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‘Can I cut your hair Christine?’ Christine’s 19 year old friend Jenny asked her one Saturday afternoon as she brushed her pretty friends long strawberry blonde hair

‘Well, are you sure that you know what you’re doing if I let you?’ 18 year old Christine said, nervously.

Christine was a very pretty girl (she wasn’t aware of this though), about 5 foot 1 in height, slim and with the most beautiful strawberry blonde hair, falling almost to her bra strap, with a fringe that fell slightly in her eyes, but she simply either clipped it back or swept it to the side! She also had greyish blue eyes, which smiled when she did.

Jenny was equally as stunning, except she knew she was already. She was about 5 foot 3 and had a short blonde bob which looked great on her. She had bright blue eyes.

‘Relax honey!’ Jenny replied as she went for some scissors, leaving Christine just staring at herself in the mirror, wondering if she was doing the right thing.

Presently, Jenny came back and said:

‘I cut all my friends and families hair you know, it’s nothing, just close your eyes and it’ll be over before you know it, ok?’

‘Ok!’ Christine said, feeling terribly unsure still.

Jenny then brushed through Christine’s thick strawberry blonde hair really gently then asked:

‘Any hairstyle in mind honey?’

Christine then said shakily:

‘Erm, do you think that it’ll suit me sort of to my shoulders?’

Jenny examined Christine’s long hair and her face shape, and then replied:

‘Yes I think that’ll suit you! Are you sure honey?’

For some reason, Christine must of become really excited as she said in a more confident way:


Jenny smiled then turned the swivel chair Christine was sitting on so it faced away from the mirror, so it began………

Jenny then started combing Christine’s hair gently, and then sectioned it up using some clips; Jenny combed down Christine’s long locks and said:

‘Last chance to back out!’

‘No it’s fine, I’m ready’, Christine said

With that, Jenny combed down the section that was free so that it hung near Christine’s bra strap, picked up the scissors, then all Christine heard was a:

‘Snip, Snip, Snip, Snip!’ about 4-5 inches of hair fell to the floor behind Christine.

Already, Christine could feel the tears welling up in her eyes, Jenny however noticed this and coming up in front of Christine, she held out a clean tissue and started gently dabbing at her younger friends eyes,

‘Oh no no no no darling! Please don’t cry! It’s a shock I know but this cut will really suit you!!’ Jenny said kindly, smiling at her, still dabbing gently at her friends eyes.

‘I’m sorry Jenny, but it’s been past my shoulders for as long as I remember, I’ve never had it ON my shoulders before!’

‘Well don’t worry because you’ll look great by the time I’ve finished with you!’

‘Thanks Jenny!’ Christine said

‘No problem!’ Jenny replied, then she went to the back of Christine again to recommence cutting.

Jenny unclipped another section and combed it through, then after moving the scissors so that Christine’s hair would reach her shoulders, cut again:

‘Snip Snip, Snip!’ another 4-5 inches of hair fell to the floor, as Jenny was gently snipping away her friend’s hair to shoulder length.

Christine was now starting to feel better about all this now and she actually began to enjoy it! Jenny repeated the cutting process all the way around the back and then did the sides.

‘Snip, Snip, Snip!’, all the time the scissors snipped, Christine lost another 4-5 inches of shining strawberry blonde hair.

As Jenny cut the sides, Christine could now get some idea of how short it was!!

After about 3 more minutes of cutting, Jenny finally stopped cutting Christine’s hair at the back and sides, checked the length to make sure it was even, then came to the front, where Christine’s fringe was and said:

‘How short do you want your fringe to be cut sweetheart?’ said Jenny, as she combed down Christine’s fringe so that it completely covered her eyes!

‘Could you make them just slightly above my eyebrows please Jen?’ Christine said

‘Certainly love-my word you are going to look great after I’ve chopped off this fringe!’ Jenny said laughing.

Christine agreed and laughed too-her fringe was sooo long!!

‘Ok, I’ll need you to close your eyes sweetheart ok?’ Jenny said smiling.

Christine obeyed and shut her eyes really tightly.

Jenny proceeded to section off Christine’s (much too long) fringe, then combed down the free section, and raised the scissors to slightly above Christine’s eyebrows and then cut.

‘Snip, Snip!’ instantly about 2-3 inches fell down from Christine’s head to her lap, she had been growing her hair for about 3 months now and she was slightly sad to see it all being cut off and falling to the floor, but Jenny was doing a brilliant job overall and her hair was looking great!!

Jenny unsectioned another part of Christine’s pretty hair and then cut,

‘Snip, Snip, Snip!’ another section of hair about 2-3 inches long fell to Christine’s lap.

Jenny kept snipping until about a couple of minutes later, it was done.

Christine was nervous again now, had her friend decided to be scissor-happy and cut her hair SLIGHTLY shorter than Christine asked her to do? Was her hair straight?

Jenny smiled and said:

‘There babe, you look stunning now! Are you ready to see what you look like, and how pretty you really are?’

‘Yes’ Christine said, a quiver in her voice.

Smiling broadly, Jenny gently turned the chair around to face the mirror and Christine gasped!

‘Oh My God! I love it Jenny! Thank you!’

The shorter hair made Christine look older than she was! Then Jenny had an idea, something that Christine wouldn’t dare to try! Jenny knew what the final touch would be!

‘I’m glad you like it honey, now, don’t freak out Ok? Could I put make up on you honey?’

‘Oh yes please Jenny!’ Christine said, after a moment of doubt, after all if Jenny had made her hair look this good, then surely Jenny would pull this off and make her look good in this way as well?

‘Ok then!’ Jenny said, pulling out her makeup bag,

‘I need you to give me a smile first Ok?’

Christine nodded and smiled, then Jenny coloured Christine’s pretty lips with a pink lipgloss, which Jenny knew would suit Christine.

‘Ok love now I want you to close your eyes Ok?’ Jenny said happily-Christine was looking great!!

Christine obeyed, and then Jenny gently put some lilac eye shadow on her friend’s pretty face.

‘Stay still and keep your eyes closed honey while I do your mascara!’ Jenny said.

Then Jenny told Christine to smile again and put a pink blusher on her friends cheekbones which were high-‘a symbol of beauty, those cheekbones are!’ thought Jenny, smiling.

Then finally, after all this was done, Jenny said to Christine:

‘Ok, are you ready to see yourself honey?’ Jenny asked gently, knowing that Christine looked lovely.

‘Yes!’ Christine said, excited now.

Smiling, Jenny turned Christine towards the mirror again and said,

‘Christine honey, I can’t believe my eyes! You look so pretty and grown up-maybe even beautiful!!’ Jenny exclaimed.

Well Christine took one look at her reflection, jumped up then hugged her friend,

‘Thank you so much Jenny, you are my best friend in the whole world, do you know that? I think I might look even beautiful myself now!’ Christine said happily,

‘Yes, now I think I do know I’m probably your best friend sweetie!’ Jenny said as she hugged her younger friend back!!!


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