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The Birthday party was underway on a Saturday when Steve spotted his 20 year old niece Colleen who lived in the next town and was a single parent arriving with her three year old son. He noticed that her gorgeous golden brown hair had grown longer and hung a bit past the middle of her back . She had curled up the ends. Steve came up and greeted her and with his free hand he plunged it into the thick soft blanket of hair. She moved to greet others and Steve kept admiring her lovely mane. He wished he could add it to his collection somehow. The party continued and Steve formulated a risky plan. When things had settled down and Colleen’s boy was playing with other children Steve summoned his niece into a back bathroom and made sure no one was nearby.

He spoke ” Colleen, I noticed your hair is getting longer than you normally have it.” Colleen responded “Oh yes, I really need a trim but I haven’t had any spare money to get it done.” Steve jumped in ” I know a very nice Stylist who would love to cut your hair and do an excellent job. I’ll pay for it. How about going to a shorter style? Colleen pulled a long section of her hair over her shoulder. ” I’m ok with a good trim but I don’t know about cutting it short.” Steve reached into his pocket and pulled out a wad a $100 bills. He spoke ” You know Colleen I really think you would look good with short hair. I’m willing to give you extra spending money to cut it.” He placed a $100 bill into her hand. ” Not enough? How about another $100 to buy your son new cloths. Now, if you let my stylist do your hair without fussing I’ll make it another $100.” He placed two more $100 bills into her hand. Colleen looked down at the big bills and at her long soft brown hair. ” Oh, Uncle Steve your not playing fair. You know I could use the extra money. ” Steve pressed on as he picked up a lock of Colleens hair and spoke ” Colleen your hair grows fast and you’ve had it this same style for over five years. Here is another $100 for you to be brave and make a change. I’ll add another $100 for you to say it was your idea and say I just found the stylist for you. That is $500 for you try a short hairstyle to see how you would look in one. It is for you to spend however you want and all you have to do is sit in a styling chair. What do you say Colleen?” Colleen looked in the mirror at her face with her long hair extending over her breast. She looked at the money. ” Oh, Uncle Steve I love my long hair but I could really use the money I hate asking my mom for extra money. OK, it is a deal. When do you want me to have it cut? Steve smiled at his niece ” Let me see if she can work get you in this afternoon. That way your son won’t miss you and you have plenty of people to watch him.”

Steve went outside and called his friend Candy a stylist at the Extreme Cut salon a few miles away. She was in her mid 50’s and loved giving lady’s with long hair short crop hairstyles. She and Steve had collaborated before. He described his niece and her long golden brown hair and how thick it was. How Colleens delicate and petite features were perfect for a short crop. How Colleen had agreed to let Candy pick the style without fighting it. Candy put Steve on hold. She moved a couple of new clients to other stylist. She knew this was going to be a special appointment if she played it right. She got back on the phone and told Steve to bring his niece to the salon in an hour. She would get the special makeover room in the back set up with video and still cameras.

Steve came back into the house and walked up to Colleen. ” Candy had a cancellation and can see us in an hour. It will take 20 minutes to get to the salon. Go tell your son you will be gone for about an hour and tell your mom your going with me and to watch him. ” Colleen went to tell her mom and son. The time flew by and Colleen climbed into her Uncle’s pickup truck. Steve opened the door and lusted again after the soft golden brown blanket of hair in front of him. He viewed the $500 he was about to spend as an investment.

Colleen and Steve pulled up to the salon. The first thing Colleen noticed was the name ” Extreme Cuts”. They walked in the door and a blonde haired middle aged lady came up to them. ” Hi Steve, this must be your niece Colleen. ” She stuck out her hand and shook Colleens. ” Follow me back to my Private studio.” She turned and led the way back to a rear room where she opened the door. It revealed a styling chair with a mirror and sink behind it. She let Steve and Colleen enter and shut the door behind them. She came up to Colleen. ” Steve says your ready for a change so I’ll be taking a few before and after shots of you plus filming your haircut in case you want a copy of it. I know this was a surprise so I need you to remove your dress and I’ll give you a smock to wear under the cape. Steve can you leave the room for a minute.” Steve exited and Colleen took off the dress she had picked out to go to the Birthday party. Candy looked at her ” You know you so sexy in your bra and panties let me take a few before shots with you just the way you are.” Colleen stood still as Candy took a few pictures with her hair down the front over her breast and down the back and from the sides. She handed Colleen a light blue smock and Colleen put it on. She opened the door and let Steve come in and told Colleen to sit in the styling chair.

