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”Alex, what would you say when I cut my hair short? I mean really short.”

Alex looked at Angela as if she had made him an indecent proposal.

”What has come over you?” he shouted. ”That’s out of the question! You know how much I love your hair.”

Yes, she knew. She was tempted to ask him if he loved her hair more than herself. But she didn’t do that. During more than a year they were living together and Angela was in love with Alex and she tried to satisfie himin many aspects but sometimes she had doubts. He could be so possessive. As if only his opinion counted, really peremptory. Most times Angela resigned herself to his wishes. He was much more self-confident than she, he overpowered her.

”But couldn’t we discuss it?” Angela tried again. Since she was 12 or 13 she had had her hair grow but 21 now she thought it to be time for a change.

”Angela, you heard me. You are looking perfect with long tresses and it has to stay like that.”

”Darling, it starts to be boring, always the same look, after all those years.”

”As long as I’m not bored it is okay. Honey, if you love me you cannot do that.”

‘And if you love me you wouldn’t mind,’ Angela thought but again she didn’t say it.

‘Frappez toujours,’ she thought. Again and again she took up the subject but Alex rejected the idea every time.

At last Alex got fed up with Angela’s nagging as he called it.

”I don’t more want to hear one word about the subject, Angela. Discussion closed.”

”But there has never been a discussion,” Angela opposed.

”I don’t care. You have heard what I said and that’s final.”

A few days later Alex sister Valerie (mostly called Val) informed that she would come over during the weekend. Angela wasn’t happy. Val had the same dominant character as her brother and when the two were together Angela couldn’t cope with them.

But Val surprised them, at least Angela for Alex didn’t show any reaction. Val’s collarlength black hair had given way for a short boyish cut with clippered back and sides.

”What do you think of my hairdo?” Val asked when she was alone with Angela. As Alex hadn’t had any comment Angela hadn’t had the courage to mention it either.

”I think it is cute but I don’t think Alex likes it. He didn’ say a word about it and that is significant.”

”Well, that is none of his business, isn’t it? It is my hair after all.”

”Yeah, you should know how he fulminated against my wish to cut my hair short.”

”You are his girlfriend, you shouldn’t forget that. I’m only his sister. But why should you do it? You have beautiful hair.”

”I think it to be time for a change. Just as you have done, I suppose?”

”Me? I didn’t want a change. I had to do it.”


”Oh, I met someone and he wanted me to do it.”

Angela couldn’t imagine that someone could force Val to do something she didn’t want. But she didn’t say it.

That night in their bed after Alex had screwed Angela, it had always to be him who took the decision, she ventured to mention Val’s short hairstyle.

”You didn’t say anything about the change.”

”Darling, we shouldn’t any more raise that subject again, should we? Val may do as she wishes, she is her own boss.”

That had been all.

On Saturday morning Angela went shopping at the mall. When she came back she was waited for by Alex and Val.

”Come with us, Angela.”

They took her to the bathroom.

”Take off your clothes, Angela, and sit down.”

Alex pointed at the toiletstool.

”Why? What for?” Angela asked anxiously.

”You’ll see, don’t ask. Just undress,” Alex grinned misschievously.

Angela could only obey. She pulled out her shoes and socks, then her sweater and trousers. Alex shove her onto the stool.

”Well, sweetheart, I had forbidden you to mention cutting your hair but nevertheless you did it again, to me and to Val. Okay, I’ve had my fill of it. You want to cut your hair, so it shall be. Val will give you a nice short hairdo.”

”No!” Angela cried. ”Val is not a hairstylist. She would make a mess of it.”

Val laughed maliciously: ”Don’t bother, sweetie. It will be easy to realize the style that I have in mind.”

Angela burst out crying. She had seen the clippers Val kept in her hand. There wasn’t a guard attached on them.

”Oh please, don’t do that to me,” she begged.

Alex didn’t show any compassion: ”Too late, baby, you have no choice. It’s all or nothing at all. You have only yourself to blame for it.”

”Please no, Alex. I’ll never more talk about cutting my hair,” she sobbed.

Val took up the clippers.

”It’s no use, sweetie, your hair has to go.”

She laughed, winking at her brother.

