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Note. Parts 1 & 2 were written several years ago.

Colin continued his course still feeling very disappointed about what might have been but realising his experiences in the short time he had spent in the salon had been incredible and feeling that there may still be a slim chance that Eve could somehow manage to arrange a transfer before his course was finished. On a Friday afternoon about a week after he had last seen her he managed to finish earlier than usual and get to the salon that he hoped would still be open. As he approached he saw to his delight that there were still lights showing and when he pushed open the door he saw that Eve was there on her own cashing up the till.

She welcomed him warmly and said, “Oh I was just thinking about you. I am going to a party tonight and I was just going to wash my hair and wished you were here to do it for me again as it looked so good when you did it.”   She looked enquiringly at him with a little smile on her face and said, “Have you got time to…” Before she could finish Colin said, “Of course, I would love to do it for you,” even though now it would mean him missing the evening meal and having to stay up late to finish the preparatory work for his course tomorrow morning. She smiled at him and then brought her hands up to her gleaming blonde hair that was in its usual immaculate pleat. She rapidly pulled out the pins that fastened her hair and gave her head a little shake so that her wondrous mane of silken hair spilled free and tumbled down loosely over her shoulders. Colin watched spellbound as the lovely hair was fully revealed and she gave him a little smile as she saw his fascination for her hair.

She sat down in a nearby chair said softly, “Will you brush it first for me?” Eagerly he stepped forward and picked up a brush and slowly and gently he began drawing it through the sweet smelling soft silken hair, his fingers thrilling to smooth cool feel of her magnificent hair. As the brush was drawn through her hair, Eve closed her eyes and gave a deep sigh of pleasure, “Oh you do handle hair so beautifully,” she said, “I do love having my hair brushed, it really arouses me.” Once again Colin was surprised and just a little embarrassed at her frankness, totally different from any woman he had encountered in his 18 years. He brushed her hair in almost complete silence for a few more minutes; the only sound came from Eve as she almost purred with pleasure. Her obvious sexual enjoyment was rousing Colin greatly and he could feel himself growing large.

Suddenly Eve stood up, moved to the front door and locked it and then she threw off the cape and took Colin by the hand to the small rear room. She hurriedly spread some towels onto the floor and dropped on them, pulling Colin down with her. For an hour or more he experienced the most fantastic sexual experience of his life, his youth and virility combining with her greater experience being the perfect combination. She controlled his drive so skilfully that he felt he could go on making love to her for hours but suddenly she rolled away from him and sat up. She smiled at him and said, “Come on, you will have to do my hair for me now or it will be too late for me to go out.”

Sitting back in the chair with the cape back around her, he began to arrange her hair but he was still throbbing and marvelling at the sensational happenings he had experienced in this salon since he had first come there. Eve watched him through the mirror as he began arranging her hair and said, “I am still trying hard to get you transferred back here. The girl that replaced you is useless; she is very slow and not interested in hairdressing any more, that’s why she joined up and she wants to get back to her training group but I am meeting some resistance from your superiors.” Colin spirits sank and she gave him a little smile and said, “However there is a great opportunity for you to influence some important people. The biggest social event of the year for the officers and their families is being held in 2 weeks time. It is the annual summer ball and I am always very heavily booked and there are very few alternative hair salons near here and all the officers wives and their daughters will want their hair done for the ball. If you are able to work here on that Saturday I will make sure that all the wives know of the situation. The last time you did my hair I had a lot of compliments and people asking who had done it for me. If enough women are impressed by your work, and I am sure they will be, they hopefully will put pressure on their husbands’ to arrange a transfer for you to be here”

“Oh, that would be fantastic,” said Colin.   “A number of the women have long hair and you are very good dressing that.   Will you be able to work here all day?” she asked. “Oh yes, of course,” he replied immediately, although he had arranged to go home that weekend. He would do almost anything to have the opportunity of working here fulltime. He spent another 15 minutes working on her hair and knew that he had done it exceptionally well, even better than the first time. Eve was of course delighted and said, “I will be at the Officer’s Club tonight and I will spread the news that you will be available for appointments for the ball.” When Colin left the salon he was feeling very optimistic that perhaps after all he would have the opportunity to work there again with the knowledge that every week he would be cutting off masses of hair. It was a haircutting fetishist’ dream! 

