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”How could Monica do this to me?! How could she?! Up till now I had thought her to be my best friend but all the time she must have lied to me, it has only been make-believe. Otherwise she would never had acted like this! Oh, I hate her!” Jessica blurted out, sitting in front of the mirror of her make-up desk and looking at her image.

It all had started with a simple and harmless wager. Both girls liked to bet when their opinions differed.

”I’ll bet you anything you like,” Jessica had said, convinced that she was right.

”Okay,” Monica had answered with a misschievous grin. ”The winner may give the loser a haircut.”

Jessica had agreed. Both girls had beautifully thick and wavy hair that cascaded across their shoulders to their waists, Monica’s auburn and Jessica’s light blonde. They were both proud of their hair and they knew that of each other.

”If I had won I would have cut only a few inches at most of Monica’s mane and I expected the same from her,” Jessica sadly thought.

But she had lost…………..

”You have lost,” Monica had said with a mean smile, ”You remember our agreement and the consequences?”


”Well, shall we do it tonight at my place?”

”Okay,” Jessica had said.

Monica ushered her friend to her bathroom where a chair with armrests stood ready.

”Better take off your clothes,” Monica said.

Jessica laughed: ”Why? What are you up to?”

Monica smiled: ”Let’s play a little game.”

”Okay.” Jessica obeyed. It was summer and she had only to pull her T-shirt over her head and unzip her mini skirt to be naked except for her panties.

When she was seated Monica tied her wrists and ankles with tape to the chair saying: ”Part of the game.”

”I don’t intend to chicken out,” Jessica joked laughing, not suspecting any malevolence.

”Let’s get started,” Monica announced while she grabbed a lock of Jessica’s hair and without ceremonies cut it near to her scalp.

”What are you doing?!” Jessica shrieked startled.

”Giving you a haircut,” Monica said quietly while a second and third strand were chopped off.

Jessica started to cry: ”You’re ruining my hair!”

”Hon, we have an agreement: a haircut but no further specifications. So I’ll decide about the style.”

Indefatigably she continued cutting and though Jessica couldn’t see what Monica was doing she understood that the damage done to her hair was irretrievable. Tied up to the chair she was helpless.

”I don’t want so much cut off,” she whined.

”Jessie, why are you so attached to long hair? Moreover, it will grow back.”

”But it took me years to grow it to this length.” Tears trickled down her cheeks.

”Well, that length doesn’t more exist. Maybe you learn to love having short hair.”

Meanwhile Monica had cut off most of her former beautiful mane.

”Only a few snips now,” she announced.

Jessica thought that her ordeal would be over and she should make an appointment with her stylist to create a nice short style. Horrified she heard a sudden humming sound, her head was pushed to her chest and she felt clippers put at her nape and then run upwards to her crown.

”No!!” she screamed but to no avail. Relentlessly Monica reduced all the short whisps to stubble.

Jessica was defeated. Sobbing she noticed that her head was covered by shaving cream and shaved smooth with a razor.

“”Well, what do you think?” Monica grinned, holding up a handmirror in front of Jessica’s face. Jessica winced seeing her nude scalp.

”Why did you do this to me?” she whimpered, her face wet of tears.

Monica shrugged: ”I think it to be a nice haircut and it suits you. Too bad if you don’t like it but you’ll have to live with it.”

At first after this shocking experience Jessica was so mad with her so-called friend that she didn’t want to see her ever again. But she brooded on revenge and she considered that she easier would achieve that goal if she kept in touch with her tormentor. So she faked friendship. The next day she called Monica, told her that she forgave her and invited to visit her and talk it over. Monica accepted and came the same evening.

Jessica asked her what had been her real reason for humiliating her like this.

Monica answered: ”Your obsession with long hair carried things to far. I decided that something had to be done and that only radical measures could cure you. I hope that you have learned your lesson.”

Jessica didn’t believe her but she said:” We have never had discussions about obsession and it was not an obsession to me. We both loved our and each others hair.”

”Well, personally I wont mind to shave my mane off. Why are you so upset about it?”

That clearly was a bare-faced lie: she was always pampering her wavy locks.

”Then do it! I would be pleased to help you out.”

Monica thrust out a short laughter: ”I bet you would. But it is impossible.”


”Robbie would kill me.”

Jessica assumed this to be true. Robbie was her boyfriend and he adored her luscious hair. He always was concerned when Monica went to her beauty salon for her three-monthly trim.

