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For about three months now my girlfriend and I have lived together.

Brigitta or, as she usually is called, Berit is Swedish and is like so many Swedish girls tall, blue- eyed and with light blonde hair. Her body is faultlessly shaped; she is nice, handsome and intelligent. So, what do you want more? Oh yes, sex! Don’t worry; she is always available for me.

She is somewhat reticent, not inclined to burst out in exuberance. Yes, cool indeed, but not in bed.

She has one peculiar habit: every Saturday at 10 o’clock she has an appointment at her beauty salon. Okay, many women visit every week a salon but there is no real necessity for her to do so as she keeps her long straight hair in a perfect shape. Originally I thought that she liked it to be pampered: to have her luscious locks shampooed and conditioned, her scalp massaged by her stylist. But one day she told me that every Saturday Velma, her stylist, tried to talk her into a short haircut. She said that Velma specified described how she would make the cut and how her new hairstyle would get shape. And every Saturday another style. And always after a long discussion Berit’s answer was negative. They both knew the outcome: “It’s our weekly game,” Berit told me.

Not long ago Berit came home from the salon earlier than usual and clearly upset. At first she refused to speak about it but I insisted and at last she gave in and told me what had happened.

When she arrived at her usual booth Velma had asked her if she did mind to wait about fifteen minutes. A young woman was sitting in the chair.

“She is an actress and has to go to an audition at 12 o’clock,” Velma explained, “So she is rather in a hurry.”

“Well, I didn’t understand what could be wrong with her hair, it was perfectly styled. She was already caped and her tresses cascaded across the back of the chair. I was aghast when I saw Velma take a pair of clippers, put them at the hairline and move them backwards to her crown. A curtain of blonde locks fell down on the girl’s shoulders, her lap and the floor. Soon the top of her head was only covered by short stubble. Velma went to her left side and the clippers made short work of the long tresses. The right side had to endure the same treatment and at last the long hair at the back of her head was removed. Next Velma covered her head with shaving foam and shaved it totally bald. She wiped off the remains of the foam, rubbed some lotion into her white scalp and removed the cape.

The girl who had been sitting there all the time without moving, rose, smiled at me saying: ‘Thank you for your patience,’ and walked away.
I asked Velma why she had had shave her beautiful tresses from her head and Velma told me that she hoped to get a role in a movie which implied a shaven head. She thought that it would increase her chances when she had her head shaved beforehand.

‘And now is your turn, hon,’ she said. But I wasn’t able to take place in that chair after this dreadful event I had watched and I said that I would make a new appointment later and left.”

Well, I could understand that it had been a shocking experience but I expected that she would soon get over it.

She didn’t, on the contrary, she was restless and rapidly irritated during the rest of the week and she didn’t make her usual visit to the salon next Saturday. Worst of all it ruined our sex life.

Casually I met Jonn, an old friend of mine, a psychologist and I made use of the opportunity to speak to him about the events that had disturbed my relation with Berit. He listened and asked: “Does your girlfriend have a hair fetish?”

“Well, she gives her hair much attention and spends a lot of time to keep it in a perfect shape.”

“No, that’s not what I mean. Persons with a hair fetish are aroused by the idea of cutting off hair, particularly long hair, their own or that of others.”

Surprised I answered that I had never noticed any signs of such a behaviour.

“Try to convince her that she should resume her weekly visits to the beauty salon,” he advised me.

I did and Berit agreed but she asked me to accompany her. She had never done that before and I was surprised but I promised to do so.

When we arrived Velma was shaving the head of a girl!

“Oh my god, it’s the actress again,” Berit moaned.

Velma noticed our presence and smiled: “Just a moment, I’m nearly finished.”

Soon she wiped the head of the girl clean, rubbed some lotion into her scalp and the actress rose, saying: “Sorry that I’ve been in your way again. I got the role and my head has to be shaved every other day for an indefinite period.” She laughed: “You get used to it.”

Velma smiled: “Your turn, Berit.”

Reluctantly Berit sat down on the chair and I saw that she was very uneasy. When Velma draped a cape around her shoulders she suddenly jumped: “I’m sorry. I can’t do this.”

We left and on the way home neither of us spoke.

