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Note: This story has lesbians, blowjobs, masturbation, bondage, non consensual sex, and of course, head shaving. If you can’t deal with that, please don’t read this story.

Victoria, (Vicki) climbed out of the limo’s back seat. She stood on the curb for a moment, letting everyone near her bask in her glory. Vicki was the most beautiful woman in the State. She was clad in skin tight black leather, which showed off her perfect legs and ass. Her 37C breasts stood at attention and were perfectly formed. Her waist length blonde hair, streaked with little white-blonde highlights, glinted in the moonlight, accenting her flawless skin and beautiful blue eyes.

She held out her arm, and it was immediately taken by a muscular young man. His strong jaw and handsome face were sexy in his black suit and his short black hair was spiked and the tips were frosted a creamy blonde. He was the perfect match for her, and both looked like they should have been royalty.

Vicki’s sexy date walked up to the limo driver to pay him, and Vicki looked around her. It was the Blue Fire Club.

The Blue Fire Club was by reputation an extremely classy club where rich and sexy people went to drink and dance, if their names were on the admittance list.

Vicki’s date walked her to the bouncer, who immediately let them in. The dance floor was packed with sexy young ladies and men dancing and chatting about trivial little nothings. “I want a drink” said Vicki, and her date walked off to get her one.

As he left, Vicki walked around the edge of the dance floor, looking for a sexy guy to dance with while her date was away.

Finally, Vicki spied a young man who caught her eye. He was very muscular, with a blue tux on. All 6 foot 2 inches of his body, from his $250 shoes, to his perfectly tapered brown high n tight haircut made her wet. She walked up to him, and he asked her to dance. “So,” he said. “Are you here with anyone?” “No” was her reply. “Would you like to join me in my suite upstairs?” “I’d love too.”

So, abandoning her date, Vicki followed her new interest through the crowd and up a short flight of stairs, into an elevator, up 6 floors, down the hall, and into room number 567.

“Have a seat,” said her new date (Jason was his name), and she flopped down on the bed. Then she accepted some wine and began to talk to Jason, who sat on the bed with her. They talked for awhile, and Jason kept tempting Vicki with more wine.

Talk turned to dates. Vicki accidentally let it slip that she had arrived with the date who went to get her a drink. Jason was furious. “You told me you weren’t with a date!” he said. “I wanted to be with you” she replied. “What you have done is wrong, Vicki!” “I know, I’m sorry” “That won’t do, a lesson is in order.”

Jason walked over to the phone and dialed a series of numbers. Vicki caught the words “…see you in a few minutes, then.”

Jason flopped back down on the bed with Vicki, and suddenly rolled on top of her, kissing her passionately. He raised her arms above her head and started to kiss her neck.

Vicki was in awe. This sexy young man was making out with her! Her nipples went hard inside of her black leather top, and she longed for more. Jason started to remove her long leather boots, and then her leather hot pants came sliding off. Next her leather top. She felt the masculine hands feel her belly button, then disappear into her black thong, pulling it off, revealing a wet pussy, adorned with a dirty blonde bush.

Jason was kissing his way up her torso now, and she was becoming horny. He came to her breasts, and unhooked her bra, revealing rock hard nipples. Spending just a short and sweet moment licking her nipples, Jason kissed his way up Vicki’s arm.

Suddenly Vicki felt something metal close around her wrist and then the other one. She tried to pull away, but couldn’t. She was handcuffed to the bed, and the process was repeated with her legs.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

Jason didn’t answer, but smiled as he removed his clothes, revealing his 7 inch cock, hard and throbbing.

Crawling back over her, Jason put his cock to Vicki’s lips and pushed it into her mouth. She sucked, and felt the hard dick pulse inside of her mouth. She ran her tongue over the head, and the cock gave another pulse. Moving her luscious lips up and down the penis, she felt it bob up and down in pleasure. She looked into his sexy eyes, and could see the pleasure in them. Despite the strangeness of being tied to the bed, she wanted this. She wanted to feel the warm spurt of his jizz in her mouth.

