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`Really Christine-you don’t have any pride in your appearance do you?’ Christine’s mum Jenny said, sighing as Christine was about to leave the house with her hair uncombed (as usual!)

`No mum, I just don’t want to have to worry about my appearance all the time like so many other girls do these days!’ Christine explained.

`Well how do you expect to ever get a boyfriend if you behave in this way?’ Jenny asked her young daughter

Being the mum, Jenny should know better. Jenny knew this, so it was her duty to make sure that her 18 year old daughter went out the house looking nice for once! Jenny knew that Christine would be a very attractive girl if she only took more care of herself, combed her hair and wore make up once in a while!

`I don’t particularly want a boyfriend at the moment mother’, Christine explained.

Christine was an attractive girl, about 5 feet tall, with blue eyes that smiled when she did and long strawberry blonde hair that was always tangled and messy, which fell to waist length.

Really, with hair as long as that you’d think she’d take care of herself more, Jenny thought sorrowfully. Maybe if I got her to cut it to a more manageable length, she’d be able to look after it better! Jenny thought, and then said:

`Right that’s it now young lady! I’m going to make sure you leave this house today with your hair looking tidy for once if it’s the last thing I do!’ her mum said

`Oh mum!’ Christine said. With that, Jenny led Christine into the bathroom and sat her on the seat.

`Now, just stay there while I fetch some equipment I’ll need to do this’, her mum said, Christine now looked in terror at her mother, seeing this, Jenny said in a softer voice:

`Look don’t worry sweetie, being your mum, I only want my daughter to look presentable for once, so I’m just going to give this hair of yours a good cut so that you can look after it better, OK honey?’ Jenny asked in a nicer voice and smiling at her beautiful but still completely foolish daughter.

`How short will it be when it’s finished?’ Christine asked, visibly shaking now.

`Lets just say MUCH shorter than it is now!’ her mum Jenny answered matter-of-factly. Then leaving her daughter in the seat, she went to fetch some scissors.

About a minute later, Jenny came back with the scissors, comb, towel and hand mirror so Christine could see the back through the large bathroom mirror when her hair was finished.

`Now I’m going to start your haircut honey OK?’ Jenny asked.

`OK……….’ Christine said nervously.

First, Jenny sectioned Christine’s long hair up, after combing it through (this took a while as Christine’s hair was very tangled!) then, satisfied, she raised up the scissors and gently snipped through the long thick hair:
“snip snip snip” the scissors went and with that a LOT of hair fell to the floor (almost 3 feet of it to be exact!”). Christine could sense how much was being cut off since it was pretty high up in the back! She began to get upset:

“Calm yourself Christine! Trust me, this will look a LOT better when it is finished!” her mother said firmly, but gently.

“It’s just so short mum-I’ll never be able to look at myself again!” Christine sobbed

“Yes you will, because it will be much better than it is now young lady” Jenny said, then snipped off another section-as short as the first

“Snip, snip, snip” the scissors went

After about 10 more minutes, it was nearly finished, Christine by now had controlled herself, and was looking forward to her new look!

“Snip, Snip, Snip”, then Jenny asked Christine a question:

“Well sweetheart, it’s nearly done now-would you like me to cut you a fringe while I’m at it?”

“Ok mum” Christine replied

Then Jenny brushed forward the remaining waist length hair, then telling Christine to close her eyes, she gently snipped through it

“Snip, Snip, Snip, Snip, Snip, Snip”, Christine now had a fringe, which reached to about her eyebrows.

“Ok honey, you’re finished, do you want to see it?” Jenny asked

“Yes, OK mum!” Christine said tremendously excited

“OK here goes!” her mum said, and held the mirror up to her daughter, Christine looked and let out a gasp of shock and bewilderment-her once waist length hair now fell to about an inch above her shoulders (a bob) and her hair actually looked….FANTASTIC!!!

“Oh mum it looks fabulous, thank you so much! You were right it DOES look better!” perhaps her mother knew better after all?

“I’m glad you like it honey, I’ll show you the back now OK?” and with that Jenny showed Christine the back of her hair-this too looked fantastic!

“It’s absolutely great mum!”

“OK honey, bet you DO want to go out now don’t you?”

“Oh yes mum, I REALLY do!” Christine exclaimed

“Well then, I’ll clear up the mess first OK?”

“OK”, well soon Jenny had cleared all the hair on the floor (Christine’s eyes had widened when she saw that the hair was about 3 inches deep!) Then she ran a brush through her daughters’ hair, and then Christine left the house. She couldn’t wait to see her friends reactions after they saw her hair!


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