For the show they were friends again but not in reality. Jessica thought about a way to get her revenge. Her boyfriend had turned her down after he had been confronted with her new appearance. Unexpectedly he suddenly showed up in Jessica’s apartment and stood dumbfounded. He got pale first, then red and yelled: ”Have you gone nuts or what?!”

Jessica tried to explain what had happened but he would not listen, he turned and ran away, slamming the door shut behind him. The next day he called her and told her that it had to be all over between them. ”I don’t want to have a relation with a freak,” he said.

Jessica again tried to tell him that she had been trapped but he said: ”I know everything about you and your freaky friend.”

”Fine, if you cannot accept me just as I am now your love isn’t worth a penny.”

Jessica wasn’t too sorry to have lost her boyfriend. She realized now that he always got aroused playing with her hair. He had been the one that was obsessed by her hair! And besides he had got so possessive as if it belonged to him!

Shortly afterwards Jessica met Frank. When they started dating she soon discovered that he was a ladies’ man and screwed other girls as well. But she didn’t care, sex was marvellous and though she liked him she knew that she wouldn’t fall in love with him. Her hair had grown out about one inch and Frank said that he loved it for girls to have short hair.

One hot day they went swimming and were greeted by a girl near the edge of the pool.

”This is Shirley, a friend of mine,” Frank introduced her to Jessica. Her tiny bikini didn’t leave much to the imagination. She really had a slim figure and a long black plait. The way she wellcomed Frank made clear that he screwed her too. But she was a pleasing girl and like Jessica not jealous. They had a good time at the swimming-pool and afterwards Frank took them to a pub. Perhaps he had drunk a little too much when he suggested that the the girls should accompany him to his house. Jessica looked at Shirley who seemed to be somewhat confused but Jessica turned down his invitation. Frank looked disappointed, nevertheless he resigned himself to her denial. Surprisingly he brought Jessica home!

”Why did you choose me to pass the night?” Jessica teased him. ”Cause my hair?”

He grinned: ”Shirley is a sweet girl but she has long black hair and she refuses me to cut it. Nevertheless she alllowed me ro shave her cunt. Your hair is blond and short but your delicacies are hidden behind bushy brushwood.”

”Oh, time for KLM now?”

Shortly after Jessica had met Frank he had asked her to go with him to his house. Of course she had known the meaning of this invitation.

”If you don’t accept it is
no use to meet each other again”, he had said, ”I like shooting and my gun is always available but I need a target.”

”So I’m your target?” Jessica had asked laughing.

”Your private parts,” he had answered frankly. He was always very direct and didn’t beat about the bush!

So Jeesica had accepted and he told her that she had to learn the alphabet.

”I know the alphabet already.”

”Not mine. I’ll teach you. Say A.”

”A.” He grabbed her left foot and pulled off her shoe.

”B.” The other shoe.

”C.” He unbuttoned her blouse and took it off.

”D.” Her bra was unhooked.

”E.” The buckle of her belt was disconnected.

”F.” Her skirt was unzipped and fell to her feet.

”G.” Garterbelt not present.

”H and I.” She didn’t wear stockings.

”J.” Frank pulled her panties down to her feet.

”Stage N has been reached,” he said, ”You are naked.” It had been the first time that he had seen her without any clothes.

”You have omitted some letters,” Jessica remarked, ”KLM.”

”Enough for the moment. First of all the target should be explored.”

He told her to lie down on the couch, to spread her legs and bent her knees and hips. His fingers spread her vulvar lips and examined her like a gynaecologist would do. The difference was that he quickly undressed himself.

”Are you satisfied?” Jessica aked him.

”Mmmm..sort of,” he smiled ironically. Jessica was somewhat embarrassed.

But soon that had been settled!

”Oh, time for KLM now?”

”The characters are KLS,” Frank answered, ”But let’s start from the beginning.”

So they went from A to J.

”K L S.”

Frank brought small scissors, shaving foam and a razor.

”K for cuttimg, L for lathering and S for shaving,” he explained.

Jessica had to lie doen with her legs spread. Frank cut her pubic hair short, lathered the pubic region, first shaved the mount of Venus, then her lips and at last the hair around her anus, taking care not to nick her. From the waist down Jessica now looked like a primary school girl. No, not fully, her hips were too broad.

”There are still more characters,” Jessica remembered him.

”You don’t want to know what they mean……..yet,” smiled Frank, undressing himself.

”Shooting time,” he announced and let himself down on Jessica, penetrating her with his erect member. He mover slowly in and out, in the mean time talking to her.

