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Rick of Rick’s House of Hair was told by his wife that he had to go to the final Parent Teacher Conferences of the year May 1st. He reluctantly decided to go.

He was going to meet with the first teacher when he walked by a group of young teachers talking by the water fountain. One of them a young brown skin girl with her black hair pulled straight back off the face and up in the back and wrapped several times into a large bun caught his attention as she was going to have to go to summer school in a few weeks and didn’t know where she was going to get the tuition money. She was pretty about 5’5″ and wore a conservative top and ankle length skirt.

The fourth and final teacher Rick was to meet with was a math teacher and her name was Rena Yazzie. He walked into the classroom and there was the young teacher he had seen in the hall. She introduced herself and started discussing Rick’s son math grades. Rick was distracted by the massive thick shiny black bun on the back of Rena’s head. Rick in small talked learned that was a Native American girl of Navajo-Hopi decent from Arizona and 22 years old. When they finished Rick noticed it was just him and her in the room. He decided to make his pitch. He gave her his business card and told her he had overheard her talking about how she needed tuition money within four weeks. He told her that he had been on the lookout for a “Makeover Model” for his videos. It would involve a haircut and before and after pictures being taken in his salon studio. He told her she appeared to have lovely hair and asked her how long it was. She indicated it was below her butt in length. Rick told her he would have to appraise it in his studio and could possibly give her the money she needed for tuition. He told her to think about it and he could do the makeover at the end of school in four weeks. He told her how to get to his salon and to give him a call the day before she was going to come in so he would make sure he was there. Rick got home and asked his son about his math teacher. He told him she always had her hair up and dressed conservatively in long dresses or pants.

The end of May was near and Rick had just about given up on Rena when on the 27th Rena called and asked him what would be a good time to come in for a consultation about his offer. He told her to come in at 6pm the next day when the salon closed and they would be one on one. Rick told his wife Jessica who helped out “behind” the scenes and did the makeup about Rena. She knew who he was talking about and wanted to stick around to see the young Native American girl. She too thought the young girl needed a ” Major” change. Rick knew that Rena must be desperate for money to call him and sacrifice her shiny black hair.

It was almost 6pm on the 28th when in walked Rena. He hair up as usual in a thick twist. She was wearing jeans and a blouse. Rick met her at the door.

” Welcome to my salon Rena. I see you found it ok. This is my wife Jessica who helps me in the makeovers with makeup and other items. I think you two have met before at the school.” Rena spoke “I came so you could appraise my hair and see how much you could give me as a modeling fee and to see the studio.”

Rick motioned for her to come over by a chair. “Okay first let me see your hair down.” Rena reached up and began removing pins and unwinding her thick black shiny hair. It came tumbling, tumbling down her back till it reached just past her butt. It was beautiful soft thick hair as Rick took his fingers and finger combed it out. He grabbed a brush and began brushing it and gave his wife a quick look. She gave him a thumbs up signal. Rick asked Rena” How much more money do you need for tuition? Rena told him ” X amount.” Rick replied ” I can give you that amount plus a bit more but the change will have to be a dramatic one as he looked at Rena’s Raven shiny mane. You’ll no longer have long hair and you’ll have to sign a standard model contract and do exactly as I say during the model session.” ” Rena ” I figured I’d have to have my hair cut shorter but I really have no choice at this point..” ” Let’s go down to the studio so you can see it and then set up a date.” said Rick as he opened the door leading to the basement studio. Jessica took Rena by the hand and led her down as Rick followed watching Rena’s long black mane dance back and forth.

