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From 1985 through 1995, Linda and Kiku grew their hair out again to their ankles and kept it there. Both were as usual very beautiful to behold with long flowing hair cascading down their backs, down to the thigh and down to their ankles. Kiku and Linda loved to flaunt their hair by wearing it down, as we would walk around at the mall together, or go out dining and dancing on the town for a night. Linda had always had epilepsy. When we were married she had mild seizures like blinking or kind of nodding off for a second. These were known as petite As each of the children were born, Linda’s epilepsy seemed to worsen. At first she took dilantin for controlling the epilepsy. Next it was Phenobarbital. Then it was both. The seizures got worse as time went on and Linda was now 47 and was diagnosed as having sever grand mall seizures. New tests were run on Linda. The standard EEG test. This test looks at the electronic part of the brain. Linda came off medications for 5 days and was monitored while having seizures, as the EEG was a continual monitoring. Then she had a MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), This was for verification of results already found from the EEG and helped to pinpoint the exact part of the brain causing a problem.

Linda was told by her doctor that she had good news and bad news. The good news was that surgery would have to be done. Linda was a prime candidate for surgery. Linda’s seizures were at a point that the medication was of no effect anymore. Surgery was no longer an option for the control of her seizures. It was recommended that a procedure called Amygdalo Hippocampectomy be done on Linda. This means that a removal of two structures in the temporal lobe where activity was seen and should not have been, were to be removed. Also a Sub-pial Resection was recommended for control of future seizures. Here a surgeon does fine little cuts into the motor area of the brain that do not affect function of the motor skills. Now the doctor said that is the good news. Linda asked what was the Bad news. The doctor said “To properly do this surgery Linda, you will have to shave your head, I know what your long hair means to you, but this procedure cannot be done with just a simple hole it will take three or four holes about 2 mm each into the skull but I will need at least an area of a silver dollar in size, shaved around each hole to properly do the surgery. The first hole would be at the front of the head, then there would be two in the middle one on each side of the head and finally one towards the back or crown.” Linda looked at me and asked the doctor would this stop all seizures forever and the answer was yes. Linda asked when the surgery could be done. The Doctor looked at his schedule and confirmed a date of two weeks away. Linda said OK and we went home.

Linda did not say a word all the way home. When we did get home we made dinner and sat at the table, then we talked. I said I was happy that she was getting the surgery done to stop the seizures and for her to have peace of mind. Linda agreed and said; “I know, it will be for the better, but; I do not like the idea of having to shave my head.” I asked; “What is wrong, it is not like you have never before cut all the long glorious hair you had off?” Linda looked at me and smiled; then said; ” You got the camera loaded?” I looked at her and we both laughed. Then Linda got up, came over to my chair, stood behind me, and then threw her hair over my head. Oh what a sensual feeling as I sat in the chair and touched all that long flowing hair all over my body, then I got to thinking about how it would soon be, Linda with no hair to flaunt me with, all this glorious hair cut off, all shaved off to a bald head. Linda giggled and ran away upstairs to the master bedroom. I enjoyed being flossed by Linda and she knew it and always teased me with her flaunting. I got up from the table and said; “You have had it now lady.” Linda replied; “Good..” When I arrived at the Master Bed room, Linda was laying on the bed, stark naked, with her ankle length hair, stretched from one side of the bed to the other side. She was laying in waiting for me and said: “Come to me now baby, hold me, caress my long hair and body, make love to me you stud.” It did not take long for me to comply as we soon were doing horizontal folk dancing across the bed.

