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After the rinse, Danielle started to dry the rods with a towel. She pushed and pushed on the rods until they where dry enough. I rather expected it to be ready by then and supposed that Danielle would take out the rods, but she didn’t. Instead of taking out the rods, she took a kind of sponge and started to apply a rather foam like liquid.

Now there I was, laying with my head in a shampoo bowl, my head covered with rods and surrounded with 5 women.

“This is to neutralize the thioglycolate in your hair.

It fixes the curl so you’ll be a handsome young man later on.”

“Where you turned on by the idea that I would give you a Perm?” asked Danielle “When I winded up your hair on rollers years ago. I knew that one day you would want a perm. A women senses that, although it is rather coincidently that I happen to be here when you have your Perm. It must be fate.”

“Did you actually Perm his hair when he was 12 years?” Asked one of the women

“No, he kind of chickened out then. I scared him so I just cut his hair. It was my dream since then to actually perm him once. Now I have him in my hands and he won’t walk out again.”

“Would you seriously P .. P ..Perm m .. m ..my h .. hair then” Asked I

“Ah do you here it, he is getting emotional. Cute isn’t it” Said the second women

While this conversation took place, Danielle kept applying the foam. As I lay there, waiting what would happen next.

Questions ran through my mind. Did Danielle seriously wanted to Perm me when I was 12 years? Was she really dreaming about the idea of giving me a perm???? I couldn’t do anything but waiting. Waiting with very mixed feelings. My dream coming true, Permed by Danielle whilst being watched by Women eagerly trying to humiliate me.

“Don’t you like him laying there, awaiting his fate.”

“Yes no turning back or chickening out now…”

“What do you think will the curl be tough enough by now? or should I wait a bit longer?”

“I think you can take the rods out now…..” said Jenny.

Danielle started to unwind the rods as I laid with my head in the shampoo bowl. The women formed a circle with me in the center. Me, surrounded by women. Watching me laing down. Head partly covered with rods and partly unwind ed. Danielle kept unwinding the rods until they all where gone. She then started shampooing my hair. First applying water on my hair. It felt really good. And I closed my eyes.

“Ah look, he seems to enjoy it….” said one of the women

“Maybe we should give him a nice flower cape, before going on”

One of the women took a large cape with flowers. Danielle stopped applying water and told me to get up. The water was dripping in my face as I got up, but the women draped the cape on top of the first cape. The women on my left took my left arm and the women on the right took my right arm. Before I knew what happened they had tied my arms to the chair.

“Now you won’t be able to chicken out. Just enjoy our shampoo”

“Look such a handsome young boy… give him a nice long shampoo”

I tried to relax and close my eyes, but I was to excited, a mixed sensation of anxiety pleasure expectation, confusion and a bit anger. There i lay. Curls in my hair waiting for my first shampoo with curly hair. Totally dependent of what five women wanted to do with me. waiting, waiting.

Then Danielle started to apply the shampoo. It was almost a dejavu feeling. It felt just as good as years ago. I could here the noise of the foam. her fingers, touching my scalp. Gently, but strong massaging the shampoo in my hair.

“Look, he likes it. How cute. A man beeing pampered, covered his head with shampoo.”

“You know Jenny? We should do this more often. Just sent in our men and watch them having there hair done…..”

“Yes that would actually be a great idea…… Once a month. MENS hour ;->”

I tried hard not to listen and just enjoy my shampoo. I wanted to see how my hair looked with curs, but I also wanted the shampoo to last forever…… How would I look? Would Danielle just cut my hair? Would she use the moment and give me a complete makeover???

What would happen????

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