Candy looked at Colleen and spoke ” Ok, let’s see what we have here. She brushed Colleens soft brown hair tight up against her head and back into a ponytail. Then she turned Colleen to the mirror. See how your long hair is hiding your ears which hold earring and these pretty facial features pointing to her jaw and eyes. “Do you see what I’m talking about?” Colleen said ” Yes” Then she gave Colleen a mirror and with the hair still pulled tight high in the back spoke again. ” Do you see Colleen how all this thick hair covers up this pretty neckline.? She let the hair go and spread it out. ” Do you see how all this thick hair though pretty overwhelms your petite head and features? Asked Candy.

“Yes, I can see that now.” replied Colleen. Candy picked up a thick section of hair. ” This is a security blanket to you. How long have you had it long like this?” Six years at this length and longer” replied Colleen. Candy continued ” How short have you ever had it and how long ago was that?” ” It was up to here Colleen said pointing to the top of her shoulders and that was about 12 years ago. Candy concluded her interview of Colleen ” Can you see where it is time for you to make a major change in your hairstyle .” asked Candy. Colleen answered one more time ” Yes, I guess after this many years it is time for a change.” Candy turned Colleen away from the mirror and spoke quietly to Steve. She came back and pulled Colleens soft brown hair into a thick high tight ponytail. She held it in her hands and made a scissor motion. She looked at Steve ” This is Option A” . Then she took a section of hair and placed her hand a few inches from the Colleens scalp and made a scissor motion with her fingers. ” This is Option B” . Steve looked at Candy ” I like Option B”. ” I thought you would go for that.” a smiling Candy replied. Candy pulled a silver and placed it around Colleens slender neck and pulled the thick golden brown hair up and over on top of it. She brushed out the hair down and over the cape. You have such lovely curls in your hair today. Let me take a couple of sample locks to save the hair that way. She took a small section of hair and worked it out of the middle of Colleens back top neck area. She pulled it tight and placed her scissors near the bottom. A quick snip, snip and the long curly lock was free and gave it to Steve. She went to the top of Colleens head and took another long sample lock with a quick snip, snip. It happened so fast Colleen was caught by surprise. Then she spoke ” Colleen I want to first shampoo and condition your hair. Now lean back with the back of the styling chair and I’ll put your hair in the basin.” Colleen leaned back as told and her head rested comf
ortably on the edge of the washing basin. Candy made sure the water temperature was right and made sure Colleens hair which filled up the basin was thoroughly soaked. She had just started to work the shampoo into Colleens thick hair when she was summoned to the front. ” Steve, can you shampoo your nieces hair. Build up some good lather and work her scalp good. ” spoke Candy as she left the room. Steve was delighted to shampoo his nieces thick soft brown hair and Colleen seemed to relax as Steve made small talk. Candy came back and told Steve he had done a good job. She rinsed out the shampoo and then added the conditioner. ” Ok, Colleen I’m going to let the conditioner soak in for a few minutes. ” She and Steve walked over to a far corner of the room. Candy spoke ” Thank you so much for calling me. She does have terrific hair and perfect features for a short crop. Do you want to see her cry on tape? I meant haircutting tears not pain tears. I think I can get her to do that. ” Steve paused ” Ok, as long as she’s not being hurt.”

