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Jack was about 14 when he discovered his talent. His twin sister Catherine had always had long hair for as long as he could remember and although he thought it quite attractive he had never consciously thought about it very much until one evening on the way to his bedroom, he was passing her room where his sister was sitting at her dressing table brushing out her long silken light chestnut hair. Just as he was passing she dropped the brush and he picked it up and then hesitated instead of handing it back to her. His eyes drank in the beauty of her gleaming hair and he suddenly wanted to reach out and feel its silkiness. “Can I brush it for you?” he said impulsively. She looked at him in surprise and then smiled and said, “Yes if you would like to, I love having my hair brushed.” Tentatively he moved closed to her and gently drew the brush slowly down the length of her gleaming hair and his fingers thrilled to the feel and he drank in the sweet perfume of her freshly shampooed hair.

She took his hand and guided it down the length of her hair,” Be firmer,” she said,” and control the hair with your other hand.” He quickly realised what was required and Catherine

 gave a pleased smile and closed her eyes as he drew the brush through her almost waist length hair. He couldn’t believe the tremendous thrill he was getting and wanted to go on and on brushing her lovely hair. After about 5 minutes she said, “Oh, that was gorgeous. Would you like to see if you can plait my hair?” He had often seen their mother putting Catherine’s hair in a plait each morning when she went to school and also of course Catherine also could fashion a thick gleaming plait herself. He found it more difficult than expected even with his sister guiding him and he was very disappointed with what he achieved. She smiled encouragingly at his disappointment and said, “Don’t worry, it does take a bit of practice to get it neat.” She unravelled her long hair and then with nimble fingers she swiftly fashioned the thick snaking plait of hair that she normally had for sleeping.

He watched silently as she worked and then said hesitantly, “Can I brush your hair again tomorrow and try to do a plait again?” She smiled happily and replied, “That would be lovely.”   That night in bed he could hardly slept and thought of nothing but the thrill he had experienced handling his sister’s hair and couldn’t wait for the time when he could do it again. Next morning he watched closely as his mother expertly brushed Catherine’s hair and then in less than a minute her nimble practiced fingers had arranged the long gleaming hair into its immaculate thick heavy plait. That morning on the way to school he looked carefully at any girls with long hair and realised how many different ways they could wear it – ponytail, plaited ponytail, simple 3 strand plait from the nape, and loosely held back at the nape. One girl he studied closely, as her hair looked so good, had a more complicated plait that started from the front of her head and which he later found out was called a French plait. He also realised that clearly any girl with longer than shoulder length hair had to wear her hair back from her face, probably to meet school regulations.

That evening Catherine gave him a little smile and then told her mother she was going to her room earlier than usual as she was tired and a few minutes later Jack followed her. She had already freed her long hair from its braid and it fell in loose ripples over her shoulders and back to her waist and with a little smile she passed him the brush she was holding ready. He began brushing her hair and already he felt more in control of his actions and in a few minutes her hair hung in a straight and gleaming fall. Now he began to plait her hair and as he worked he mentioned all the different ways he had seen girls wearing their hair and in particular the more complicated plait he had seen and asked her how it was done. “Oh, I have tried a couple of times but it is not that easy.” She paused and then said,” Why don’t you look on the internet if you are really interested, I am sure there must be some sites showing long hairstyles and how to do them.” He felt a surge of excitement, what a marvellous suggestion! “Will you let me practice different styles on you then?” She smiled and said, “Of course, you know I love having my hair done and you are getting better already.” She indicated the smooth immaculate plait he had fashioned and he realised that she was right, it was a lot better than his effort yesterday and he was now far more confident handling her long hair.

Over the next few days he continued to brush and plait his sister’s hair and also spent a lot of time searching the Internet to find sites with explicit instructions on how to create plaited styles with long hair.   Then to his delight he found it, the perfect site to show how many of these styles were created.   He was especially pleased that it included instructions for the French braid that he had found so attractive as well as many other quite complicated styles.

