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Maria was upset. She had spent the weekend with Conchita, her 18 years old sister who lived in a small dwelling together with her husband.

About a year ago Maria and Conchita had arrived in the USA, coming from their native island Puerto-Rico. After the dead of their father their only brother Rodrigo had taken care for this as he didn’t want them to be chargeable to him. Every now and then he did some duties for the office of the bishop and via them he made contact with an organisation that rendered assistance in legal emigration to the USA. They also took care that women and girls did not get strapped into prostitution but could find a fair job.

The family was very poor. The father had been sickly and though he sometimes made some money with obscure trading, he, his wife and six children had to live from the yield of a small field with corn, beans and vegetables as well as the eggs and meat of some chickens.

Three elder sisters had married and the two youngest now lived in the neighbourhood of New York. Maria, nearly 16, had got a job as a servant-girl and Conchita was a waitress in a diner. She had met a boy there, had fallen in love with him and both rather inexperienced, she soon got pregnant. She had told him that her Roman Catholic religion forbade abortion and he had taken his responsibility and had married her. Both their families saved up to have Conchita’s mother witness the wedding. At that moment nearly eight months pregnant Conchita’s belly had been bulging.

This weekend Maria was shocked seeing that Conchita had had chopped off nearly two and a half feet of her long straight ravenblack hair and now sported a short bob, just giving her earlobes free. A Louise Brooks cut that enclosed her head like a helmet.

”Much easier,” she had said, ”that long hair caused me too much trouble and time. And soon the baby will cause a lot more work.”

Maria was shocked again the next Monday. When she came home from school Shireen, the 14 years old daughter of her employer, showed up with a very short crewcut, in fact a flattop, instead of her waistlength lovely mane! And a few minutes later she saw Gary, a classmate of Shireen, busy shaving the back and sides of the girl’s head!

Maria had looked on as if she had been spelled. Shireen had told her to touch the shaved parts of her head and Maria had said: ”Woaw……..it’s sweet and soft!”

”Smooth and soft.” Shireen had corrected her with a smile.

Maria had left but the remembrance of the events haunted her, even in her dreams.

That night she had dreamed that Gary shaved off the last vestiges of Shireen’s hair and then had turned to Maria: ”Your turn.” Maria had taken to her heels but Gary had been speedier. He had grabbed her long locks: ”Shireen, got her!” he had cried. Maria had screamed, seeing Shireen approach with a pair of big scissors in her hand and the sounds she produced had awakened her.

She had been too excited to fall asleep again. She had felt the urge to touch her crotch and though she felt guilty she had yielded to the temptation to let slip one finger into her vulva where she easily found her button of desire. She had been teached by her mother and sisters that it was a sin and she hated herself that she couldn’t fight the urge. After she had climaxed she immediately regretted her weakness. She thought: ‘I’ll be punished for this.’

In the course of Tuesday morning Sheila Hunter, her employer, asked her: ”What do you think of Shireen’s new hairstyle?”

Maria grinned: ”Very, very short, ma’am. But….soft and sweet.”

”Smooth,” Sheila said, scrutinizing the girl’s long locks which were of the same colour and length as those of Conchita had been. Mostly she did wear them braided or in a ponytail as was the case at that moment.

”I think you could use a haircut too, Maria. Your hair is rather messy.”

Maria blushed. She didn’t know what the word meant but presumed that it had an adverse signification. She hadn’t the nerve to ask as her employer and said:”Me ask my sister.”

”No, that won’t be necessary, I’ll make an appointment for you to visit a beautysalon. What do you think?”

Maria’s cheeks flushed further up: ”Dunno, ma’am, me afraid laughing at me.Me never had haircut.”

Surprised Sheila asked: ”Your hair was never cut?”

”No….si…ma’am,” Maria stammered. ”Only little bits by sisters.”

”Ah, you mean your hair was trimmed now and then. Don’t worry, I’ll arrange this and no one will laugh at you.”

Later Sheila gave her an envelope with an address on it.

”Maria, take the bus which drives across this street. The busstop is on the overside, you know that. Ask the driver where you have to step out. Give the envelope to the receptionist and ask for Tracy, a girl with pigtails. Here is money for the bus and the salon. Just go now, your appointment is at four o’clock.”

The busdriver turned out to be a middle-aged woman.

”Yes, I know where that salon is: ”The Crazy Hair Salon.” Why in the whole world do you want to go there?”

