause. “I guess that’s a point. I do sort of have this crush on another girl in my class. She and I talk all the time. She’s got really short, sort of pixie hair. She keeps saying I ought to get it cut. Now, I guess I have!” She giggled.

Miriam smiled from behind the camera. “That’s so sweet! You two ever think of getting together?”

Wendy shrugged. “I don’t know how to ask her out.”

Becky said as she worked around Wendy’s right ear, “go out to eat or the library or something. Do something you’d do with a friend. Just start doing it more often outside than you see them inside.”

Wendy nodded when Becky pulled the clippers away for a moment. “Yeah, I guess I just think it sounds weird to ask her out.”

Miriam said, “don’t say `do you want to go out?’ Be more casual. Something like `hey, I heard there’s a new cool cafĂ© downtown. Want to go check it out?'”

Wendy said she’d think about what to ask the girl. “It’s no stranger than coming to your neighbor’s house and asking them to shave your head!” Miriam told her reassuringly.

Wendy smiled and laughed. “I guess when you put it that way.”

Becky finished the right side and moved around to the left. She started at the back of the left side, again slowly pushing against the grain from the hairline to the crown. The long hair still on top of Wendy’s head flopped down about her ears.

“You know what I am thinking?” Miriam asked suddenly. “Leave the hair on top as is, long. You might not want to be totally bald just yet. But we’ll shave the sides smooth and put a depilatory on it to keep it smooth. Would you like that, Wendy?”

Wendy considered for a second. Her heart had been pounding on her ribcage since Becky had started. “Yeah, OK.”

“I mean, we can shave you totally if you really want that.”

“I like what Miriam suggested, but let’s just stick to the plan. “Total baldness, please.”

“As the mademoiselle wishes,” grinned Becky. She started shearing again.

Miriam smiled to show it was all good fun. “I wondered what it would look like, the sides all shaved like that. But you’re right. The total treatment is the only way to go.

Wendy giggled. “Funny how you tried to give me an out and I still didn’t take it.”

Miriam laughed and Becky smiled as she concentrated on plowing all that long hair off. Slowly Wendy was being transformed from a pretty girl that had nice hair and she was being replaced with a ravishing beauty with no hair whatsoever!

Becky was moving with more practice and assurance now. She was making an accurate crew cut, and being careful to play her role to perfection. Soon she made the left side as short and bristling as the right and back sides were. She moved in front of Wendy, who could now stare directly at her tits. Miriam followed her around.

“Last chance for the Miriam hairdo,” Becky breathed.

Wendy licked her dry lips. “No way, not now. I’ve got to know it for myself. Go for it, Becky.”

Becky grinned and stepped close enough that now Wendy’s increased breathing was wafting over Becky’s bare, exposed tits. “Wait a moment,” Wendy whispered and Becky paused. Wendy kissed both of Becky’s nipples. “Now you can go ahead.”

“For good luck, huh,” said Miriam as she was taping this. “She caught the two kisses perfectly. Becky lowered the clippers onto the exact middle of Wendy’s forehead. “Here we go,” she said and began to push them towards the back of Wendy’s head.

The transformation was immediate and stunning. About an inch and a half strip was forming down the exact center of Wendy’s scalp. Miriam zoomed way in as she gasped. “You’re going to look so gorgeous, Wendy,” Miriam nearly squealed. “Oh, you’re going to be a hot one as a baldie!”

Wendy smiled sheepishly. “Thanks,” was all she said.

Becky finished the middle pass and let Miriam take some close-up video of the strip, the canyon of short bristling hair amid the still long, dark hair surrounding it. “Hot,” was all Miriam could say. “Totally hot.”

Another pass and the strip of short bristle on top of Wendy’s head expanded wider. Then another pass and the strip widened further. Another pass. And another and the whole left side of Wendy’s head was covered by the tiny little hairs that were all that remained of the once long roan hair that covered Wendy’s head like a forest.

