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I had been familiar with the swim team at my college for a while. I knew people on it before I even met my girlfriend. I don’t actually swim, I prefer to bike, but that’s besides the point. What matters is that my amazing girlfriend was one of the captains and had hooked me up with a gravy job traveling with the team. I didn’t really do anything besides watch the girls and their lovely swimmer’s bodies do their thing. Definitely gravy.

It was approaching the conference finals, and my girlfriend along with her team had been (ugh) growing out their body hair to `increase resistance.’ I was introduced with this tradition the year before at the same point in the season. I wasn’t a fan, as you may have noticed, but I put up with it. After all, it was always fun the night she finally shaved down!

One day towards the end of the season I was `working’ at the complex while the team was practicing. After one exercise was over, my girlfriend got out of the pool and sauntered over towards me. Not bothering to dry off the water ran off her body, channelized by the little, sigh, hairs that currently covered it. Removing her goggles and then swim cap, her shoulder length blonde (dyed) hair cascaded free. Her roots were showing a bit, but it didn’t look bad at all. She could use a trim though. Or a cut-I was always dropping hints at her to go shorter.

“You know, S-day is almost here,” she began. S-day is what she and her teammates call the day they finally shave down for the big one. “Sarah (her best friend) and I were planning on doing it at my apartment this weekend. I might need some help at some point in the process,” she winked at me. I knew what that meant.my little guy gave a little twitch as she turned and walked away. Damn, her ass looked nice in that suit.

The weekend finally arrived, and I made sure my schedule was clear. Friday afternoon I called her to see what was up-the first meet of finals was tomorrow at our home `court.’

“Hey babe, what’s the plan for tonight? `little S-day action then a little action?” I asked coyly, knowing fully well the answer.

“You know, that sounds like a good idea. We better get started early,” Yes, I though, “What do you say you come over around fiveish?”

“Sounds grand, see you then,” I concluded, “Love you baby.”

The next couple hours crawled by. I wondered why she wanted me over so early. Well, maybe she did want my help? That would be.fun. To pass the time I decided to take a shower and tidy myself up for tonight. Before I hopped in, I took out my trusty beard trimmer to whack the weeds. While doing that I had an idea come to me.I’ll surprise my girlfriend with a little S-Day participation of my own! Placing the trimmers at my ankle, I drew them up and left a path of stubble down my leg. This ought to be interesting, I thought. The process took a while, but satisfied with the stubbly result; I mowed my armpits real quick and got into the shower. The hot water already felt different on my legs. Maybe girls were on to something here with this shaving thing. Quickly taking care of my arms, I lathered up my legs and took my trusty Mach 3 to them. Being a rookie I went very deliberately so as to not nick myself. I started to get a little horny as I scraped the foam away and left the smoothness behind. After feeling my work upon completion I couldn’t help but rub one out. This was going to be really good in bed later!


Five-ish turned into four-thirty-ish as I arrived at her apartment early. Sarah’s car was outside, which wasn’t a surprise. They were inseparable usually. I say usually because she hasn’t become a guest in our alone time, despite my suggestions. I entered the apartment to see the girls lounging on the couch. I noticed the S-day supplies on the table behind them-clippers (their hair gets thick!), razors, shaving gel, and lotion.

“Hey hot stuff,” she said as I plopped down next to her. “Let me tell you Sarah’s crazy idea.” she paused as she saw my legs and arms “.did you shave yourself?”

“Yeah, I didn’t want to feel left out on S-Day! Do you like it?” I rubbed a leg against her hairy one to see what she did.

“Um, I think I like it. To be honest, I’m a little jealous of your legs. Did you go `all out’?” She asked, smiling and stroking my leg with her hand. Yeah, this was going to be great later.

“I guess you’ll have to wait and see. Now, how about Sarah’s crazy idea?”

Sarah was a little shorter than my girlfriend, but no less attractive. She had brown hair she kept relatively short, kind of a graduated chin-length bob. Very attractive, I always though, and dropped subtle hints to my girlfriend several times. “Sarah got this hair up her ass to shave her head this year. She said since she’s a senior she wants to make sure they remember her next year and figured this would be a good time.”

“Why not? I’ve always wanted to do it, and why not do it while I’m still not in the real world?” Sarah had a good point. I was very intrigued by this, as I always had a soft, or shall I say hard, spot for short-haired and bald women.

“So what if she wants to? Why don’t we help her out,” I replied. “Maybe you could join her?”

“Right, fat chance. You think if I won’t cut my hair short I’d shave it now?” my girlfriend retorted. “I don’t even believe Sarah’s going to go through with it. In fact, I’ll tell you what, if you BOTH do it, then I’ll consider letting you do it to me. BOTH of you, shaved, to the bone.”

I looked at Sarah and grinned a shit-eating grin. “What’s a little more hair loss for me today?” She returned my grin and said, “Well, let’s not dally. You first?”

