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It had been her own idea to turn this into a game… Kim had been thinking about cutting off her long hair for a long time, and when she finally decided to do so, she thought: why not have some fun doing it? So the game started, and now it was ready to really begin.

She had explained her plan to her friend and Gina had immediately loved the idea. This was what Kim had in mind: Gina would search for a collection of bob haircuts on the web and when Kim approved of that collection, Gina was to choose one of the cuts for Kim and e-mail the picture to Kim’s stylist.

Kim really wanted her hair bobbed, but wasn’t sure how yet. She hoped and trusted Gina would make a good decision. The thought of playing a game with her appearance somehow excited her, and she was glad that it didn’t take Gina long to come up with a nice collection of bob haircuts.

There were two pages, Gina found on some website about cutting women’s hair. They also had pictures of pixies and bald girls, but Kim was looking for a bob, so she just ignored the other photos, although they did arouse an interest. She opted for the second page.

She thought page 1 featured styles that were just too daring. The cuts ánd the colour schemes. Besides, Kim just fell in love with a classic bob in a shade of blonde that very much resembled that of her own hair. All the hair was cut off in a straight line, about an inch below the jaw line. She sure hoped Gina would choose that one.

Now was the time. Gina had e-mailed the picture of her choice to Kim’s hairdresser and Kim was in the chair, not knowing what she would look like at the end of the day. She would meet Gina afterwards in a nearby bar to show off her new haircut. Gina was already there, drinking wine, as she was very excited about the `hair game’.

Kim was caped. Her long hair was still wet when the hairdresser combed it through thoroughly, untill all the tangles were gone. She was allowed one last look and then the mirror was covered with a cloth. The next time Kim would see her reflection, she would be a different person and a lot of hair would have covered the floor.

The stylist started cutting and long locks slid down the black cape, the honey blonde hair making a fine contrast to the black vinyl floor. She went all round Kims head and Kim felt certain now that Gina had chosen her favorite haircut from the collection. It just had to be the classic bob!

She began having her doubts when the hairdresser started to apply what seemed to be dye to the remains of her hair. Kim never had coloured her hair before and had trouble breathing because of the smell of the chemicals. It took an hour before her locks were rinsed. She tried a glance at the mirror, but she couldn’t see a thing.

Once more her hair was parted in the center and combed out and again the stylist started cutting from front to back. Kim thought her hair was getting shorter than she thought. The hairdressers started somewhere around her jaw, and instead of going straight, the scissors seemed to cut higher and higher, in a steep angle.

Kim thought hard. What other cut on that blasted internetpage could she be getting? Surely not one of those very daring short bobs? The ones with the non existant bangs and the clippered napes? The thought disturbed her. On the other hand, she was getting excited.

By now the stylist had cut of her hair on the left side. Kim had felt the steel of the scissors about halfway up the back of her head, and now the two blades started on the same journey on the right side of her head. The stylist now put the scissors away and picked up a pair of huge electric clippers. Kim freaked out. She would kill Gina for this!

She could feel the cold steel at the base of her neck and shivered as the clippers mowed away at her nape, all the way up the back of her head to the point where the scissors had obviously cut a line in her hair. The hairdresser continued this over and over again, untill the cold steel had turned warm. Hot even.

`Time to clean up’, said the stylist and she started snipping at Kims hair, evening up the cut. When she was done, she applied something hot at the base of her skull and then Kim had this strange sensation. Oh my god, she thought. She’s shaving me clean!

Kim was gratefull the shaving didn’t take long. Her hair was blown into shape and sprayed with a large amount of hairspray. To give it a good shine, explained the stylist. She told Kim to shut her eyes and then uncovered the mirror, so she could finally see the outcome of the `hair game’.

Kim was flabbergasted by her reflection. Her once blonde locks had been dyed black, just as her eye brows. `Jet black, with a hint of blue’, explained the stylist. Her hair fell to her jaw line and formed a perfect frame to her face. Never before her green eyes had seemed so radiant. She decided the colour suited her.

Kim turned her head and knew she had felt right during the cutting. Her hair had been cut in a steep angle half way to the back of her head. All the hair below that line had been clippered and then shaved to bare skin. She was bald! She stroked her nape and it felt as smooth like her recently waxed pussy. So much for a classic bob…

She asked the sylist for the picture Gina sent and she handed a print out. The girl in the photo had indeed black hair and the stylist was just about the shave the nape with clippers. `In the picture it has no guard’, explained Kim’s hairdresser, `so I thought I’d better shave you clean. And the white skin is a perfect contrast to the black hair.’

The walk to the café where Kim would meat Gina wasn’t long, but Kim noticed she got a lot of attention with her new haircut. Maybe this wasn’t so bad after all… Her appearance also turned some heads while entering the bar. Gina was sitting at a table near the window. She obviously had been on the look-out for Kim, but she only noticed her friend when she stood at her table and said `hi’.

They kissed and Gina stroke Kim’s bald nape. `You look stunning’, she stumbled and Kim melted when she said that. She took another look at herself in the mirror at the back of the bar and couldn’t help admiring hew new extreme inverted bob. `It’s not what I wanted, but you made a great choice’, she said. `I want to play this game again.’

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