”You know, I had hoped that Shirley would have done this, the shaving of your crotch I mean. I think that she had been willing to do it. But I don’t blame you that you ignored my invitation. You didn’t yet arrive at that stage and I’ll have to teach you a lot. Do you agree?”

The shaving had aroused Jessica and her freshly shaven vulva was very sensible. The slow movements made her crazy and she could only moan.

Frank suddenly stopped and pulled out his tool. ”Talk to me,” he ordered.

Jessica tried to grab his male member but it was slippery and she couldn’t get hold of it.

”Oh please, Frank, go on!” she wailed.

”Do you agree, Jessie?”

”Yes! Yes, of course, but please go on, I want you!”

He came into her again but went on talking. ”Did Monica get excited when she cut off your hair and shaved you bald?”

”Maybe,” Jessica panted, ”Frank, I can’t wait any longer!”

”You have to,” he said in a stern voice. ”You are not allowed to come yet. Do you think that she would participate in a sexgame with us?”

”No!” Jessica cried, ”No way, she loves Robbie and he is very jealous, she would never do that.”

”Okay, it’s a pity, it might have been an opportunity to take revenge on her. I’ll think about something else.”

He started to move quicker.

”I’m going to shoot!” he cried and Jessica screamed…………

One day Monica told her that she had to acompany her boss to a meeting of businessmen and that she would be away for five days. She asked Jessica to stay in her houseand take care of her cat. She agreed and fed the kitten.

One night Jessica dreamt that two men entered Monica’s house which was situated rather isolated near the beach. One of them tied her to a chair while the other had his hand on her mouth preventing her for screaming. Then Jessica realized that it wasn’t a dream but reality.

”We wont hurt you,” one of the men said. ”If you promise not to scream I’ll take my hand off your mouth.”

Jessica nodded, scared to death. She could see their eyes only as their faces were covered.

”What do you want from me?” she asked in a trembling voice.

”Your hair” the other man said. ”We were assigned to collect your hair and bring it to our instructor.”

”No!!” Jessica cried, ”You are wrong! I don’t live here, I’m staying here for five days only.”

”We don’t care whoever you are, sweetie,we only carry out our orders. We have watched you and we have concluded that you are the only one living in this house. So please co-operate with us and and don’t make any problems.”

Jessica subdued. The other man flicked the switch of a pair of clippers and for the second timein three months her hair was reduced to stubble. He covered har head with shaving foam and shaved her bald. The first man collected her hair into a plastic bag and said: ”If you are inventive you’ll be able to free yourself in a few hours.”

He loosened the ropes around my wrists somewhat and they left the house.

Jessica felt the urge to pee and tried to free her hands but she didn’t succeed in doing so in time. She felt the warm urine stream across her thighs. While struggling with the ropes she thought about the assault. Of course it had not been the intention to attack her. Someone had had arranged to take revenge on Monica: it should have been Jessica’s revenge! And it had to be Frank who had initiated this. But the timing had been false: one night too early! A suspicion struck her: could Monica have received notice of the plan and purposely asked Jessica to live in her house during those days?

But something else wondered Jessica: after the first terrifying moments she had not only calmed down and submitted herself to the inevitable but when the man was shaving her she had got aroused and had been on the point of climaxing and reach an orgasm! Strange? Perhaps not at all when she remembered the first time.

She had just succeeded in freeing herself when she heard the frontdoor being opened. For a moment she thought that the men had come back but it turned out to be Monica. She was flabbergasted when she saw Jessica with a chrome dome again. When Jessica told what had happened Monica began to laugh: ”You had arranged to take revenge on me and you were hoisted with your own petard!?”

”No, I didn’t know anything of this,” Jessica swore and that was true.

”Maybe your charming boyfriend has provided you with this chore,” Monica suggested.

”Are you crazy? Knowing that I would be here? He would never do that!”

The telephone rang.

”It’s for you,” Monica said, ”your precious lover.”

”It’s terrible, those idiots,” Frank fulminated, ”I’ve just heard what happened. I’m coming at once to collect you.”

Indeed he arrived very soon. He told Monica that as this unfortunate accident had taken place in her home they had to talk together and he invitated her and Robbie to meet them in his house. Monica answered that she would try to realize this next Sunday evening.

Frank took Jessica with him to his house.

”I’m so sorry for you. You understand that those morons should have come after Monica had returned.”

”Yes Frank, the moment was badly chosen. Well, never mind, I had not much hair to spend.”

”No, but you have to start from zero again.”

Jessica didn’t seem to bother about it. She shrugged: ”We’ll see. Let’s talk about Sunday night. What are you up to?”

