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It was a saturday nite and i went to a party with my girlfriend at the flat above where i lived. it was a very cool party, lots of dancing and drinking.

I danced with my girlfriend, Jane the girl who lived upstairs and her very strange friend. he was older fatter and completely bald and shiny headed.

It was already after midnight and my girlfriend and jane left me and the bald friend to refill their glasses. i carryed on dancing and so did he.

At the end of the song he put his arm around my shoulder and whispered in my ear,i love your girlfriends fluffy yellow mohair dress, where did she get it?.

I replyed that i had brought it for her at christmas and he said to me, I’d like to dress you up in it and shave you bald like me while i fuck you.

I was so shocked at what he said to me i didn’t have a chance to say anything before my girlfriend and jane rejoined us with more drinks.

As we carryed on dancing i noticed him looking at me and my girlfriends fluffy yellow mohair dress and grinning at me with that certain look about him.

An hour or so later i was on the flat landing smoking a cigarette with my girlfriend when she pulled off her dress. i am so hot she said and i need the loo.she handed me her dress. i need the loo too i said. i’ll go down to ours it’ll be quicker and i’ll take your dress back home with me. Ok she said see you in a minute and she left.

I went down to our flat and used the loo. i was folding up the mohair dress when i heard what i thought was my girlfriend coming down the stairs, i opened the flat door and janes strange friend was standing there.

He looked at the dress and said , i see you are ready for me. he took the dress off me and said get your shirt off. i stripped my shirt off and he pulled my girlfriends fluffy yellow mohair dress over my head and down onto me.

He pushed me down onto my knees and pulled down his trousers. he put his hand onto the back of my head and put his hard cock into my mouth. i sucked it like a lollypop while i cupped his balls with my hand.

He held my head with my hair to stop me moving while he fucked my mouth. I licked all up his cock and sucked him off, slowly moving my lips up his throbbing shaft. When you gonna shave me bald then? i asked him.

I’m gonna tie you to your bed he said, dressed up as your girlfriend and clipper you bare while i fuck you so hard. Bald me, bald me i teased him as his cock exploded cum into my mouth. He held me by my hair and shot his spunk onto my face, then he pushed his cock into my hair and finished unloading.

I was kneeling on the floor, covered in his spunk and wearing my girlfriends fluffy dress. He dryed his cock in my hair. Dont forget me i said as he left.I’m gonna come back and bald you one day he told me.

Later that week i was talking to jane in the garden. Great party i said to her. Come up for a coffee later this week and i’ll lend you those CD’s you want. thanks i replyed. Not tonight she said i’m going to the cinema. Tomorrows good though. Ok i said.

My friends coming round later to use my computer so dont worry if you hear someone upstairs, she said. Whos that i asked. My strange friend she said laughing.

That set the scene. later that afternoon i washed my long hair and then blowdryed it. I stood in front of the mirror, i was too scared to have my long hair clippered off, frightened of what i would look like bald. I decided i couldn’t go through with the headshave and that i would tell janes friend as soon as i saw him.

Even though the thought of it really turned me on.

My girlfriend went to work at half past seven that evening to do her nightshift and not long after, janes friend arrived. i saw him parking outside. He let himself in with a key and then he knocked my flat door.

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