When we were back home I said to Berit: “Listen, we can’t go on like this. I don’t know what bothers you so much but it is ruining our relation and I don’t want this to happen.”

Berit started to cry and said that she loved me.

“Well, if you do, I want you to speak to a friend of mine. He is a psychologist and I hope that he can help you.”

She agreed without any hesitation, which surprised me. I had thought that she would refuse.

“Okay, I’ll make an appointment right away.”

John called me at my office: “My suspicion that Berit has a hair fetish seems to be right. If you ask me she is on the one hand craving to undergo the experience of her hair being cut off and her head shaved but on the other hand she doesn’t want to lose her locks and is terribly afraid. She is doubtful, doesn’t know what to do and that makes her very itchy. As she can’t decide you’ll have to do it.”

“Me?! I can’t, she would hate me if I told her to sacrifice her mane.”

“No, she wouldn’t, she even expects you to do so. That is another datum: she wants to be dominated, she wants to submit herself to you.”

“Are you suggesting that I should act like being her master?”

“Indeed. That’s what she expects. She wants you to be your slave.”

When I came home I asked Berit how she valued her visit to John and she answered: ‘Fine.’ Of course she knew that he had phoned me.

After dinner I told her that starting now I wanted her to obey me, that she had to do as I told her. She looked at me and in her eyes I saw fear as well as expectation but she agreed.

“Love me,” I said, “Kiss me, seduce me like a courtesan.”

She looked at me: “I’ll have to change my appearance.”

I gave her my permission.

One hour later she came down. Amazed I looked at her. I had never seen her like this: an extremely heavy make-up with dark eye shadow and carmine lips, her finger and toe nails wearing the same colour. A very short red miniskirt and a lowcut white blouse hardly covering her nipples, fishnet stockings and high heels, both black.

She sat down on an easy chair in front of me, sensually crossing her legs and uncovering a considerable piece of bare thigh. The creamy skin contrasted defiantly with the black rim of her stockings. She leant back, threw her head back which made her hair, gathered into a ponytail, swing in the same direction. She beckoned me to come over but before I could react she rose, grabbed me and poked her tongue into my mouth. After some passionate kissing she turned her back to me and in one movement her blouse and skirt fell to the floor.

Slowly she turned towards me and there she stood, naked apart from a garterbelt, stockings and high heels. Gently she pushed me back on my chair and laughing started to dance defiantly to and fro in front of me.

I told her to kneel down between my legs. Hesitatingly she looked at me but obeyed. I knew that she hated it and I never before had asked her but I said: “Give me a blowjob.”

Berit bent her head, unzipped my trousers and freed my erect male member. She looked up f
or a moment to catch my eye, then opened her mouth, pushed with one hand my foreskin back and closed her lips around my glans. I felt her tongue move across it and she started to suck. I grabbed her long ponytail and pushed her head back when I felt that I should come. Several jets hit her face and dripped down to her perky breasts. I rubbed my sperm all over her face and breasts to humiliate her. She should be aware of the smell for some time!

Her face looked grotesque with sweeps of black eye shadow and crimson lipstick. While I was pondering what to do next, Berit looked up into my eyes and I saw something I had not seen for weeks. She didn’t say anything but her eyes clearly showed her craving to be screwed.

My heart jumped, my behaviour of dominance had demolished a barrier!

I pulled her on my lap, unfastened her garters and rolled down her stockings and took them away as well as her shoes. I noticed that Berit clearly got aroused. I lifted my naked girlfriend and carried her to our bedroom. I let her down on the bed and tied her wrists to the posts.

Berits eyes widened when I took a pair of clippers. But I moved them to her belly and told her to spread her legs and pull them up and bend her knees. Quickly I removed the blonde hair on her Venus mount and around her vulva and anus. I covered the stubble with shaving gel and shaved the area smooth and clean. I kissed her freshly shaven crotch and let my tongue sneak between her lips. Berit moaned and winced and suddenly whispered: “Please, I want to feel you inside me.”

I untied her hands, took off my clothes and lay down next to her on my back. Berit straddled me and lowered herself on my erection. Soon she reached an orgasm and she fell down on me, her long locks covering my face. I brushed them away and whispered into her ear: “You have to get rid of all that hair.”

