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Aaron Clarkson’s mother had in recent weeks viewed her son about the head with a disapproving eye. Although she had for many years taken care of his hair herself, she knew that this couldn’t go on for any longer. Her son was now fourteen years old and as far as Maxine Clarkson was concerned it was now really time that her son went to a proper barbers for a good traditional haircut. The woman really thought that it would make him look far more rugged and mature. “Yes its time my son got rid of that curly blonde mop and got a good short cut like most of his friends seem to have got done over the past year or so”, she often said to herself. The question was though exactly how should she go about this task without making her son face a forced haircut situation? Surely this would upset him and that was the last thing that Mrs. Clarkson really wanted.

However it didn’t take long before the day arrived when she was finally able to find the answer to her question of getting Aaron’s hair cut exactly how she wanted it to be done! Maxine Clarkson simply asked two of his friends where they got their hair cut. As it turned out they both answered,”Mylanne’s Barbers”!”Mylanne”, Mrs Clarkson answered in surprise! Naturally she was very inquisitive and wanted to find out more. They both told her that the barberette who serviced them was a fairly young Scottish woman and a very attractive one at that who ran a traditional men’s barber’s shop in the town. One of the boys said,” the amazing thing is Mrs. Clarkson she has very long hair herself, but she isn’t shy to shear the hair off her customers. Anyone who gets serviced by her certainly gets a good, short haircut, as once Mylanne gets started she really goes to town with her clippers and comb”!” Well boys you’ve well and truly convinced me”, replied Mrs Clarkson. Then she added, “I wonder if you two lads could do me a favour and maybe we could all sit down together with Aaron and see if we can persuade him to go there eh? However we won’t tell him that it’s a young lady, who’ll be servicing him lets just keep that a surprise”. Naturally the boys agreed with Aaron’s mother that they should keep quiet about this aspect of things. Seeing as Aaron had never been to a proper barber’s shop before they would have had the advantage of his ignorance!

Very soon the day arrived when the four of them were able to sit down together and Mrs. Clarkson brought up the subject of Aaron’s visit to the barbers. The lady was delighted when the magic worked and he was effortlessly sold the idea by the three of them that he should go there. He was given directions by his two friends; the money for his haircut by his mother and off he went on that warm summer’s afternoon!

Very soon Aaron arrived at his destination; he couldn’t mistake the red and white barber’s pole above the shop door. The salon window bore the sign Mylanne’s Barbers and initially the boy paused at the open door. As he looked through the doorway there were no customers at all and as usual whenever she was quiet the little lady was sitting in her salon chair reading a magazine. As he entered Aaron was actually quite surprised regarding her appearance and initially Mylanne wasn’t aware of his presence! He saw that she was small and dainty, she was wearing a blue and white checked nylon smock over her everyday clothes and that she had very long auburn hair tied up in a high pony tail. The ponytail was finished with a red and white, patterned silk hair scarf. Here this may not be so bad thought Aaron, perhaps she may give me a similar cut to what my mother gave me! “Excuse me lady are you okay to cut my hair”, he asked her. Mylanne almost jumped out of her skin and then she turned round and smiled at the teenage boy with the long, blonde, curly mop who had broken her trance!” Sorry my boy ah wis miles away just then of course ah can cut yer heer that’s whit ahm here for isn’t it”, smiled Mylanne?

The little lady got up out of the chair and put her magazine onto the counter. Next instant she unfolded the large white cape, which was draped over the red leather chair.She gave Aaron a warm smile and said, “sit yersel doon please”. Aaron couldn’t help but blush a little for he loved the lady’s smile, her cherubic features and how her long hair had caught his eye too. She may have been more than twice his age, but he couldn’t help feeling an immediate crush for her! God bless her for height wise she only came up to his shoulder. On the contrary though Mylanne thought he was a nice looking young lad, but her smile really meant that she was delighted to have a young customer with lots of lovely thick hair. How she would enjoy herself giving him a good shearing! As Aaron sat down Mylanne covered him with the cape, pushed some tissue down his neck and then fastened the cape up tightly. Now she was ready to begin!