He arrived at the salon before 8 o’clock that Saturday morning and was delighted when Eve told him she had been inundated by requests for appointments with him and she had been as selective as possible to give him the most influential of the wives. He worked non-stop during the day and found that all his customers were delighted with his work and were most sympathetic when he mentioned his efforts to get a permanent transfer to the salon. Quite a lot of his work was doing upswept styles that he enjoyed doing and which of course as Eve’s hair showed, at which he was very good. Towards the end of the day a very attractive girl of about 18 with beautiful gleaming chestnut hair halfway down her back came in and as she was being shampooed by the girl that had taken his place, Eve came up to him and said that was Clare, the daughter of the Station Commander, and perhaps she could persuade her father to re-assign him.

As Colin was still busy, Eve set Clare’s hair on large rollers and put her under the dryer. Forty-five minutes later her hair was dry and the rollers removed from her hair that now hung about her face and shoulders in soft gleaming ringlets and he walked over to her to begin dressing her hair. He picked up a brush and began slowly drawing it through her long sweet smelling chestnut hair and his fingers thrilled to the silken touch of the very beautiful gleaming hair and he greatly admired the texture and quality… He   brushed her hair for several minutes savouring its beauty and Clare sat silently at first obviously enjoying it too and then as he began arranging her hair she began chatting animatedly to him. She was very excited about going to the Summer Ball as it was to be her first time and he told her about his desire to work permanently in the salon but how he had been replaced but Sgt Wells w as trying to arrange his trans
fer and to his delight she said that she would mention the situation to her father.

 Although Colin was obsessed with cutting hair he also enjoyed working on long beautiful hair and he got a lot of pleasure from handling Clare’s gorgeous silken tresses. As he began draping her hair in soft curls and tendrils around her face she said, “I didn’t realise there was a salon on the camp, are you kept busy?” “Oh yes, particularly on Mondays and Tuesdays, that’s when the recruits are sent here for haircuts.” “Do they all have to have their hair cut, even the ones who wear their hair up?” “Yes, during their basic training they are not allowed long hair.”

She looked surprised and said, “Oh, it must be terrifying to have your hair chopped off if you like it long.” Colin could feel himself becoming aroused at her obvious interest particularly when she added, “I sometimes think about getting my hair cut really short but I always get scared about how it would look and chicken out but it must be exciting as well as frightening to see your hair being cropped.” She paused and then said with a little smile, “I bet you enjoy cutting off lots of hair.” He felt himself flush slightly and then said, “Yes, I like creating a new style.” He continued to arrange her lovely hair and he could see her colour rising and a slight movement under the cape. She was becoming turned on! He wondered if he could excite her more so he said, “Did you notice the haircut of the girl that shampooed you?” She nodded and said, “Yes, it is very short but it does look good on her.” “Well, a couple of weeks ago it was past her waist.”

Clare gave a little gasp as he continued, “She wanted to keep it long but when she turned up here to replace me Sgt Wells told her that her hair would have to be cut short.” He gave a little smile and added; “She was very upset as she had always had long hair but it had to go and Sgt Wells told me to do it. Now that was really exciting!” Again he saw slight movement from under the cape and she said breathlessly, “Oh I would have loved to have seen that, it fascinates me to see a lot of hair being cut off. I remember a few months ago I went with a friend to a salon, we were just booked for a trim but she was talked into having her hair restyled. It was a bit longer than mine and she said to the stylist she didn’t want a short style but he just kept on cutting and cutting. It was amazing watching masses and masses of hair being chopped off and she looked so different when he had finished. He cut her hair really short, almost like a little boy but it did look good. She was very upset at first that it was so short but once she got used to it she really liked it.”

Colin was surprised at her fascination with the cutting of hair and hoped to use it to his advantage and said teasingly, “If I manage to get a full time posting here I am sure I could arrange for you to come and watch when the recruits are sent here for their haircuts. You might then decide to let me crop your hair short.” He saw her colour rise and again movement under the cape and she a little smile and said, “I might let you cut it but I do love the way you are doing it now.” Colin had indeed done her hair beautifully and she left the salon looking very pleased and Colin wondered if he would ever see her again.

He realised that finally the salon was empty and when he glanced at his watch he was amazed to see that it was already almost 6 o’clock. Eve was looking very pleased and she said, “Well that went very well. We have taken a record amount of money today and every one seemed delighted with their hair especially those with long hair that you did.” She glanced at Pat and said, “Thank you for helping out.  I hope we can get you transferred back soon and you can start your course.” The girl left the salon and Eve gave Colin a little smile and then said, “I hope you are not too tired to do my hair for me now. I have been asked to the Ball as well.”