(Author’s note: This site can be found at www.dreamweaverbraiding.com and is absolutely brilliant)

After studying the instructions carefully he felt confident enough the next evening to try to create the French plait and to his absolute delight he arranged her hair in a perfect copy. It was immaculately done, perfectly even with no stray ends and he only took about 5 minutes to complete. Catherine stared at herself open mouthed and then said, “Oh that is fantastic! You are absolutely brilliant! I have tried lots of times to do my hair in this style but it has always ended up a mess. I must go down and show mother.” He was a little concerned how she would react but as he followed his sister down the stairs his mother was also admiring Catherine’s hair and congratulated him on his ability. He realised that his sister must have told her that he had been plaiting her hair in the evenings as she said, “Well, it is a little unusual that you obviously enjoy doing your sister’s hair but you can make one job less for me in the mornings now and do it for her before she goes to school.”





The next morning he redid her hair in the French plait and off she went to school looking absolutely delighted with her appearance. When they met again at home that evening Catherine couldn’t wait to tell him how many girls had greatly admired her hair and were amazed that her brother had arranged it. Then she said, “Two of my friends have asked me if you would do their hair for them.” He felt a surge of excitement mingled with some apprehension, it would be wonderful to handle more long hair but would he be able to manage to create satisfactory styles. “Yes alright,” he said casually,” I will try but I can’t promise to do it perfectly”.

Catherine arranged for her two friends to come on Sunday morning and he spent all his available time for the next couple of days in trying to learn more ways of arranging long hair and then trying them out on his sister and grew more and more confident and proficient. He brushed Catherine’s hair that morning and then tried a complicated plaited arrangement that he had not done before and in less than 15 minutes he had completed it. Catherine stared at her reflection in wonderment and said, “Oh, that is amazing! You really are very clever.”

He felt delighted and now felt very confident about working on her friends’ hair. Catherine had told him earlier who were coming, one of the girls he had seen before. Ann, a fairly plain girl with thick dark hair that reached a few inches below her shoulders, and Trisha, who she

had described as having quite long blonde hair

Jack felt his nervousness and excitement mounting as he heard the front doorbell ring and he heard excited exclamations about Catherine’s hair and then Catherine led her friends into the dining room that mother had agreed could be used. Mother had not made many comments about Jack’s interest in hair except to praise his efforts when she saw Catherine with different hairstyles. Ann came first into the room and then he saw Trisha. He was stunned when he saw how beautiful she was and the magnificence of her hair. It was a gleaming pale blonde colour

and she had it brushed back from her face and held on the crown and then a softly curling ponytail reached about six inches below her shoulders.

His fingers were already itching with the anticipation of being able to be brushing and handling that beautiful silken mane as the two girls greeted him with a smile and compliments on how lovely Catherine’s hair looked and how clever he was to be able to do it. “Right,” said Catherine, “Who is going first?” Ann immediately moved forward and sat in the chair that Jack had ready and he stepped forward and began brushing her long thick hair. He was surprised how different it felt to be brushing someone’s hair other than Catherine’s. The texture was much coarser and of course it was not as long, but he enjoyed handling it nevertheless and in about 5 minutes he had arranged her hair in a double plaited style which he had not tried before but he was pleased with the result. Catherine had brought in 2 hand mirrors so that Ann was able to see her hair from both the front and the back. She almost gasped with pleasure as she saw her hair and was obviously delighted with it and kept smiling and touching her cleverly arranged hair. “Come on,” said Trisha impatiently, “get out of the chair. I am dying to have my hair done now.” The two girls changed places and Trisha pulled off the barrette that had been securing her ponytail and her glorious silken hair splashed down over her shoulders. She gave her head a little shake and Jack’s stomach lurched with excitement as he stepped forward with his brush ready and touched her lovely hair for the first time.  

He slowly drew the brush down through her hair, following it with his other hand and his fingers thrilled to the cool silkiness of the gleaming blonde hair. He brushed her hair firmly for several minutes and she closed her eyes and made soft sounds of pleasure and he would have liked to have gone on brushing her hair for a lot longer but he could see the other two girls were watching him, expecting him to start arranging the lovely hair. He spent a lot longer on her hair as he was enjoying handling it so much but he finally achieved a perfect style known as a Herringbone. (See this and many other lovely styles at www.dreamweaverbraiding.com)


The two watching girls could hardly contain their amazement at his creation and when Trisha was handed the mirrors so she could see the result herself she was so overjoyed that she burst into tears of happiness. 

His interest in long hair now completely obsessed him and the following day he had an idea.

