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Jenny couldn’t quite believe it when the wedding invitation dropped through the door. She had always been a popular girl at high school, with a wide circle of friends. She took part in a wide range of school societies and was good at most sports. Her interest in sports helped to explain her lithe and trim figure. Most days she showed off this figure to all in tight jeans or short skirts. But her proudest asset was her hair. From a young age Jenny had taken great care of her hair and now it reached almost to her butt. Much of her weekly allowance was spent down at the local mall where she was a frequent visitor to the expensive and fashionable hair salon there. In between salon visits she would spend hours carefully washing, conditioning, drying and styling her hair. Hence her surprise at the invitation from Stephanie.

Certainly couldn’t remember ever having been friends with Stephanie, although she knew that she was in her class. Stephanie was almost a perfect opposite to her. While she too was well known around the school, it was for all the wrong reasons. It was difficult to put a finger on her worst feature; the short, tight perm or the ankle length skirts or the low-heeled pumps. She seemed trapped in a time warp in which looking at her appearance you would have sworn she was at least fifty, rather than approaching twenty. She tended to avoid people and could usually be found in the library surrounded by piles of books. Maybe, Jenny thought, she had changed her mind and now wanted to be friends.

Looking at the invitation in her hand once more, Jenny walked towards the door of the dress shop that she had been instructed to visit for the bridesmaid dress. From the outside the store looked as if no one had been inside for a long time. Pushing the door open a bell rang to announce her arrival..An hour later Jenny left the store having been through a lengthy measuring process carried out by the aged owner of the dress shop. She had been surprised to have had to strip naked to be measured in front of this woman. The owner had also been reluctant to give away any details about the dress, even the color had been a secret. Still, Jenny thought to herself, it was Stephanie’s day so she had a right to say how she wanted people to look and dress.

The next stop on the itinerary attached to the invitation was a trip to the beauty parlor. As she entered in the shop Jenny was struck again by how old fashioned the place seemed to be. She approached the reception where a middle-aged woman sat reading a book.

“Hi, I’m one of the bridesmaids for Stephanie Turner’s wedding. I believe I have an appointment”, Jenny said.

“One moment dear”, the receptionist informed her.

Jenny stood quietly looking around the shop as she waited. She seemed to be the youngest person in here and by some way. Her daydreaming was interrupted however by the arrival of the shop owner.

“This way child, I am Betty, the owner”, the new arrival informed her as she took Jenny’s arm.

Jenny found it strange as a twenty year old to be addressed as “child”, but let the comment go as she was lead into a private, curtained cubicle at the back of the shop.

“If you just slip out of all of your things dear, we have a lot to do today”, Betty instructed.

Feeling slightly embarrassed, Jenny slipped out of her designer jeans and low-cut blouse. She paused as she stood there in her scarlet bra and thong, but a harsh look from Betty made her quickly take those off as well.

“On the couch please,” Betty said with a strange smile on her face.

Jenny lay down uneasily on the couch feeling the cold leather against her skin. Three hours later Jenny lay on the couch in a somewhat dazed state. At first she had thought that maybe a little waxing might be on the cards. However, she was now totally hairless from the neck down. Working with speed and efficiency, Betty had rapidly removed every trace of hair on her body, ignoring Jenny’s groans and occasional muffled screams. Back and front, and even underneath. Looking down at her now hairless body Jenny blushed. This somehow made her feel less confident, as if the hair removal process had also removed her self-belief.

“Your new underwear for the wedding is on the chair dear – get dressed!”, Betty told her, “We still have plenty to do.

Jenny looked at the unfamiliar clothes. The pale pink frilly nylon panties, the matching pink nylon bra, and the white knee socks.

“Are you sure these are the right clothes?”, Jenny asked.

“I hope you’re not giving me any back chat child”, Betty replied, “I don’t want to have to spank you!”.

Not quite believing that she would spank her, Jenny still thought it best to dress in the strange clothes. Once in the pink underwear, she turned to look in the mirror and couldn’t help noticing how much younger she looked.

“Time to work on your face, into the chair”, she heard Betty telling her.

