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When I was much younger a lady, Patricia cut my hair. a friend of a friend. I remember it well, I had collar length hair, a bit of a mess she said. when I sat in her chair she quickly caped me tight and without another word she clipped me to a grade one.

I was so shocked and surprised I just said thank you, paid her and left. But I never forgot that experience, her holding me down and clipping me short. I felt so helpless caped in her big chair watching my hair pile up in my lap.

Many years later before a job selection interview I needed a haircut to tidy myself up. the thought of going to the hairdressers did not appeal to me, then I remembered Patricia.

I wonder if she still lives in that old house I thought?  I got the bus to the top of town and then walked to her house. Outside it still looked the same. nervously I walked up her drive and rang the bell.

Patricia answered the door. Hello dear she said. haven’t seen you in ages, need a haircut?  Yes I think so I replyed. She beckoned me in.

Once inside she took me down the stairs to her cellar room. Bright lights lit up the stark room. A huge mirror hung on the wall. Her barber chair was still there ready and waiting and her clippers lay on the table waiting.

Take a seat she said. As soon as I sat down she caped me tight. I couldn’t move at all. Its very long she said, when did you last get a cut? A few years I admitted. She tutted at me, its a bit of a mess she said.

Can you just tidy it up a bit I asked her. oh yes she replyed.

I knew what she was going to do. it was her speciality.

Patricia plugged the clippers in and shaved me straight to a 0000. front to back clippering. top first, then both sides, then the back.

I had hair on my shoulders when I walked in, now I had just stubble. Let me tidy it up she said rubbing her hand over my head.

She lathered my head with her shaving foam and razored my head bald in just a few minutes. She was so fast at everything.

I sat there smooth and shiny as she dryed my nude scalp. Very tidy that is she remarked. yes thank you I said just what I wanted.

My long hair was piled up in my lap again. She uncaped me and slid my hair onto the floor. I stood up , paid her the twenty pounds and left.

Come again soon she said. yes thanks I will I replyed. Wow I so enjoyed her clipping me I couldnt wait for my hair to grow just so I could go back for more.

I waited for nearly six months then I returned to Patricias. Once again she led me to her cellar and caped me tight.She bound my wrists to her big black chair and taped my mouth shut.

She drove the clippers without the guard straight down the middle of my head. What a relief, Patricia was clipping me again.She was slower this time and more deliberate. she knew how much I was enjoying her shaving me bald again.

Again I watched my hair pile up in my lap. Then she straight razored my scalp slowly, reducing my head to smooth and shiny again. then she dryed my head.

She removed the gag. next time you will have to pay extra for that she said. thats fine I said. I want all the extras next time.

Again months passed quickly. work kept me busy and my hair grew longer. finally , one friday afternoon I returned to Patricias.

She was pleased to see me. I followed her into the cellar. She rubbed her hand through my hair, its got messy again she said.

This time she removed all my clothes and led me naked to her chair. I sat down. she bound both wrists and both legs to her chair. Then she caped me tight again.

Finally she taped my mouth shut. Now youre ready she said. What a feeling, unable to move or talk and waiting to be shaved bald.

She didnt let me down. A few minutes later I was clipped bare again. This time she used hair remover on my scalp, letting it dissolve my hair completely and I left balder than ever.

 I now see Patricia regularly. She doesn’t clip me anymore because most of my hair didn’t grow back.  but she dissolves my thin patchy stubble each time I visit her and I leave her bald smooth and shiny

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