Jessica opened the studio door and turned on the lights. Rena saw overhead spotlights and a wall length mirror in front of which stood an old fashioned red Barber chair with a bright red cape hung over it. The counter had the normal haircutting tools placed on it. Jessica spoke to Rena ” This is where your makeover will be done and I will take some before and after pictures plus a DVD of the actual styling of your hair. No one you know will ever see the video as we have a very select customer list. However, a few pictures will appear in the ” Makeover” album in the salon to inspire other customers. Now over there in the over corner is the makeup station where I’ll do your makeup before the after photo’s. Are you ok with this? It will be just me, you and Rick in this room.” Spoke Jessica with a lusty smile. Rick came over and spoke ” Here is the standard contract. I want you to sign where I have marked with a red X. It is not valid till when you come in for the makeover. I assume you want to do it after school ends on June 7th. Why don’t you come in on June 8th at 6:30pm with your hair up in the normal bun. I want you to wear a nice dress and a black sweater. I might want to have you change into another outfit for the after photos. Please put your clothing sizes at the bottom of the contract including waist and bust.”
Rena did as she was told by signing the contract and listing her clothing sizes. She put her hair back up and Rick admired her lovely neck line and brown skin.

“Now if you change your mind just give us a call. Make sure you wash your hair that morning and we will see you in a week on the 8th.” They escorted Rena up and out of the salon.

June 8th arrived and at 6:15pm into the studio came Rena. She was wearing a mid calf white skirt and a black sweater. Rick greeted her with a smile . ” Hi Rena, Jessica is in the studio waiting for us. Put your purse in my office where I will lock it up. Rick led her down the stairs to the studio. She told Rick she was ready for the change. Rick led over to the center of the room under a spotlight and told her to stand up on a small platform about a foot off the floor. Rick then spoke ” Ok , Rena I’ve decided to change the clothing to a nice bright red bikini that Jessica bought for you. That means your present cloths will have to come off with Jessica’s help. Now, I want you to pull that sweater up and hold it up with your arms stretched out above your head till I tell you to finish pulling it off.” A befuddled Rena did as she was told. Rick undid the white skirt and pulled it away from Rena’s young brown skinned body. Jessica took a pair of scissors and cut off Rena’s white bra revealing her lovely size D Native American breast. She spoke ” Don’t worry Rena I bought you another bra too.”.

Rick reached over and pulled down Rena’s pink panties and when they hit the platform he had her step out of them. Rick spoke to Jessica ” Honey hand me my tools. This girl definitely has out of control pubic hair.” Jessica could see that Rena was getting very nervous as Rick told her to spread her legs a bit. ” Now , don’t worry little Rena we want you to look good at both ends. Rena could only her and feel the cordless clippers attack her bush. The black sweater meant that she could not see Jessica dancing around taking video and still photos of her nude brown skinned Native American body plus close up pictures of her pubic area. Nor could she know that Rick was carving a “V” letter into her pubic area hair. To remove it she would have to shave the area clean. Rick and Jessica just knew they were the first strangers to see a nude Rena. Her skinny figure and great cute butt were very sexy. It took under ten
minutes to do the deed. Then Rick slipped on the new red bikini bottoms and told Rena to pull off the sweater which lead to Jessica helping her on with the tight bright red bikini top. ” Ok, that went very well Rena. Now, lets move on to your makeover. You can step down now off the step.” Rick said softly. Jessica took a few picture front and back of Rena with her hair up. She then came up and began letting down Rena’s long thick black mane that had wavy curls to it having been put up wet like Rick told her. Jessica spoke to her ” You have lovely skin and a great body. I think your our first Native American model. I just love you shiny black hair. It is so soft and thick.” she told Rena with a lusty smile knowing the black mane was to be removed soon. The hair tumbled down and Rick took a brush and brushed it out. Pictures were taken with it down her back and over her front with shots from the front back and sides. Things were moving quickly. Rick motioned Rena over to the barbers chair. Ok, Rena it is time to cut your hair.”

Rick put the red cape tightly around Rena’s neck and pulled the thick shiny black hair loose and it fell down the back of the chair like a black shiny curtain.