”My ma’am makes appointment.”

”Well, I hope she’s right. Okay, I’ll tell you where to leave the bus.”

Hesitating Maria opened the door. A girl with short bleached hair greeted her: ”Come in, you must be Maria.”

”How you know?”

The girl smiled: ”You were announced.”

”Oh. Me asking Tracy.”

”Tracy will be with you in a few moments. Just take a seat overthere.”

Maria nervously looked around in the to her totally strange environments. Those weird colours, the luxurious leather and chromium furniture. She didn’t fit in this entourage with her long mane and her dull gray pleated skirt to her knees.

”Hi, I’m Tracy and you surely are Maria.”

Maria looked up at the young girl. She remarked: ”You no pigtails.”

The girl’s hair was no longer than 1/8 inch all over. She smiled: ”No, I cut them off last Saturday.”

Tracy rubbed both hands across her skull: ”Do you like my haircut?”

Maria shrugged: ”Very short but not soft and sweet, oh sorry….smooth.”

Tracy laughed: ”You like it more if it were smooth?”

Maria shrugged again: ”Dunno…..maybe.”

Her thoughts went back to last week when she saw Gary shaving Shireen’s head……..

She was interrupted in her daydreams by the voice of Tracy: ”Please follow me, Maria, let’s begin.”

Startled Maria strolled behind her to the chair and sat down.

”Will you please lift your hair above your head?” the stylist asked, holding the cape in her hands.

”Gee, you have a big shock on your head,” she said, fixing the cape around Maria’s neck. ”Never mind, we have a solution for everything.”

She started to brush the long, black and lightly curling tresses. First the lowermost and gradually ascending to the top of the girl’s head. Maria relaxed and moaned when she felt the brush caressing her scalp. She closed her eyes and didn’t notice that Kelly, one of the other stylists, approached the chair.

”Hi Maria,” she said, ”I’m Kelly.”

Surprised Maria looked up. Kelly was standing in front of her. She didn’t notice that meanwhile Tracy had gathered her hair into a ponytail and tied it with a ribbon. Suddenly she heard a humming noise, she felt someone give a tug at her hair but a few moments later it was over. Without delay her head was pushed forward to her chest and Maria felt a vibrating machine at her nape, slowly making its way up across the back of her head. This was such a new and incredible experience causing intense feelings. Shivers ran up and down her spine, she winced and automatically her right hand, not visible under the cape,crept under the hem of her skirt upwards along
her thigh. One finger slipped under the elastic band of her panties. She spread her legs somewhat to give her finger the opportunity to enter her vulva……..Maria’s arousal was so strong that she nearly forgot to realize that her hair was shaved off which of course she couldn’t see. The clippers now moved quicker, one path next to the other showed denuded skin. Tracy removed the hair behind Maria’s right ear and went to her right side. She didn’t notice what Maria was doing but Kelly did. When Tracy looked up she winked and Tracy noticed the blissful expression on Maria’s face and smiled. The back and right side of Maria’s head was soon bared and Tracy moved to and attacked the left side. Then she lifted Maria’s chin and put the clippers at the frontal hairline. Maria opened her eyes but Kelly stood between her and the mirror. Maria now seemed to realize fully that the clippers relentlessly robbed her of all of her hair but she was still fingering her clit. Suddenly the humming stopped. Maria looked up at Tracy who smiled and whispered in her ear:”Soft and sweet, huh?”

”Smooth,” Maria answered.

”Okay, smooth.”

Tracy covered Maria’s head with warm shaving foam.

”Mmmm………..feeling good,” Maria muttered but a moment later she felt a razor scraping across her scalp.

”Ooooh……ooooh,” she cried and tightened.

Tracy had to wait till Maria relaxing fell back in the chair. She was beetred and stumbled: ”Me sorry…..me …so …ashaming.”

Tracy and Kelly reassured her: ”Don’t, it is very naturel to be exited if your head is shaved.”

Tracy added:”I did it myself when Kelly cut off my pigtails and clippershaved my hair. Didn’t I, Kelly?”

”Sure, I nearly nicked you. And I’ll tell you, when Tracy cut off all of my long hair and shaved my head to a flattop….well, I had a big orgasm.”

Tracy resumed the shaving and the sexual tension vanished Maria thought:’This is the penalty I deserve. I am a sinner and should be punished. As a punishment my head is shaved bald. But it doesn’t feel like that, it is such a wonderful sensation.”