She nodded: “Just as you wish, darling.”

Late that night or better early in the morning we at last fell asleep after hours of lovemaking.

All the same I rose at 8 o’clock, made breakfast and coffee and then called Velma at the beautysalon. I asked if the actress would appear for a headshave.

“Dawn? Yes, eventually she’ll be here at 11 o’clock.”

“Splendid. Could we agree that Berit and I meet you at that time?”

“Sure, but as you’ll remember, seeing the girl’s head being shaved does upset your girlfriend.”

“I know and I think I know the cause.”

“Eddy, she has always talked about cutting her hair but she is so doubtful, she never could decide to do so.”

“I know that, Velma. Let’s see what happens this time.

I awakened Berit and said that we were expected at the salon at 11 o’clock.

In time we arrived to see Velma shaving Dawn’s head.

Dawn rose and said: “Three times lucky! Please, excuse me.”

“Never mind,” I said, “Are you in a hurry?”

“No, I’m expected back at 1 o’clock.”

“Would you mind to stay for a few minutes?”

“No, not at all.”

She sat down on a chair next to me, while Berit took her place.

Berit asked Dawn; “How does it feel, a headshave?”

“Do you mean the actual shaving or to have a shaven head?”


“Well, the shaving is a wonderful experience and to have no hair……………in the beginning it is weird but you get used to it.”

Meanwhile Velma was brushing Berit’s hair and asked her: “What are we going to do today?”

Suddenly Berit tensed up and became uncertain: “I…..I don’t know yet.”

I rose, stood in front of Berit, took her hands and said: “Honey, you promised me something, didn’t you?”

She nodded, looking at me nervously.

“I know that you were always discussing with Velma about cutting your hair shorter but never could decide. Nevertheless it is your wish, isn’t it?”

Again she nodded. She was now very anxious.

In a stern voice I said: “So tell Velma to cut your hair.”

Trembling Berit began to say: “I want you to cut my hair short.” One moment she gasped as if she was amazed to have said this, then she sat up and blurted out: “Very short, shaved just like Dawn!”

Hearing her say those words Dawn suddenly jumped. “Are you serious?” she asked unbelievingly, looking from Berit to me.

“Sure,” I answered, “You heard her saying it. She wants to have all shaved off.”

“Wait a minute then, maybe you and Berit could help me. You see, I made a mistake when I went to the audition with a shaven head. In the movie I am forced to marry an elder man whom I don’t love. Being a young and attractive woman it is not surprising that I fell in love with a young man of my age and we became lovers.When my husband finds out he punishes me by having my head shaved bald. But that had to be carried out on the set. So in the first part of the movie I’m wearing a wig but for the actual shaving we have to find a stand-in: a girl with long blonde hair, willing to sacrifice it. Of course she will be paid for it. Berit would be the right person and as she said she wants to shave all off…..well, would you mind that I tell the director I’ve found her?”

“Not at all,” I answered, “Berit will do whatever I ask her.”

Berit nodded.

When we arrived at the studio we were greeted by Carolyn. She was introduced to us as the assistant-director by Dawn.

Carolyn smiled: “Sounds great but it only means that I’m acting as the jack of all trades. And this is your candidate?” She pointed at Berit and inspected her.

“Nice hair, long enough, blond, about your original colour. We can make it exactly the same as yours was. Well, let’s see the director.”

He was relaxing in his trailer outside the studio. He didn’t need much time to decide.

“Perfect. Where did you find her?”

“At my beautysalon,” Dawn answered.

“Okay, let her sign the contract,” he said to Carolyn. “And arrange everything for a shoot this afternoon.”

Outside the trailer Carolyn said half joking: “It’s lunchtime and no one works except the assistant-director. No one cares if I can get some food.”

“Listen,” Dawn said, “I’ll take Berit and Eddy with me to the restaurant and I’ll take along something for you.”

“Great, but first Berit has to sign the contract lest she changes her mind,” Carolyn joked. “And she and Eddy should be provided with badges. Without they are not allowed to enter the set.”

“You may read what is said in the text,” Carolyn said, “but the mean issue is that you won’t charge the movie-company for any changes of your appearance associated with your part.”