Jenny climbed into the treatment chair still wearing only the new pink lingerie and found herself covered quickly by a thick, plastic floral beauty cape. She watched in silence as Betty thoroughly removed all of her make-up until her face was left bare and clean.

“Hold still”, she was told.

Before she had a chance to protest, Betty had waxed her eyebrows completely off!

As Jenny sat there in shock, Betty took an eyebrow pencil and drew in a high arch on each brow. She then turned around and started to drape a second cape over her, tying it tightly around her neck.

“We have to fix your hair now” Betty told her, “Something sensible and tidy for the big day”.

“But I have my own stylist”, Jenny tried to explain.

“Now, now child – I have my instructions, so be good and let me get on with my work”.

Jenny decided maybe it would be best for now to keep quiet. That way maybe she would be out of here as quickly as possible. She felt her long hair being pulled back behind her as Betty started to wind it around to form a single plait. Maybe she was just going to trim the ends, Jenny thought to herself, that wouldn’t be so bad. She felt a sharp tug as her hair was pulled very tightly. Then, just as quickly, the tension was gone.

“That’s the worst bit over dear”, Betty told her, dropping a two foot long plait of hair into Jenny’s lap.

For a minute Jenny sat in disbelief looking at the length of hair now lying in her lap. Surely that couldn’t be hers. She raised her hand to the back of her head but felt only the jagged ends of what remained of her hair.

“My hair!”, Jenny screamed, “What have you done?”.

“Now, now child”, Betty said matter of factly, “It’s only a haircut”.

Before Jenny had a chance to say anymore, her head was pushed firmly forward into the sink in front of her, as Betty started to wet and then vigorously shampoo her hair. After several minutes of thorough washing, Jenny was sat upright once more as Betty began to roughly dry her hair with a towel. Then she took a comb and began to drag it through her hair as she combed it straight down around her head. Betty then picked a pair of scissors from the trolley beside the chair and firmly moved Jenny’s head over to one side.

“What are you going to do?” Jenny asked in a weak, quiet voice.

“Just following my instructions dear”, Betty replied.

Jenny kept her eyes fixed on the floor as she felt the scissors start to cut the hair at the side of her head. They seemed to be tracing a line around her ear, snipping away six inch strips of hair as the start of the new style was begun. But, before she had a chance to look at the result so far, her head was pushed firmly over to the other side as the process was repeated on the left side of her head. She felt the scissors almost digging into her scalp as they carved a blunt shape around her ear. Then she felt the scissors snicking across the back of her neck, slicing off even more of her treasured locks.

Thankfully she heard Betty putting down the scissors and saw out of the corner of her eye her reaching for a hairdryer. Her
newly cropped hair was dried very quickly as Betty blasted scorching hot blasts of air at her. Jenny glanced into the mirror, getting her first proper look at the results of the last twenty minutes of hair hell. The style reminded her of pictures of young schoolboys she had seen in her parents’ house. Turning her head to the side she could see that at the back, her hair had been cut straight across level with the bottom of her ears.

Jenny turned as she heard another set of footsteps behind her and saw Stephanie appear through the curtain.

“Hello Aunt Betty”, Stephanie said as she embraced the owner of the shop, “Looks like I haven’t missed the best part yet”.

“You’re just in time”, Betty replied.

Stephanie walked over and ran her hands through Jenny’s short hair.

“Well, what do you think princess?”, she asked, with a harsh tone in her voice.

As Jenny started to reply, Betty pushed her head forward again, and clicked on the clippers that she held in her right hand. With the skill acquired through years of practice, Betty began to strip the hair from the back of Jenny’s head. The carefully maintained clippers made short work of the hair, clipping it brutally short leaving behind a smooth pelt of brown hair. Stephanie smiled as she watched the process, happy to finally see her childhood enemy being brought down to size.