Becky moved to the right side of Wendy’s head and started to make the same passes, moving from the center of Wendy’s scalp towards the left edge. Another pass, now it was obvious that the short bristle was definitely in the majority. Miriam marveled at how thick and beautiful the bristle was on Wendy’s head. “You have the perfect head shape to go totally bald,” Miriam told her. “I’m glad you didn’t take my advice after all.”

Wendy just smiled. She felt so at home with the two girls that it was hard to b
elieve that she had basically really walked into their lives only about 30 minutes ago! She could hardly believe what she was doing! The beautiful naked girl in front of her, the one whose nipples she had kissed, was a complete stranger to Wendy only an hour ago! Someone she had seen from afar but never talked to. Now that stranger was buzzing off all her hair and doing it while she sat in a mere bra and panties. The stranger, whom she no longer really thought of as a stranger, but a valued friend, stood so close and so tantalizingly naked that Wendy was having a tough time not just reaching out and taking those luscious tits in her hands. She wasn’t really sure about her sexual preference before today. She had that girl she liked, that was true, but it was the sort of thing that she wondered, in the silent depths of the night, whether she really wanted to pursue a relationship with her. She didn’t know whether it would work. Now, she was feeling more certain that everything would work out. If Brianna (the girl she had the hots for) could stand it, she was sure that they could make a start. After all, it had worked so well for Miriam and Becky.

While she was in her personal reverie, she realized Becky was making the last pass. The last vestiges of her long hair were falling away. Let them fall! She had never felt so spirited, so free! It was like being released from prison, or getting a work furlough where she could get outside and escape the monotony of life. She felt so much admiration, so much adoration for the two girls who were surrounding her and providing her the chance to free herself from the shackles of the life she had been leading up to this point, so sheltered and protected from being able to decide for herself what was best for herself. She was growing up and realizing what more is out there than what she had been sheltered from.

Becky pulled the clippers. She peered more closely at the fine bristle and circled around Wendy, now sporting a brutally short crew cut all over. Shorter than Miriam’s, but still much longer than Becky’s bald scalp. But that would so soon change!

Becky made a couple of touch up clips, and then turned the humming clippers. “Time to shave,” she exclaimed and Wendy felt a shiver run up her spine. Anticipation and adoration were tingling her fingers. She wanted to be bald so bad! She reached up with both hands and rubbed her head. It was full of sharp bristle, like a fine, rough sandpaper. She loved how it felt, despite that she never thought she’d ever get a haircut so damn short! And it was about to go to the ultimate degree. Becky took the camera and Miriam went to the sink. She started warm water into the sink, and pulled out a new razor to work Wendy’s scalp.

Becky focused on Miriam’s preparations. “Here we see the final step in the transformation of Wendy from a back street girl with long hair into a bald beauty queen!” Wendy giggled.

Miriam was all serious now, she had important work. She cupped her hands together to allow the water to flow into the impromptu vessel. Then she took the water over to Wendy and started to work the warm water. “First we wet down the head, hair and scalp must be nice and wet for this to work. It feels so awesome right now, as Wendy has no doubt discovered for herself.”

Wendy made an affirmative. “Good,” Miriam continued. “You need to work it in, so that it’s totally wet. That way it helps the razor really glide through the remaining hair.”

Wendy nodded as Miriam finished rubbing and massaging her scalp. In a way she wished she could keep doing it, it felt so wonderful. Everything these two friends of hers did made her so hot and she wanted nothing more to make sweet love to them now, as repayment for the huge favor that they were doing for her.

Miriam pulled out a can of shaving cream. She pulled a big green blob, about the size of a small tennis ball. Miriam plopped it onto the top of Wendy’s head and that caused Wendy to gasp.

“Sorry, love,” Miriam said. “I forget this stuff is a bit chilly, especially when you aren’t used to it.”

Wendy said it was OK, just a surprise to her that was all. Miriam began to work the rapidly whitening gel into a fine white foamy sea covering the sea of hair, despite its shortness, still covering Wendy’s head.

Satisfied that the now white foam covered Wendy’s hair deep enough, she picked up the razor and she stood behind Wendy and reached forward, starting on the crown, to Wendy’s right and started to pull the razor slowly back from the forehead to the back of Wendy’s head.