Frank grinned enigmatically: ”Play the alp
habet game.”

Surprised Jessica asked: ”How will you persuade them to take part?”

”I’ve discovered a new drug,” he answered, ”If you ingest it you will experience everything which is happening but you don’t care a bit whatever is going on or what one does to you. You will have no emotions at all.”

”Are you sure that it will have that effect?”

”I have seen a demonstration and it really was staggering. I’ll give it in their drinks. Then we’ll play the game, first with you and then with Monica.”

”You mean that I have to strip to the skin in front of Robbie?” Jessica asked unbelievingly.

”Don’t bother about that, I told you, he sees everything but it has not the slightest impact on him. Nor will he remember later anything of it.”

Jessica wasn’t sure about it. “Better give me that drug then too.”

Frank laughed: ”Maybe. But let me explain the meaning of the characters after KLS, that is to say M,O,P,Q and R. More off, please clippers and razor. You understand don’t you? After the pubing shaving the head has to follow.”

”Yes, but what about he rest of the alphabet?”

”You will know that Sundaynight.”

Though Jessica tried he wouldn’t say more.

Robbie wanted to know whether Jessica had informed the police.

”No,” she answered, ”it’s no use. I wouldn’t recognize those men as their faces were covered. They wore rubber gloves and there hadn’t been burglary. Probably they had a key. Besides they didn’t hurt me. Yes, they tied me up and shaved my head but Monica did that too.”

”That was different,” Monica protested.

”Okay but nevertheless……”

Jessica wouldn’t and couldn’t say that Frank had hired those men.

Frank passed round some drinks. After some time of small talk he asked: ”Ever heard of the alphabet game?”’

Robbie and Monica shook their heads.

”It’s fun,” Frank stated, ”isn’t it, honey? We did play recently.”

”Can you tell us some more?” Robbie inquired.

”Better we’ll give you a demonstration.”

So Jessica started saying ”A” and Frank pulled off the shoe of her right foot. After having lost her panties Frank announced; ”Stage N which means naked. I think it’s your turn now, Monica, to get involved with the game.”

To Jessica he whispered: ”They are stoned already.”

”But I don’t feel like it,” Jessica remarked. Then she suddenly understood and became verbally abusive: ”You didn’t give me the drug, you asshole.”

Frank only laughed while Jessica uneasily tried to hide her nudity but she noticed that Robbie showed no sign of arousal.

Monica giggled and said; ”A”. Frank told me to strip her. Soon stage N was reached and Monica grinned while staying in her birthday costume in front of the others. Robbie had looked on without showing any emotions. Never before Jessica had seen Monica naked. Her thighs were stouter than Jessica would have expected and didn’t seem to match with her slender ankles. Her belly wasn’t fat but not so flat like Jessica’s. Bigger boobs. You might say not quite one of those women like Rubens used to paint but a weak resemblance was present.

”Call the missed characters, Monica!” ordered Frank.


”Okay, your cunt. Look at Jessica’s pubes.Your bush has to disappear too. Jessica, your task!”

Jessica took Monica to the couch, let her lay down on her back with her legs across the edge and her feet on the floor and told her to spread her legs. Owing to the stoutness of her thighs she had to ask Robbie to help her keeping them apart. She used clippers to reduce Monica’s pubic hair to stubble, then lathered and shaved the area smooth. Monica chuckled when Jessica with two fingers held her vulva while shaving off the remains of her pubic hair.

She moaned: ”It tickles.”

”The next characters, Monica!”


”Yeah, so far. More off, pearcing and tattooing, but that can wait, cutting and razor shaving. Well, that comes next. Get up and follow Jessica.”

Monica was ushered to the bathroom and set down on a stool. She seemed somewhat concerned now but she meekly obeyed. Jessica started to brush her thick brown hair for the last time and she relaxed.

Jessica gave Frank a pair of scissors, positioned him at Monica’s right side while Jessica went to her left one. To Frank she said:” Do just like me,” and then to Monica: ”Now my time has come.”

Jessica grabbed a long strand of Monica’s hair and cut it near to her scalp. Obediently Frank did the same . Together they reduced the hair at the sides to short whisps.

”How about a hort mohawk?” Jessica asked Frank.

”Okay,” he answered. ”She is all yours.”

