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Kate knelt on the floor in front of her boyfriend.

Wearing only a pair of jeans, her long blonde hair fell over her shoulders and came to an end just beyond her naked breasts.

She shivered involuntarily at the thought of what was about to happen.

Earlier, her boyfriend had teased her about how long it took her to get ready to go out. “Kate, we’re always late. You spend so much time on your bloody hair,” he complained. Deciding to up the stakes a little Kate retorted, “Perhaps I should just cut it all off?”

“Really?,” he said, “you’d cut off that beautiful hair?”

“Sure, you’re alway bugging me about how long it takes to get ready, maybe I should just get rid of it.” She knew he’d never agree to that. He loved her long hair, and so did she.

“How short are we talking?,” he asked.

“Oh, I don’t know, maybe I’ll do a Demi Moore and shave it all off,” she replied sarcastically. That should keep him quiet for a while she thought.

“I bet you wouldn’t, not in a million years!”

“The more I think about it, the more I think it’s a good idea – it would be so much easier,” she teased.

Then he delivered the counter punch – “I think that would be awesome. You’d look so great with a buzzcut. If you’re serious, I’ve got a pair of clippers. Let’s do it right now!”

“Um, ok,” she responded, sure he was just kidding. He went to another room and returned with a set of clippers. “He’s just seeing how far I’m prepared to go,” she thought. “Where do you want me,” she asked.

“Right here will be fine,” he said pointing to the hardwood floor of the loungeroom, “this will make it easier to clean up afterwards.”

“You’d better take off your top, and your bra,” he said. She obeyed, not thinking for a moment he’d go through with it.

“So how short are we talking, babe? Do you want to go in stages or should I just shave it all off in one go?”

“Take it all off,” she whispered, suddenly realising this maybe for real.

He looked at the clippers for a second and then removed the large guard that had been on them and replaced it with a number one attachment. He flicked the switch and they hummed to life.

She knelt on the floor looking down at her beautiful hair as it cascaded over her breasts. If this is a joke, he taking it an awfully long way, she thought. He moved behing her, all the while with the clipppers almost growling menacingly in his hands.

“Last chance to back out,” he said. “I dare you,” she said, with her last bit of bravado.

With his free hand he gathered her hair behing her head and held it in a loose ponytail. He yanked it gently and forced her head back so that she was staring straight ahead. In an instant the clippers were at her forehead. He held them very still for a second before ploughing them into to mass of hair on top of her head, revealing a fine blonde stubble in the clippers’ wake. He moved quickly removing all the long hair on top of her head, whilst still holding the ponytail at the back of her head. Moving swiftly, he shaved around each ear leaving only the hair in his free hand at the back of her head. Motioning her head forward, he rose the clippers from nape to crwon, shearing the last remanants of her once long hair away from her head. He dropped the silken mass of hair gently over her shoulders and enjoyed watching slip easily off her breast and into her lap.

Kate was now shorn, but beautiful, although she did not know it yet. Tears streaked her face. “I can’t believe you went through with it,” she said meekly. “And I can’t believe you let me,” he said.

It was then she noticed the bulge in his pants. “And now I’m going to do something I’ve wanted to do for some time.”

He uzipped his pants and grabbed Kate roughly by the head, forcing his hard cock into her mouth. She tried to push away but he held her firmly in place, his hand behind her head. She gagged as he writhed deeper and deeper into her mouth and down her throat.

He withdrew suddenly, and then shot his load all over her face and newly shaven head.

“Get used to this,” he leered, “because from now on I’m keeping you shaved – remember this night as payback for sleeping with my best mate.”

Kate knew then what a terrible mistake she had made in underestimating him.

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