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I was working as an undercover agent and was planted into the Beauty Salon because I knew how to style hair. I cleaned up a Beauty Shop during my junior year in High School and was taught by the owner how to style as well as how to cut hair in my senior year Jennifer taught me because she liked my ease to be taught. I got off on cutting long hair to short makeovers. I worked weekends and part time during the week while going to college 1964-69. I later became a licensed beautician in 1970. I joined Law Enforcement. During the 70’s and up to 82 I cut hair for Jennifer at her salon as a part time job what we called moonlighting. Jennifer also knew that the young ladies wanting to cut their hair short, would shed their locks for a guy telling them too do so, rather then being told by another woman that they should cut all that long hair off. During these years I met hundreds of young woman who came into have a make over. These are there stories and why they did cut their long silky locks short.

Alice was a tall 5′ 10″ girl who had light brown hair that fell to her thighs. When I met Alice she was 10 and was growing her hair out from a pixie cut in 1967. Alice now had grown her hair for 6 years. I had trimmed the ends and kept it even for her all these years. Alice had a fascination, she wanted to grow her hair to her knees. In a couple of months 5-6, she could realize that dream. Alice came to the Salon on a Friday Afternoon which was unusual because she usually came on Saturdays. Alice looked for me and found me then said; ” I need to talk to you.”. I said; ” Ok.” Alice said: “I have always wanted to grow my hair to my knees.” I nodded and replied; “I know.” Alice then said; “I know you are helping me reach this goal.” I again nodded. Alice continued saying;” I am playing basketball for the catholic school.” I said ;”That’s good Alice, I am proud of you.” Alice said; “I have a problem, my long hair keeps falling down and becoming unpinned usually about the time I am doing really good and making a good play. This has happened twice so far and I have to stop do my hair up and get back into the game. Well my coach has told me I have to cut off my hair if I want to play basketball for her.” So what do I do?”

I told Alice to have a seat look at some books and wait till I got done with another long haired girl who was growing her hair out and it was now mid back. I got done and about the time I went to get Alice, a very attractive and statuesque lady walked into the salon. She was about 6′ tall and had this enormous bun of golden blonde hair piled up on top of her head. This gorgeous woman had another young lady who was following in her foot steps and who was about three steps behind her. The lady spoke up and asked; “Is there an OC here.” I thought for a moment, looked at the lady and said; “Yes, Mam I am OC.” The lady looked at me and said; “Good, I am the basketball coach for the catholic school and I see you already have Alice here as I instructed her to be. This lady is Pam and she also must get a haircut, or not play ball.” I asked: “Have you a style in mind for these ladies? ” “Yes, as short as you can cut it without becoming a boy look.” I said; “How about a short pixie cut for both, about 1″ in length?” She said “That sounds good OC, I know they will be able to play better basketball with out all of their long hair falling down.” I looked at Pam then at Alice and said: `Well who is going first?” Pam got into the chair and I caped her up. Pam had her hair bunned up on her head. It was black raven colored hair. I undid about 6 hair pins and down came Pam’s hair falling to the shoulders, tumbling past the back of the chair and laying at rest about waist length. I asked Pam if she wanted to save the hair and she said “NO, just cut it as the coach wants.” I grabbed the clippers and put a number two attachment on. I then raised the clippers too Pam’s head and she started to cry, she looked at me and I said; “Want to play ball?” Pam Nodded a yes and I ran the clippers right down the middle, no looking back now. Pam sobbed with each passing cut as she saw her locks reduced to a 1″ furrow of hair. The coach told her; “Oh Pam stop it, it is only hair for God’s sake you will be a starter and not have a worry about that long hair anymore, so stop whimpering Pam.” Pam looked at her coach and stopped crying out load but deep down inside each pas was met with a chocking sob.” I got done as fast as I could in 65 seconds Pam was done and Alice said; “Damn Pam we are going to be the best looking players on the court, you look fabulous.”

I brushed Pam off and said with cape open; “Well Alice, are you ready? “Alice jumped into the chair and said; “Let’s do it OC, CUT ALL SHORT LIKE PAM HAS HER’S.” I looked at Alice and caped her up, all those years we spent together, we were going to grow her hair to knee length. All the moments we had talked and planned and now this. I lifted Alice’s hair as I had done so many times before but this time it was the last time I would see it long, I flicked on the clippers and Alice watched as I went straight down the middle, hair was flying all over. Alice started to cry and looked at the path that was two inches wide down her head and said; “Wow OC this is cool, get it done before I start crying about my hair.” I nodded and rushed over Alice’s head with lightening speed, I was sickened by having to cut her hair my dream girl, my showcase with knee length hair shattered dreams. I was done mowing through all her hair from long to short another makeover. The hair surrounded me, all around me, on the cape, the floor, there were mounds of brown and black hair, all over the shop.

