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`Oh Christine! I can’t believe that you actually want me to cut this lovely hair!’ Christine’s friend Jenny said really upset.

In truth, Jenny loved Christine’s hair and thought it extremely pretty; Jenny loved to braid Christine’s hair for her whenever Christine asked her to. Christine’s hair was a beautiful strawberry blonde colour, which fell to almost her bra strap and it, fell loose now in lots of (natural) waves streaming down her back. Christine was just downright pretty in Jenny’s opinion! This explained why Jenny was reluctant to do this to Christine’s hair.

`Your long hair makes you look so pretty though Christine!’ Jenny said, upset.

`I don’t want to look pretty Jenny! I just want to look more adult now that I’m in college! I know you love my hair, but I’m in college now and I want to look more adult now-not just pretty! So please will you do this for me as I’d rather it be you who cuts it than some hairdresser in a salon!’ Christine replied her mind made up.

Jenny by now was very upset, but as Christine was her friend she WOULD prefer it to be her who cut it, but it was so pretty, shiny and thick! But she said:

`Ok Christine, if that’s what you want me to do, then I will, any style in mind?’

Christine was happy that Jenny had said yes, now she had to tell Jenny what she thought she wanted.

`Yes, Jenny I was sort of hoping that you would cut it into a bob for me, maybe up to my ears!’

Jenny was shocked! Christine’s ears? That was sooooooo short! It meant that Jenny would be chopping off almost a foot of the gleaming strawberry blonde fall of hair that Jenny loved. Also, because Christine’s hair was so thick, it would need to have the clippers on it, underneath the top hair, so it would appear thinner and tidier.

Nodding at Christine then sighing deeply as she left the room, Jenny went for the haircutting kit, which was in the bathroom. Did Christine know what she was asking? All Jenny thought was that she hoped Christine would like her hair by the time it was finished!

Presently, Jenny came back and explained what she was going to do to Christine’s hair.

`Ok, I’ll be able to cut your hair up to your ears right now, but your hair is dead thick, so I’m going to have to use the clippers underneath the top hair, Ok?’ Jenny asked.

`Yes….Ok!’ Christine said, almost changing her mind as she wasn’t too keen on having clippers in her hair, but she really wanted to do this, plus it was Jenny who was doing it for her, so she was Ok about that. She just hoped that Jenny could do this for her without making a mistake.

`Ok, are you ready Christine?’ Jenny said, after plugging in the clippers and getting a chair for Christine to sit on while she did her hair.

`Yes I am Jenny’ Christine said, sitting down calmly.

And with that Jenny brushed through Christine’s long hair, then styled it so that it looked like Christine was wearing her hair half up and half down, pinned the ponytail right out of the way. All of the rest of the hair still hanging down (the half down part) was going to be buzzed off by the clippers. Smoothing the long hair down, Jenny looked at her friend:

`Are you sure that you want to do this now honey?’ Jenny asked

`Yes, pretty sure….Go on just do it Jenny!’ Christine said and squeezed her eyes shut, not wanting to see the hair falling down to her lap or the floor.

`Ok, here goes!’ Jenny said, reluctantly.

With that, Jenny asked Christine to put her head down, positioned the clippers on Christine’s neck, a loud click and hum was heard, and then Jenny began to slowly and steadily move the clippers upwards towards the ponytail at the top. From the first pass, Christine could feel her head was lighter! She actually liked the feeling of the clippers moving up through her long thick hair. Every time a pass was made, almost a foot of shining hair fell to the floor, more as the clippers went further up the back of Christine’s head. The back done, Jenny then proceeded to clip the sides of Christine’s hair. Buzz buzz buzz the clippers went as they cut through the long silky hair. Jenny then gently clipped both sides of Christine’s hair off. The remaining hair left was stubble.

The clipping done, Jenny switched the clippers off, unplugged them and said:

`There! This part’s over now Christine!’

Christine then rose up her hands to her clipped back and sides of her formerly long flowing hair and exclaimed:

`Oh Jenny, this feels so odd but nice at the same time!’

`Well it’s not over yet honey!’ Jenny replied, still disbelieving what Christine had asked her to do for her.

Jenny then unpinned the remaining long hair at the top of Christine’s head and combed through it.

`Ok sweet; are you ready for the last bit?’ Jenny asked, not looking forward to this as clipping the long thick hair underneath where you couldn’t see it was one thing, snipping off the remaining long shining hair into the bob where everybody could see was another thing altogether!

`Yes, Ok!’ Christine replied without hesitation and smiling.

Jenny smiled back, then she unsectioned the half up part, then brushed through the long hair one last time, then raising the scissors to about ear length (where Christine had wanted it to be), she lifted up a section of hair, took a deep breath and then she finally closed the blades on the gleaming hair:

`Snip snip snip snip!’ Then tears started coming to Jenny’s eyes as soon as she made the first cuts in Christine’s hair.

`What’s wrong Jenny?’ Christine asked

`Oh it’s just that your hair is so pretty, Christine-I still can’t fathom why you want me to cut it this short!’ Jenny said, tears glistening in her beautiful blue eyes.

`I’m sorry Jenny, if I had of known what you really thought of my hair, I wouldn’t have asked you to do it!’ Christine exclaimed, feeling slightly guilty now.

Jenny smiled through her tears and said, hugging Christine (making sure not to get any loose hair on her clothes):

`Don’t worry love, you’ll look lovely when I’ve finished, I just loved your long hair a lot-you know, plaiting it and stuff!’ the pretty blonde said to Christine, tears still silently coming from her eyes.

`Maybe I shouldn’t of asked you to do this as you’re so upset Jenny!’ Christine said.

`Hey, I’d rather it be me who does this than a crazy probably scissor happy stylist in a salon Christine!’ Jenny said, her spirit returning and wiping her damp eyes

`Well I’m glad it is you Jenny as I trust you lots!’ Christine replied, smiling.

`Right, can’t leave you like this so can I continue now Christine?’ Jenny asked, smiling back.

`Yes, go on Jenny!’ Christine said.

Then Jenny, starting at the back of Christine, sectioned off a section of hair, and then gently began recommencing cutting Christine’s hair to ear length.

`Snip Snip Snip Snip!’ the scissors went each time Jenny closed the blades on Christine’s long shining hair.

`How are you feeling Christine?’ Jenny asked, realising that this was a VERY big step for her younger friend.

Christine smiled, and then said:

`Just great Jenny! I’m so happy you agreed to do this for me!’

`Oh I’d do anything to make YOU happy Christine-you’re my best friend after all!’ Jenny replied, laughing, (Christine smiled at `Best Friend’) and then Jenny cut off another section-Jenny wasn’t crying now as she knew Christine would look VERY pretty when she’d finished with her!


After about ten more minutes of cutting, Jenny finished and showed Christine her reflection in the mirror. Christine gasped-the ear-length bob Jenny had done for her looked fantastic!

`Oh Jenny I love it, thank you so much for doing this for me!’ Christine exclaimed happily.

`Don’t mention it honey! I didn’t want to do this for many reasons-but I finally realized that you were right when you mentioned that you were in college and wanted to look older now-and guess what? You really do look o
lder honey!’ Jenny said, wiping her face free of tears, then hugged her friend, Christine hugged Jenny back-Christine now felt older and more mature than she had before!

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