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It must have been about two years ago now. On a rainy morning, I saw a new Hair-salon, just about 500 meters from my home. A brand new, modern salon and best of all with a large window.

From that moment on, I started to search for excuses to walk through the street where the Salon was located. As said, it wasn’t far from my home, but in a street that I normally never passed.

In the large window you could just see a shining white wash-station. About every morning I saw female customers laying down, head covered with foam and behind them beautiful young stylists washing the customers hair.

None of them older then about 22, 23 years old. Every time I passed the Salon, I walked a little slower to take the time to watch what was going on.

Then, one day, when I passed the salon, the door opened and two stylists came out.

“Excuse us, may we ask a question?”

“Hmm, y..yes, of course” said I, while my hearth was bouncing.

“We saw you passing and looking true our window. Are you interested in Hairfashion?”

“Yes, I am”

“You know, we don’t have mail customers and we where wondering if we could offer you a free makeover. We want to build on our reputation.”

“A free makeover? When?”

“Right now???”

“Hmm, y..yes of course I have time now”

“Okay, then follow us”

“You can hang your coat over there, but I guess you knew that already”

“Take a seat at the wash-station, we will get you a cape”

“Now let’s start with washing your hair. By the way, my name is Sandra and this are Sophie and Daisy. We run this Salon. Just lean backwards please…”

I really couldn’t believe what was happening. There I lay, surrounded by three beautiful stylists, in a Wash-station, in front of the window. I could hear the noise of water that started running and one moment later I felt the water running through my hair.

“Is the temperature good? Not to hot or to cold?”

“No fine, thank you”

I closed my eyes and was in heaven and heard a pumping sound. I could hear de shampoo in Sandra’s hands as she started to apply it. My wet hair was going heavier and heavier and I could feel Sandra’s fingers on my Head. She started to make circular movements and was slowly covering my head with foam. She kept massaging and more and more foam was covering my head. Here thumbs pressed strong but gentle in my neck while here other fingers kept moving and moving from left to right, front to back just on and on ….. on and on. I didn’t have the slightest idea how long I lay there but it felt like heaven. Suddenly I heard the water again and felt that Sandra started to rinse. Slowly the foam was floating away and I asked myself what would come next.

Sandra asked me to come up and dried my hair with a white towel.

The next moment, Sophie came with a hairdryer and I wondered why they would dry my hair. Normally, they would cut it wet. Sophie started drying my hair and I could feel the warm air while here fingers gentle but strong worked through my hair. In a moment my hair was dry.

Sandra came back with a solid black cape and began to put it around my neck.

“Perhaps it’s best when you stay in this seat. We have to rinse the color later on and this way you don’t have to change seats. You know, normally we don’t wash the hair before coloring it, but we must make sure that you enjoy this morning.”

“A .. are you going to c .. color it?”

“Yes, of course, we promised you a make-over and no decent make-over without coloring” said Daisy while she came to me with a large trolley with several sorts of Dye, brushes and foils. 

“You know every time you looked through the window to see what was going on here gave us the chance to have a good look at you too. Don’t be shy, we specially picked you. And we know that you had highlights before”

This was a dream coming true. Here I sat in a salon, surrounded by 3 beautiful stylist, ready to be colored. Totally unexpected. How ironic, spied while spying.. What would the do to me? They wanted do dye my hair, but which color? Why all these dyes?

While all these thoughts raced true my mind, i felt how Daisy had started to apply the cold dye on my head. I could feel the strange sensation of the cold dye and the brush that was applying it…… What color would Daisy make it?? One color, or multiple? Extreme colors? A strange sensation of anxiety ran through my body. From one moment to another I was completely helpless…..

(To be continued)


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  1. bretthov says:

    great story – look forward to part 2!

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