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Cassie checked her voicemail as she was walking to her car after work; message from Mom – call back later, message from recent ex – he wants to get back together, even though he cheated on her – delete that message, and a message from Jessica – wants to meet up for dinner and catch up on happenings.

Cassie and Jessica had worked together for a little over a year and had become pretty good friends. Jessica quit the job a few weeks ago and went to work for a local record label while Cassie transferred to a new position within the company. Cassie hadn’t heard from Jess and really wanted to know how the new job was going and how the wedding plans were going – right before Jess took the new job her boyfriend of 3 years had proposed. Cassie knew that Jess’ new job involved marketing the label’s bands but didn’t know much more.

Cassie and Jess clicked right away when they met just over a year ago. They both were in college and both were just turning 21, so it was an exciting time for them. Cassie has thick chestnut brown hair with a natural curl, which most women would kill for, the length, goes just past her shoulders, a generous 36C bust and an athletic body to match. Jess has sandy blonde hair also to her shoulders, but not quite as thick as Cassie’s. Jess did have a great body though – 34B bust and an athletic body too, being a softball player keeps her in shape. Cassie and Jess would regularly go out on the weekends to have fun flirting with the boys and occasionally a girl or two if they were really feeling good.

Cassie didn’t wait to call Jess back. As she sat in her car she dialed Jess’ cell phone and got her on the second ring. She and Jess made plans to meet up that night at one of their favorite restaurants, which was also a microbrewery.

Cassie headed home and changed into something more comfortable than her work uniform. She decided to go low key since it was just dinner at a casual bar. She picked out a pair of jeans that hugged her tight butt snugly as well as a form fitting “vintage” baby doll t-shirt sporting the Rolling Stones famous lips logo. Cassie headed out into the warm night air to meet up and catch up with her good friend.

Cassie arrived at the restaurant in no time and looked around for Jess. She didn’t see her so she grabbed a seat at the bar and ordered one of her favorite microbrews. As Cassie was looking around the bar she saw a stunning woman with close cropped black hair sitting at a table by the window. Cassie could only see the backside of the girl but she knew it was a girl by the tight tank top and short shorts she was wearing to show off killer legs. Cassie admired the girl’s haircut – low maintenance, no nonsense, wash and go – very convenient and very sexy yet very feminine. Cassie swung back around to the bar and ordered another beer.

She began to think that maybe Jess was going to stand her up when she heard a familiar voice asking if she was ever going to come over and join her for dinner as they had planned. Cassie spun her chair back around and was face to face with the girl at the window, the one with the crew cut, her friend Jess. Cassie was shocked and mentioned that she never would have recognized Jess with the dramatically short dark hair had she not come up and got her.

Cassie grabbed her beer from the bar and followed Jess back to the table – she couldn’t wait to hear how she came to have her hair that short. Jess and Cassie made it back to the table and Cassie complemented Jess on her new look. She mentioned that she was just admiring her and how great and convenient the hairstyle looked. Cassie said that she almost came up to her, not knowing it was her good friend, to complement her on the style.

The waitress came over and took the girls’ orders and let them alone to talk. Cassie couldn’t stop telling Jess how great she looked with the super short cut and how brave she was. She asked what Nick, Jess’ fiancĂ©, thought about the dramatic makeover. That is when Jess hit Cassie with another bomb – she and Nick were no longer together.

They had broken up about 2 weeks ago, around the same time that Cassie had last talked to Jess. Jess told Cassie that she had suspected Nick of cheating but didn’t really know for sure and didn’t want to believe her instincts. One afternoon she came home from work early only to find Nick and some girl “fucking on MY couch in MY living room.” She immediately went to the bedroom, grabbed a bunch of Nick’s clothes and kicked his ass to the curb. She never wanted to see him again – let alone marry him. Jess abruptly cancelled whatever wedding plans were already in the works.

Cassie was stunned at the news; she had thought that Nick and Jess would have been together forever, the “perfect couple.” Albeit that news was surprising, Cassie was still curious about how Jess came about having almost all of her hair cut off.

Jess said that after she cried for a day or two she realized that this wasn’t her fault and was moving on. When she got back to work she began talking to a couple of coworkers and told them the story. Melly, one of Jess’ coworkers at the record label and also someone Jess and Cassie had worked with at the old job, told Jess that she needed some pampering and gave her a business card of a day spa and salon that she frequented when she was down. Melly said that the stylist/owner, Lisa, was wonderful and would make her feel all better. Jess thanked Melly and put the card in her pocket.

When Jess got back to her apartment that night she took the card out of her pocket and dialed the number. Surprisingly Lisa actually answered the phone, being it was 9pm she didn’t expect an answer rather a message that told her when the salon opened in the morning. Lisa took Jess’ information and set up an appointment for late Saturday afternoon.

Two days later Saturday arrived and Jess was ready for some pampering. She arrived at the salon and thought it was rather small, turns out it was narrow and long but not small. The receptionist, Emily, had Jess take a seat while she got everything set for her. Emily soon returned to lead Jess back to her massage appointment, the first of the many pampering activities. Jess received what she thought was the best massage ever – a head to toe massage that was soft yet sensual and very relaxing. Jess then went on to have a manicure, pedicure, facial and lastly a Brazilian wax. Jess had been waxed before but this time was different, it might have been all the relaxing activates before the wax, but this wax didn’t hurt at all – she thought it was rather enjoyable and erotic, horny as all hell Jess never wanted this day to end.

Now was the finale of the whole day at the spa – the hair session with Lisa. Jess was led into a private room with a large styling chair in the middle surrounded by mirrors, so she could see all angles of her hair or haircut to be specific.

