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Sally was an old fashioned farmer full of country ways , hard but fair. she kept a flock of sheep on the outlying farm close to where i lived. Nobody crossed sally they knew what to expect. She kept herself to herself and lived a solitary existance. Just her and her sheep.

When she went to market i fed her flock in the morning and the evening. she never got back till late usually , the market was miles away and her landrover wouldnt go over 40 miles an hour.

I had my own key to her back door because she left the sheep feed in her kitchen.

One morning after i had fed her flock , i returned to her old farmhouse with the buckets. Normally i just put them back and go on home , but this morning i noticed laying over her armchair the wooly white jumper she had handknitted with her own flocks wool.
It was huge thick fluffy and cableknit patterned. I just had to wear it. I stripped my clothes off and pulled that polonecked jumper on.

I was so aroused , i stood in front of her mirror admiring the fuzzy jumper that belonged to sally. i rubbed my hands all over it . it was warm and soft and lovely.

Suddenly she was behind me shouting cars broke down walked miles home and youre wearing my favourite jumper you little bastard. I ll tell the whole village about you and your ways and she was going out the back door.

I ran out into her yard begging her to stop trying to explain , please please i begged her. she stood there hands on hips. ok she said you wanna look like one of my flock then i ll treat you like one. get in the barn she shouted i m gonna shear you like one of my sheep.

I had no choice she would of taken great pleasure telling everyone she caught me dressed up i her fluffy jumper . i had to do what she said.

She dragged me onto the sheep trailer , i was on all fours on the back and she bound my arms and legs to the sides of the trailer with baler twine. she tied me tight so i couldnt move without the twine cutting into my skin. she sat on my back and drew my hair up on top of my head and tied it up to the trailer with more twine. it pulled on my ponytail and stopped my head from moving.

Then she turned on her shearing machine. it roared into life the huge clippers buzzed loudly. i was so scared and unable to move and sally was about to shear me like one of her sheep.

Nobody would hear me out there in the wilderness and the engine was so loud. she grabbed the giant clippers and roared them up the back of my head up to the ponytail over and over then she drew them up the top of my head in lines. then she shaved the right side bare to the top and then finally the left side too . it was all severed except at my crown she held my head down and clipped over the last few lengths until it was completely removed. it hung on the trailer all in one piece. my two foot long blonde hair was all gone.

Now you look like a sheared sheep you little bastard she shouted. i watched her open the trailer sides and get out a huge syringe sheep tranquiliser she shouted and she jabbed it right into my arse. i went out like a light.

When i awoke i was tied to her barn rails. she had painted my torso and legs with black tar right up to my neck. i still had her fuzzy jumper on too it was stuck all onto me. she painted my bald head with tar just leaving my face uncovered. then she stuck tufts of sheep wool to my head until it was completely covered. then all up my legs and onto my feet until i was covered in old wool.

Now youre in the flock you little bastard she shouted at me and she left me there to dry. i was sallys sheared sheep

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