The next day came and we made plans for what to do this time for a haircut. Linda said “Should I just go for it all at once. I mean like from long to short, with a clipper buzz cut, no attachments, clippers running right down the middle of my head?” I looked at Linda and got really excited, she picked up on it and we again had to do our folk dance lessons for the time being. As we lay in bed savoring the moment past, Linda said; “Or should I get it cut a section at a time. Like from ankle length to say knee and then from knee to waist? Linda then threw her hair across my naked body and slowly pulled it back again to her, giving me that come on look. Then she continued and said ;” Then I can cut it to bra length, then to shoulder length, then to a china doll cut, with each cut described Linda would take a section of hair and make like she was cutting it off at that length. Linda then continued, then to an inverted bob cut, then to a pixie cut, then to a flat top, finally, maybe a crew cut at ½ in then 3/8 in, you know that cut they called a seal cut, really fur like a new born baby seal is, then a ¼ in cut, then a no attachment cut, then have it all lathered up and razored off to a bald cut.? I could not contain myself and Linda knew it. As she discussed each cut, each stage she would go through, how it would look that short. She watched for me to get aroused and she did it like only she knew how. Needless to say, we spent the rest of the day in bed, doing what normal animal instincts arouse us to do.

That next morning Linda said to me as we laid in the bed “Should I get those cuts all at once?” Linda paused and looked at me then continued “Or do you think I should spread them out each cut for a different day of the week. I mean there would be day one the cut to knee then to the waist as she held up her left thumb and went through each cut with the index finger, then the middle finger and on to the right hand and ended up with the left hand and the middle finger. I said; “Linda, that is 13 days you are describing till we have cut off all of this long hair, as I lifted the mass of hair up and held it upward as far as I could while laying down in a bed. ” Linda looked at me and said; “Well lets get started we only have 11 days left.” Linda took me by the hand downstairs where she had set up the movie cameras and a chair. I looked at Linda and she said; ” I want you to cut it in sections. Now get the scissors and all that stuff we need to cut it to knee length, waist length and bra length today. Oh and in between each cut we will rest and make love again.” I gathered up the cape we had for trims and a pair of scissors I used for trimming Linda’s hair every 3 months. We set up the cameras on tripods and I had Linda standing in the chair. We adjusted the cameras to capture the length of Linda’s hair and then I took the scissors and held the hair all in one bundle of hair as Linda watched me put the scissors at knee length. I started to cut into this massive 5″ band of hair I was holding. Schinnk, Schinnk, Schinnk, half way through the bundle of hair and I was about as excited as I had ever been. I had never thought that I would cut off Linda’s hair, till this morning when she grabbed me by the hand and took me downstairs. said “I want you to cut it off in sections.” I knew then that this day was going to be another first, yes we were going to have fun. Schink Schinnk Schinnk and we were done. I had just cut Linda’s hair to knee length. What a rush. Usually I had just trimmed her hair and watched it grow out, now I had just cut a section from ankle length to knee length. I had to get the tape out and measure the hair it was 18 in. I laid the spire of hair on the kitchen table and we went back to bed as
we had promised each other we would do. Linda said: “I have always wanted you to cut off my hair and knew you wanted to do it but we both liked it long. So now you are going to get the hair cutting experience of your life for the next 10 days.” I held my Linda tight and made mad passionate love to her again and again all night long.

We got up and went out to get something to eat for brunch. One cannot make love on an empty stomach all day. We arrived back at the house and Linda said; “Time for stage two, knee to waist length.” I got ready and Linda was in the chair we started the cameras and I said; “Are you ready for stage two.” Linda nodded yes and I gave her a big kiss then pulled her up to stand in the chair. Linda said: “Let’s skip two steps and cut it to shoulder length.” I looked at Linda kind of puzzled like and Linda said; “This way we can stay in bed longer.” I nodded grinning ear to ear and Linda sat back into the chair. I caped her up and braided her hair this time. I had always wanted to cut a braid of hair off and now I was going to. Just the thought of cutting a braid made me aroused. I picked up the scissors and said; “Here we go to shoulder length right.” Linda looked up at me and said; “Cut it off honey and enjoy it as I knew you will.” I grabbed the braid and Schinnk, Schinnk, Schinnk went the scissors cutting their way through the braid right at shoulder length the severed hair fell and the braid stayed attached in a band. I cut three more cuts and the braid was severed from Linda’s head as the other hair fell directly around then onto Linda’s shoulders. ” I gasped for air as I was so excited standing there holding the severed braid. Linda got up from the chair, grabbed me and the braid and said; “It’s that time again lover.” I put the braid on the table and measured it at 36in .I said to Linda; “Today I have cut your hair a total of 54 in., that’s 4 ½ ft of hair, or about 5 years of growth? ” Linda hugged me and said; “I know that, it’s just hair, I will grow it back after the surgery.” Linda reached down and pulled my hand to hers leading me back up stairs to the Master bedroom saying: “Lets savor the moment, I loved you cutting off my hair, it means so much when you do it, an act of true love you have for me. Don’t ever stop loving me, tomorrow you have to go to work and I will be thinking about how to cut it for the next couple of days.”