At last she saw her image when Kelly stepped aside.

”Jesus Maria!” she exclaimed seeing the strange girl in the mirror with an endless forehead, big dark eyes and small ears, oddly sticking up at her head. Under the cape she crossed herself.

Then she grinned: ”Cool…and sweet.”

”Smooth,” Tracy smiled. ”What do you think?”

”What ma’am will saying?”

”I think she expects it,” Tracy answered. ”She called me, you know.”


Maria attracted a lot of attention when she left the salon and she didn’t like that. She didn’t know where to look and should prefer to be invisible. Fortunately the bus arrived soon. Very peculiarly the same fat lady was driving it. She had to take a second look to recognize the bald girl as the same one that formerly had left the bus with long tresses.

”I have warned you that they do strange things in there.”

”It okay, ma’am told them,” Maria answered.

”And you let them do it?” she shook her head in disbelief.

Maria smiled and sought a place. The driver shrugged and the bus drove off. Maria found a seat across a young mother and her about five years old daughter. The litle girl gazed at Maria and turned to her mother: ”Mommy look, she has no hair.”

”Sssshh….be quiet.”

Turning to Maria she said: ”I daresay that you provoke such remarks with your peculiar array.”

Maria didn’t understand what she meant but she assumed that it referred to her bald head.

A young man next to Maria said: ”Madam, be careful, she might be sick.”

The woman shook her head; ”No, there is a black shadow across her scalp. That means that the roots are healthy.”

”Nevertheless she can pull it off.” He turned to Maria: ”You are looking good, it suits you. I like it.”

Maria only smiled. She couldn’t and wouldn’t tell those people that she had sinned and that God had had her punished by shaving off her hair, as she firmly believed. Oddly the shaving had initiated another act of sinness! She deserved to be bald for a long time!

At the next stop half of the passengers left the bus, including mother and daughter and the young man.

Sheila smiled when Maria arrived and scrutinized her bald pate: ”Well, did you enjoy your haircut?”

”Yes ma’am.”

”Fine, it’s much better than that unkempt mop and very easy.”

Shireen had inquired after Maria when she came home from school and found her mother opening the door. She was curious about the girl’s haircut and gasped when she saw her.

”What happened? Did you ask fot this?”

Maria shook her head: ”No but is okay, me not mind.”

Shireen and Gary, who had come together with her, patted on her shining dome and laughed: ”Looks good, Maria!”

The reaction of Clive, Sheila’s husband, was different: ”What is going on in this house?!” He cried. ”First my daughter and now our maid! Is it contagious?”

”Don’t make such a fuss, Clive. Maria had such a shock of hair that I by no ways could see if she by any chance would be contaminated with lice. You never know with those Latino girls. In any case it is easy to ascertain now. That reminds me, I have to have another word with her.”

Sheila went to the kitchen where Maria was preraring dinner.

”Maria, do you take a shower every day?”

”No shower on me room, ma’am.”

Maria had a small room at the attic.

”No but I had told you that you may use Shireen’s bathroom when she is in school. Do you do that?”

”Some time, ma’am.”

”I want you to do it every time before you clean up her rooms, you understand?”

”Yes ma’am, I do.”

The next day Sheila went about ten o’clock to Shireen’s room. The door to her bathroom was ajar and Sheila heard the shower running. She pushed the door open; startled Maria grabbed a towel and tried to cover herself. Sheila laughed: ”Don’t be so prudish, girl, we are women among each other and we have nothing to hide I suppose. Let me have a look at you.”

She pulled the towel away: ”Gosh, you have a lot of hair there too. Maybe we can settle that the next time that you visit the salon again.”

Maria didn’t know what Sheila meant with this remark but she said: ”Yes, ma’am.”

Conchita was shocked.

”Have you gone nuts?! You’re bald! Why did you do that?”

Maria shrugged: ”You cut your hair too.”

”But I didn’t shave all off. You look like a freak. Answer me, why did you do that?”

”Ma’am made an appointment for me.”

”I can’t believe it! Surely she didn’t tell you to have your head shaved.”

”No one asked. They just did it.”

”And you didn’t stop them? My god, what a silly you are!”

Jim, Conny’s husband, laughed when he heard his wife come down on her sister.

”Come on, Conny, I think she looks cute as a baldy.”

”Oh, do you want me to shave my head too?”