Lisa came into the room and greeted Jess with a smile and a hug. She mentioned that Jess looked very relaxed and Jess told her that it had been one of the greatest days of her life. She said that she didn’t want the day to end and hoped that this part would be just as relaxing yet exciting as the rest. Lisa told her that it may very well be the best part of the day – it is all up to Jess to decide that. Lisa told Jess that many of the women who join her in the room prefer to be nude while they get their haircut but it was up to her. Jess said that she would prefer to keep her robe on but she appreciated the thought. Lisa led Jess to the hair wash station and while washing her hair proceeded to give Jess the best head massage she had ever received. One of Jess’ weaknesses was head massages – they usually got her hornier as hell, all this did was fuel her fire. Lisa finished up the wash and rinse and led Jess back to the chair – wet up top and down below. Lisa brushed out Jess’ sandy blonde hair; wet it reached just below her shoulder blades. She then asked Jess how she wanted her hair cut and styled.

Jess wanted to do somet
hing drastic – a makeover to match her newly found freedom, so she told Lisa just that, do something drastic. Lisa asked if Jess had anything in mind, “Nope, just shorter,” was the response from Jess.

Lisa thought for a moment and began sectioning off Jess’ hair. Lisa gathered up Jess’ hair and secured all except the back leaving a perfect line across the back of Jess’ head. She than grabbed her clippers, took off the guard and began at the Jess’ hairline slowly running the clippers up her head, shearing away all hair. The clippers sent a chill down Jess’ spine and a lighting bolt through her pussy. Lisa unfastened the rest of Jess’ hair and recombed it smooth. She picked up her shiny shears and placed them right below Jess’ left ear. Jess heard the scrunch of her hair as the shears sliced through her hair. Lisa continued cutting at an angle around Jess’ head. Jess could see in the mirrors that the shaved part of her head was now very visible. Lisa ended right under her right ear for a perfect angled bob. Lisa rewet Jess’ hair and placed the scissors above her eyebrows, well above her eyebrows. Lisa cut Jess some short bangs to go great with the angled bob.

Lisa asked what Jess thought, Jess replied that she really liked the way it looked but she was hoping that Lisa could go shorter. Lisa told her that anything she does now will be much shorter because of the clippered hair in the back. Jess said that she didn’t care, Lisa had free reign to make her over.

Lisa grabbed the clippers again and quickly flicked them on with her thumb. Lisa began right above Jess’ ear and ran the clippers to the back of Jess’ head. She continued the passes with the clipper over the top of Jess’ head. Jess was now almost completely sheared; her face was framed with hair. Lisa gave Jess a beautify Chelsea cut.

Lisa rewet what was left of Jess’ hair and trimmed the stray hairs so Jess’ fringe was perfectly shaped. Lisa asked what Jess thought, “I would have never thought of getting my hair cut like this but I really love it,” replied Jess. Lisa said she was not quite done.

Lisa went to her counter and began dispensing foam into her hand; she came back to Jess and spread a generous layer of the warm foam all over her head. Jess breathed in the intoxicating smell of the lavender scented foam. Lisa grabbed a Fusion razor and began to rid Jess’ head of any stubble, leaving a smooth scalp behind. Lisa carefully shaved Jess’ head. Jess was in heaven; while Lisa was busy removing the stubble from her head she was rubbing her waxed mound. Jess loved the feeling of her smooth pussy, she rubbed her clit slowly and softly, occasionally inserting one or two fingers for added pleasure; she couldn’t get enough of the sensations pulsing through her body. Jess quietly had few orgasms, careful not to move and cause Lisa to nick her head. Lisa knew Jess enjoyed the head shave; she couldn’t help but notice Jess’ breathing – heavier and heavier then a release.

Lisa wiped away the remaining spots of foam and retrieved a small bottle of oil. She told Jess that the oil was to moisturize and protect her newly shaved scalp. Lisa put some oil in her hands and began rubbing Jess’ head. Jess was again in heaven. Lisa knew Jess was loving the massage, she moved her hands further down Jess’ head, onto her neck and shoulders. Lisa then slowly moved her hands under the robe Jess had on and opened the robe. Lisa got more oil and began rubbing Jess’ breasts while still standing behind her. She massaged Jess’ pointed nipples, pinching and caressing.

Lisa moved around front of Jess, leaned over and slowly kissed Jess’ neck, moving down to her glistening breasts. She opened up the robe and exposed all of Jess. Lisa gently licked Jess’ nipples causing Jess to cum again. Lisa moved down Jess’ stomach and to her wet smooth pussy. Lisa spread Jess’ swollen lips and exposed her sensitive, swollen clit. She massaged Jess’ pussy with her tongue touching on her clit so often Jess was bucking in the chair. Jess grabbed Lisa’s head and ground her pussy against Lisa’s face. Jess came again and again while Lisa enjoyed every minute of pleasuring her new client.

Lisa slowly pulled away from Jess. She leaned over and gave her a passionate kiss, allowing Jess to taste herself on Lisa’s lips. Lisa smiled as she said, “I hope you enjoyed your day here.” Jess just nodded softly still trying to catch her breath. Lisa walked out of the room while Jess regained her composure and closed her robe.

Jess got up, returned to the room she started in, got dressed and walked to the reception area where her wonderful day began. Lisa was waiting for Jess by the counter. She thanked her for coming today and reminded her to tell her friends about the salon if she enjoyed herself.

Cassie couldn’t believe what she had just heard. She jokingly asked Jess if she had given up on men completely. Jess replied that although she really enjoyed her session with Lisa she was not giving up men – at least not right now but she was keeping her options open.

Jess asked Cassie if she would like to come back to her apartment for another drink and to catch up some more since they were done with dinner. Cassie accepted the invitation and off they went.

.Little did Cassie know how interested in Jess’ new haircut she was

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