Angela noticed it and that was too much. Suddenly anger rose in her, from her toes upwards. All the pent-up frustration was suddenly discharged, her reserved attitude abandoned, her submission gone.

”You asshole, you don’t love me, you’ve never loved me! You have always treated me like being your property, your slave. I’m sick to death of you!”

Alex and Val stood flabbergasted, never having expected this outburst. Before they could recover themselves Angela jumped from the stool and with unexpected rapidity punched her fists into their stomach regions. Her former taekwondo training bore fruit though she had been out of practice for more than a year. Alex hadn’t wanted her to do it and Angela had submitted to his wishes.

Alex and Val folded double, gasping for breath. Angela rushed out of the bathroom, through the adjoining bedroom and locked the door. She ran out of the apartment and thumped against the opposite door in the hallway.

A middleaged man opened the door and shrunk back startled seeing the half naked girl in front of him.

”Please, help me,” Angela squaeked, sobbing violently.

”Angie!” He exclaimed. ”Come in,” he closed the door behind her, ”What is the matter?”

The noise had alarmed his wife whe shouted from the room where she was seated: ”What is going on, dad?”

She rushed out of the room: ”Oh my god, Angela! What happened?”

Angela wasn’t able to speak. Cora put her arm around the girl’s shoulders and hugged her.

”Poor child, what has he done to you?” She patted on her back.

At last Angela could tell what had happened and how she had escaped.

”I’ll never go back to him; he has opened my eyes. All the time he has humiliated me, treating me like his private plaything. Oh, what a fool I’ve been!”

”I’m glad that you have come to your senses, child. I’ve been so sorry for you. That boy is no good. You are not the first. I have been about to warn you but Henry, my husband, told me not to mix in. Oh, I’m so sorry, I wish I had done it. But for now you are in need for some clothes. I’ll look if I can find some from Melinda, our daughter. You know her, don’t you? You are a few inches taller but as slim as she is.”

She left the room. Angela occasionally had met the 19 years old girl and exchanged some words with her in the elevator or at the corridor when she came across her. She had understood that Melinda worked in a beautysalon as an apprentice.

The blouse was wide, the skirt a lot shorter than Angela used to wear but the shoes definitely too small. Never mind, she had no intention to go outside.

”Well dear, what are you going to do?” Cora asked her. ”Have you any idea where to go?”

”Before I put up with Alex I shared an apartment with my best friend Mildred. She has found someone else but she works for an estate agency so I hope that she may help me to find accomodation. Maybe she will offer me shelter till I’ve
found something. But it is Saturday and mostly she spends her weekends with her boyfriend. I might call her and leave a message.”

Mildred wasn’t at home.

”Never mind, you can stay with us if you want. We’ll improvise a sleeping-place for you.”

The telephone rang and Cora answered it.

”I’ll ask her…..Angie, it is Alex.”

”I don’t want to speak to him.”

”No, she wouldn’t come.”


”He wants to apologize, he says he didn’t mean it…..”

” He scared me to death, Cora. Tell him to fuck his sister.”

”Fuck your sister, Alex.” She laid down.

”Oh my god, I can’t believe that I said that.” Cora had got red as a beet. Then she began to laugh.

”That serves him right! Well done, Angie.”

”Well done, Cora! But I realize that I have to get back my gear and Alex will be mad and besides I have not the slightest intention to ever set a foot into his apartment.”

”Don’t worry, darling,” Cora said. ”We’ll arrange that. Just sign a statement in which you authorize us to collect your things. He won’t refuse me to enter his apartment.”

At the end of the afternoon a voice was heard: ”Hoi mom, I’m home!”

Cora smiled: ”We are here, sweethart!”

Melinda stopped dead in her tracks when she entered the room, amazed seeing Angela in some of her clothing. Angela too was dumbstruck. She remembered Melinda having long straight blonde locks and she saw a girl with a mass of red curls. Because of the curling it looked a lot shorter.

Also Cora seemed surprised: ”Sweetheart, what…..last time you dyed your hair red and now those curls!”

”Well, don’t you like it? I’m working in a beautysalon, you know? All of us are considered to change out hairstyles regularly. It is a sort of promotion, good for publicity.”

”Well yes, it suits you….but I have to get accustomed to it.”

”Then you should be fast, mom, as soon enough I’ll have to change again……Angela, what brought you here?”