I worked and came home exhausted. Linda said; “Lets sleep and make mad passionate love, then we can talk about how you will cut my hair next.” About 4 hours went by and Linda said; “I think I want you to cut it into a china doll cut, you know, even at back of nape like it is blocked, then right along the jaw line kind of an angle with the jaw. You are still tired tonight, we will rest and in two days I want you to do this china doll cut. A week had gone by. Tonight we got done with dinner and it was a weekend. Linda said; “I think it is time for that china doll cut honey.” “I got everything ready while Linda loaded the dishwasher. I sat Linda down in the chair and caped her up. The hair was right at shoulder length and I plugged up the clippers and turned them on. Linda jumped at the sound and I was elated beyond belief. I took the clippers at the nape of the neck and turned them over so the blade was facing upward and right at the middle spine area I put the blades to work cutting through the shoulder length hair and severing about 6″ of hair, right at nape length. I looked at the gapping 2in hole I had left and moved over to the right side and did the area from the ear to the nape, wow all that hair falling down to the floor. Next I looked at the jaw line and the ear and cut that section out, then came the jaw line itself and staying right on the jaw line. It was a rush like no other. There sat my love calm as could be with one half of her hair cut to jaw length and the other half still at shoulder length. I sat admiring my work and Linda said; Well, are you going to admire it all day or are you going to finish it?” I finished up the cut, uncapped Linda, when the door bell rang. I answered the door as Linda swept up her hair. Kiku and Jerry had just returned from vacationing in the Bahamas. They came in and Linda came out to see them. Kiku yelled; “Leenda whot hav you dune to your har.” We all sat down in the living room and told Jerry and Kiku about why Linda was cutting her hair this time. Kiku said: “I am so sorry my friend, but when it over, you have no more problem.” Jerry and I watched television while Linda and Kiku went into the kitchen too talk. We had a nice night and when Kiku and Jerry left, Linda said to me; “I think I want you to shave it all off just before the day we go to the hospital that night, no attachments, right down the middle.” I grinned and said alright.++++++