Then he separated Rena’s hair into five separate ponytails that were within a couple inches of Rena’s scalp. He brushed them out and Jessica continued taking photos. Rena thought Rick was just getting her hair out of the way but when he reached for the scissors she looked in the mirror as Rick turned her away from it and placed the scissors at the base of the first ponytail. “NO,No, NO! not that short!” she exclaimed. ” Oh, Yes, Yes, replied Rick. I told you the change would have to be major for me to give you the money you wanted. Don’t worry in a few days you’ll be use to your new look.” scniip, schnip, schnip went the scissors through the first tail. Rick took it in front of a disturbed Rena and took out his measuring tape. ” Ah, yes, it looks like a good 30 inches of hair you won’t have to shampoo and condition any more. He placed it on the counter and went over to attack the next thick ponytail with his shiny sharp scissors. Scrunch, scrunch, scrunch went the scissors hacking away at the next tail. Rick spoke again ” No more buns of hair for you anymore young lady. However this cutting is too hard. I think it is clipper time.” Rena heard the sound of the clippers that had worked on her pubic area being turned on and felt the next tail being pulled tight and the buzzing sound in her ear. Her head felt lighter as the massive tail was lifted. Her long shiny black glory was being removed like she was being sheared like a sheep on the reservation. Tears started to flow as Rick passed another 30 inch tress in front of her eyes. Jessica with a smile was filming the tears running down and gave her a box of napkins. The clippers ate through the last two ponytails like hungry bees. Her past the butt length shiny hair had been reduced a raggedy three inch length in a matter of minutes. She could look over and see the pile of her hair laying on the counter. The last one removed was at the top of her head. Then Rick wetted her hair down and began the final cutting and shaping. Short pieces of black hair tumbled down the cape to the floor and in a short time there was black hair all around the chair. Then Rick had her tilt her head as he loosened the red cape and shaved her neck and tapered up the back of her neck with the clippers. Rena was now sport a nice short and sassy crop. Rick grabbed a blow dryer and brush and went about the final styling.

Rick removed the cape and turned Rena to the mirror and handed her a hand mirror. “Ok, I want you to see the ” New You” before Jessica does your makeup.” Rena took the mirror and reached up to feel her shorn head. ` Oh my God! My ears are barely covered and all of my neck is exposed. I’ve been scalped! My hair is shorter than my brother’s and my folks won’t know who I am when I go home this week. Oh, wow! Oh! Holy Jesus! Good thing I have all summer to get use to it. I’ve never had this short of hair in my life. She shook her head and the hair didn’t even move. I’ll be able to show off my jewelry now.

I can’t believe it is me in the mirror.” She got up and walked over to the makeup station where Jessica did her makeup. She spoke ” It is a big change for you but I think you look great with a short crop . I think you should keep the look and on another note. You’ve lost your long hair and now I think you should dress less conservatively, show off your ” assets ” and lose something else if you know what I mean as she gave Rena a wink. Your no fudd dud looking teacher now.” Rena as Jessica kept working replied ” Yeah, I guess I did need a change but I wasn’t ready for this big of one. I was stuck in real fashion rut.” Jessica stepped back ” Not anymore young lady. Now let me go take a few after pictures and I’ll print up a few of the before and after photos’ while Rick is paying you so you can see the difference.”

Rena got up and Jessica took the after photos. No long hair covering her cute ass now and for that matter her breast and back. Just a nice shiny crop of hair covering the young Navajo girl. She took off the red bikini with no inhibitions and put back on her white dress and black sweater. She went upstairs and Rick gave her a check for the agreed upon amount. Jessica gave her the photos and they both wished Rena good luck on summer school as she left the salon.

Rick and Jessica gave each other high fives. ” Now, that was a ” Makeover” Rick. ” Yes, wait till we show our son how his math teacher looks now. We will just show him her the headshots. I think a few of my single male friends might be wanting to contact her after they see the nude shots of that pretty young body. I wonder how long the “V” will last on her pussy. I know I paid a good price for her to model but I think it will be worth it. ” Jessica looked at one of the long shiny ponytails she was holding. ” I think between the stills, the video and these long 30 inch lock of hair we will get our money back and then some. Maybe, I should send you to more Parent Teacher conferences. Ha! Ha!” I don’t think so, I got lucky this time to find a teacher that was willing to lose it in a desperate situation. Let’s lock up, go home and take our son out for dinner.”

The End Hope you liked the Story

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