 His own hair needed a trim and instead of going to the barbershop as he usually did, he would visit a Unisex salon nearby in the hope that he might see a professional arranging long hair and pick up some tips. He made an appointment and then turned up early so he would spend more time in the salon. It was a large busy open salon and after a few minutes he was led to a chair in front of the row of mirrored dressing tables. Whilst he had been waiting he had obviously observed the activity in the salon but was disappointed that none of the female customers being worked on had long hair. Then to his delight a few minutes after he had been waiting a young girl with beautiful long shiny dark hair that reached about halfway down her back, was led to the vacant chair alongside him. Her hair was flicked clear and a cape placed around her shoulders and the glossy dark hair spread out over it. A young male assistant appeared and began brushing her long gleaming hair and Jack envied the young man his task and watched and wondered how her hair would be dressed. He heard the stylist say to the girl, “Are you happy to leave it to me?” “Oh, yes,” came the reply. “I want something really different.” The young man gave a pleased smile and brushed her hair firmly for a little longer and then swiftly began fashioning a plait from the nape of her neck. Jack felt very disappointed that he was not doing something more interesting but still watched closely as the skilled fingers finished off the plait with a rubber band and then the plait was grasped firmly at the base and his hand dipped into his pocket and pulled out a pair of scissors.

Jack’s stomach lurched sickeningly, Oh no! Surely he was not going to cut off this wonderful hair! Without hesitation the stylist raised the scissors to the base of the thick plait and began shearing away with the sharp blades. Jack watched open mouthed, first with horror at the removal of such lovely long hair but suddenly he found that the sound of the shearing blades and the sight of them biting deeply into the rich hair was exciting him greatly. He had an enormous erection and had to bite his lips to stop himself coming in his trousers. Oh it must be incredible to wield the scissors and cut off so much hair, his love for dressing long hair was now overtaken by the thought of actually being able to cut it off. The wonderful scrunching sound thrilled him as he watched the strands parting under the shearing blades and in less than ten seconds the thick plait of hair was severed. The young man held the severed hair aloft for a moment before tossing it on the dressing table in front of the young girl. She had a slightly shocked look on her face and gave her head a little shake and the angry severed ends of her hair bushed out around her head. Then she raised both hands from underneath the enveloping cape to the back of her head touching and stroking the short hair. She smiled weakly at the stylist and said, “Gosh it feels short. I didn’t realise you were going to cut so much off.” “It’s bound to feel a bit strange. It will look great when I have finished shaping it, come with me and I will get you shampooed.”

The girl was led off into the depths of the salon, still fingering the ends of her short hair and Jack stared at the severed length of hair that lay forlornly on the dressing table nearby. Up until a few minutes ago he would have thought it sacrilege that such lovely long hair should be cut, as he knew the many attractive ways it could be arranged but now he thought that the most exciting thing that could be done to long hair would be to cut it off. He thought of nothing else as his own hair was trimmed and as he was about to leave he looked around to try to catch another glimpse of the girl but could not see her in the large busy salon. He decided he would wait nearby to see how she looked with her finished hairstyle and after about fifteen minutes he saw her emerge from the salon.

Oh she looked sensational! He watched her walk to a nearby bus stop and was able to stand close to her and see every detail of her new hairstyle.   Her dark hair now clung to her head in a really short cropped style. Masses more of her hair had been cut off, short pieces came forward onto her face, her ears were exposed and she had a very short fringe. The back hair had been really cropped short right up the back of her head, exposing her slim white neck. He greatly admired the skill of the stylist who had cut her hair and now realised that it wasn’t just long hair that fascinated him. Several times he saw the girl raise her hand and gently stroke the short-cropped hair at the back of her head and he could barely resist the temptation to stretch out his hand and feel and stroke the hair himself.



When she got on the bus he managed to sit right behind her and drank in the beauty of her cropped hair. At the next stop another girl got on and sat down alongside the object of his attention and he heard her say, “Gosh Clare I hardly recognised you. Your hair looks so different, it really suits you.” Clare gave her a little smile and said, “Oh do you really think so? I have just had it cut and it feels so short. I never realised he was going to cut so much off,” and again she stroked the back of her head to feel the obvious strangeness of the very short hair. The girl smiled encouragingly at her and said, “Well it does look lovely and you will soon get used to it. I remember I cried when I had my long hair cut but within a day or so I loved it.” They began talking about something else now and Jack got off the bus and began walking home, his mind buzzing with thoughts about what he had seen and felt. He couldn’t wait to get home and begin looking on web sites involving the cutting and styling of long hair.