”No, I didn’t say that. You are not as petite as your sister.”

Conchita began to cry: ”I know, I’m a monstrous whale.”

Jim took her in his arms: ”Nonsense, you are no monster. And what is more, within a few weeks you’ll have your former figure back.”

”But I’m even not able to have sex with you,” she sobbed.

”Listen honey, we have other ways to satisfy each other, isn’t it?”

”Yes, I know…….I’m unreasonable..I’m sorry”’stammered Conny.

”Okay, your hair is gone,” she said to Maria. ”How about it?”

Maria didn’t speak about her view that she had got punished by God as she had sinned. Certainly she would not confess in the presence of Jim that she could not restrain indulging herself!

She shrugged: ”Sort of like it.”

”You see,” Jim said, ”She doesn’t mind. So, why should we do?”

After ten days Maria’s hair had grown out about 3/8 inch and Sheila told her that she had made an appointment for her to visit the salon again. Maria was greeted like an old friend by N
ancy, the receptionist, Tracy and Kelly.

Tracy ushered her to the backside of the salon and opened a door exposing a corridor with doors on both sides. She opened one of the doors and they were in a room in the middle of which was standing a gynaecological table with stirrups. Amazed Maria looked at it.

”Maria, I want you to take off your skirt and panties and climb on that table,” Tracy told her.

”No!” cried Maria, ”Me not do.”

”Why not? Your ma’am said that you have so much hair down under and that something had to be done.”

Maria got red as a beet: ”She told you? You can’t do. Is no good.”

”Why Maria? Tell me why it would be evil?” She put one arm around the shoulders of the girl.

Maria shrugged: ”Dunno….think sin.”

”No Maria, it is no sin. It makes you think of sex, doesn’t it?”

Maria nodded.

Tracy sighed;; ”Maria, don’t believe all of those fairy tales. Sex is not sin but fun. I’ll show you something.”

She lifted her short skirt, she didn’t wear panties.

Mesmerized Maria gazed at the naked pubes of the girl: ”Woaw!”

”Well, how about it? Don’t be a wimp, hop on that table!”

As in trance Maria climbed on the table, Tracy grabbed her legs and pulled her to her butt to the edge. She unzipped the girl’s skirt and pulled it off, just as her panties. Then she pullled at her legs so that her butt just lay on the edge and placed her legs in the stirrups. Maria was embarrassed finding herself in this position for the first time in her life and in front of a person who had a ful view at her secret parts!

Then she heard the voice of Tracy: ”Don’t be afraid, honey, I’ll be very careful with you.”

The humming sound of the clippers…..and feeling them put on her Venus mount, moving around her vulva…..The vibrations made Maria shiver and again aroused her. And then she felt how Tracy applied shaving gel and spread it evenly. She began to shave the stubble away very carefully. First Maria’s mons, then her vaginal lips, holding them with the fingers of her left hand. Those sensations made Maria very horny and she winced. Tracy had to interrupt her activities: ”You should lie still, sweetie, otherwise I could nick you.”

”Oh, me very sorry, but…….me cannot…….ooooh……aaaaaah!” She stretched her back and couldn’t restrain herself.

Tracy waited till Maria had gone limp: ”Can I proceed now?”

Maria was very ashamed. With a head red as a beet she answered: ”Me so sorry. Oh, me so shame, forgive me.”

”Don’t bother, honey, it happens more than once when I shave the pubes of girls.”

Soon she had finished her task and wiped the area clean. She held up a mirror so that Maria could see her private parts, no longer hidden by bushy hair.

Maria laughed: ”Woa! Me looks little girl!”

Tracy grinned: ”Yeah, smooth and neat.”

”And me head?” Maria asked.

”Sure, now we go to the salon. Here, put on your skirt.”

Maria obeyed, her panties remained forlorn on the floor. Forgotten or deliberately? Tracy didn’t mention it.

Tracy knew how Maria enjoyed being clippered and shaved. She took her time, countless times she had the clippers run criss-cross over the girl’s head before she covered it with shaving foam. Meticulously she shaved off all vestiges of hair after a second and third lathering. She rubbed a lotion into her scalp and polished her head with a woollen tissue, changing it into a shining cueball.

In between Maria’s hand had moved under the cape and under her skirt towards her naked crotch. The feeling of her uncovered private parts aroused her again and two fingers entered her vagina and found her clit.