Cora told her.

”Thank god that you freed yourself from that bastard. The way he looks at me when I come across him….He really is a creep. Do you really want a short haircut?”

”Well, I don’t know. Perhaps I said it to dare him. It doesn’t matter any more now.”

Melinda turned to her mother:” Mom, I didn’t yet find a model. I need one next Monday when I go to school and you once said that you eventually would be available….”

Angela felt impelled to offer herself: ”You need a model? Maybe you could use me?”

”Sure, that would be great.”

”What have you planned to do?”

”I don’t know yet; my mentor will give me an assignment on Monday. But don’t worry, we’ll do nothing without discussing this with you.”

”Okay, I’m in. I have my day off Monday, so that’s no problem.”

”I love you. You are expected to be at my school at 2 o’clock. Thank you, Angela.”

Sunday night Mildred called and agreed to provide housing for Angela.

”We’ll find some room for you, girl. Meanwhile you may stay with me as long as is necessary. I’m too happy that you have ended this ominous relation.”

”Angela, you have to sign this statement. It says that you volunteer to be a hair model and that you won’t charge the school for any damage that could be inflicted upon your hair. If you are not satisfied about the style you’ve got my mentor will fix it for you. Do you agree?”

”Of course, Melinda, I’ll sign it.”

”Hi, I’m Celia, Melinda’s mentor. Nice that you put yourself as her model. Well, I see you have great hair. That is splendid, I hope you that you will not leave it to this one time for I think that we can use you for….well, indefinitely.”

She looked somewhat uneasy. Angela wasn’t at her ease as well.

”I cannot say yet. It depends on what I’m in for.”

”Oh, it won’t be serious today, Melinda has hardly any experience. Melinda, take Angela to the shampoo sink for washing, conditioning and rinsing. Don’t dry her hair fully, leave it a little damp and trim about an inch. Your hair is beautiful, Angela, but I think it would look still better cutting it in layers, if you don’t mind. And at last I think that you should perm the far ends weakly to give her coarse curls. You see, Angela, the overall length won’t change much. Do you agree?”

”Oh yes, that’s fine.”

Melinda used all of the afternoon to style Angela’s hair. Proudly she asked her: ”What do you think?”

”Marvellous, you have done a great job, my hair has much more volume. Thank you, Melinda.”

”And it isn’t short.”

Angela smiled: ”It is only the first time, Melinda.”

”So you are willing to model again?”

”Oh sure, I trust you.”

Of course Alex wanted to contact Angela. He called several times at Mildreds home as he rightly suspected that she had gone back there. But Angela didn’t want to speak to him. But of course she came across him once, as was bound to happen, for Angela and Melinda had become good friends and every now and then Angela visited her at the apartment where Melinda lived with her parents.

”Hi Angela, wouldn’t you come in for a moment?” He asked with a wicked grin.

”I’ll never more set a foot at your place,” she answered.

”Okay, let’s go elsewhere then, there is a pub nearby. You went away so suddenly and left something unfinished.”

”Are you referring to my hair?”

”We were only teasing you. Do you really think that we should have clippershaved your head? Your locks are far too precious. I really do appreciate that you didn’t cut them. You’re looking marvellous.”

”Stop your sweet talks. I’ve been deaf and blind but now I know that you never loved me. You only wanted to posess me and to use me as your blow-up doll. Grow up, Alex, you still are a spoilt child.”

”I must say, you have increased in strength. I mean psychically.”

”I did everything out of love for you but you bullied me all the time. It’s over, Alex. Whatever you say, I don’t believe you any longer. I pity the next girl who runs into your claws. You’d better consider her feelings.”

Alex stared into the eyes of Angela: ”You sound like my mother. Mama please, don’t preach.”

”I think we have no more to say to each other, Alex.”

”Could we be friends then?”

”No, not for the moment. Maybe when you change and you can convince me that you did. I hope you will.”

”Angela, are you able to be my model again next Monday afternoon?”

”I think so. But I have to arrange to be free from work in the hospital.”

”Of course. Do you think that’s possible?”

Angela smiled: ”Yes, I have an option on the Monday’s.”

”Hi Celia, what do have in mind for us today?”

Celia looked at Angela for a few moments. ”How about bleaching your hair?”

