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“I have thought about it for too long, I know I want to do it so why wait.”

“Other people would bug me about it, that’s why.”

“So who cares about them, they’ll get over it, I only have to be around them for a few more months. I can’t let them get to me. If I can’t think of a good reason by the time I get back to my room, I’ll do it.”

This whole conversation took place in my head as I walked back to my room after a half day of classes. Everyone in the dorm was off at sports practices or hanging out with friends. Just the thought of doing it had gotten me so aroused I couldn’t think about anything else.

I was in a daze for the rest of the walk. I hadn’t thought of a reason by the time I got back so I went into my room and in one smooth motion, took off my glasses, backpack, and shirt. Then grabbed my clippers, oil and camera. I went into the bathroom oiled my clippers, set up my camera, and was ready to go.

I was still in a daze as I made the first pass. I put the moving blades to my hairline and pushed back. They pushed away the hair like it was just some fluff sitting there. In their wake was stubble. It felt like sand paper, and I couldn’t believe that that was my head. I continued making pass after pass. Soon I was putting the finishing touches on getting the last little hairs. I ran my hand over it and it felt so good. Getting in the shower afterward felt even better, with the water pounding down on my head.

I was so used to having hair that my hand automatically made the motion of pushing wet hair from my eyes as I washed it.

The sensation of it drying was amazing, though short lived. It was hot and the evaporating water was like my own air conditioner. For the rest of the afternoon, I avoided people. Not that I didn’t like my new look, I loved it, but because I wasn’t ready for people to see.

Dinner came around and I took a deep breath and left my room. As got to the crest of the hill at the edge of main campus, I took a deep breath. On my way to the dining hall a few people yelled their surprise out of their dorm windows, but when I entered the dining hall and got my food, the real fun began.

As I walked to my usual table, all my friends were busy talking, as I got close though, one looked up at me in surprise. All my friends asked me why I did it and I just smiled and told them that I had just felt like it. Some thought I had gone insane while others told me it looked great. Some people would take one look at me and state the obvious “you shaved your head”. I was always tempted to come up with some weird answer like “yah, I got really drunk and when I woke up all my hair was gone” but I would just say, “yep” or “yah” and continue on like nothing was out of the ordinary.
My favorite reaction was when I had left the table and was on my way. While I was gone another friend of mine had sat down, she was sitting on the chair back with her feet on the seat, and she was looking towards the table and didn’t see me coming. She turned her head and the second she caught sight of me she let out a high pitched squeal and jumped about a foot.

Overall I have been very pleased with my shaved head. When I take a shower it dries incredibly fast, I can cool off just by splashing some water on it, and I don’t have to worry about how it looks when I get up in the morning.

If you have that urge to shave your head, just go for it, it’s well worth it.

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