Jessica threw two parts at the centre of her head, at a distance of about three inches from each other and flicked on the switch of a pair of clippers. Without an attachment mounted she moved them from the left sideburn to the left part shaving off the whispy hair. She proceeded to bare the left side of Monica’s scalp underneath the part and handed the clippers to Frank who depilated the right side. Then Jessica moved behind Monica and shaved the backside of her head bald up to the crown. She took a broad comb and drove it horizontally into the remaining whisps at the top of Monica’s head about one inch above her scalp. With the clippers she mowed off all of the hair sticking out above the comb. She lathered the back and sides of Monica’s head and shaved them smooth. At last she used some gel to have the hair on top stand erect.

During the cutting and shaving Monica didn’t show any emotion and didn’t move but she had a sad expression on her face when Jessica told her to rise. Ronnie had observed everything with a blank expression and had not said anything.

”The show is over, guys,” Frank told them, ”Time to leave.”

Monica put on her clothes and they left as if nothing had happened.

When they had gone Jessica embraced Frank, shouting with joy: ”What a piece of luck! Your plan has succeeded! Oh, thank you, thank you!”

”Yeah indeed. Wonder what she will say when the reality begins to come home to her. But I interrupted our game, do you remember, by this intermezzo. We had come to stage N.”

Jessica realized that she still was naked and laughed.

”K, L, S.”

”Yeah, I think it is time to tidy you up, you are getting stubbly down under. Lay down on the couch with your feet on the floor and spread your legs.”

He lathered and shaved her pubic region clean and smooth.

”M, O, P, Q, R, S, T……….”

”Stop!!” yelled Frank. ”You go to fast. Do you really want all this? Piercings, tattoos and a headshave?”

Jessica was somewhat startled, she had not noticed the meaning of P and T.

”I don’t know if I want peircings and tattoos. Besides Monica didn’t get them.”

”No, that’s true,” said Frank, ”It cannot be done immediately. And don’t forget that playing with Monica had the intention to shave her head in revenge. But properly plaid you should observe the rules, which means calling a character obliges you to do what it indicates.”

”So I am codemned to take peircings and tattoos? Do I have a say as to shapes, positions and numbers?”

”Yes, you may mention your preferences but I’m the one who decides. Let’s discuss that later. First M, O, Q, R, S. Do this mean you really want a headshave again?”

”Oh absolutely!”

”I’m amazed! during three months you had your hair grow out!”

”Yeah, I did. Three months and still very short. You know, when your men shaved me for the second time I really got aroused and I remembered that I had had the same feelings when Monica shaved me but then I was too upset to realize it. Anyway I have made my mind up to stay bald for some time. Though I still regret no more havinglong hair I am getting familiar with my bald image. Do you mind?”

Frank laughed: ”You know that I prefer shorthaired girls or better with shining domes. So sit down and l
et’s get started to remove the sandpaper.”

While he was shaving her Jessica asked: ”Those last characters, what do they mean?”

”U, V, W means You, Violation and Whore and includes tying up and kinky sex.”

”And the last three?”

”X, Y and Z stand for bondage and SM. Never call Z as that means forever slavery. I don’t think you would like that, won’t you?”

Jessica trembled: ”Forever! I shouldn’t think so.”

Then she said: ”I think we could invite Shirley to play the game with us.”

Franf laughed: ”She knows the game, she never wants to go further than K, L, S.”

”You could give her this drug in a drink.”

Frank shook his head: ”That’s not the way I deal with my friends.”

”I could do it,” Jessica offered.

”You are a pervert, Jess. I think I have to shoot you when I have finished shaving your dome nice and smooth.”

Jessica laughed: ”I’ll gladly act as your target. U, V, W!”

”Well, you called for kinky sex and be treated like a whore, so it be.”

Frank grabbed her and tied her wrists and ankles to the bed posts and…………………………………………

An idefinite time later Jessica panted: ”You did anything like raping me!”

”You asked for it, honey!”

”I know, my ass is still aching.”

Frank had tied her spreadeagled to the bed and roughly penetrated her without any foreplay. Jessica had screamed and very soon had got a tremendous orgasm. Frank had released her, turned over on her belly and tied up again. Then he first had spanked her naked butt and afterwards dilated her asshole and fucked her from behind.

”Are you going to X and Y next time?”

”I don’t know, Frank. Perhaps we could try something else first.”

”Like what?”

”Once you spoke about a trio.”

”Ah yeah. I know the right person for that, Olga Loveskaya.”

”Another friend of you? Her name sounds Russian.”

”Her parents come from Kazachstan or something but she was born here. Olga Love I call her and she loves trios.”

”Does she know your, our game now?”

”I never played with her.”

”Cannot we invite her then?”

”Formidable idea, my little whore.”

The end. (Or not?)

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