Jason’s eyes rolled back, and his cock gave an almighty pulse, and he pulled out, just before reaching orgasm. Vicki watched him, as he panted, the pleasure slowly leaving his eyes and being replaced by the look of being denied something. But Jason saw the same look in her eyes. He knew she wanted to fuck him crazy.

“Why did you pull out?” she asked Jason.

“I’ve got to save some of you for others” he said, and he got off the bed, and opened the door. In came three women, all just as sexy as Vicki, and all just as naked under their bathrobes.

Jason smiled at them, as one of them dropped to their knees and put Jason’s still hard dick to her mouth.

“Still wet” said the woman.

Jason pulled his orgasm-starved cock away and said, “Vicki here needs a little haircut, I think. She is cheating on her date, and I think she needs to be humbled a bit.” The three woman crawled on the bed and ran their fingers over Vicki’s vulnerable body. Vicki didn’t know why, but she welcomed whatever may come.

Sandra, the tallest of the 3 women slowly kissed Vicki’s stomach, and working her way down, found her lips on Vicki’s pussy. She gently kissed the lips, then pushed her tongue inside. A wave of orgasmic pleasure pulsed through Vicki’s goddess-like body and she found additional pleasure as Kelli and Mary, the other two woman, each took a nipple into their mouths. The sex went on for a few minutes, as Jason sat in the corner masturbating to the sight of the lesbian orgy.

Again, Jason’s eyes rolled in back of his head, and his cock gave a pulse. But he stopped, right before orgasm. “Now, Vicki, you’ve cheated on your date with 4 people this evening. I think that it will continue, but your pretty little bush is in the way.” “You want to shave my pussy?” Vicki asked. “Oh yes!” said Kelli.

Vicki thought for a moment. She was proud of her bush. It was a nice color and felt great to rub during masturbation. It made her look like a woman, and she had never cut it, apart from trims. She shook her head. “No, now, enough of this. Take these handcuffs off, I’ve got to get back down to my date.” “Oh, no!” said Jason. “Mary, Kelli and Sandra will remove your bush, and you will continue to cheat on your date.”

Jason disappeared into his bathroom for awhile, and returned with a pair of clippers and a razor. Plugging the clippers into the wall, he handed them to Sandra, who flicked them on. The hotel room was filled with the buzz of the clippers, and Jason returned to his corner to masturbate.

Sandra gently put the clippers to Sandra’s pussy and barely touched them to a small area of hair. It left a tiny stubble patch, and Sandra immediately pressed her tongue to it. Vicki was horrified. “I told you no! What the fuck!”

Sandra giggled and pushed the clippers into the bush, leaving a large stripe. Again, she pressed her tongue to it, taking in the rough stubble. “Get the fuck away from my pussy!” Vicki yelled, struggling to free herself from the bed. But Sandra just removed the rest of the bush with the cold metal clippers.

Vicki was enraged. Who the hell was this Jason and these dykes who dare mess with her pussy like this! She struggled again to free herself from the bed, but to no avail. Her bush had been reduced to stubble. Her proud bush, a symbol of her femininity had been stolen from her.

Vicki thought it was over, then Kelli came out of the bathroom with shaving cream, and picked up the razor. Vicki yelled. “NO. IF YOU DARE TOUCH ME WITH THAT I’LL SUE THE FUCK OUT OF YOU!” She fell silent, though, as she felt the warm shaving cream being spread out over her stubbly crotch. She stayed still, so as not to get cut, and raged silently as the rest of her hair bush was taken from her. Finally, as he saw the razor being put down, Vicki struggled again. But this time, Mary emerged from the bathroom with a small tub of a cream. She smeared it over the now sexily shaven pussy, and Vicki winced, as it burned, permanently destroying the hair follicles in Vicki’s pussy. She would be bald down there forever.