He quickly realised there were many sites showing hair being cut and he found he was almost as excited just looking at pictures of long hair being cut as he had been actually seeing it done at the salon. He looked at the many instructional sites because now of course there was only one thing in his mind. He had to cut off someone’s long hair himself! He continued to arrange his sister’s long hair and each time he did it he tried to imagine what it would be like to force scissors deeply into her hair and remove it from her head. He also did Trisha’s hair several more times and his desire to cut off her beautiful long hair was even greater. He couldn’t really understand his feelings, as he knew it would be almost sacrilegious to remove such beauty from either girl, and he would be losing the pleasure of handling their lovely long hair and arranging it in different styles. Nevertheless, his urge to cut off long hair was now greater than his love of being able to arrange it, fascinating as he found that.

A few weeks later, after absorbing as much information from the Internet on the many techniques of cutting hair, he casually said to his sister as he was arranging her hair, “Do you ever think about having your hair cut short?” She paused for a few moments and then said, “Well, before you started doing my hair for me I suppose I did occasionally wonder about having it cut to my shoulders for a change but I would never have it cut short. I would be terrified just having it cut to my shoulders in case I didn’t like it. Now of course I never even think about having it cut as I love you doing all these lovely styles for me.” It had been the sort of answer he had been expecting, as he knew his sister loved her hair long, but nevertheless he was still disappointed.

The next time he did the lovely Trisha’s hair he asked the same question and she too looked thoughtful and said, “I have occasionally had the urge to have my hair cropped really short. I don’t know why as I do love my hair long, especially the way you have been doing it for me, but the thought of having a drastic change is really exciting.” He had felt his stomach lurch with excitement at her words and wondered if he would ever be able to persuade her to let him cut her hair and if she did would he have the nerve to do it.

He had been saving his pocket money and purchased the best pair of hairdressing scissors he could find and also a very good book showing in detail how many haircuts were created and the final item was a large set of clippers, complete with attachments. He then scoured the many hair sites on the Internet and selected a number of them and copied them on to a disc. Now would come the crunch, he would have to persuade someone to allow him to use them!

One evening later in the week he was brushing his sister’s hair, which still gave him a great deal of pleasure but every time he did it he tried to imagine what it would be like to force his new sharp scissors deep into her long hair and strip it away from her head.

“ I think I have tried all the styles I know for hair this length,” he said to her casually, as he drew the brush skilfully through her waist length hair. “I have been looking at some new ones on the Internet. Would you like to see them?” Catherine, he could see, looked less than enthusiastic, and she said, “I don’t mind you doing the same styles on my hair” “Oh, come on, just have a look at them with me and see what you think.” He switched on the computer and loaded the disc. He had collected together styles for shoulder length hair and a little shorter all in one section and he began bringing them up on the screen. Most of the styles were variations on graduated bobs with shorter pieces in the front and she watched silently as he flicked through the images. “I think a style like that would look great on you. I have been looking at instruction videos and reading a book on haircutting.” He paused and opened a drawer and took out his gleaming new scissors. “Please let me cut your hair.”

She stared at the scissors as though hypnotised and suddenly gave a loud sob and ran from the room, her long hair streaming out behind her.   Jack was shocked and very disappointed at her violent reaction, he had expected some resistance but had hoped to persuade her eventually to have her hair cut, but clearly her long hair meant a great deal to her. The next morning at breakfast, she was very subdued and had arranged her hair in a plait herself and left for school hardly speaking to him. That evening though when he went upstairs she was sitting at her usual place in front of the mirror. She had freed her hair from its plait and was brushing it vigorously herself. He stood by the door and said tentatively, “Would you like me to brush it?” She nodded and passed the brush to him and stared at her reflection in the mirror as he began drawing the brush through her long gleaming hair. She didn’t speak for a few minutes but just sat with her eyes closed enjoying the feel of the brush being drawn through her long hair.