The stylist had to interrupt her pursuits for some moments when the girl got an orgasm. Though she felt less guilty after the words of Tracy: ”Sex is no sin but fun”, she nevertheless was not fully sure of that.

Ashamed she said: ”Me sorry again.”

Tracy asked: ”Do you have a boyfriend, Maria?”

”No, me do not.”

”Well, I think it is time to find one. You are a real hot chick.”

”Oh, thank you,” Maria answered who didn’t exactly understood what she meant.

Tracy laughed; ”I mean to say that you like sex very much.”

Maria’s head got beetred but she kept silence.

Sheila sent Maria every week to the salon and the girl always had the time of her life. One day a handsome man in his midthirties was presented to Maria byTracy:”Maria, this is our boss, Mr. Owens. He wants a word with you.”

Maria was surprised and didn’t know what to expect. He explained that Nikki, the shampoogirl, would be educated to become a stylist.

”So we are in need of a new shampoogirl and my girls think that you would be suited for the purpose. Well, if they say that you perfectly would fit in our team I will give it a try. What do you say?”

Amazed Maria asked: ”Me shampoogirl?” Then enthused: ”Oh, me like very much!” But then, doubtful: ”What ma’am say?”

”I don’t think she will object. It is easy to find a new Latino or black servant girl. But I’ll call her.”

Sheila didn’t object and so Maria became a member of the team in the Crazy Hair Salon.

She had got a little room next to the bedroomof her sister and brother-in-law. In fact it was a boxroom without a window and so small that there was hardly place for the mattress om which Maria slept. It didn’t bother her; at least she had a place where she could sleep. If she got a chance to sleep! She often heard Jim and Conny make love in their adjecent bedroom, clearly perceiving every noise and Conny was very clamorous when she came! Their activities aroused Maria too and she phantasized about a boy fucking her. But she hadn’t yet met one and Conchita watched over her little sister. She didn’t want her to do naughty and risky things to protect her for becoming pregnant at an early age like herself. Meanwhile she had given birth to a boy and Maria helped her sister in her free hours, especially with the baby which she pampered as if it were her own.

”Why worry about Maria?” asked Jim his wife, ”she is unattractive with her shaven head.”

”I don’t know,” Conchita answered, ”some men just like it.”

”They must be crazy. Who would be fond of a bald chick?”

Maria asked the girls in the salon every now and then to shave her head again. She craved to feel the razor scraping and scratching across her scalp. The girls were eagerly willing to fulfil her desire but one day Mr. Owens told them that though he liked extravagant hairstyles he thought a permanent bald head too much.

”Don’t shave too often and let a fringe grow out. Give it eventually another colour, blond or pink or whatever. Do you agree?”

Maria nodded and Tracy said: ”I’m sure a Chelsea would suit you very well, Maria.”

‘I’ll never meet a goodlooking boy,’ Maria thought, ‘Conchita controls me as if I’m a prisoner.’

Meanwhile she had learned to speak English better. And Tracy and Kelly had helped her to buy sexy outfits but she only wore them in the salon. When she went home she changed into her usual rather dull skirts and blouses or sweaters.

She didn’t know that a boy was watching out for her. Twice a day he could be found in the neighbourhood of the salon, before and after school. But Alex was shy, he didn’t know how to make contact with the girl when she eventually came outside.

One evening he stood just in front of the entrance to the salon when Tracy hurriedly burst into the street. She bumped into Alex who was thrown down. His head hit a sharp edge and a bloody scratch was the result.

”Oh, excuse me, I’m sorry,” she exclaimed, ”Are you okay?”

Dizzy Alex looked up at her. He saw a pair of kneelength boots, above them slender thighs and still higher frilly panties. He gazed and didn’t response.

Tracy noticed that he was bleeding and jerked open the door, yelling: ”Maria. come, quickly!”

Maria hurried towards her. Together they ushered Alex inside and had
him sit on a chair.

”Are you okay?” Tracy asked him again.

”Not too bad,” Alex succeeded to say.

”Tracy, you should go to your appointment, you are late already. I’ll manage,” Maria told her.

”He is bleeding, you should apply a bandage but first treat the wound with iodine.”

”I know where I can find it.”

”Well, I’m off then. I’m sorry…..I don’t even know your name. I hope you will be allright.”

”Don’t bother, I’m okay and my name is Alex.”

Tracy left and Alex noticed that he was alone with Maria. She dabbed the wound with a gauze saturated with tincture of iodine.

