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I rent a room in a flat above a hairdressing salon. my flatmate is the salon manager. chatting with her one night she was surprised i was into girls haircuts. i told her how lucky she was to be able to cut colour and change hairstyles.

I told her how much i wished i had trained to be a ladies hairdresser. she took me downstairs into the salon, unlocking and turning on the bright lights. i played with all the tools, the scissors and the clippers. i even sat under the dryer.

Why dont you let me do your hair she asked me. i could give you the full treatment. i want a bit of everything i told her.the full works.

My hair was long and wavy blonde light brown. it hung a foot down my back. i had not had a proper haircut for many years. come sit down she invited me.

As soon as i sat down she caped me quickly. fastening the velcro at the back of my neck and pulling out my hair so it hung down my back.

My hands were in my lap and she was so in control of everything. she brushed my long locks and bound them into a ponytail at the back of my head.

She leaned forward and picked up the small scissors. i was so excited , she cut straight into my long ponytail right on the back of my head. i felt every cut as she sliced my hair short.

She lay my ponytail on the counter. many inches of thick hair lay there lifeless. she picked out a rich burgundy red hair dye and set about painting it all through my much shortened  hair root to tip 

In twenty minutes i had a permanent mop of red  hair. growing out or cutting off the only option. then the real haircut started.

With a two guard she used the small clippers and shaved a line through my hair horizontally around my head ear to ear. then another one underneath.

She changed to a one guard and clippered two more lines underneath and then she removed the guard and clipped the rest of my head and nape bald completely.

I had a burgundy red bowlcut ear to ear graded right around my head from a two through a one to bald smooth at the bottom

She cut me a short fringe across the middle of my forehead that was slightly wonky. now i think we should tight perm all thats left she said.

I sat there caped, cropped and clippered and she used small curlers and pins to curl tight my red bowlcut. my whole head was covered in tight curlers and she wrapped my head in a scarf.

She wheeled the large dryer over and placed it down on my head. high temperature she said to set the perming lotion and 30 minutes.

I sat there waiting for the timer to run down to complete my new girls haircut. it was so hot i could feel my hair tightening up on my head.

Finally i was released and my scarf removed. all the curlers were slowly taken out and she then brushed my hair to tease out my tight curls to widen my bowlcut

When it was all in place she sprayed me with lots of hairspray and set my style tight and rigid.she undid my cape and my hair slid off onto the floor.

 I stood up and stared in the mirror at my new style. my girls haircut. finally i did it and it was such a great experience. i had the full works from her. a bit of everything.

I am stood here in front of the mirror and i am sporting a rich burgundy red, high and tight clipped bowlcut to the top of my ears graded from two to zero on the back of my head and over the top of my ears.

All my short bowlcut has been tight permed to hang down in short ringlets right around the top of my head and my fringe is short and wonky

I was a long haired man but i can recommend  getting a full works salon haircut and restyle. when this one grows out i am going back for a buzzback bob with streaks.

Why should girls get the best cuts and treatments, men can have them too

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