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After our tryst into the bedroom, we walked back out to the kitchen. While we were doing our thing Sarah had shaved her own head, eyebrows and armpits and was starting on her legs. I was amazed at how different she looked with no hair at all. She smiled at us and asked, “Did you guys have fun? I could barely concentrate on the matter at hand out here with you two going at it.”

Blushing, I said, “You know how it is, when my baby drags me to the bedroom, I know better than to say no!”

“True enough, but we still have lots of shaving to do, right?” Sarah said, looking at my girlfriend. In her post-coital bliss, she was looking rather thoughtful.

“You guys have kept up your half of the bargain, so I guess I have to. I really want to, but I’m not sure I’m ready. Can I think about it for a while?” she said as she took a seat in the chair. She pulled her hair back into a tight ponytail and looked into a mirror on the opposite side of the room. “I just don’t know, I wish there was a way I could undo it afterwards.”

“It’s all or nothing dear. I saw the way you looked at Sarah, and the way you were with my head. You obviously want to, but we’ll give you some more time. We’ll take care of the rest of your hair first and then see, ok?”

“Ok,” she mumbled. I gave her a kiss and walked over to the clippers. While Sarah continues to shave her legs, I turned on the clippers and told my girlfriend, “Arms up!” With that I removed the patches that had been under her arms and then proceeded to kneel down next to her legs. The hair is about half and inch long and goes a few inches up her thighs past her knees. Placing the machine at the slender ankle of the left leg I run them up towards her knee. The stubble behind them looks like she hasn’t shaved for a few days, not what we’re working towards, but an improvement. After a couple more passes, I look up at her and ask, “Just think how these feel on your head, vibrating across your scalp, causing feelings you’ve not felt before.”

To illustrate my point, on the next pass I went farther up her inner thigh, towards her pussy to tease her with the sensation of the clippers. She was already shaved down there, but it illustrated the point for her.

“Just finish up my legs and then we’ll talk about this again.” She was clearly enjoying herself as much as I was. Soon she was ready for the gel. I took the can and started at the ankle and sprayed a dollop up the length of her leg and proceeded to massage it around as sensually as I could. I had to keep her revved up. As I shaved her legs I made sure to plant plenty of kisses and sneak in as many licks as possible. I knew how sensitive her legs were right now, and what this was doing to her.

“What do you say about your hair now? Ready to take the plunge?” I asked. I suspected she was ready.

“I.uhh.God yes!” she muttered, her eyes closed. Sarah just sat off to the side, watching this all develop. I had to get her involved, I was never going to get a better chance.

“Sarah, will you help me with this?” turning to my girlfriend, I said, “Wait here, close your eyes, and I’ll be right back.”

I walked over to Sarah and asked a favor of her. I knew she was bi, and would always have done something with us if my girl had approved. I told her now was the time, she’s drunk with erotic pleasure. Sarah agreed to come over and participate however I guided her. Wonderful!

I had Sarah strip naked and come and sit on my girlfriend’s lap. Her moist pussy rubbed on my girlfriend’s newly smooth thighs. She began to kiss her and massage her breasts. My girlfriend was so horny she got right into it and started stroking Sarah’s head and pussy. I got down next to my girlfriend’s ear and whispered,

“Do you want to feel this? Do you want to be shaved bald, smooth from head to toe like us, feel the uninhibited sensations of hairlessness?” She moaned and squirmed. Separating her face from Sarah’s she gasped, “Yes! Yes! Shave me now! For fuck’s sake, shave me and fuck me!” That was all I needed.

Fully absorbed in the moment, she returned to sucking Sarah’s face. I quickly stripped naked at this time. Removing her hand from her pussy she grabbed Sarah’s smooth head with both hands caressing it, then slowly pushing it down towards her own pussy. Sarah licked and sucked my girlfriend’s breasts on the way down. Once down there she began greedily eating and licking my girlfriend’s pussy and sucking on her clit. Pausing for a second, she took her bald head and rubbed it on my girlfriend’s crotch. She let out a gasp and yelled, “Shave me already!”

Picking up the clippers I placed them at my girlfriend’s forehead. I drew them back to her crown and sheets of shoulder length blonde hair cascaded to the floor. Taking another pass, my girlfriend squirmed with pleasure from the clippers, and from Sarah’s work as she held her bald head firmly in place. I worked around the side of her head, exposing her ear. Hair was beginning to accumulate on her lap, and thus Sarah. She didn’t seem to mind though. I moved to the other side and continued my work, doing what I’ve always dreamt of. Soon all of my girlfriend’s hair was on the floor, her lap, or Sarah’s head.

“You better stop, I can’t have her squirming while I’m using the razor,” I said to Sarah. Pulling up, she gasped for air. Her face was covered with my girlfriend’s pussy juices, which she started to rub all over her face and head while moaning. Sitting back on the floor, she proceeded to furiously masturbate while I gathered the razor and shaving gel.

“What do you think so far, baby? Worth it?”

“Oh yes, this is amazing. My first headshave and my first girl encounter all at once. Only I could be so lucky to still have you waiting as well,” she replied. I looked her in the eye, and she looked amazing. Her brown roots were now brown stubble and her eyes looked beautiful. I gave her a long passionate kiss, and while doing so I reached up behind her and sprayed shaving gel all over her stubble. As we continued to kiss I rubbed it all around, covering every square inch. Finishing I said, “Now for the best part. Prepare for the grand finale!”

Standing beside her I started with the razor at her temple and drew it back. She gasped with the first rasp and smiled. Her hand moved down to her pussy and stroked it with each stroke of the razor. Slowly but surely, glassy scalp replaced the stubble and I couldn’t wait to begin the shaved monkey sex. As soon as I could I kissed and licked her scalp as she had done with me, causing her to giggle.

Meanwhile, Sarah had brought herself to orgasm and was laying there glowing as she took in the sight of her friend being shaved completely smooth by her completely smooth boyfriend. I winked at her to let her know her role wasn’t finished yet.

Once I was finished with the razor I took a towel and wiped off the excess gel and felt her scalp with my hands. “How’s it feel? Like you imagined?”

“Oh, so much better. The same sensation from head to toe, I love it. I love you.”

“Wait here a second, I have an idea. Sarah, will you go get the baby oil,” I asked. My girlfriend stood up and turned around. Placing her arms around me, she placed her body against me and began passionately kissing me. Sarah returned with the baby oil and I had her pour it over my girlfriend and I. She began rubbing it around, making us all slippery. We got down on the floor, with me on my back and my girlfriend mounted me. As she rode me, Sarah continued the application process. At one point my girlfriend leaned back and rubbed her own smooth head on Sarah’s smooth pussy as Sarah has done earlier. After a few minutes of this, she got off me and Sarah took her place. I couldn’t believe she was letting me fuck Sarah, but this was great. She crouched down behind Sarah and oiled her up, starting at her head, and moving down to her breasts and legs, massaging everything as she went. She then finished oil
ing me and then placed her pussy in my face for me to eat, while she faced Sarah and made out with her. It didn’t take much of this before we all came wildly and collapsed in a heaving, shaved, oily pile on the floor.

“That was the most amazing thing I’ve ever done,” my girlfriend said.

“Aren’t you glad I wanted to shave my head?” Sarah said, “I knew I could get you to give in and go along.”

“I don’t know what to say. A threesome with two bald, beautiful women. What more could a guy want?” I said.

“How about a show?” Sarah said and went over to my girlfriend. They kissed, and then began sixty-nining for my viewing pleasure. We went on all night much in this fashion, and watched the sun rise on the back porch in our undies after taking the best shower ever. I can’t wait for S-Day next year!

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