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I’m thirty two, married and until recently enjoyed a normal, if rather dull sex life. Women’s hairstyles were never more than a passing interest to me. Joan’s hair had been long since I met her, and I liked it that way. My attention to women with real short hair must have grown gradually. (pardon the pun) I don’t remember the first time I noticed it. The intensity of my interest has picked up in the last year. Girls with real short haircuts give me an instant erection. I find I stare almost rudely at times. I find myself fantasizing about them a lot. These fantasies never include Joan, because her hair is very long and thick. The situation was brought to a head by my secretary, who showed up at work with her long wavy blonde hair all chopped off, to a length of less then a half inch all over her head except for her bangs, which were still long. She said that she had tried to give herself a perm and that her hair turned out all frizzy, so she chopped it off with her husbands beard trimmers. By chance my wife came to work and wanted to go for lunch. She saw how I was looking at my secretary, so I felt I had to tell her of my new found interest. She pointed out that it was her long hair that attracted me to her. I said yes, but I guess times change. We had lunch and nothing else was said on the topic for a couple of days. On Thursday I arrived home and my wife met me at the door, she was wearing a skimpy gown, and their was a drink in one hand and a brown bag in the other. She seduced me at the door, by removing my pants and leading me into the bedroom. She passed me a drink and with that she sat at the dressing table. she told me to play with myself as she got ready. I started to rub myself, and she put on dark red lipstick, my favorite. She then reached into this bag and removed a pair of hair clippers, she said she thought about it all day and wanted to go that secretary of mine one better. I had a hard on as she passed the clippers to me. She said turn them on and do what ever you want. She said I always can wear that wig I used on New Year’s Eve if you wish. She lowered her head and took me into her mouth. I looked down at her hair and saw that she really wanted me to go for it. I turned the clippers on and brought them into the crown of her head. As she sucked my cock, I plowed the clippers into her long hair, I know I came, but I don’t remember how many times that day. All I know is that the end result was we made love for hours that day, and all my wife could do, was say, how come you never told of this fetish before. She has been bald for two months now. She wants to let a bit of hair grow for the winter months, but said along with spring cleaning, comes the spring hair cut….I can hardly wait.

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