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Jennifer’s Revenge
By Anonymous
Category: Revenge Haircuts

Steve and Jennifer had been dating for a long time. Three years to be exact. Steve was an ultimate stud. He was 6 ft 2 215 lbs. He had long thick dark wavy hair well past his shoulders. Steve was also very well equipped. His hair was sort of a gift. Sort of like Sampson. Jennifer was about 5 ft 6 130 lbs. She had long straight blond hair just above her ass. She was a Barbie clone.

Well one day, Jennifer needed to go to the hair salon to get a little trim. She was going to have only one inch trimmed. The lady doing her received her request. Unknowingly to Jennifer though, the lady thought she had said to leave one inch of hair. She asked Jennifer, “Are you sure you want to do this ? ”

Jennifer replied, “Yes it’s cool !”. The stylist proceeded to pull Jennifer’s long hair into a ponytail. The stylist replied, “This is a lot of hair to put up in a ponytail !” Jennifer was a bit confused. She did not understand why the stylist would wrap her long hair into a ponytail to just cut an inch. The stylist proceeded to cut her hair at the base of the ponytail. Jennifer screamed in horror, ” Oh my god ! I just wanted an inch cut off”. The stylist replied, ” I thought that you said you wanted to leave just an inch !”. But it was too late. Her hair had been chopped off. Jennifer cried. The stylist said “Don’t worry I won’t charge you for this. I am very sorry about your hair.”

Jennifer was just heartbroken over her hair. She had long hair all of her life. Even more so, she was concerned about what Steve would think. Later that day, Steve got home. He was shocked to see the sudden change. Steve replied, “Jennifer, what did you do to your hair !” Jennifer explained to Steve that the hairstylist accidentally cut it too short. Steve hated her new hairstyle. He did not tell Jennifer. Steve told Jennifer that it’s okay, I still love you!

Kim, Jennifer’s best friend, arrived at their place. She was unaware of what had happen. Kim wanted to go to see Jennifer to show off her new spiral perm. Her hair was beautiful. It was red with blond highlights and fell almost to her waist. ” Hi Jennifer! Oh my goodness, what happened to your hair ?” Jennifer explained to her what happened. ” I was just coming over to show you my new spiral perm! It cost me almost $ 175.00.” Steve was turned on by Kim’s new hairstyle. Steve always had a thing for Kim. When Jennifer left the room, Steve talked with Kim. ” Man, that’s some great looking hair, I just hate what happened to Jennifer. Would you like to hook up this evening? We could have lots of fun, Jennifer doesn’t have to know”. Kim told Steve, “Sure that sounds great.

We can meet at the Motel 6 around 9 pm.” Jennifer overheard the entire conversation. She did not mean to evesdrop, but they were talking so loud. Later that evening, Steve and Kim met. They have great sex and then fall asleep. Jennifer told her 3 brothers what had happened. They were sorry to hear about Jennifer’s hair and could not believe Steve could do such a thing. They all agreed to go to the Motel 6 early in the morning when Steve and Kim were asleep. Jennifer wanted her revenge.

All three of Jennifer’s Brothers were bodybuilders and were huge. One of Jennifer’s brothers just happened to be a locksmith. Jennifer went to the main office to find out what room they were in. They proceeded to the front door of the room. Jennifer’s brother was able to unlock the door. The entered slowly.

Jennifer approached the bed. She had a pitcher of ice water. She threw the ice water on Steve and Kim to wake them up. They turned on the light. Steve and Kim were shocked to see Jennifer and her three brothers. Steve asked “What are you guys doing here ? ” Jennifer replied, ” I was about to ask you the same question. Well you know what this means. You have cheated on me and now you have to pay.”

Steve asked, “What exactly are you going to do ?” Jennifer replied, “Well it looks like you guys could use a little trim !” Jennifer had a large pair of scissors in her hand. In her other hand she had some sort of black case. Steve pleaded not to cut his hair. All of the women loved his hair and he knew what would happen if it was cut. Jennifer’s brothers grabbed Steve and tied him up in a chair. Kim could not do too much but just cry and plead not to cut his hair or her hair.

Jennifer proceeded to pull Steve’s hair back into a ponytail. With one fell sloop, she cut the ponytail. Steve began to feel weak. His strength was taken away. The hair on the top of his head began to fall out until he was bald on top. His washboard stomach turned into a large beer belly. Jennifer held up a mirror. “Do you really think I would date something like this now, You loser!” Steve could only cry.

“Now it’s your turn Kim. Off with that beautiful hair.” Kim pleaded for Jennifer to not cut it. She told her how sorry she was. “It’s a little too late for that Kim.” Her brothers placed Kim in the other chair. Jennifer decided to pin her hair up instead. “I’m going to do this a little different. Jennifer reached into the black case and pulled out some electric shears. She then ran these shears at the base of Kim’s head. She left Kim in a half shaven state and pulled out the mirror. “There you go Kim, I can’t believe that you would actually sleep with him and betray me like that.” Jennifer proceeded to finish buzzing Kim. Kim was left with a crew cut. Her hair was about a half inch long. ” Oh Kim I’m not quite done with you !” Jennifer took some shaving cream and covered Kim’s head. She proceeded to shave Kim very slowly until she was completely bald. Jennifer had some hairstyle experience. She took a towel and wiped off Kim’s head. “There you go ! You two guys were meant for each other!” Jennifer got her revenge.

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