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I shared a house with a sister and brother. It was very friendly and we all got on well. The brother had long blonde hair, his pride and joy he said. He was always washing it, brushing it and playing with it.

Years ago I had long blonde hair just like him and I admit I was jealous of his hair. I had many years ago cut my long hair off and gone short and clipped mainly due to outside pressure.

One evening I was helping him do the chores. he was washing up and I was standing behind him drying a pair of scissors. I thought about cutting into his long hair and severing it from his head.

After that moment I thought about cutting his hair short more often. I wanted to hack scissors through his hair , cut chunks off and drop his hair in his lap.

One night lying in bed I dreamed about clippering his head bare, then lathering up his head and razoring his scalp smooth. Everytime he did anything with his long hair or even mentioned it , I just wanted more and more to take it from him.

I brought a set of clippers mail order and hid them in my room. one nite I took them out of the box and pretended to run them through his long thick blonde locks. he was in the next room and I dreamed of clippering through his hair and running them up his head and over the top 

i wanted to clip down the length of his head and dump his hair into his lap as he sat there caped and tied to the chair. I wanted to remore every trace of his hair with my clippers and razor his foamed head.

All I needed was an opportunity when his sister was out. one evening his sister was out at a party and I took my chance. He was dozing off in front of the television. I watched him fall deeper into sleep and then made my move.

I taped his legs to the chair without him even stirring from his slumber then quickly I taped an arm. it woke him and as he attempted to struggle I taped his other arm quickly.

Then a strip of tape over his mouth and he was all mine. I moved the chair around to face the mirror then I caped him tight. I pulled his hair out and let it fall down his back for the last time.

I brushed all of his hair from root to tip  several times then I fanned it all out down his back across his shoulders and down onto his chest. he had so much of it. it reached his mid back and was very thick.

I took a sharp pair of kitchen scissors from the drawer, he was shaking his head. I stood behind him  and grabbed a handful of his hair from his left side above his ear.i pulled it out tight and prepared to make the first cut into his lovely hair.

His hair felt soft and thick, I opened the scissors and pushed them into his hair and held them on his scalp. then I snapped the blades together. I kept cutting until that handful of his hair was in my hand.

I held it out, it hung lifeless in my hand and then I dropped it into his lap. As he looked forward at his shorn off locks I grabbed a handful of hair at his neck. I pulled his head back with his hair and then I placed the scissors on his nape and chopped again and again.

My sharp scissors moved through his hair across his hairline severing it from his head. I cut a big chunk out the back and dropped it over his shoulder into his lap. I ran my fingers into his hair on top of his head and grabbing a handful I pulled it up straight.

I put the scissors on his head and snipped into more hair chopping it off very short. I threw it into his lap with the rest. then I grabbed more handfuls from the top severing the locks close to his scalp and piling it in front of him.

I snapped my scissors through his hair on his right side, moving up from the bottom , around his ear and all up to the top of that side. I butchered it off close down to half an inch or less.

His right side was hacked off,  the top was mostly chopped short, the left side was still mostly long and the back middle section was scissored short. I had ruined his hair in a few minutes.

I stood in front of him and lifted up a pile of his hair from his lap and then I dropped it out of my fingers and it fell back into his lap.  It was a big pile of hair already. some had fallen onto the floor, more of his hair lay on the cape.

I went to my room and collected my clippers. I moved the chair closer to the plug and I readied my clippers, guard off and buzzing angrily in my hand. he could see himself in the mirror.

Bald I said I am gonna clip your head bald.he shook his head again. I put my hand under his chin and tipped back his head. Then I dropped the clippers onto the top of his forehead and pushed them into his hair.

I moved up his head right to the crown and a pile of hair fell to the floor. I could see his scalp now down the middle of his head. I clipped another line next to the first, more of his gorgeous hair fell to the floor.

I clipped from the middle of his head right over to the top of his ear. I rubbed my fingers on his stubble head. with gritted teeth I mowed my clippers through his hair up and around his right ear until that whole side was bare.

 He was already half clipped but he still had some long hair on the back and down the left side. I held him forward and clipped up the back in lines right to his already balded top. I had no mercy for his hair clipping it off and flicking it over him and into his lap which was overflowing with hair.

All he had now was the left side , mostly still long. The clippers buzzed in my hand waiting. I touched his long hair and ran my fingers through it. Then I grabbed a handful of it and clipped it off , then another and another.

I loved taking it off him so short when it had been so long. I took off the whole side except one bit. Long thin strands of hair hung above the ear just a couple of square inches were left. it looked so odd in contrast to the rest of his head that was clipped bare.

I held down his head and clipped the last of his hair into his lap. It was all off, all gone, I had taken the lot. His shorn head poked out of the top of the tight white and blue stripy cape.His hair was all piled up in his lap where I wanted it.The floor too was covered in lengths of his shorn hair.

I put the clippers on the table and stood behind him. I placed both my hands on his head and rubbed over his scalp. His head just covered in a shadow of hair felt wonderful. a man from long to clipped 0000

I ran to the bathroom to collect my shaving kit. On returning I told him to keep very still because i was going to razor his head smooth and shiny.  I sprayed a bit pile of foam onto the top of his head,  and with both hands I smeared his scalp all over.

Finally I was gonna bald him properly. I started straight away razoring the top of his head in long lines. His white head stared out. Carefully I razored both sides smooth, his ears stuck out even more. I lay my hand on top of his shiny head and held him forward. Then I razored the back too.

I thought about his long thick beautiful hair that was growing from his head just a few minutes ago and now I was scraping his scalp totally bare. I couldn’t stop I had to finish, I was obsessed with making his head hairless and shiny bald.

It was gone, all of it. I had taken all of his lovely hair from him. I dryed his head carefully with a towel. He looked so naked without all of his hair. Again I stood behind him and I felt his shaven head with both hands.  I reached forward over his shoulders and picked up a big pile of his hair from out of his lap.

I rubbed over his naked head with his hair and then I let it all drop back into his lap. I held his head and kissed the bald smooth top. I held him forward and kissed up the back too.

I got what I wanted, a long to bald male makeover.

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