Betty started to work her clippers around to the sides of Jenny’s hair, eager to match them to the buzzed back. Jenny tried not to watch in the mirror as the clippers reduced what was left of her hair to an inch long all over. With almost no emotion Betty ran the clippers swiftly across the top her head – front to back, front to back. Each sweep of the buzzing clippers sent another wave of hair crashing to the floor of the shop, to join the piles of hair already lying there. Happy that she had not missed a single hair, Betty switched off the clippers and ran her hands through the swathes of bristles left on Jenny’s head. She looked over at a grinning Stephanie.

“Is that what you wanted Steph?”, she asked.

Stephanie walked over to the newly cropped figure of Jenny sitting in the chair in front of her.

“Hmm, well, it’ll do for now, but she needs to be colored Aunt”, she replied.

Betty once more pushed Jenny’s head forward into the sink, thoroughly wetting her buzz cut, not even bothering to see if the water was warm. She then disappeared briefly into the back of the shop and returned with a small, plastic bottle. Betty then emptied the entire contents over Jenny’s head and started to massage the hair dye deep into the hair.

“What are you doing?”, Jenny meekly asked, afraid of what the fierce woman might do next.

“It’s going to be surprise”, Stephanie cut in, “But everything needs to match for the wedding”.

After leaving the dye for thirty minutes, Betty rinsed Jenny’s hair and then rubbed her hair roughly with another towel. As she removed the towel, Jenny looked in horror in the mirror. Pink! A shocking candy floss pink!!

“Don’t worry”, Stephanie laughed, “It should grow out in six months or so!”.

Jenny tried not to cry as she took in her startling new appearance. She was so engrossed she almost missed the click and renewed buzzing sound behind her.

“How high at the sides do you want it?”, Betty asked Stephanie.

“Start with an inch”, was the quick reply.

Betty applied her sharpest clippers to the side of Jenny’s head and started to peel the pink hair from Jenny’s scalp. Only recently sharpened the keen blades easily removed the hair down to bare skin.

“I think another inch Aunt”, Stephanie instructed.

As requested, Betty carved a two inch wide strip of bare skin above each ear, going over a couple of times to make sure nothing was left behind. Jenny sat stunned, slumped in the chair, staring at the broad expanse of shaved scalp above each of her ears. She tried to turn her head to the side to assess the damage, but once more her head was forced forward and down.

“How high at the back Steph?”, Betty asked.

Stephanie used a finger to trace a line across the back of Jenny’s head level with the very top of her ears. Once more the clippers dug into Jenny’s hair and began to shave yet more hair away. Jenny winced as she felt the blades climb up the back of her head. The hair cape was slowly being covered by bright pink clippings as the final style took shape. After a further twenty minutes of clipping silence returned to the shop. Betty took a stiff brush and swiftly brushed away any loose hairs from the sides and back of Jenny’s head. She then squeezed some thick gel into her hands and applied it liberally to the hair. After some expert work with a comb, Jenny’s hair on top stood upright, while the back and sides were slicked close to the scalp. Betty removed the cape and picked up a mirror from the trolley.

“What do you think Steph?”, she asked.

Stephanie walked around the chair carefully inspecting the finished result. She ran her hands over the freshly clipped back of Jenny’s head, felt the roughness of the gelled flat top. But most of all she noticed the change in Jenny. No longer did she have that confident stare. Her shoulders were slumped. She looked, well, small.

“Could you make the back and sides real smooth Aunt?”, Stephanie asked.

Betty nodded her agreement and re-tied the shoulder cape around Jenny.

“I don’t you think you need to bother with any shaving foam Aunt”, Stephanie piped up.

Jenny sat immobile in the chair as she watched Betty approach her holding a brand new razor. Her body tensed as her head was held firmly and the razor started to scrape across the side of her head. Despite the sharpness of the blade, Betty worked with great confidence, using quick and precise movements to shave Jenny closer and closer. As her chin was pushed down to her chest, Jenny could almost hear the razor start to shave away what little stubble remained on the back of her head.

“Your dress fitting is in three days time”, Betty told her, “And I’ll need you here bright and early on Saturday morning so that I can shave you again and touch up the color”.

Jenny said nothing, but watched a tear roll down her cheek as the shaving was finished.

“Perfect Aunt”, Stephanie muttered, “Perfect”.

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