She took her comb out of her smock pocket and began to thoroughly comb his hair and feel the texture of it. Next she asked her usual question,”richt whit am ah daein wi ye then”? As she expected Aaron shyly answered, “just a light trim please and not too short”! She ignored his startled stare as she took her electric clippers off their hook and brushed them down. Next she took the grade 2 attachment comb from her pocket and snapped it onto the end. As Mylanne combed all the back once more there came a buzzing sound as she switched on the clippers. “Richt my lad it’s a real guid cut that yer needing nae just a light trim. Ah nae yer haein a decent, proper heercut from me”! Aaron just stared at the gleaming silver scissors, which were lying on the counter in front of him and he wondered why the lady hadn’t picked them up? He just wasn’t familiar with clippers at all, seeing as they hadn’t ever been used on his hair.” Heid doon please”, said Mylanne as she pushed his head forward quite forcefully. Aaron met the stare of her alluring green eyes in the mirror and knew already that he couldn’t offer any resistance. The lady sensed that the cat had got his tounge so she just gently said,”dinna worry ye just need taking through the initial pain barrier that’s all. There’s nae need tae worry aboot how short yer heer will be, ah assure ye that ye’ll look really guid and smart once ah’ve finished”.

Suddenly he felt the clippers zooming up the back of his head and all his blonde locks just fell away where Mylanne was running them upwards. She immediately began the second pass and Aaron noticed that the cape was already rapidly filling up with his hair. With lightening speed Mylanne made run after run with the shears and his curls were rolling off the cape onto the tiled floor in torrents. “Whit lovely heer ye hae tae cut ah dinna think there’s any end tae it is there”, laughed Mylanne? She was simply loving running her clippers through all the length and feeling it all softly falling away! Naturally she didn’t tell her young customer this as she was simply revelling in the fact that she’d got him so well tamed!

Aaron was tongue tied as he felt Mylanne sliding her hand under his chin and telling him to lift his head. She tilted his head over to the left and immediately moved onto his right side. She ran her comb through the length of his hair and then shaved upwards with her clippers. More and more hair fell away and soon he could see his ear completely exposed. However at least he could see to his relief that he wasn’t getting his hair sheared down to this length all over his head. Mylanne ended each pass at two inches above his ear. The same was done to his left side and then she slyly took the no. 2 grade of her clippers and quickly replaced it with no. 1. The lady had changed her technique to keeping the attachment combs in her pockets, rather than having them displayed on the counter in front of the mirror! This was because she’d become fed up with the questions that customers always asked her. Oh dear you’re not doing me any shorter are you? Oh what length will that grade cut my hair to, won’t it be too short? Oh why are you
changing the grade, you’re not going to shear me all over to that length are you? There were only so many questions that this cute little barberette could cope with and she didn’t want to unleash the Scottish Fire from within her system to her customers. Therefore she now just changed the grades over in secret and the customers were all sheared down to the length of her discression. Usually this happened before they even twigged on to what was happening. This technique was happening with Aaron just now!

“Heid doon my love”, said Mylanne as she moved his head forwards once more. She smiled as the boy began to obey her without resistance. She shaved upwards with the much shorter grade and each path revealed the pale white skin of his scalp. Now the cut had progressed well past the point of no return she decided to give him the usual explanation that she gave all customers, whom she hadn’t serviced before in her salon. “Weel mah friend ahm sure ye realise noo that this is a traditional barber’s shop and as yer seeing it’s a traditional heercut that ye get here? Ah know that ahm a woman and ah’ve got lang heer mysel, but it disna influence how ah’ll be daein yours! It’s nae aboot how ah weer mah heer, its all aboot how yours has tae be cut. Ah love tae cut men’s and boys heer nice and short, which is exactly whit ahm daein wi yours just now”! Her long pony tail fell forwards so she just flicked it away and said to Aaron,”remember its nae mah heer that’s tae be cut its yours”. As she said this she continued running the shears up the back of his head.

Soon she moved back round to the sides once more and he could feel her delicate, well manicured fingers gently holding his ears down as she shaved his sides down closely. Now he could see the extent of the damage that the little lady had done with her clippers. He knew now that it wasn’t just a haircut that she was giving him, but a really short one! She shaved it down to this length up to an inch above his ears and then removed the attachment comb from the clippers. Surely she’ll put that thing back now and finish the cut with the scissors, thought Aaron.

However the clippers continued humming and the lady combed the top thoroughly. Her hand reached for the large crew cutting/ flattop board, which hung on a hook near the mirror. “Richt noo time tae sort thae top oot”, smiled Mylanne. As she pushed the large afro comb with the spirit level gauge into his hair she asked him to look up slightly. As he looked into the mirror he could see all his remaining blonde, curly hair stood up on end. Suddenly he watched it all began to rapidly fall away as the lady zoomed the clippers over the board’s teeth. She moved the board to another section and did the same again. Soon all the top was just an inch long. Mylanne combed his hair thoroughly with the large object, she shook her head slightly and just said, ” ah nae ye need tae go a wee bit shorter ah’ll take ye doon another half an inch”!

