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This is a true story that happened to me the last time I went to get my haircut. I walked in to the local Awesome Snips as it had been several weeks since my last cut.

As I passed the front counter on the way to the chair I notice large clumps of wavy dark hair on the floor at the first chair. I would guess they were between four and five inches long, and my attention was caught. I looked up and saw the stylist using clippers with a half-inch guard to remove most of the lady in the chairs hair. She was somewhere in her thirties the best I could tell, and had a slightly longer than shoulder length bob. This had to be the best cut I have ever witnessed in person.

I proceeded to my chair, which was diagonal from the lady getting shorn. Luckily, I could hear the conversation between her and the stylist. As I set down in my chair, I heard her say, “I guess I will be using a lot less shampoo.” I could just barely see the cutting through a combination of mirrors, and got to watch as the side of her head was relieved of her locks. The stylist left a section at the left temple long, as made several more passes with the clippers. I thought that she would was going to leave this as part of the final look, but unfortunately it would not remain. That would have been a great look on this lady, and would have been very cool hairstyle.

The lady said that her hair was just too hot with the warm temperatures in the South, as she had moved from a Northern state this spring. “I just can’t take it any more”.

I was wondering if my haircut would be finished before she left, so I could talk to her and complement the new style, who knows how things could progress.

The conversation continued and the stylist asked if her husband knew she was getting all her hair cut off. She said, “I called my husband and said I have a surprise for you. When he asked what it was, I said I will bring it home with me tonight.” The stylist asked what do you think he will say, and the lady answer “I will just have to make it up in other ways.” At that point, I figured I should keep my distance and not pursue her.

The stylist continued by cutting the top sections, which were left untouched by the clippers. The top was cut so that it was spiky and maybe three-quarters of an inch long. She proceeded to the front and then began work on the bangs area. This was when the section on the left side was removed and very short bangs were cut.

” I haven’t had bangs in a long time. I have been letting my hair grow since the last time I had it short. This makes me look younger.” She was definitely right about that. With the short cut, I would have guessed her age to be in the early to mid twenties.

She then said, “My dad will be happy. He liked my short hair the last time and has asked if I was going to get it cut again. He’s weird, I never thought he would notice my hair.”

At this point, the stylist was finished with the cut and she got up and walked out. I have been waiting for a long time to see clippers used to cut so much hair in person, and this was a great experience.

So, if your wife came home about two weeks ago with a much shorter clippered hairstyle and you are reading this story, you have to be a happy guy. I know I would be if my wife came home with that cut. The only thing I would be disappointed about would be that wasn’t there to watch.

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