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Caroline, a beautiful young woman with very fine facial features had been coming to the salon for years. Her natural blonde hair was all that time short, changing between very short and in-between short and medium. That was until two years ago, when she wanted to have long hair and her blonde hair started to grow beyond short. Against my diplomatic professional advice – her face disappeared behind the long locks, her pretty small nose and mouth seemed even smaller. To make matters worse, her hair was pretty fine and would lay limp on her head after a day or even a few hours when it was warm. So from being a pretty lady, she became one of the many. As it was her choice, there was nothing I could do. Besides, from a regular salon visit every 4 weeks, the visits became once in every 4 months, even less later on when it reached full length at her shoulders and a blunt cut. I imagined it would be her final visit last time, but couldn’t really say. Caroline was always a more closed type of woman. She never showed the back of her tongue, was not very talkative and if you wanted to know something more, you would have to drag it out of her. If she wanted to tell you anyway.

So I was very surprised to get her phone call, just one month after her last appointment. Very hesitatingly, she started “Well Kurt, you know, you asked me several times what you could do to let me enjoy my haircut more .”

“Of course Caroline, that’s an offer I make to all my clients and it’s still valid, if that was what you wanted to know.”

“Mmm good, I’d like to talk about my idea .”

Sensing she had a difficult time to start and a client waiting to get her hair done I proposed “Why don’t you drop by around 5 before I close the salon. I have no appointments afterwards and we can talk about it then.”

“Can I have your email address, I’ve written it down and that way you can read it and reply if you think it would be OK .”

Caroline sure was shy and as I was to find out, silent waters do run deep. I gave her my email address and read her idea a bit after 5. It was more than an idea, it was a complete script to follow. At the end she wrote if I would do this for her. Instead of emailing her, I called her. She took the telephone quite quickly, had she been hoping for me to call? She sounded relieved and happy and I wasted no time to come to the point. “I have no problems with your script Caroline, except for the name calling. I think that’s a bit over the top, the rest is OK with me – if that’s what you love.”

“No problem Kurt, I’d thought you’d object to the .”

“That’s OK, it will require some acting from me, but why not? I’ve never done a haircut this way and am willing to try everything at least once.”

After I gave her my measurements, we made an appointment at her place on a Friday evening.