She sank down in one of the chairs and brought her hands up to her gleaming blonde hair which was in it s usual immaculate pleat and began removing the pins. Colin could feel his pulses quickening as her lovely hair slipped down from her head and tumbled loosely over her shoulders. She gave him a little smile, gave her head a little shake so that her hair bounced enchantingly, and then picked up a hairbrush and offered it to him. Colin of course could not resist and after 5 minutes of brushing and stroking her glorious hair they once again retired to the back room. Once again the sex was incredible and he gloried in her drive and experience. Eventually they returned to the salon and Colin did a dramatic upswept evening style with her beautiful hair. As they left the salon she gave his arm a little squeeze and said she felt sure that his transfer would be arranged shortly.

Colin was kept very busy as he was now in his last week of his course and each day that passed he felt more and more despondent as he heard nothing about a transfer. He had his last exam on Thursday afternoon and then his spirits soared as he had a note to report to an office in H.Q. Fifteen minutes later it was official! He was seconded to be assistant to Sgt Wells and given the rank of acting corporal. He was given new quarters near the salon and to report to her immediately. He felt more delighted and could hardly believe it had happened and at 5pm that evening he pushed open the door of the salon as an officially credited posting.

Eve was waiting with a huge welcoming smile and was obviously delighted that he had been officially transferred. The salon was empty and Eve had already let down her lovely silken blonde hair and it was held back with a clasp in a simple ponytail. She motioned Colin to sit down beside her in one of the salon chairs and then to his surprise she stood up and took a large cape from a nearby chair and fastened it around him. She smiled at him and then said, “Now you are working here permanently I want to give you a good haircut.” Colin’s hair had been sheared to a regulation cut when he had joined as a recruit but over the past few months it had grown quite a lot and he had just had the nape and side hair trimmed to stay within the short hair rule for men’s hair.  He had hated the badly cut cropping he had been first given and was pleased that this hair had now grown a little longer..

Eve combed through his hair briefly and then picked up the large clippers, adjusted the blades and then tilted his head forward. He submitted willingly feeling almost aroused at the thought of Eve working on his hair, a male barber before had always cut his hair. He heard the hum from the clippers as Eve switched them on and then felt them ploughing up the back of his head from the nape. He could see clumps of his hair rolling down the cape and felt a little shocked that she was cutting off so much hair. Then to his alarm he realised that it wasn’t just the nape hair she was cutting but the clippers were being run right up the back of his head to the crown. Several very swift passes carved up through his hair and then she moved to the side and with a smile on her face she rapidly ran the clippers up to his temples. He was
aghast as he saw the mere covering of hair left behind. She smiled at his shocked expression and moved swiftly to the other side and began removing the hair from there. Colin realised that despite his shock at seeing his hair cut so short he was extremely aroused with the feel of the clippers on his scalp and also the look of almost excitement on Eve’s face. He reflected also that many girls would have sat in this chair and experienced similar feelings of shock, as they had to sit and watch masses of their hair removed without being able to prevent it.

He watched in the mirror as Eve cleared the hair away from his temple and then felt a lurch in his stomach as she moved in front of him and held his forehead firmly and then began running the clippers back from his forehead. Christ! He was going to look a freak with his near shaven head but he knew now that it was far too late to do anything about it and he closed his eyes and tried to let the sensation of the clippers on his scalp sooth him. It only took a few more minutes for Eve to remove all the longer hair from the top of his head and then she took some small clippers and tidied up the nape and side hair and she finally stepped back and said, “There, that looks much better.” Colin hated the extremely short haircut and gave a weak little smile and said, “It’s very short but I suppose I will get used to it.” She gave a little nod and said, “You sound like a lot of the recruits that have the same experience,” and Colin realised that his haircut had been done to make him realise that.

