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I usually didn’t take a much care of my hair and so I just let it grow. In the meantime it was almost reaching my waist, but the ends were thin and starting to split. My friend suggested that I should get a trim and gave me the address of her salon.

Completely unbiased I went there eventually. Orville, the best known stylist in our town, immediately caped me, praised my terrific hair, but also reproached my carelessness.

Then he immediately started to shorten my mane to shoulder length; but with the center parting, it looked rather simple. After hesitating briefly, he decided that bangs were needed.

He made a precise parting and cut short bangs. “Very modern” he commented, but with the long hair it just didn’t look right.

Without asking for my opinion, he proceeded to shorten the hair to the middle of my ears.

I sat there like frozen, seeing the long hair strands falling on the floor.

“Now there’s just that small extra detail missing” Orville reflected. A shaved neck is needed. He buzzed my neck with the bare clippers up to the occipital bone.

Now the sides needed to match, he gave me an undercut, and after that he applied shaving foam and shaved it completely smooth.

But he still wasn’t happy with my “hair style”, so he trimmed the bangs to a triangle and buzzed he hair on the top of my head to ΒΌ”.

He stepped back to look at his creation, but it still wasn’t to his liking. He then buzzed off all the rest of my hair, applied shaving foam and shaved all my head.

Not even the eyebrows did he forget. I now was completely hairless.

Finally he drew some highly arched “brows” with a black pencil and applied a complete professional make up.

With tears in my eyes I hurriedly left the salon. I’ve never returned, even nowadays when I hear the word bangs I’m still getting goose bumps.

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