“Gosh, that feels and sounds so strange,” commented Wendy.

Miriam laughed. “Yes, the first time it sure is. After that you get more used to it and you enjoy it more.”

“Oh, I’m enjoying it just fine,” enthused Wendy. “I just was wondering what it would feel like. Completely strange, but still not quite like I was thinking it would be. You can really feel those blades scrapping and cutting the hair really well. I never thought it would feel that way.” She felt herself starting to babble and forced herself to stop. Miriam chuckled. “Yeah,” she said in a low voice. “It was like that my first time too.”

These two had been down the road Wendy was traveling down now. That made things so much nicer and safer, but of course Wendy knew that it was only a small step in a very harsh world. But it was a step and she had taken in. A lot of times the first step is the hardest.

Miriam continued to pull the razor back over the top of her head. Slowly, from underneath that sea of white foam, a beautiful scalp emerged. Miriam ran her fingers over the freshly shaven skin and pulled the razor over any patches she had missed. Then she would go to the sink, rinse the razor and then start the next pass, repeating the steps.

It usually seems like eternity when things like this are happening, but to Wendy it was too fast. She wanted time to slow down so she could enjoy this time and the love and affection the two girls were giving to her previously buried scalp. It was a true delight.

Miriam soon finished the top and moved to the left side, pulling the razor up and towards the crown, starting near the temple and moving her way back. Glistening under the lights was the top of Wendy’s head, now completely clean shaven. Becky commented for the tape. “Beautiful job that Miriam is doing here. Quite exquisite!”

“Thanks sweetie,” Miriam muttered, pausing to give her woman a kiss on the side of her bare, smooth head. Then she settled back on the most important job she had, to complete the stunning transformation of Wendy.

Wendy sat patiently, keeping as still as possible. It felt so strange to feel the blades scrapping away and the unique sound they made as they finished removing the hair from her head.

She could hardly believe how incredible it felt as Miriam continued to make pass after pass. Soon, much too soon for Wendy’s liking, the left side was just as exposed as the top was. Miriam started on the right side, starting at the temple.

Miriam continued to make pass after pass, using the same care and precision she had, running her fingertips over the skin after she shaved it. She made sure there was nothing but smooth skin in the wake of the razor. Although it was more challenging to use the razor on such a curved, round object like a head, Miriam had done this before, both on herself and on Becky. She at least had that going for her, experience!

She soon finished the last of the right side of Wendy’s head and paused before starting the back. “Last part is coming up, honey.”

Wendy nodded slowly. “I wish it wouldn’t stop.”

Miriam nodded. “I felt that way too my first time. Good news is that if you decide to keep it bald, it will have to be done every two or three days, so in no time you’ll have to keep shaving it.”

Wendy sighed a happy sigh. “I think I’d like that, once I find out how the girl I have the hots for likes it.”

Becky giggled. “If she doesn’t like it, there’s always us. We’re willing to share.”

Miriam smiled too. T
he thought of the two of them having a new `friend’ to add some spice to everything that she had now, was like a warm and welcome invitation. She felt a sense of extra erotic pleasure and the thought of watching Becky and Wendy on the bed, making out, while she watched slowly moving her fingers in and out of her vagina.

Miriam had to concentrate on the job at hand. Time enough for those fantasies later. She started below the hairline on the neck and slowly pulled it up to the top. She repeated these passes, until all the white, except for a couple of spots, were gone, replaced with completely lustrous and bare skin. “Now, the last touch and we’re done,” Miriam said and Becky reached out and gave her the tube of the depilatory cream. “Now, this is going to sting,” Miriam warned. “But the effect is amazing.”

Wendy nodded. “Go ahead. Finish releasing me from the bonds that have tied me down too long.”

Miriam began to spread the cream onto Wendy’s head. “This will keep it smooth for about a week or maybe a week and a half.”

Wendy winced a bit. “You’re right. It does it sting – a lot. But what it’s doing for me, I can deal with it.”

Becky nodded as she finished the tape with the creaming of Wendy’s scalp. “Your transformation is amazing.”