”It will hurt somewhat,” she said, ”By the way, I’m Maria.”

Then she applied the bandage. ”Fortunately the wound is on your forehead and not hidden under your hair. It would have been more difficult to find.”

”You should have had to shave off my hair if that had been the case,” Alex joked. He felt more audicious than he normally was, perhaps impressed by the accident.

Maria looked at him; ‘He is handsome and nice,’ she thought.

She had to get it off her chest and she blurted out: ”What do you think of my hair?”

”You know, I’ve seen you many times for every day I pass by the salon when I go to my school and back and first you were totally bald. You caught my attention as you were gorgeous without hair. Now you have nice bangs and sometimes very short hair but every now and then the rest of your head is shaved again. I think it to be grandiose.”

”Really? Do you like it? Most people think it to be weird.”

”Maybe I’m a weirdo,” Alex laughed.

”Well, I have to close and be off, it is already late.”

”I would like to accompany you to your home, if you don’t mind.” Alex was surprised about his own courage but the girl inspired him to have confidence in her.

”That would be nice.”

Chatting they went to the busstop. Maria had told Alex that she had a small room in the apartment of her sister and brother-in-law, that her father had died and that her mother lived in Puerto Rico.

”The next stop I have to leave the bus and it would be better when you don’t come with me. I don’t know if my sister would appreciate seeing me in the company of a boy. I’m only sixteen you know.”

”But I want to meet you again.”

”Well, you know where you can find me. And I promise that I’ll speak to my sister.”

Maria told Conchita what had happened and assured her that Alex was a very nice boy. Conchita realized that she wouldn’t be able to keep boys away from Maria for ever and if it should be true that Alex was a decent boy it would be better to accept him as her friend.

”Well, bring him with you one of those days,” she told Maria, ”So that we can meet him.”

Maria beamed and embraced her sister.

”Nevertheless you should see our physician to have him prescribe a contraceptive. I don’t want to happen to you the same as I had to go through and get pregnant on a too early age.”

Maria blushed: ”I don’t think that to be necessary.”

”Better too early than too late, hon. I’ll make an appointment for you.”

The physician turned out to be a rather young man. Maria had had the illusion that he would give her a prescription and that would be all. But he thoroughly interrogated her about earlier illnesses, operations, employment, domestic circumstances and so on.

”Do you have a boyfriend?”

”Yes sir.”

”Do you sleep with him?”

”Oh no sir, I just met him,” Maria said indignantly.

”Okay, just checking. Well, please go to the room alongside. There you’ll find Mandy, my surgery-assistant. She’ll help you to undress.”

”Undress?” Maria asked embarrassed.

”Yes, please.”

In the other room Mandy was busy with instruments.

”Take off your clothes behind that screen and put this on.” She gave Maria a theatre shirt with the fastening on the backside.

”Should I take off all?” Maria informed.

”Yes, everything, including your panties.”

Maria didn’t like the idea but she obeyed.

Mandy noticed her embarrasment when she came forth and took her hand: ”I’ll stay with you, hon. Nothing to worry about.”

She made Maria climb on the gynaecological table, not unknown to her, and put her legs in the stirrups.

Mandy saw the fear in the girl’s eyes: ”Don’t be afraid, the doctor just wants to have a look. Did you never have a medical examination?”

”I have but never my private parts have been exposed like this to a man.”

”He is a doctor, honey, and it is his profession.”

”Maria, I’m going to spread your vaginal lips and insert a small instrument, called a speculum. It may feel strange but I won’t hurt you. Don’t be afraid,” the doctor spoke.

Nevertheless Maria winced when she felt the cold metal instrument enter her vagina and she pinched Mandy’s hand.

”Everything is okay, Maria, you may dress.”

He had noticed that she still was a virgin. He wondered why she had shaved her pubes but didn’t ask

Maria told Conchita what she had been gone through.

”Poor darling, I wish I had come with you, but it is not that simple because of the baby. He has to be fed in time.”

”I know. I was completely baffled but that’s that.”

She didn’t tell Alex about her visit to the doctor.

Alex made a good impression on Conchita and she gave him consent to date her little sister.

Though Alex and Maria liked each other more and more every time they went out together, they were reluctant to have physical contact. Some hugging and pure kissing, that was all. This didn’t change during several months.