”Making me a light blonde?” Angela gasped.

”Yes, if you don’t mind.”

”No, not at all, I think it’s funny.”

After Melinda had shampooed and rinsed her locks she applied the bleaching solution and wrapped her hair up in foil. While Angela was awaiting the effect of the chemical she noticed that the outgrow of Melinda’s hair now clearly showed that she was a natural blonde. She mentioned it and Melinda laughed: ”I know, I’ve waited till my hair had grown about 1/4 to 3/8 inch. When I’m done with you I’ll get a haircut. If you want you may watch.”

”Well, I’m not in a hurry. What haircut do you want?”

”Wait and see. You’ll be surprised!”

”Wow, that’s cool!” Angela exclaimed after her hair had been styled. The dirtyblonde had been transformed into a platinablonde. ”I’m a new person!”

Melinda occupied the chair and Celia caped her.

”Cool?” she asked. ”Wait till you se the new me!”

Angela gasped when Celia picked up a pair of clippers supplied with a number 4 attachment and flicked on the switch. She put them at Melinda’s hairline and ploughed them through the thick hair of th
e girl right to the back of her head, sending a mass of red curls to the floor and into her lap. Soon all of the curls had gone and her hair reduced to to about 3/8 inch of blonde hair with 1/8 inch red tips.She looked absolutely fabulous.

”When your hair has grown about 1/4 inch you could do that too. Your own colour with platinablonde tips.

Angela smiled: ”I might consider that when time has come.”

But there wouldn’t be any need for considering as Celia wanted Melinda to dye Angela’s locks chestnutbrown when it had grown out somewhat. And some time later she had her apply spiral curls which gave Angela the appearance of an angel. Though she liked the hairdo it took her every day rather much time and trouble to style it.

Since her talking to Alex she had to think back from time to time, meeting him had had a certain effect on her. She had rejected his proposal but in a way she missed him, particularly during her lonely nights. He had always been a good though compelling lover and she craved to feel his hands and lips exploring every inch of her body as a foreplay to impaling her. Of course she could and did use a vibrator but this was a poor substitute. She just wanted to feel and grab a living body!

But then she thought of the way he had treated her, his selfishness and domination. She had told him that he had to change but she didn’t expect that he would.

Then the end of the schoolyear was approaching. Melinda told Angela that on her last day as a model a surprise haircut would await her. Angela was curious but Melinda did not let out anything.

For the last time Angela went to the hair-dressing school, surprised only encountering Melinda there.

”Where are the others?” she asked amazed.

Melinda laughed: ”There are no others. First surprise: we are alone all afternoon. And second; I’m the model and you are going to cut my hair.”

With those words she jumped into the chair.

Angela began to laugh: ”I don’t know how to do that, I’m a nurse, not a stylist.”

”Oh, it is easy, everyone can do it.”

Melinda took a pair of clippers; ”Look, a number 4 attachment has been adjusted. You only have to flick on the switch and move them across my head. Nothing could go wrong.”

Angela gasped: ”I should give you a buzzcut?”

”Exactly. Put a cape around me and start.”

Melinda’s hair had grown out to a short pixiecut.

”Well, if you want me to do this, let’s go ahead!”

Angela started at her nape; she pushed Melinda’s head to her chest and moved the clippers up to her crown. Path after path the backside of her head was shorn and short hairs rained down. Melinda told her to fold her ears to get free access to the hair above and behind them. Without any trouble Angela carried out the task leaving Melinda with a 1/4 inch buzzcut. Melinda looked at herself in the mirror and pulled a long face. She removed the attachment and put some others in a box. She handed the box to Angela, held one hand across her eyes, took one attachment out and gave it to Angela.

Angela looked and gasped: ”It is number 1.”

”I know,” laughed Melinda, ”I don’t need my eyes to choose this one.”

She attached it to the clippers. ”Go on, let them loose on my head!”

Angela obeyed and again moved the clippers across Melinda’s head reducing her hair to 1/8 inch and exposing the pale skin of her head.

Again Melinda looked in the mirror and laughed: ”That’s a lot better.”

The buzzing and clippershaving of Melinda’s head had aroused Angela. Her sexual frustration made her loose control of herself. She bent over and kissed her friend passionately………

At that moment the door was opened and in came……………Alex!

