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It all started when I was bored one day and it was really hot outside and my long hair was driving me crazy. Now my hair was a dark brown and was really thick and long, reaching about six inches past my shoulders, and that day, I began to think ‘What if I cut my hair-it might be better than going to a salon and paying to have it done, and besides this heat is a nightmare to live with when my hair is this long and thick’.

With this in mind, I went to the bathroom to fetch some scissors, then went upstairs into my bedroom, and looked at my reflection in the mirror, set the scissors on my dressing table, then watching my reflection in the mirror, I undid my brown hair from it’s plait, which extended down my back. After doing this, I picked up my hairbrush, then gently ran the brush through my long thick hair, at this point, a moment of doubt shot through my body as I ran the brush through my hair, I thought ‘Should I do this? I’ll probably regret it in the end when i’m out and about and I see all those girls still with flowing hair down their backs’, but shaking this thought from my mind, I brushed my hair through one last time. Then staring at my freshly brushed hair, I thought ‘well I used to have shoulder length hair and I liked it then, so I will still like it now I suppose if I cut it to that length.

So sighing and hoping that I’d made the right decision, I picked up the scissors, took a strand of wavy hair (it was normally straight, but as I’d had it up in a plait all day, it was wavy), then positioned the scissors to about shoulder length, then closing my eyes tightly, I slowly closed the blades of the scissors on that lock of hair, then all I heard was a:

‘Shrnick Shrnick!’ I then opened my eyes and found a long strand of dark brown hair in my hand, I looked in the mirror and saw that there was a pretty noticeable gap in my hair as one section of hair was cut shoulder length and the rest was still the gleaming fall of long brown hair falling six inches past my shoulders which I had adored.

Feeling more confident now (not to say excited!) I then sectioned off another section ‘oh well’ I thought, ‘if I make a real mess of it I can easily go to the salon to get it fixed’, with that, I raised the scissors again, then closed the blades on the second section;

‘Shrnick Shrnick Shrnick’, I dropped the second section on to the floor too, as I had with the first. ‘My God, this is looking great!’ I thought to myself as I separated yet another section of long hair, then closed the blades again:

‘Shrnick Shrnick Shrnick’, it was now coming out slightly uneven, but I didn’t care at the moment, this was great fun! Now half of my hair had been cut (at the left hand side) to about shoulder length, then came the real problem: ‘What should I do with the back?’ I wondered, the answer came quick ‘I know! I could cut the right hand side shoulder length too then gather the back together into a ponytail, then I could cut the back to the same length the sides are!’ With this in mind, I raised the scissors to the right hand side, separated out another section of hair, then cut through it:

‘Shrnick Shrnick Shrnick!’ the scissors went. Each time I closed the blades I was losing roughly about 6 inches of hair! In another couple of minutes, I had cut the right hand side to the same length (I hoped) as the left hand side, then came the hard bit.

‘Oh well’ I thought, ‘I’ve come this far, I might as well go the whole way now!’, so carefully, I gathered all my hair into a ponytail, then slowly moved my hands down to where I could start feeling the shoulder length strands falling out of the ponytail, as soon as I felt the strands falling out, I quickly raised the scissors to the back of me and closed the blades again, until all the hair was severed off.

‘Shrnick Shrnick Shrnick Shrnick Shrnick Shrnick SHRNICK!!’ with that final snip of the shears, all the hair fell down to rest just on my shoulders. ‘Perfect’ I thought. ‘Now the heat won’t get to me as much!’ then after saying this aloud, I picked up my brush and ran it through my now significantly shorter hair. What suprised me most was that it didn’t actually look that uneven! I felt really good now as I’d sorted my hair out without having to pay and go to a salon!

Giving myself a VERY satisfied look in my mirror, I smiled, then cleaned up all the long hair on the floor. ‘Maybe I can cut my own hair from now on!’ I thought, satisfied, then after giving myself one last look in the mirror, I went downstairs and enjoyed the rest of my day!

The End

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