Then Conny and her husband went one weekend to the parents of Jim with their baby, leaving the house to Maria. Saturday afternoon Alex came to visit her and Maria did her best to be a good hostess.

In the evening they were looking at a movie on TV, half sitting and half lying on the couch. The movie, a love story, with unmistakable sexual references, caused the formation of a field of aroused tension between the the two youngsters. Stimulated by an undeniable change in Maria’s attitude Alex became more audicious. He put one hand on her knee and as she didn’t protest but on the contrary moved closer to him he had his hand slide under her skirt and crawl higher and higher up her thigh till he reached her panty. Alex hesitated some moments but the reaction of Maria gave him the courage to let slip his finger under the elastic. Surprised he felt her naked pubes. It made him so horny that all his inhibitions vanished; he pulled her panties off and gazed at her bare crotch. Maria had her eyes closed, awaiting….

Alex disrobed her seeing her lying totally naked he quickly took off his clothes too and let himself down on her. Maria grabbed his head and kissed his mouth passionately…

”I want you, come into me,” she whispered, ”Oh, I want it so much. Don’t worry, I’m protected.”

Alex spread her legs and bent her knees and hips, shove between them with his underbelly and tried to bring his male member in the neighbourhood of her vulva. Eagerly Maria took it in her hand and guided it…..She gasped when it was at the edge of penetrating and she gave a squeak when she noticed a short, sharp pain when she felt her hymen tear; immediately forgotten as his penis found its way to the top of her vagina, eliciting feelings she had never experienced…….

Alex began to move, backward and forward, slowly at first. Maria lowered her legs and squeezed them together, enclosing the hard-on in a firm grasp. She moved her pelvis rhythmically up and down and soon they were acting in close harmony. Quicker and quicker, their movements accelerated while their respirations became panting……suddenly Alex groaned and Maria squealed and both exploded into a shaking orgasm……..

Later, red, heated and sweaty, when they were lying side by side, holding each other close, Maria sighed: ”Alex, why did you wait so long? We should have done this already
much earlier.”

”I thought that you were not yet ready for it. I wanted it so eagerly but I didn’t dare. You didn’t encourage me.”

”Oh Alex, if only you knew! You are too careful. We have been fools, haven’t we?”

”Yet no more.”

”No, from now on I’m your wife. Do you agree?”

”Sure and I’m your husband. We melted together.”

”So, we are married, aren’t we?”

”In a way yes, though it should be legally confirmed.”

”That is only a formality, darling. Just say that it is true.”

”It is, sweetheart, we are married. We married ourselves.”

Maria again kissed him with all of her passion: ”I’m so happy to be your wife now.”

”Honey, you are the only and best one I can imagine to be that. You know, I should like you to look as the first time I saw you. At that moment I fell in love with you.”

”When we first met I looked about the same as at this moment,” Maria responded surprised.

”No, I don’t mean the first time we met. Before I had seen you several times but you didn’t notice me.”

”Ah, I see!

”I think a ritual shaving would be the seal of our marriage while you’ll look just as the first time I saw you.”

”To my way of thinking our sexual act has sealed it. Now sex cannot more be a sin.”

”Honey, I think both views are valuable.”

”Okay darling, I’ll do everything you want.”

Alex took his bride, both stark naked, to the shower cubicle which was as small as Maria’s room and had her sit down at the slop-pail. As he had no clippers he had to use scissors to cut her hair short. First he cut off the bangs, then the remaining hair on her head which measured about half an inch was shortened to stubble. It took some time to make all of her hair so short that it would be appropriate for shaving. Maria smiled at him: ”I love you, Alex, you make a lovely bride of me.”

Alex kissed her: ”The most lovely on earth, hon, I told you you are the only and best.”

He lathered her shorn head and shaved off all of the stubble. He repeated the procedure twice to be sure that every vestige of hair would be removed. He shaved off her eyebrows, reshaved her pubes and armpits before he concluded: ”Except your eyelashes you are now devoid of hair. My beautiful hairless princess.”

”And you are my Prince Charming, darling. Come, let ‘s celebrate our wedding.”

Maria took him to the bedroom of Conchita and Jim.

”We have all night and the whole Sunday to be together. We”ll explore our naked bodies till we are exhausted………….”

Late Sunday night Jim and Conny came upon them sleeping in each others arms.

”Let them in peace,” she said, ”They have become love-birds.”

”Yeah,” Jim said, ”She looks like a bird without feathers.”

The end.

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