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Bullying was a problem at my school up until about a year a go. I run a private school for rich girls. Every year we take 1 or 2 scholarship students and the problems were always with these students.

Normally the bullying is restricted to teasing but a group of three fifth years had started getting out of hand.

I was sat in my office when one of my new scholarship students was brought into me. Her hair looked as if it had been hacked at by a pair of shears. She came in and sat timidly in the chair opposite me, her face tear stained.

“What happened?”

She started sobbing but through the tears she began to tell her story.

“They’ve been picking on me because of my ginger hair. They said that only poor people had hair like mine. They said I didn’t deserve hair at all. This has been going on since I got here. They ambushed me, attacked me with a pair of paper scissors. They held me down, I couldn’t get away.”

Then she broke down completely. I couldn’t let them get away with it this time. I knew which girls were responsible even if she hadn’t told me. I called them to my office and sent her away with the nurse to help her get tidied up. I got them to enter one by one. This first girl was short, with blonde wavy hair down to her bra line. I asked her about the little scholarship girl. She was nervous when she answered.

“Oh, we sometimes let her hang out with us. We haven’t seen her today. Nope, not seen her since last week.”

I asked her to leave and the next girl came in. Her hair was straight and shaped round her face and neck, and was a pretty shade if brown. She looked as nervous as the first girl, more so. She fed me the same short story. The third girl was the ring leader. Her long raven black hair fell to the small of her back. Her father was one of the richest men in the country and his daughter used this to gather a hoard of followers around her. Rather than nervous this girl was cool as anything, sat in the chair playing with her long perfect hair. I approached her differently. The other two I could crack if I was able to get to her.

“I know you victimise the scholarship girls.”

“Why should I do that, Daddy told me that we should always support the underprivileged that we meet.”

“I know that you took one of the newest girls to the school and hacked off her hair with a pair of paper scissors”

“But do you have any proof; I think Daddy would like to hear about you accusing me of bullying”

“Yes, she told me that you did it.”

“That bitch, I told her.”

I had her, and I think I had devised a perfect punishment, and I knew how to get their parents to agree to it.

The parents of the first two were easy to persuade. I just gave them the choice between my devised punishment, or expulsion. The last parent I rang was the ring leaders Daddy.

“Hello, this is the headmistress at your daughter’s school. There has been a bullying problem and I need your permission to act out the punishment I see as fitting.”

“So she’s been picking on the other girls. What punishment did you have in mind? A couple of weeks suspension.”

“No, I was thinking of something a little more fitting. She hacked off one of our scholarship girl’s hair with a pair of scissors. I think that the most fitting punishment is for your daughter to have her head shaved in front of the entire school”

“I’ll kill her for what she did, that’s just appalling. I thought I taught her better than that, but obviously not. I like your idea but I think I have a better one.”

His idea was perfect. Assembly was the following day and the three guilty girls were sat at the front of the hall on the platform. They had no idea what there punishment was to be. The two of them were sat nervously but she was still cool as anything, probably thinking that Daddy wouldn’t allow anything bad to happen to her. I stood up and addressed the school.

“As you are all aware there has been a bullying problem at this school and it has been getting progressively worse. From this point forward there is zero tolerance on bullying. An incident occurred last week that could not be over looked. A young lady was attacked by these three girls. They held her down and hacked off her hair. These girls are going to be punished; they will have their heads shaved and the hair donated to locks of love.”

All of three of them were touching their hair. Three barbers came out pushing trolleys with hair cutting equipment on. They slung capes around the frightened girls. First their hair was separated into sections and plaited. The plaits were then cut off close to the scalp. All the girls were crying by this point. Then clippers came out, unguarded. A pop and then the buzzing began. It took no time at all before they were all reduced to short stubble.

The two side kicks were then lead away, tears streaming own their face. She began to follow them.

No, we’re not finished with you. Your Father feels that as you are the ringleader that you deserve an extra punishment, so sit back down.

She sat back down, her face red and looking visibly scared. A hot towel was placed around her head opening the pores. Shaving cream was rubbed over her head and a blade scraped removing the stubble.

Then a delapitory cream was rubbed in burning the roots making the transformation permanent. Then the final part of her Daddy’s plan, a tattoo artist came onto the stage and tattooed the word bully across her forehead. Now everyone knows what she is, and it made a good warning to any girls who thought that bullying the scholarship girls was a good game that would go unnoticed.

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