Jason laughed at her. “Bitch, I’ve had about enough of you. You’ve done wrong, now pay for it!” Again, though, she relaxed as Jason put his cock to her lips. She opened her mouth and accepted it, letting him slide it in and out of her mouth, and feeling it pulse. Again, it bobbed up and down in pleasure, but again, it was pulled out before the cum. Panting, Jason glared at her.

“You still accept my cock, you cheating bitch? More punishment, then!” Mary produced a vibrator and clicked it on, as Jason went back to his corner, rubbing his swollen dick.

The vibrator was pushed into Vicki’s pussy, and again she felt a wave of orgasmic pleasure rove over her. The feelings strengthened as Kelli tweaked her rock hard nipples. Vicki moaned and her hips finally bucked, giving in to orgasm. She cummed, and let out a squeal of delight the powerful pleasure swept over her. But the vibrator was not removed. Vicki still lay on the bed, her pussy lips swollen and dripping. Five minutes later, her body began to pulse again, as she hurtled headlong into another orgasm. But still, the vibrator was not removed.

Vicki’s body was so tired, but still she was forced to endure this horrible yet so wonderful hell. She cummed again, and screamed in delight. The buzzing of the vibrator still hung in the air, and Vicki barely noticed that it was joined by another buzz – clippers.

Vicki knew that something was happening again, but the effects of too much wine and the fatigue of continued abuse of her pussy was wearing on her. She felt a comb being run through her silky blonde mane, and she felt herself being raised up slightly, so that her head was off the pillow. Then, she felt cold metal buzzing at the nape of her neck. She snapped back to consciousness. The clippers were running up the back of her head, leaving a narrow stripe of miniscule stubble in its wake.

Vicki screamed “NOOOOO!!! GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!!!!!” But the clippers soon emerged from the back of her head and were traveling toward her bangs. Vicki saw her sexy blonde hair raining down from her head. She was being shaven. This was too much. The vibrator was still buzzing away in her pussy, and she was so tired. She felt the clippers running over her head, and she burst out crying. Her sexy hair, key to her beauty was being stolen from her and there was nothing she could do about it.

Pass after pass was taken with the clippers, and she knew she wouldn’t be able to be seen in society without a wig for months. Tears streamed down her face, and her head felt lighter than ever. She felt the three woman running their tongues over the rough stubble on her head, and looked around her at the mountain of her own hair.

The vibrator pushed her closer to another orgasm, and she let it come, crying in mid-moan. Then it was removed from her swollen pussy.

The shaving cream and razor was produced again, and she felt it slowly being pushed around her head, reducing stubble to silky baldness. The tongues of the three women were on her head again, taking in the silken smoothness and the soft curves of her neck. Sandra, Mary and Kelli stopped their oral exercise, and Vicki felt the burning of permanent hair removal cream on her scalp. Then it was over. She laid back on the bed. Her wonderful hair was gone forever. She would have to endure the ridicule and horrors of baldness for the rest of her life.

She was so tired and horrified, that she wanted to die, but she calmed down instantly as she felt the soft touch at her lips. She opened her mouth, inviting Jason’s hard cock into her mouth. Her lips slid over the head of the cock, and it throbbed and pulsed harder than ever. Every pass on Jason’s dick produced another throb, and again, the cock began to bob up and down inside Vicki’s mouth. Her tongue passed gently over the head of his penis, and again she felt the almighty pulse of Jason’s penis. She looked at his strong and masculine face, his eyes rolling in the back of his head with orgasmic pleasure, and then she felt the warm cum shoot into her mouth. She swallowed, and Jason removed his dick panting, and wiped it on her freshly shorn scalp.

The lights went out, and Vicki fell into a very deep sleep. The next day, she awoke to find the room deserted, and the handcuff removed. Her hand instantly shot up to her scalp, to feel the velvety smoothness. It was like nothing she had ever felt before. It was heaven.

Vicki put her clothes back on, and left the hotel room. She never bought a wig, and she never grew hair again, but she returned to the Blue Flame Club often, looking for Jason. She never found him again, but she started to notice a lot of shorn women around the club.


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