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Sarah saw the ad in the paper looking for women with long hair that wanted to make lots of money. Sarah had done some hair modeling in the past and knew it was good money, so she called.

The person who answered the phone explained that the audition was for a game show that they were working on. The winner could end up with as much as 5 million dollars. But they may loose a couple of inches off of their hair for incorrect answers. Sarah told them thanks, but no thanks. She liked her long silky jet black hair too much to risk it.

Several days went by and Sarah kept thinking about the ad. She would start to think about the show, how she would have spent the money, and the fact that she was incredibly intelligent. “I can win that money” she would think to herself and then with one look in the mirror, would quickly change her mind.

5 days after she saw the first ad, disaster struck, the company she was working for announced that they were shutting down. She had worked there for several years, but it was difficult to find a job in her field, let alone a young woman. She called the number on the ad and made an appointment for an interview.

The next Saturday, she sat in the waiting room of the studio. Her nerves were going crazy, one minute she was ready to risk her long locks and the next she was ready to head for the door. After what seemed like an eternity, she was finally called back for the interview.

An attractive young man sitting at a desk rose and invited Sarah to have a seat. Sarah sat and then he began by explaining the rules. The game was simple. There are 3 contestants. Each question had a length associated with it but none of the contestants know what the length is until after a correct answer is made. The first contestant to chime in and answer the question correctly gets to choose which of the other two contestants looses that much length of their hair. Once a contestant’s hair is shorter than a randomly chosen length, they are out of the game. The randomly chosen length is determined at the start of each round by a spinner. It goes from bald to 6 inches from the nape of the neck. The winner of each round then has the option of taking their winnings or moving to the next round where there is more money for winning. If a contestant wins 5 rounds, then they will win 5 million dollars.

The man then held up a contract. He went over it with Sarah and explained that it was legally binding and that it would hold the studio, advertisers, and network harmless due to her loosing her hair and also had provisions in it for being bound during the competition to ensure that her hair was in fact cut. He then gave Sarah 5 minutes to think it over and sign the contract or leave.

Sarah thought about it and signed the contract. The man came in and thanked her and told her where to report. During the taping, all contestants were put in hotel rooms. Sarah spent the night brushing her waist length hair until she drifted off to sleep.

Early the next day she was brought in for round 1. Her fellow contestants all had waist length hair. They were brought in and sat in barber chairs. They are strapped in and covered with capes.

The wheel is spun and the length to eliminate the other contestants is 6 inches. The first question is asked and Sarah buzzes in. She answers it correctly and they reveal that the first length is going to be 3 inches. She decides to have it taken off of the blonde to her right as she hates bleach blonde hair. Sarah does very well during the first round, winning $5,000 and only losing 2 inches off her hair.

When asked if she is going to go to the next round, she says yes. There are two more contestants brought in. The elimination length this time is bald. Sarah gets very nervous at first. The contestant on her left answers the first question correctly and the length is 6 inches. She smiles as she looks at the other two girls. She picks Sarah. Sarah is horrified at the idea of loosing 6 inches of length off of her hair. Snip, snip, snip goes the stylist behind her and her hair is gone. Sarah steels herself for the rest of the round and is determined to see that bitch bald before the end. After 2 questions correct, the next question Sarah chooses is a special type. Sarah can bet any length of hair that she has and if she gets it right, she chooses one of her competitors, if she answers incorrectly, she looses that much. Sarah says, “all of it”. The audience erupts in applause. Sarah is given the question. After thinking about it for a moment she gives her answer and it is correct. Sarah chooses the girl that took 6 inches of her hair and watches with a smile as she is shorn, all of her length gone and tears streaming down her face. Sarah finishes the other girl off in short order as well. Sarah now has won $25,000 and still has over 20 inches of her hair left. She also states that she will come back for round 3.

The remaining contestants are taken to their hotel rooms. Sarah looks in the mirror and thinks that 8 inches is not so bad. She sleeps well that night and is well rested for the next day’s contest.

The contestants are once again brought in and strapped to their chairs. The wheel is spun and the elimination length for this round is 1 inch. The girls’ hair is measured and Sarah starts with the longest at 21 inches, followed by a redhead with 19 and another brunette with 16. The announcer states that all of these questions are worth 2 inches of length. The questions begin and to Sarah’s horror, the other girls are faster to their buzzers than she is. Since Sarah started with the longest hair, they are both teaming up on her. 19 inches, 17, 15, Sarah’s hair is getting shorter and shorter. During a break, she asks to drop out of the competition and is told that she can not. The contract stated that the only way for her to get out was to have her head shaved completely. The break is over and the game continues. 13, 11, 9 inches of Sarah’s 29 original inches are left. Sarah gets into the game and fights hard. Her tears are trying so hard to come out but she fights them. Sarah gets several questions correct and starts taking away some lead that the other two girls have. Finally, after a long hard fight, the redhead is eliminated. The stylists do a quick measure of the girls’ hair. Sarah is down to 7 inches and the other brunette is down to 8. By sheer luck, Sarah answers the next 4 questions correctly and the other brunette is eliminated. Sarah says that she will continue to the next round and is awarded $250,000. The only reason that she is continuing is that she remembers now in the contract, that if she does not continue, she gets to keep the money, but they will shave her head. Sarah is taken to her hotel room, where she breaks down and cries immediately.

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