“I am sorry I got so upset last night,” she said, “I have been thinking about it all day.” She paused and took a deep breath and said, “If you really want to cut my hair then I will let you. I would rather keep it long but if you think it will look good then I will trust you.” He felt his stomach lurch with excitement and said, “Shall I do it now?” She gave a slow nod and then said softly, “Yes, do it quickly before I change my mind.” With mounting excitement he opened the drawer and took out comb and scissors and her eyes followed the gleaming blades as he stood with them poised behind her. His heart was pounding faster and as he saw his sister swallowing hard he wondered who was the more nervous. He looked down at her gleaming head of beautiful long gleaming hair and wondered fleetingly if he was being cruel to want to remove such splendour but his irresistible urge to cut off long hair could not be denied.

“Stand up, Catherine,” he said and slowly she stood and then swung towards him so they were standing face to face .Her long silken hair was covering her back and shoulders like a cape and swung gently with her movement.   “Please, not too short,” she said imploringly and he could see that already tears were springing to her eyes. He reached out for a lock of her beautiful hair and grasped it firmly and said, “Trust me.” Hardly daring to breathe he brought the scissors nearer her hair at about shoulder level and then pulled down a little harder on the lock of hair he was holding. She closed her eyes and he knew that it was the final acceptance of allowing him to cut off her long treasured hair.

He closed the blades and the sharp shearing sound as they severed the silken strands was music to his ears. He watched the hair come away from her head in almost disbelief. He was doing it! She kept perfectly still as the first lock of hair was cut and then when she felt the last strands of hair separate she opened her eyes and as she saw the 20 inch or so tress dangling from his fingers she gave a choking sob and tears poured from her eyes. He felt very sorry

that she was so upset and he murmured, “Don’t worry it will be fine.” His excitement was great as me reached out and grasped another great lock of her long hair and forced the shearing blades through the silken tress and watched it come away from her head. He dropped it to the floor and as he grasped another lock of her lovely hair he said, “I am going to shampoo your hair afterwards and then shape it, but it makes it easier to do if I cut off some of the really long hair first.” She looked at him tearfully and said, “Oh but you are cutting such a lot off. Please don’t cut it too short, I know I am going to hate myself without my long hair and I will be letting it grow again. I only let you cut it as it seemed so important to you.”

He moved around behind a little and continued to cut off her long hair about level with her shoulders. Great masses of her treasured hair began forming a thick carpet under his feet as he removed lock after lock of the lovely hair with which he had experienced so much pleasure when brushing and arranging. However this one off opportunity to force scissors into beautiful long hair and cut masses of it off was the most exciting and satisfying thing he had ever done and he realised what a sacrifice his sister was making in order for him to satisfy his urge to cut off her hair. With one last triumphant snip he severed the last long lock of hair and allowed it to drop from his fingers to join the great piles at his feet. Quickly he ushered her into the bathroom but she gave a horrified gasp as she walked over the great piles of her own long hair and her face was tearstained and she was making an effort to control herself from shedding more tears.

He took her back to the dressing table after washing her hair and began combing through the damp shoulder-length hair and knew that he faced a big challenge to now create an attractive shape. However he had spent many hours watching videos of hairstyles being created and he knew exactly how he wanted Catherine’s finished cut to look. He wanted to do a version of a graduated bob with shorter pieces around her face and side bangs and then the rest of her hair curving down to her shoulders. He sectioned her hair and then began carefully snipping away at the damp locks as his sister watched silently. He worked on her hair for over 30 minutes, checking and rechecking every section until he was satisfied with his cut. Now he got the hairdryer and a round brush and began carefully drying her hair, section by section. He could see as soon as the hairstyle started to form that it was going to look good. Her hair was a lovely texture and because he had taken so much care in cutting her hair it was falling beautifully into shape. Catherine too, was now taking a little more interest although she still looked upset.

At last her hair was dry and he was satisfied with the final result. He squeezed her shoulder and said, “Thank you for letting me cut your hair. I know it was a big sacrifice for you, as you loved your hair long. I did as well but I also wanted to cut it. What do you think now?”   She smiled bravely at him and said, “You have cut it beautifully but it will take me a while to get used to it. I am going down to show mother, I told her I might let you cut my hair but I think she thought you were only going to trim it.”   He followed her downstairs, feeling a little apprehensive about what mother’s reaction would be and was delighted that once she got over her surprise she told Catherine that her hair looked lovely and was amazed that he had done it so beautifully.