Candy came over to Colleen and rinsed out the conditioner. She sat Colleen up and towel dried some of the moisture away. Then she took a wide tooth comb and combed out Colleens long hair. It hung wet down the front and back of the chair. Then she took a fine tooth comb that easily slid through Colleens just conditioned hair and combed it all out making a wet blanket of brown hair covering the cape and back of the chair. Candy reached up and pulled the cover over the mirror. She motioned for Steve to get the video camera going and be ready for the still camera. She pulled Colleens head back toward her and combed the crown hair straight back to her. She spoke to Colleen ” Ok, Colleen it is time to remove your security blanket of hair. I want you to close your eyes till I tell you to open them. ” She smooth out the cape in Colleens lap. She took a one inch section of crown hair and pulled the long soft wet hair straight up into the air. She put tension on it and placed her sharp scissors four inches from Colleens scalp. Scnip, schinip schnip, snip went the scissors easily through the wet conditioned hair. She laid the long severed section into Colleens lap. She went to the side top of Colleens head and pulled up another long section of soft golden brown hair and snipped it off at the four inch length. She placed it in Colleens lap. Then she pulled up even a thicker section of Colleens hair and before cutting it off spoke ” Ok, Colleen you can open your eyes.” Then she severed the section of hair. Colleen looked down and saw the first two cut sections in her lap. ” Oh my! Oh My!” she spoke. Candy came around her and looked at her ” Colleen I want you to hold up this newly cut section and measure it. Here is a yard stick. ” Colleen held up in horror the several sections of her cut hair. Candy pressed ” Tell Steve how long it is and give it to him Colleen.” ” Uncle Steve it measures 20 inches” said Colleen. ” Now tell him how long this one is” said Candy as she cut off another thick section of Colleens wet mane. Colleen measured it and spoke in tears. ” It measures 21 inches Uncle Steve. Uncle Steve what is she doing to me? Tears rolled down Colleens face and cheeks as she handed Steve and looked at her long severed locks of hair. Steve came over and handed her some tissues. ” Now Colleen just a few minutes ago you agreed with Candy that your hair was way too long for your features. You agreed it was time to shed your security blanket of hair. Making a big change is always scary at first. Trust Candy to know what she is doing.” counseled Steve to his young niece. Then Candy snipped off another large section of Colleen’s hair and handed it to Steve. ” Oh, Uncle Steve I hope she doesn’t make me look ugly.” Colleen dried her tears and sat quietly. The room got really quiet as the only sound was the cameras working to record the event and the snip, snipping of the scissors as Candy removed Colleens long security blanket of thick hair. Steve would band the hair as it was removed and set it up on the counter to dry. The hair on the top was cut down to a four inch length and the hair on the side cut down to two inch length. Candy and Steve were having a great time watching Colleens transformation from mid-back long hair to a nice short crop. Candy moved Colleens head back and forth down and back removing the last of Colleen’s long hair of many years. The hair was beginning to dry and soon Candy told Colleen ” Ok, the long bulky hair is gone. The worst is over. Now, I just have to finish up with clippers.”
Clippers, did she say clippers. Colleen had never felt Clippers on her head and before she was ready she heard them get turned on and felt them on the back and sides of her head. More short pieces of hair fell to the cape and to the floor. Candy undid the cape and using small clippers shaved Colleens neck area free of any raggedy looking hair. She used clippers over a comb to fine tune Colleens new look. Then she took some mouse and spread it through Colleens short crop. It was over. Candy spun Colleen around to the mirror and removed the curtain from the mirror and handed Colleen a hand mirror.

Colleen opened her eyes and let out ” Holy Jesus! It is really short!” Let’s review spoke Candy ” First you can see that your facial features are now out in the open for all to see and not covered up. I gave you short wispy bangs to accent your face. Now, you can see your ears and the earring you wear and last everyone can see what a lovely neck line you have. Now, in addition you now have fluff on top instead of a flat head. ” Colleen responded ” Yes, I see all those things but did you have to remove so much.” I cut it a little shorter than normal because I knew you would never have the courage to ask a stylist to cut it this short. Am I right ” ” Yes, Candy your right about everything and so are you Uncle Steve for telling me to trust her to make me look good. While you were cutting my long hair off I wanted to open my eyes and swear at you both but I can’t. I look pretty but in a whole new way. Wow, is that my hair piled up on the counter over there! No wonder my head feel pounds lighter. Boy the people at the Birthday party will sure be surprised when I return. ” Colleen stood up and Steve exited the room while Colleen removed her smock. Candy took a few after pictures and Colleen put back on her dress. Steve came back in and they proceeded to the front exit. Candy stopped and spoke to Colleen ” Here is a couple of my business cards. I understand your mother has long hair too. Maybe you can bring her in to see me soon. Come back in with the next couple of months and I’ll make any adjustments free of charge. I’ll give the before and after pictures to Steve when I get them done to pass on to you.

They returned to the Birthday Party and Colleen was the center of attention. The ladies gathered around her and asked who, what, when , where and why she had cut her long hair off. Steve over heard her telling the ladies as they touched her short crop that she had decided it was time to shed her long security blanket of hair. Her boy came up to her and said ” Mom, you looked different but I like your new haircut.” Colleen cried again but for a happy reason. Steve stood way back and observed knowing that in a few days Colleens security blanket of long soft Golden brown hair would be in his collection along with the video and still pictures of the event. What a wonderful Birthday party it had been that Saturday.

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