She removed the cape from him and he immediately brought his hands up to his head and smoothed the very short hair and with an inward smile he realised this was also what a lot of the girls having their hair cropped would also do. Eve now sat down in the chair and handed him the cape and said, “ Come on, I want to be your first customer since your official posting.” Colin eagerly stepped forward as Eve loosened her magnificent hair and she handed him a brush. She closed her eyes as he skilfully pulled the brush through her gleaming silken mane and he felt himself growing hard immediately. He brushed her hair for several minutes, with the only sound the swish of the brush as it was drawn through her hair. Suddenly she opened her eyes and gave him a little smile and then reached forward to the shelf in front of her and picked up a pair of gleaming scissors and comb. She offered them to him and said, “”I want you to give me a regulation cut please. As short as you like.” 

Colin stared at her open mouthed and said, “Are you serious?” His stomach lurched with excitement and also a little trepidation as she said; “Yes of course, I told you some time ago I was thinking about getting my hair cut rally short again.” Hesitantly he took the scissors from her and his mind was in turmoil. Part of him wanted nothing more than to immediately begin plunging the scissors into her long gleaming silken hair and strip it from her head but he also wanted her to keep her glorious hair long so that he could brush and fondle it and then have terrific sex afterwards. “Why are you waiting?” she said mockingly, “I thought you loved cutting off long hair.” Her words made him realise that he would cut her hair and go on cutting and cutting and cutting.

He reached out and grabbed a great handful of hair at the back and savagely pulled on it so that she twisted her head and gave a little gasp of pain and then exultantly he forced the scissors into her hair and began severing the silken strands close to the roots. The thick lock of gleaming blonde hair came away from her head with several great plunging snips of the sharp blades and he flung it to the floor and seized another handful of the lovely hair. Another little moan came from Eve but this time, as he glanced at her reflection in the mirror, he saw a slight smile on her face and knew that the sound was one of pleasure. This of course aroused him even more but he made a great effort to control himself and more calmly now he cut through the sheaf of hair he was holding and drooped it to the floor. He moved to the side of her now and combed through the long locks and then he positioned her head, inserted the scissors level with the top of her ear and then more calmly now he cut straight across the locks of hair and let them fall down on to her shoulder.

Now already half of her gorgeous hair had been removed and he moved to the other side of her and began shearing away at the long locks that streamed down over her shoulder. He could se that Eve had an intense look of pleasure on her face and her hand was moving rapidly under the cape. Little gasping sobs came from her and she screwed up her face as she watched him chop away the remaining locks of her silken blonde hair and she gasped, “The clippers! Use the clippers quickly!” Colin reached out, dropping the scissors and comb on to the shelf and picked up the large black clippers and switched them on. He was panting with excitement too as he switched on the clippers and moved back behind Eve. He could feel the mounds of silken blonde hair under his feet as he grasped the top of her head firmly and pushed forward.

He paused for a second looking down at her ravaged hair which had been hacked away and then with a great feeling of exultation he began running the clippers up the back of her head from the nape. She bowed her head submissively and then as he ran them up to the crown, clearing great swathes of her now short blonde hair away; she almost moved her head into the clippers in ecstasy. Several swift passes saw the back of her head reduced to a short stubble and he moved to the side of her and began running the clippers up from her temple. She was staring at her reflection in the mirror with a smile of pleasure on her face and as he moved around to the other side of her she reached her hand out from under the cape and gently stroked the large bulge in his trousers. He gasped and almost dropped the clippers as he felt her touch and she moved her head eagerly into the buzzing clippers, making it easier for him to finish shearing her hair down to a stubble.

She pulled at his flies so that his enlarged penis emerged and her lips closed over it and she sucked feverishly at it. He stared down at her cropped head and could see the great masses of silken blonde hair lying all around the chair and this excited him even more. Moans came from Eve and her body writhed as she climaxed and she could feel him beginning to ejaculate. At this moment, the door that Eve previously had always locked, opened and in came Clare, accompanied by her mother, the wife of the Station commander. Gasps of horror came from them as they took in the scene and then the mother ushered her daughter quickly back out of the door and she gave them a look of disgust and said, “I will make sure that neither of you ever use this salon again for your sexual pleasure.”

Colin was immediately transferred to another station and spent the rest of his National Service doing the most menial jobs and he heard that Eve was forced to resign from her position and leave the Service. When his time was over he returned to hairdressing and became celebrated for his skill of cutting but he often reminisced about his fantastic experiences in the small salon and of course his big regret was that he had been deprived of the opportunity to cut off the hair of the weekly intake of recruits. He realised however that his experiences with Eve were the most exciting he would ever have; it had just ended too s

Who was the lucky hairdresser now removing masses of hair from reluctant recruits?

The End

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