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Karen was my first love at school. We were in the same class and lived in the same street. I walked home with her everyday and we shared that first kiss together as teenagers.

During the last year of secondary school Karens parents moved away because of work commitments her father had and that was the last time i saw Karen. My broken heart took years to mend.

I married in my twenties and again in my thirties and both of them ended in divorce luckily without children. In all that time i never forgot Karen and i thought about her often. Wondering what had become of her.

Just over a year ago i found Karen on the internet living hundreds of miles away. She too had divorced and was single again. We corresponded with daily emails and our love was rekindled again.

My work life meant i couldn’t meet up with her for many months but finally we arranged to meet each other again. I had fallen back in love with Karen and felt she had fallen for me too again.

I had a long coach journey up across the country until finally reaching her town. Then after a short walk, i was outside her flat. I couldn’t wait to meet my first and only true love again.

Nervously i rang on her intercom, she answered and i went in and up the stairs. As i turned the corner she was waiting for me outside her door. I was a little shocked at what i could see.

Karen was no longer the skinny beautiful long haired teenager i once loved, she was huge, at least a size 30, she looked old, only her long hair reminded me of the past. It was still down by her waist but it was greasy and lank and hanging in rats tails.

We embraced at the door, she was so fat i couldn’t get my arms around her. Her long hair fell across my hands and arms as we hugged. We went inside and she was soon all over me,talking about the past and telling me i was always her only real love.

I didn’t know what to do but when she sat next to me and held my hand and we kissed it was all like it was before as young kids. Karen wanted me and i just accepted that was how she was and we carryed on where we had left off years before.

When she undressed in the bedroom i got a huge shock, i’d never seen a woman so fat. Her legs, belly and arse were huge and her massive boobs hung down on her belly. she literally wobbled everywhere. There was so much of her to get your arms around. So much woman.

She took over completely, stripping my clothes off and telling me to get on the bed. I lay there naked and overcome as she got up onto her big bed. Once on top of me there was no way i could move. Her huge bulk weighed me down and pushed me into the mattress.

She was passionately kissing me, holding my face as i sucked her tongue and i was getting very turned on, trying to forget how much of Karen there was to hold. I held her huge arse with both hands as she ground her fat body onto mine.

Once i was trapped there everything changed. She grabbed my wrist and pulled it up to the headboard and she cuffed me to the bed. I just thought that was what she was into and i gave her my other wrist to cuff too. Then i couldn’t move.

She lifted up her huge body and slowly dropped it down onto my hard throbbing cock. It slid up inside her and she sat down onto me. She was in total control. I was cuffed to her bed and pined down by her fat wobbly bulk.

She ran her fingers into my hair and fanned it all out over my naked body. I dont like your hair like this she said its too long. I liked the buzzcut you used to have at school.

She pushed her hand under the pillow and pulled out a cordless clipper. Let me shave you she asked. I watched her pull off the guard on the clippers and turn them on. Then she bent down and kissed me. Her fat body moved down onto my cock.

She pinned my head to the pillow with her left hand and as we kissed and fucked she pushed the clippers onto my head above my left ear and she shaved up and across my scalp right up to my crown.

As she lifted up the clippers bits of my hair fell onto me. She kissed me again as she ran the clippers up the middle of my head. More of my hair fell onto her bed. Karen lifted up my head and deliberately shaved me across the back of my head.

Now she had clipped lines through my hair on the top, side and back of my head ruining my long hair and leaving no option but to have the rest removed and my head completely shaved.

I let her fuck me over and over as she shaved off all my hair. She was absolutely loving it, flicking my long hair off me and watching it fall onto my naked body. My head was pinned down and she clippered all the top bare.

Then for the first time she ran her fingers up the middle of my head touching my hairless scalp. Tell me to shave your head she said and that just turned her on more. She slammed her fat body onto my cock as i begged her to shave me bald and she did.

All the top and sides were more or less bald, she dropped the clippers, grabbed my clipped head, kissed me and orgasmed.

Karen, in ten minutes had clippered off all my hair apart from the back of my head. I was cuffed to her bed, my long hair was everywhere. She undid me. Sit up she said let me clipper the back. I had no choice, she held my head forward and shaved the back bare in lines.

Now i was hairless, my scalp just covered with the finest fuzz of hair shadow. Karen took me by the hand into her bathroom and i sat in the bath as she ran the water. She got a can of shaving foam from her cabinet and sprayed my head with it.

I let her cover my scalp with the foam and as i sat in her bath she razored my head, slowly removing any traces of my hair from my entire scalp until it was white smooth and shiny.

Karen dryed me as i stood in front of her long mirror staring at my balded head. She held my head and kissed it, thats the ultimate buzzcut she said i think bald men are the sexiest.

We cuddled in the bathroom and i held my fat lover as she ran her fingers over my head. I want to keep you bald she said and i agreed. If the cost of having Karen is my hair then that was fine by me.

I’ve got used to her clippering and razoring my head bald, she likes to do it every few days and i’ve got used to having a big fat woman too. You definitely get more woman that way.
I didn’t know people could have a headshaving fetish but now i do. Karen hates long hair on men. I live out her fantasy for her because i love her. There is no one like my Karen.

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