Immediately Melinda jumped out of the chair and ran towards him. She kissed him and grabbed his hand, saying: ”Alex and I have had a long conversation and we are friends now.”

Alex looked at Angela: ”I’ve always thought you to be a decent girl, Angela, but not any longer. You shaved my girlfriend and I caught you kissing her!”

Angela got beetred, she stood there dumbfounded and didn’t know what to say. How could Melinda be so treacherous? She knew how Alex had treated her! And how could she be his girlfriend? Suddenly it struck her: maybe she wanted to be dominated and to be submissive! But why hadn’t she said anything about this? How long was this going on already?

Suddenly Angela realized that the two were closing in upon her and startled she stepped back. And then they began to laugh!

”I’m not Alex’ girlfriend, we made that up to tease you.” Melinda told her. ”But we did talk and Alex wants to say something to you.”

Alex went to his knees before Angela: ”Angela, I’ve treated you badly and I’m sorry for that. I love you and I want you back, I can’t live without you. Could you forgive me?”

Angela was so embarrassed that she couldn’t properly think. At last she said with a break in her voice: ”We could give it a try.”

Alex rose and kissed her passionately and Angela melted.

They were interrupted by the voice of Melinda: ”Angela, don’t forget that this is your last day being my model and I promised you a surprise haircut.”

Alex joined: ”That’s true, sweetheart, I think you owe your friend to give you the same haircut as you gave her.”

And again Angela was flabbergasted! Did he mean that? He didn’t want her to cut her hair, did he? Or did he? She didn’t more what to think. Or were they teasing her again?

While Alex and Melinda stood there waiting her decision Angela pondered how to solve this quandary.

At last she came to a conclusion……………………


”No, thank you, Melinda, in fact this is not my last time. I’m ready to be available as your model during your next schoolyear too.”

”Oh, but then I’ll have to practice short, maybe extremely short hairstyles!”

Angela smiled: ”We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, care killed the cat! By then you may give me that surprise cut.”

Alex hugged and kissed her: ”Well done, honey, I only was joking. Your spirals are beautiful, it would be a shame to cut them. Nevertheless, belief me, I would love you even if you were bald.”

Angela was very grateful for those words and kissed him passionately.

Melinda noticed the developing steamy heat between the two lovers and silently went out. Alex and Angela ripped off each other clothes, she pushed him into the chair, straddled him and let herself down on him.

”Oh, I’ve missed you so much,” she whispered and French kissed him. This was a breakthrough: Angela had gripped the initiative.


‘Well, he dared me and I’ll accept the challenge,’ Angela thought. She went to the chair and sat down.

”What the heck, you are right, I owe Melinda this.”

”You needn’t do this, Angela,” Melinda told her, ”I asked you to clippershave my head but I have promised to surprise you.”

”Nevertheless, do you remember that I so often wanted to cut my hair but never did? Now the time has come. Cut it all off! I know the spirals are beautiful but I want to get rid of them.”

”Are you sure?”


Melinda didn’t hesitate any more. She flicked on the clippers, still supplied wth the number one attachment, and told Angela to look straight forward. She put the clippers at her hairline and mowed through her thick hair to the crown, leaving a nearly two inches broad wake of short stubble.

”Too late to chicken out now,” Melinda announced.

She proceeded and spiral curls piled up in Angela’s lap and tumbled down to the floor. After the top of her head was shorn the sides followed and at last the back. Still a few sweeps with the clippers across her head to be sure that every hair was reduced to 1/8 inch and Melinda brushed off the short hairs from her face and skull. She pulled away rhe cape: ”All done,” and Angela rose. Next to each other the two girls looked in the mirror an
d Alex who had looked on and had been very aroused moved behind them and put a hand on each baldhead.

”Two admirable cute baldpates,” he spoke. Then he grabbed Angela and rubbed her scalp: ”I love it!” Angela kissed him pasionately.

Melinda noticed the developing steamy heat between the two lovers and silently left the room. Alex and Angela ripped off each others clothes, she pushed himinto the chair, straddled him and let herself down on him.

”Oh, I’ve missed you so much,” she whispered and French kissed him. This was a breakthrough: Angela had gripped the initiative.

The end (You may choose which one).

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