The same procedure was repeated and because the little barberette was stood in front of him he could see the full length of her auburn hair in the mirror. What was puzzling Aaron just now were thoughts regarding what had compelled her to barber him so severely? He was now beginning to wonder, whether she was actually going to leave him any hair or not? Part of him though was really enjoying the experience! He knew that if it was a man who was servicing him like this he would have had to have tried his hardest to refrain from bursting into tears in the chair! However his mind was now beginning to drift towards exotic fantasies with this little lady. He wished he dared ask her to take out her pony tail and let her hair down. How he would love to see its full length. He also couldn’t help admitting to himself either that she had an excellent body for a lady her age. He loved her cherubic face and her cheeky smile. To cap it all he’d started to fall in love with her Scottish accent and he could already sense that Mylanne had such a wicked sense of humour!

The little lady continued to buzz off Aaron’s hair and her barbering skills were demonstrated as she used the flattop board to blend in the longer hair with the much shorter hair. Now Aaron could see exactly what the finished product would reveal! Yes indeed it was a short flattop that he was due to receive! “Richt mah love that’s short enough for ye”, said Mylanne as she finally switched off her clippers and returned both them and the flattop board to their relevant hooks. Aaron looked really hot and flushed so Mylanne said,”ah dear I think ye need tae cool doon dinna ye it must be hot under thae cape”? She picked up her water spray bottle and playfully sprayed Aaron’s hot forehead, neck and sides several times. He closed his eyes and loved the experience, how refreshing the spray felt as it cooled the skin under his now cropped hair! When he opened his eyes he could see that the little lady was now holding her scissors. As she snipped she said,” ah left ye a wee bit at the front tae cut ye in a short fringe”. Then she added, “if ah see ye again though ahm sure ye’ll understand noo that ah dae very little tae yer heer wi mah scissors. Ah nae thae just dinna cut ye short enough, sae ah mostly use mah clippers. Also ah can get a much beatter finish on yer heer with them and cut it doon nice and short”!

Soon Mylanne put the scissors down and picked up a tub of hair gel. She used this to spike up the hair on top and how Aaron loved her massaging the gel into his hair with her delicate fingers. “Nearly finished noo but ah need tae fade in yer neck and sides”, she said. He wondered what she meant, but soon found out as she took her comb again and re started the clippers. She moved his head forward again and shaved the bottom of his neck over the comb. Then she cleaned up his neck for any remaining stubble and the same was done around his ears. Aaron felt her gently holding his ears down once more as she did so!

“Richt young man that’s it”, smiled Mylanne as she replaced her clippers to their hook once more and picked up her salon mirror. As she showed him the back and sides in the mirror she exclaimed,”yer new heercut will maybe take some time tae get used to but I think ye look great. That’s beatter than that girly style ye walked in with. Ah yes ye look mair like a boy noo”! Like a robot Aaron just replied, “yes that’s great I thought it would be too short at first but now it’s already starting to grow on me”. God bless him it was more the cute wee Scottish lassie that had grown on him. He was already looking forward to his hair growing back and to his next visit to Mylanne’s Barbers. The lady dusted down his neck and ears with her brush and then removed the cape from around him. She couldn’t resist a sly rub of his freshly cropped hair and she loved its texture! Mylanne was lifted as she shook all his blonde hair clippings all over the salon floor. Yes this lad’s given me a generous cape full and I’m well and truly satisfied with that, she thought to herself!

As Aaron was paying for his haircut the little lady smiled at him and said,” that’s great if ah say it myself yer heer really suits ye that short sae ah need tae see ye here in exactly five weeks time”. Aaron promised her he would do so and then exited the salon. Out on the street he could feel the warm summer air getting to his head. He felt fully lifted as in a trance he walked along daydreaming about a lovely, warm, exotic and sunny location that both he and Mylanne could escape to. He imagined both he and her together on a secluded tropical beach, stark naked and romping in the foaming surf. He thought how cute the little lady would look happily splashing about in the warm sea with nothing to cover her, but her long wet hair.

On the contrary though Mylanne was busy sweeping up the boy’s hair from under the chair and the surrounding floor. She smiled about what good fun she’d had shearing the hair off him. If he returned with
in five weeks there should be enough re growth for her to be able to have some fun cutting him again. Maybe she could get him even shorter next time!

Steve:- April 2007

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