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I was 15 years old when my father was transferred to another town. I wasn’t very thrilled about the prospect of a new school and trying to make new friends. I was helping to unload the moving van when I heard a whistle. I looked around to see three girls walking by. They were all wearing shorts and a t-shirt. One girl had waist length blonde hair, one had brown, shoulder length hair, and the third girl had the most beautiful mid back length red hair that I had ever seen. As they passed by they said Hi, giggled, and walked on by. As they passed the redhead turned and smiled at me. Over the next few days I saw the red haired girl a couple times and she always smiled as she passed.

The first day of school came and I felt like a real outsider. I went to my first class and sat at the back of the room in the corner trying not to be noticed. The class was filling up and I was getting alot of stares being new there. The bell rang and the chair ahead and beside me were empty. I felt like I had some disease. Just then the door opened and she walked in. She apologised to the teacher and turned to look for a seat. Our eyes met and she started walking toward me. My heart began to pound as she approached. She smiled and asked if she could sit in front of me. I swallowed hard and said yes. She smiled and sat down. That stunning red hair was up in a high ponytail and as she turned her head it would swish back and forth across my desk. She turned around and said,”Hi, my name is Kathryn, but my friends call me Cat.” I replied,”Hi, my name is Josh.” She had the prettiest green eyes and a perfect complection. Skin like creme and not a blemish or freckle. Class ended very quickly because all I could do is stare at that pretty, red pony. I wanted to touch it, but was afraid she might know. The bell rang and we left.

I was at my locker when I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was Kathryn standing there. I said,”Hi Kathryn.” She replied,”I thought I said my friends call me Cat.” I smiled and said,”Hi Cat.” That really made me feel comfortable around her. She asked if I would like to have lunch with her. I agreed to meet her there. When I walked in I didn’t spot her at first. Then I saw her, with her two friends from before, and a couple guys. As I walked over she stood up and said I should sit next to her. She introduced me to her two friends. Beth was the blonde and Lisa had brown hair. The two guys were Beth and Lisa’s boyfriends. They were all very nice to me. While eating our lunch Cat reached up and pulled the band off her ponytail. It spilled all around her shoulders. She said,”That feels so much better.” She shook her head and that magnificent mass of red hair brushed across my hands. It sent a shiver through my body which she picked up on. Our eyes meet and she gave me a little smile. She said she would see me in class tomorrow and left.

That evening I was mowing the yard when I saw the three girls approaching. Beth had her blonde hair piled on top of her head, Lisa had her brown held back with a clip, and Kathryn had her red hair in a bun. As they passed by they waved at me. They yelled,”See you in school.” That was the first time I ever looked foward to going to school. I could hardly sleep that night.

The next day I went to class and Cat was already there. We said hello to each other and I sat down. When I looked up I saw Cat had her hair in a thick braid. I said to myself,”Damn, what a beautiful braid.” I must have talked too loud because Cat turned around and said with a smile,”Did you say something Josh?” I replied with a red face,”I said what a beautiful day.” As she turned her head I would put my hands foward so that lovely braid would brush against my skin. It was such a turn on and she knew it. I gathered up the courage to finally touch her soft, silky hair.It was like carassing fine silk. We met at lunch again, but we were alone. When I asked where the rest of them were Cat said that they went on a field trip and that I would have to be satisfied to be alone with her. She said,”Josh, do you like my hair?” My mouth dropped open and I said,”Of course I do. It’s very pretty.” Cat replied,”Thats not exactly what I meant. I meant would you like to get your hands in my hair and have some fun?” I thought I must be dreaming, but it was actually happening. I said,”I know it sounds strange, but I would love to run my fingers through your hair.” She smiled, got up, and said she would see me tommorrow.

Another sleepless night!

The next day I sat down behind her in class. She wore her hair loose and it spilled onto my desk. She reached back and gathered her hair up in her hands to expose a small box with a note on it on my desk. I opened the note and it said,”Josh, I hope you like this gift? Feel free to use it whenever you want to. Cat” I was a little stunned as I opened the box. To my surprise It was a beautiful comb. She released her hair and it tumbled down her back like a wave. I nervously took the comb and ran it through the bottom few inches of her hair. I kept going higher being cautious not to be seen by anyone. Cat would tilt her head back slightly so I could reach her entire mane. I think I even heard a couple quiet moans from her. Her hair slid through the comb with ease. This was a dream come true.

I wanted to learn all I could about hair styling and cutting, because that was my dream. I started reading anything I could find. I bought tapes on how to cut and style hair. I purchased hair clips, combs, scissors, even an electric clipper set. After much research I was ready, but how would I convince her to let me? Several times a week we would meet and she would let me play with her hair. I would braid it, roll it into a twist, or several other styles. She was very impressed in my ability, but was still nervous about me cutting her hair.

A couple weeks later, on a saturday, the phone rang. It was Cat and she asked if I was alone. It just happened that my parents would be gone all day. She asked if Beth and she could come over. I agreed not knowing what to expect. They arrived and I noticed Beth was wearing a hat and she had been crying. They came in and I asked what the problem was. Beth removed her hat and said,”My mother made me get a haircut by some old bat.” Her waistlength blonde hair was cut into a long shag starting at her shoulders. It was dreadful and she knew it. Beth said,”Cat tells me you’ve been studying hair styling. Do you think you can make this look better?” I replied,”I think I can, but I’ll have to cut it rather short.” She thought a moment and told me to go ahead. I went to another room and came back with a bag. I had Beth sit a a barstool and I pulled a cape from the bag. Their eyes opened wide and I could tell they were getting a little excited. I pinned Beths hacked up hair and placed the cape around her neck. I let her hair down and combed it out. While I was doing this Cat was watching intently. I winked at her and mouthed the words,”You’re next.” She blushed and looked away. I told Beth all I could do is cut the layers off to even it up. This meant cutting her hair to at least shoulder length.Her eyes welled up, but I told her not to worry that she would look great. She wiped away a tear and smiled. I combed the back section down and picked up the scissors. Without hesitation I cut a straight line at shoulder length. All those hacked up layers slid helplessly down her back to the floor. I brought down the side sections and cut them in line with the back. Her once waistlength hair was now reduced to a shoulder length bob. She looked in a mirror and to my delight smiled. Cat said,”Beth, you look great. Your hair looks much thicker now.” Beth agreed and said,”Josh, would you cut it shorter?” I couldn’t believe my ears, but replied,”You bet I can and I know just what you want.” I picked up the comb and placed it across the back of her head at mid ear length. I snapped on the clippers and they roared to life. I clipped a straight line across the back of her head with the comb being the guide. All the blunt length hair below the comb fell to the floor
. Cat was shocked, but Beth was totally into the experience. I continued on the side. I cut a straight line from just above her chin to meet the mid ear length in the back. Now all her side hair was released and fell in her lap. I combed down the hair over her eyes and picked up the scissors. I snipped bangs at eyebrow length. I finished by buzzing the hair at her neck up to ear level. It was quite short, but she looked great. Beth looked at her new haircut and felt the buzzed back. She looked at me and Cat and said,”Well I guess I won’t need to worry about braiding my hair for awhile.” Cat replied,”Beth, I think you look georgous and Josh did a great job.” I removed the cape and shook it. Beth got up and gave me a hug. Beth said,”A couple hours ago I didn’t know what I was going to do. Thank you Josh.” I replied,”I’m just glad everything turned out OK.”

I walked over to Cat and took her hand in mine. I pulled her up and said,”I told you that you were next.”

[e}To be continued.

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