Miriam finished rubbing in the cream. She rinsed off her hands and then brought the mirror over. “Are ready to see how gorgeous you truly look?”

Wendy nodded. “I guess I might as well.” Miriam handed the mirror and slowly Wendy raised it. “Oh my God, what have I done,” she said, tears starting to well up. “Am I insane or what?”

“What’s the matter?”

“Oh, it’s only the biggest mistake I have ever made. I loved it when I couldn’t see it. But oh I look like a reject!”

“You do not! You look gorgeous,” Miriam exclaimed as she pulled the cape off. “You are so brave.” Wendy tried to be brave, but she realized that she had let her deepest desires had blinded her to the reality of what she would emerge looking like.

Wendy just sat there and looked despondent. Miriam knew that it was probably similar to when her mother had taken and forced her into that flattop not all that long ago. It was nice that Wendy at least had two friends to comfort her. Becky started collecting the hair and nodded in silent communication to Miriam. Miriam took the mirror away and placed it on the loveseat. Then she came back and slowly started to wrap herself around Wendy. Wendy slowly let her inner feelings come back and snaked her hands around Miriam. “Do I really look gorgeous? Tell me the truth.”

Miriam nodded her head vigorously. “We wouldn’t lie to you. You truly look amazing.”

Wendy pulled Miriam close. “Do you like the way my body feels?” asked Miriam. “Does it make you feel better?”

Wendy just squeezed her tighter in response. Miriam took her hand and lifted up Wendy’s chin. Then Miriam whispered to her new friend, “if you weren’t the most gorgeous thing completely bald, I wouldn’t do this.” And she brought her lips to Wendy’s. It was then that the fears and bitterness of her personal reaction melted away and Wendy let the sensation of true warmth and happiness wash over her.

Miriam eventually joined Becky in nakedness, and Wendy couldn’t wait to explore more with both of them. And they brought her to Miriam’s bedroom and lay down with her. First Becky lay down with her and showed her how to use a double-ended dildo to give them both pleasure. “Toys rock,” Becky said. “But as a bald sister, you rule.” She brought her mouth down onto Wendy’s. In the chair across from the bed, Miriam watched, practically living her earlier fantasy. Of course, she moved her fingers in and out of her vagina.

“Miriam,” said Becky. “Come here and join us. Wendy needs some ass work too.” Miriam knew this was even better than her fantasy. She nodded and quickly climbed on the bed. She started kissing Becky’s ass, as she was on top, while lacing her fingers underneath the pulsing bodies and began to play with Wendy’s tight little bum.

Wendy moaned, never knowing that ecstasy and sex could feel this wonderful. It was an experience that opened her eyes.

Soon, all too soon again for Wendy, they had to get dressed and face the harsh, cruel real world again. Denise would be home soon. And Wendy had to go home and face whatever would come from her parents and bratty younger brother. But Miriam and Becky promised that any time she felt bad, things were too rough, etc. they would find a way to get together again. As Wendy stood in the doorway, she turned and gave both of them a lingering deep kiss. No one wanted it to end. “Thank you both so much,” Wendy said. “I love you guys.”

Becky gave Wendy’s head a final rub. “We love you too. You do look gorgeous.”

“Thanks,” Wendy said. She gave them a little wave and stepped out. They watched as she walked down the street and they finally stopped staring at her when she disappeared into her own house. They silently wished her best of luck. She would need it; it was a massive jump in all their lives. They hoped she wouldn’t get into too much trouble.

“Hey,” Becky said, “there’s something we forgot!”

Miriam frowned. “I can’t think what that might be.”

“Silly, we were going to shave your head as well.” Then Miriam remembered and laughed. “We were, weren’t we? No time like now, is there?”

Becky smiled and nodded. “Let’s go and show some solidarity to our newest bald sister. Tonight we’re going to just have a fantastic night.” Miriam knew what that would mean. Sex and lots of it. It was good to have made everything up again with Becky. She couldn’t imagine life without her. And Wendy had added more spice and desire to their relationship. They laced arms around each other and headed off to the cellar again, this time to give Miriam the `total treatment’.

Watch for Part 7 – The Final Chapter, coming soon!

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