The next day Kiku phoned me at work and said she was thinking about getting Linda’s old braid and making it into a wig. I said that takes weeks Kiku. Kiku replied that she had a friend who is a wig maker with lots of helpers who could do it in 3 days. The plan was to surprise Linda with a wig after I shaved her head. That night Jerry and Kiku came over for dinner. I went upstairs and got Kiku the braid while Linda was cooking our dinners and Jerry was talking Linda about how she was going too feel having to shave her head in about a week. The week went by fast and Jerry and Kiku came over for dinner and wanted to film the event for Linda or so Linda was told. We all sat down and had an oriental dinner that Kiku had made and then we had a glass of wine and we got ready to do the buzz cut. Jerry and Kiku got he cameras ready to film the event and I got Linda ready to have her head shaved. I seated her, then caped her up, then asked her; “Are you ready to do this Linda?” Linda replied yes and Jerry and Kiku had the cameras focused as I brought the clippers to life . Linda watched as the clippers were brought to the top of her forehead and then in a quick motion I ran them straight down the middle of her head, hair was flying everywhere as I stopped at the crown of Linda’s head. Hair was all over the cape and floor and a 2″ swath of white was showing down the middle of Linda’s head now. Linda had a mirror an looked at the results and said;” Ain’t no turning back now honey, finish it up.” I ran the clippers down the right side then the left side of Linda’s head and the hair just mounded up on the floor and in Linda’s lap. I went to the left side and started at the front and up to the temple and over the ear and then I went to the nape of Linda’s neck as I ran the clippers up the left side to the crown Linda moaned and said that feels so good. I did the middle of the neck and then worked around to the right side and finished up. I yelled; ” The haircut is all done honey, now for the shave.” I brought up the can of Barbers Lather and shook it up then dispensed the lather onto my hand and rubbed it onto Linda freshly cut hair. Talk about an odd feeling as I rubbed her head full of stubble where two weeks ago long beautiful ankle length hair was. I took a Bic Razor and looked at Linda and said; “Here we got to a babies but of softness and started to shave off all the stubbed hair that was left on Linda’s head. Linda felt sensual about being shaved and when we got done Kiku went to the car and got Linda’s wig. Lind cried as she put her wig on over her bald head. The hair was trimmed right at ankle length and Jerry and Kiku said: “Now no one will know Linda except us four.” Linda paraded her hair around and tossed and twirled like a new born, with a new freedom that now had overcome her. Jerry said: “This is not the end of all of this Linda.” Jerry reached out and handed the cameras to me. Then Kiku said; ” Linda you are my very very best of friend. Me and Jerry talked last week after I got your hair for wig. Then we thought about it. I talked about your haircut, you going to be bald, but you have the wig. Then I ask Jerry you mind I cut my hair all off, I use my old hair also too make wig, it would make Linda happy, not to be alone.” Jerry say; ” Yes Kiku if that is what y
ou want to do? I think that Tom and Linda would be very pleased about you willing to shave your head as a true friend. I also think I should have as much fun, if not more fun then Tom will have, so now, you get to film me getting buzz cut Linda, OK?” Linda stood crying as Jerry caped up Kiku. Kiku was all smiles as Linda sectioned her hair into six sections to be cut and laid out on the living room coffee table. Linda went and got a red ribbon and cut it into six ribbons, to tie the severed hair into after it was cut and laid out on the table. Jerry started the clippers roaring. And I started the cameras rolling as Linda held out a section of Kiku’s hair. Jerry ran the clippers with no attachment right up Kiku’s left temple and stopped at the middle of Kiku’s head. A brown swath of stubble was all that was left. Jerry was getting into cutting each section of hair that Linda held out and then laid out on the coffee table. I was aroused at filming the event of all that long ankle length hair coming off all at once and a brown swath appearing. Kiku watched as each cut was made and almost cried, then looked at Linda and said; “My best friend, I soon be bald like you Linda.” 12 passes and a clean bald brown head appeared. Jerry got out the lather and did as I had done to Linda, then Jerry shaved Kiku’s head smooth as a babies butt. Then Kiku went out to the car and got her wig and put it on. Linda and Kiku laughed, as they had me film them put on the long haired wigs and then take them off. What a session to film, Long hair to the ankles and then poof they pulled up on the hair and off it all came showing a bald head. You have too see the film to know what I am talking about. Jerry and me just looked at each other and said; “Ain’t these ladies great, god what a night we have had tonight. We popped a bottle of champagne and all had a couple of drinks, and talked about the haircuts. I toasted Kiku for her velour, Jerry for his being supportive and willing to let Kiku cut her hair, let alone shave her head, too Linda for her demise, and too about 2 hours of filming and playing around. Jerry and Kiku left for the night all smiles and kissing all the way to the car. We waved good by and I need not tell you after Jerry and Kiku left where they went, because you know where Linda and me went.

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