The coach got up and said; “Well you do have a talent OC, these ladies will play much better now without all that hair and may lead others to cut theirs.” I looked at the coach and said: “They did as you said for them too do. But I think you should be a role model and lead by example, I think you should get into that chair and get your hair cut and then maybe others would follow your example. You know, do as I do, NOT AS I SAY OR TELL YOU TO DO.” The coach looked at me, THEN Alice and Pam said; “Yeah coach, how about it, why do you have long hair and we have to cut ours.” I said; “You know the law of equity says that what is good for one is good for all, equality is about being equal.” The coach turned bright red and looked at us all then went over and sat in the chair and said; “You do not think I have the guts to do this do you.” I nodded and said “Well.” The Coach said; “You know you are right, you carry a very good point, I just never looked at it that way. So OC let us say the coach accepts your challenge offer,” I caped the coach up and then unpinned the 5 hair pins holing up the long blonde hair. The long bun of hair uncoiled itself like a snake after an attack, it fell down to her shoulders, then bounced outward and started to tumble down the back and finally it cascaded down beyond the chair too about 6 in from the floor. I said; ” My God Coach, how long is your hair.” She said; “If I was standing, it would fall to my ankles, or just about 71″ of blonde curly hair is what you are about to cut off.” I looked at all that hair, then picked it up and held it about shoulder length, glorious super long blonde hair, like velvet to the touch, about 3 lbs of a thick almost 5 inches being held in my hand. The coach eyed me in the mirror; her eyes grew wider as I played with her hair. She was partly full of fear and yet, an unfelt, so-called sixth sense, one of excitement on her behalf was felt by myself. Alice and Pam stared at the coaches long hair and said; “Damned coach, you really going to cut all your hair off?” The coach looked at the mirror, she studied herself, then looked at me and then looked at all of us and said; “OC, I think it is time for you to do your thing, cut it all off just like Alice and Pam had theirs cut, Ok.” I asked; “When was the last time you cut your hair coach.” The coach said; “Oh I think it was about 7 years ago. I was playing semi pro ball and was accept
ed to play pro ball, when I broke my ankle in practice. That washed up my career, the ankle never did heal correctly too play top-notch ball, so I retired and started coaching. I eventually grew a short pixie cut I wore when playing ball out to this.” I said; “Well are we ready to reduce this hair to a short pixie cut?” The coach nodded and I said; “You want to save the hair coach?” The coach looked at me and said “No.” I started up the clippers, the coach jumped and looked at the clippers with their attachment. ” Shall we go for it all coach, right down the middle.”? She winked and said; “Right down the middle if you would OC.” I brought the clippers to the coach’s forehead, she was looking at herself and what was about to happen she knew from watching her two players getting their haircuts. The coaches’ eyes were now full of fear as I ran the clippers right down the middle of her head from the front to the back crown. All that was left was a path 2″wide of shorn hair. Now blonde hair was piling up on top of the brown and black hair covering the floor AND THE CAPE. The coach screamed; OH MY GOD, WHAT HAVE I DONE NOW?” I brought the clipper up roaring to make another pass and the coach just sat there looking at the blades whirling Bruzzzzzzzz as I attacked another 2 in swath. The coach was now on the edge of her seat, beside herself as she watched her hair being reduced from long to short. I went over the ears with the buuuzzzzing blades and reduced the ears, then the nape of the neck. The coach melted like butter to a hot knife as the blades went up her neck. A warm feeling overcame the fears and the coach moaned; “OC, oh how good that feels, oh, oh, oh.” I finished up on the right side. The coach was looking at all her hair around her and I uncapped her. Hair fell from the chair and cape onto the floor. The coach stood up, brushed her hand through her new short style and said; “Well that was an experience OC that we will have too try again soon I think.” In the 3 days all 13 of the other girls on the team, had their long locks cut into a pixie cut. Each was given a seat and clipped as Alice and Pam brought them into the salon to be done. About two months went by and into the shop walked the coach. “OC, I thought I should tell you all the ladies just won state. All due to you OC, and your haircutting abilities, not one lady had to contend with long hair falling down into their face during the game, they played excellent. I said; “Coach, you led by example, you stood up and had your long locks shorn to set the example.” The coach looked at me and said: “I must tell you OC, that night I had my hair cut, I had watched Alice and Pam getting their hair cut and was so aroused by the event, I did not need a pep talk, I was already to jump into the chair, just you made it easier.” I looked at the coach and said: “I’ll be damned if I play poker with you, all this time I thought I had done something.” The coach looked at me and said you did do something, from now on ever lady-playing basketball will have her haircut first into a pixie or she will not play for me. I looked at the coach and said; “All future cuts for you coach are on me.” The coach looked at me and said; “Well is now too early, as she jumped into the chair and was caped up again.” I said; “the same 1″ pixie clipper cut coach?” The coach looked at me in the mirror and said; “Would there be any other cut?” I said; “Oh by the way coach, do you have a real name other then coach?” She giggled and said; “Yes OC my name is Rebecca.” I said; “Well the hair cuts name will be know by your players as the Rebecca cut. This way when they come in I can ask what they want and they can say a Rebecca cut and I will know what is going on.” ” Rebecca said; “Thank you OC, that will make it easier for us all and now I would like to have a Rebecca cut if you do not mind. Oh yes OC before I forget will run those clippers up the neck real slow each time I get my hair cut in the future. ” I nodded and said; “My Rebecca’s wish is so done.”

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