“I see,” Berit said, “my hair.”

“Yeah, you are losing it. But of course you’ll be granted. How about 350 bucks?”

“Okay,” I said.

We went with Dawn to the restaurant.

“Anyway some others are working too,” I remarked.

Dawn laughed: “The restaurant is not a part of the movie-company,” she said while the waitress was approaching us. A pretty girl with long light brown hair.

“Why didn’t you ask her to be your stand-in?” I asked Dawn, not really meaning this.

I was surprised when Dawn said: “In fact I did but she refused. Shaving her head wasn’t her first concern but bleaching her hair. She was afraid that it could do harm to her locks.”

“But she had to sacrifice them!”

“I know and she knew but she feared that it would not grow back just as it was before. I couldn’t convince her.”

Berit was too nervous to eat anything and she only drank white wine. Dawn didn’t eat much either: “I’ve to watch my figure,” she smiled. It didn’t stimulate my appetite.

People around us gazed at us. Most of them knew Dawn and had greeted her. Probably they asked themselves if the girl with the long blonde locks would be her stand-in.

Carolyn appeared and told Berit to come with her to the make-up room.

“First we have to bleach your hair somewhat to match the colour with Dawn’s.”

One hour later Berit came back. She was a platinum blonde now and with a perfect make-up. She looked gorgeous like a model or a real actress! Sadly this beauty would soon be smashed up.

< p>All was set up for the scene. Berit was sitting fidgeting in the chair waiting her ordeal, wrists and ankles tied to the legs and armrests, her mouth gagged. The actor playing her husband standing in front of her.

I couldn’t support my girlfriend as I had to stay at the verge of the set. A film camera was hanging at a mobile bracket above and behind the chair.

Berit didn’t need to act, she was very twitchy and anxious. Tears would easily appear when the shearing would start.

Her “husband” said to her with a malicious grin: “You are a filthy whore, Diana and you will be dealt with as such. You know how whores are punished, don’t you? Your head will be shaved bald so that everyone will know.”

Next to the chair another man was standing. “You may start,” the husband told him.

Without hesitation he flicked on the switch of a pair of clippers which he held in his right hand and put them at Berit’s hairline. He went right through the middle to her nape in one move. He turned back to the hairline and mowed next to the first path through the hair. Sheets of the platinum blonde tresses rushed down on Berit’s shoulders, lap and floor. The man was a professional, he had carried out his task in a few minutes, leaving the head deprived of any hair. But he wasn’t done yet. He lathered and shaved her head twice, convincing himself that a smooth scalp was achieved. Then he rubbed a lotion into her bald pate giving it a shimmering aspect.

Tears trickled down Berit’s cheeks. No need to fake distress, she really grieved the loss of her beautiful hair.

When she had left the set I consoled and hugged her. At last she calmed down and now all of us noticed the close resemblance between Dawn and Berit. They could be twin sisters with their shaven chrome domes! Dawn took Berit to a mirror and together they were looking at each other. Berit hadn’t yet seen her new appearance. Bewildered she screamed: “I can’t believe it! Which one is me?” Se looked at Dawn and back at her image and for the first time since a long time she began to laugh.

The director came nearer to me and said: “Well, maybe we could use her as Dawn’s permanent stand-in.”

He had seen the rushes of the head shaving scene and was impressed and very content. Of course this was important for it couldn’t be done over again! After a long talk we entered into an agreement. Of course this included a permanently shaven head as long as the movie-shooting lasted. Berit didn’t object and soon she got accustomed being bald. In fact she enjoyed the actual shaving. Besides she could get along with Dawn very well. And Dawn was a good teacher, Berit learned a lot by all Dawn told her.

The director was so satisfied about Berit’s acting that he wanted her to play a role in his next film. In that movie Berit was expected to have long hair which didn’t constitute a problem as a wig was the solution. But for an optimum fitting it turned out to be desirable to shave off the short hair that Berit had grown out since the finishing of the previous film. And she eagerly resumed the habit of a daily shaving turn.

Her conversion had been completed! How far would this go? I wondered when I was shaving her head at night. Yes, why not? I could do this as well as Velma. And I knew: afterwards sex would be terrific.

The end.

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