When I arrived at her place, Caroline opened the door with her bathrobe on. Her hair was hanging limp around her face again, a sad sight. During a drink we went over the details of her scenario and code words again. Afterwards she took me to a bedroom upstairs where I could change. She had spread out my outfit very carefully on the bed and although I agreed to use the attributes, it was a bit of a scary sight seeing them lie on the bed. Completely outfitted for the job, I went down again. At that time Caroline dropped the bathrobe and started to teach me how the riding-crop was best used. Not with long heavy hauls, but with a short movement, the tip just touching the skin, leaving a red mark. After Caroline was satisfied I got the hang of it – and her behind was already warmed up – we went to the basement. When we arrived there, Caroline changed the way she behaved and became completely submissive and our play began. With some encouragement from the stick, she quickly put on her latex suit. It completely covered her body except her back, bottoms and breasts. I asked her – interrogated may be a better description – why she had grown her hair long. She replied it was the wish of her new master to introduce her to hair pulling and she broke with him recently. As agreed, every answer she gave needed to be ‘corrected’. In this case I had to make up it took her too long to break with a master that demanded long hair. Then we went on and she said there was no warm-water tap, only a cold one to wash her hair. There was no washbasin, just a sink, no chair and so on. So after ‘corrections’, Caroline kneeled before the sink, I bent her head and for the first time in my life, I put a woman’s head under the cold-water tap to wet her hair, while she had to hold the riding-crop. No protests from Caroline, she took her own self-prescribed treatment silently. After her hair was completely wet I applied the shampoo. Standing beside her, I massaged her head firmly. Then the first rinse and the second massaging shampoo followed. Caroline knew how to end the massage – by enjoying it and let me hear it. That was my cue to rinse and dry my hands and use the riding-crop while her shampooed hair hung around her face. After the second rinse, no conditioner could be used. She stood up as directed with her wet hair dripping on her latex suit, hanging all over her face. Since there was no chair to sit on it was ‘On your knees girl!’ again. I took the provided rope and tied her hands and elbows together at the back. The combing out of the unconditioned hair was not easy and no fun, eh great fun for Caroline. Caroline had put a piece of cotton strand to soak in water, which I took out of the small white bowl. I tied her hair together at the ends and pulled the string very tight, the water seeped out of it. Then I took the nearby placed weights and hung them with their hooks on the cord. The weights didn’t seem that heavy, but lifting a lock of hair would concentrate that weight on just that one lock. Thus Caroline made sure that even during the cut, when I couldn’t use my hands to discipline her, pain was still there by my every action. Standing behind her, I took my comb and scissors and began lifting the first lock at her forehead. It proved much harder than I imagined to lift the lock with the weights attached to the ends, but I prevailed. The lock went up, my fingers enclosed it and the scissors cut it off at just two fingers length. Then the second lock followed and pretty quickly there was a small path of short hair running from her forehead to her crown. The cutting continued from the forehead to the crown in small paths of 6 cm (2 1/3 inch). Each time I lopped off a lock, the weights fell and pulled at the remaining long hair. So after the top was cropped, I removed a weight, made her hold hands away from her behind and added some redness to her bottom for making me work this hard. After another “Thank you for correcting me”, I was ready to start at the right side. The length of hair I left was reduced from the two fingers at the top to one finger at the hairline. Although the weight must have really pulled at her hair near the end of a side, she never budged. Since hurting someone wasn’t my thing, I sped up the pace when the final locks of a side were to be cut off so I could remove the part of the weight. Having cut all her long hair on top and at the right side, I moved over to the left side. As she had asked, and I agreed upon, she needed some spanking yet again. The excuse was that Caroline didn’t hold her head still enough. So she promised to do better and I started on the left side. Lock upon lock was lifted – the weights were tiring me more than usual – and cut off at a maximum length of two fingers. That side done too, the usual spanking preceded the cut at the back. The third weight removed, I bent her head, making her chin touch her breast. She had to be ashamed having had her hair long and started to cut it. The last locks at her neck I cut short without lifting the weight. Just neatly with the scissors on the neck. She loved the feeling of the cold steel in her neck as I could clearly see her getting goose bumps, which she apparently enjoyed. With the last lock, the weight fell down on her legs, then on th
e ground. I took the long tail from the ground, placed it before her on the ground and without a surprise, she got spanked again while she could see the reason in front of her.

The regular interruptions, or corrections as Caroline called them, left her hair dry, so with a water bottle I sprayed her short hair wet again. After sectioning her hair in 4 (middle parting over crown to nape and from side to side at crown), I took her already short hair and with a firm grip, trimmed it even shorter. Caroline had given me carte blanche for the final result and since I knew she looked better with very short hair, that was exactly what she was going to get. With a firm hand I trimmed her hair on top to just a bit longer than one finger. She was going to look as great as Mia Farrow in ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ in the sixties/seventies. With not much length left to cut, it was rather quickly done on top. The side I adjusted to the ideal length with the scissors on comb technique. I just kept on combing her hair up an kept on trimming until it went from one finger on top to millimetres (parts of an inch) at the hairline. She looked stunning and drying her hair was completely unnecessary. I just took some wax, warmed it in my palms and applied it on her hair. With a brush, I put the last finishing touch at her hairstyle and was pleased at the result.

After I let her stand up, I freed her hands and she went with her hands through her hair. She took the handheld mirror she had left nearby and looked at her ‘new you’. Her radiating smile said enough and she thanked me with a kiss on my cheek. I put my scissors and such back in my bag, we went up and had a drink. She paid me generously and reassured me it was just what she needed and asked if I would do it again. Having agreed, I got some pointers for the next appointment and she would send me a script in the week before the next appointment. The basis was always the same: she needed to be punished because something wasn’t in order. After the addition of a chair, there was a need for a warm water tap and more and more salon stuff. She added them to her basement, turning it into a salon, albeit it with a twist. A twist she wouldn’t make anymore with her hair, which was kept neatly short.

Looking back on it now, I like to think I truly liberated Caroline. Not only from an awful hairdo, but also from her need for a master. Until this date, Caroline keeps her hair short willingly. That’s not something most masters like, she confied in me. Yet to call me her master would be a bit over the top, I only fulfill her wishes, making her in fact the person in charge. Like all my clients are.

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