I’d never buzzed much less shaved my head, even though I always wanted to. This was as good a time as any. I got up and walked to the kitchen, took off my shirt, and took a seat. My girlfriend watches anxiously as Sarah came over and stripped down to the skimpy two-piece bathing suit she had on underneath.another S-day tradition. Sarah picked up the clippers, plugged them in and turned them on. They began humming steadily and she moved them to in front of my face, pausing ever so slightly before raking them back across my scalp towards the crown. It was quite a sensation as she took pass after pass, back and forth, up and down over my head, baring it all. I was definitely getting a boner from this. Soon (too soon) it was over and the clippers were off. Sarah rubbed her hands over the 1/8″ stubble on my head to inspect her work, and decided that it passed muster. My girlfriend was blushing as she stared at me.

“Wow, you look awesome,” she said. “Sarah’s a heck of a stylist. Now how about the razor? Don’t forget you’re next, either, Sarah!”

“You better believe it, I wouldn’t miss out on this for the world.”

Sarah grabbed the shaving gel and after placing a dollop in her hand rubbed it all over my scalp, to the farthest extents of my scalp. As she was doing this my girlfriend walked over and whispered something in Sarah’s ear. Sarah stepped away and my girlfriend assumed the position behind me with the razor.

“I’m horny as hell,” she whispered in my ear. “I just had to do this myself.” With that she drew the razor up my neck for the first stroke. I closed my eyes and settled in as she worked her magic. She was good with a razor.she had plenty of practice. I felt her clear out a spot behind my ear. She placed her lips on the spot and kissed it, ending with a lick. “Just making sure I got everything,” she whispered into my ear.

As she denuded my scalp, Sarah took the clippers to her body bush, up and down her legs, her armpits, and when she though we weren’t looking, she pulled down her bottoms and buzzed her pubic hair. That was a first, but I suppose she did want to go all out. Maybe it was a good sign for later. Soon my head was done and Sarah came back over.

“Is it my turn now?” she asked as she placed her hands on my head. “I can’t wait to be smooth and shin
y from head to toe.”

I stood up and she took my spot. “I don’t want to delay anyone from having this experience!”

“Shall I or shall you?” I asked my girlfriend.

“Go ahead, I want to watch,” she replied and began stripping down to her bikini. I grabbed the clippers off the table and walked over to Sarah’s seated figure. “Are you ready,” I asked.

“Go! Shave it all off!” Sarah emphatically replied. I brought the clippers to life and placed them at her temple. With my free and I pulled the hair up and back so I had a clear shot at her hairline. I slowly drew them back an inch or so into her hair, causing the locks to tumble to her lap.

“Holy shit!” They both cried in unison. My girlfriend sat agape and Sarah’s hand darted up to feel it. “Whoa, let the barber work!” I said and nudged her hand back. Continuing about my work I denude her head much like the barberette did in a clip I saw from a talk show once. Lifting and clipping, each pass left more stubble in its wake, and the longer hair on top fell down, for a few seconds making her look like she wasn’t clipped at all. Finally I went after the top, leaving her clipper shaved and leaving me desperately trying to hide a raging erection. I continued around her head, until all that was left was part of her bangs in the front. Pausing here I looked over at my girlfriend. My girlfriend, who had not so discretly placed her hand down by her increasingly wet crotch. I smiled at her and grabbed Sarah’s remaining hair. Holding it straight up, I severed it at the base and dropped it in her lap. Sarah’s lap and the floor around her was covered with brown clippings. Inspecting my work, I was satisfied and grabbed the shaving gel. I noticed that my girlfriend was becoming more blush by the second, always a good sign. I sprayed some gel directly onto Sarah’s stubbly scalp and rubbed it all around as she had done for me. As I was wiping the excess off my hands my girlfriend dashed up and grabbed my arm, jerking me towards the bedroom. I followed, looking back at Sarah, who with a head-full of white cream looked surprised but understanding.

My girlfriend threw me down on the bed, ripped my shorts off and mounted me. Not bothering to remove her suit, she merely pushed the crotch aside as she impaled her pussy on my cock. Bobbing up and down she began to moan. I grabbed her torso and guided her up and down. Her hands explored my body. Looking at me she said, “You really did go all out. Pubes, pits, legs, arms, and now head. I love it!” As she caressed my various body parts with one hand her other went to her head and began running through her hair. Her hands felt amazing on my bare scalp and everything else. Before long she let out a mighty scream and collapsed on top of me, roiling with orgasm. I rolled her over and began pumping her to finish myself, which didn’t take long. As she lay writhing under me I imagined taking the clippers to her blonde mane, making her match Sarah and I. That did it for me and I felt myself explode inside her with a fury. It was my turn to collapse now.

Panting I said, “Usually that doesn’t happen until we’re done! We’re not done are we?”

“My dear, we’re not done by any means. S-Day is just beginning!” she said as she ran a hand through her hair teasingly. What a day this was turning into!

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