The next morning her hair still fell in a beautiful shape but Catherine was still not over enthusiastic about losing so much of her treasured long hair and was also a little concerned what all her friends would say about her new look. Jack was home before her and their mother was out shopping and he was waiting with interest for Catherine to arrive to tell him what comments had been made about her hair. To his surprise when she arrived Trisha was with her, looking very excited. “Oh Catherine’s hair is fantastic,” she said, everyone is talking about it.” She paused and then said, “Will you cut mine for me?” His stomach lurched with excitement

and already he was anticipating forcing blades into her gorgeous silken hair. “Ok,” he replied casually, trying to hide his mounting excitement. “Do you want it done now?” She pulled off the band holding up her gleaming ponytail and shook her magnificent hair free and it spilled down over her shoulders and back in a wondrous silken fall. “Oh please!” She exclaimed excitedly, “I just can’t wait. I have been thinking about all afternoon”

Quickly, hardly being able to believe what was happening he led her upstairs with Catherine following, and sat her down at the same place he had done his first haircut. He reached in the drawer and took out a brush and began drawing it slowly through her silken cool blonde hair that now loose, reached more than halfway down her back. She closed her eyes and gave a little sigh of pleasure. “Do you want me to cut it like Catherine’s?” he asked, hoping that she would not say she just wanted a trim. Trisha opened her eyes and said excitedly, “Oh no! I want something really different now I have decided to have my hair cut. I want it really short!” 

What an invitation!

He put down the brush and reached forward into the drawer again and picked up his scissors and comb and then his hand hovered over the clippers. Dare he? She had said she wanted her hair really short. He picked them up as well and placed them on the dressing table in front of her. She gave a little gasp and said, “Will you be using those on my hair.” “Yes, they are perfect for doing short cuts,” he replied casually.

“Oh, how wonderful,” Trisha said excitedly. “I have often fantasised about having my hair cut with clippers, I often take my brother to the barbers and I am fascinated watching clippers being used and wondering how it feels.” He could hardly believe that this girl with her beautiful fall of blonde hair was going to allow it to be reduced to a very short crop.

His sister was staring at her in amazement and said, “Gosh, Trisha are you sure you want it cut so short. Your hair is very beautiful long.” Jack glared at his sister angrily and wished she would mind her own business but he needn’t have worried as Trisha gave her lovely long locks an impatient toss and said, “If Jack is able to do it then I want it done” She hesitated and then said to Jack, “Before you cut it though can you just do one thing for me please? Can you do one last style with my long hair me and take a few photographs, I have a camera on my phone.” Jack was longing to start cutting off her long hair straight away but knew he couldn’t refuse her request and as long as she didn’t change her mind he would really enjoy working on her long hair for the last time.

He put down the scissors and comb and took the brush and began working on the gleaming silken hair. His fingers thrilled to the smooth touch of her lovely hair but all he could think about as he worked was that in a very short time he would be stripping it from her head. He decided that he would do a complex nine-strand plait, one that he had never done before, and then after photographing it he could cut it off at the nape of her neck. He remembered that one of the web sites he had seen had shown a stylist using clippers to sever a long gleaming plait from a model’s head and he wondered which would be the most exciting; to use scissors or clippers to cut off Trisha’s long hair. How fantastic that she would let him do whatever he decided!

In about ten minutes he had completed the plait and her hair looked superb. She was delighted with her hair’s appearance but from the excited look on her face he knew that she was still looking forward to having her long hair cut off. He photographed her hair from different angles and knew what an amazing contrast there would be when her hair was cropped. He would send the photographs to a couple of sites that showed ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos, as he knew they were very popular and fascinated a lot of people.

Just as he had decided he had taken enough photos the mobile telephone he was using rang. He handed it to Trisha who suddenly paled as she listened and her last words were, “Don’t worry mom, I will be with you in a few minutes”. She rang off and said tearfully, “I have to go home straightaway. My father has had an accident and my mother will have to go to the hospital and I will have to look after my young sister” Catherine made sympathetic noises as Trisha jumped up from the chair while Jack stood there ready to burst into tears. Oh no! His dreams were shattered. Her magnificent hair was reprieved and as he watched her rush from the room he had a sickening feeling that perhaps now he would never have the opportunity again to crop her lovely long hair.

The End

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