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April 14, 1993

Lately I’ve been taking much interest in my “bangs”.Actually they’re now so long that they can’t be called bangs anymore. They hangabout three inches below my chin now, while the rest of my hair has reachedbra-strap length. I’m thinking of getting a haircut like Joanne’s; her chinlength bob, all one length is stunning! Maybe I’ll go over to her housetomorrow and see what she thinks.

April 15, 1993

Joanne was so excited when I told her that I wanted to cutmy hair like hers. Somehow she managed to talk me (and Chloe and Vanessa aswell) into getting our hair cut right there and then at her home! Her parentsweren’t home, so we had the whole house to ourselves for the evening.

She went into her parent’s bedroom and returned with salonscissors and a comb. We then decided to set up a stool in front of the bathroommirror as a makeshift salon. I was the first to go on the stool at Joanne’sinsistence. She started by combing out my hair and perfecting my middle part.Starting at the nape, she snipped off the hair in quick successive motions.

Snip! Snip! Snip! Snip! Snip!

Eight inches of my hair fell at Joanne’s hands. Before longthe sides were leveled with the nape and my hair was blunt cut at chin length!I love it!

Vanessa was next to go under the blade. Her auburn mane wasthe same length as mine had been but thicker and wavy. She did not want tochange the length drastically so we decided to give her bangs. She wasreluctant at first but gave in after we insisted that she’s had one length hairfor as long as we knew her, and it was time for a change! I had the honour ofdoing Vanessa’s hair.

It was difficult at all. All I had to do was recall how mymum used to trim my bangs. I sectioned a triangular section from Vanessa’sforelock, combed all that down over her face, and tucked the rest of her hairbehind her ears. The veils were long enough to touch her breasts! She whimperedlike a puppy as I brought the scissors to level with her eyebrows and closedthe blades around her forelocks.

Shick! Shick! Shick!

Foot long auburn locks fell down into Vanessa’s cuppedhands. She stared into the mirror for a long time after that, in awe of howdifferent she looked with bangs.

Chloe was next up. Honestly speaking, we were unsure whetheror not we should continue on with her. She has the most beautiful shiny blondehair – down to her butt – I have ever seen. Her mane is her crowning glory andher most prized asset. However, she did not want to chicken out either and saton the stool. We decided to keep her hair long, and decided to trim it up tothe small of her waist. That would get rid of her straggly ends and even it allup one length.

I combed Chloe’s hair down its full length until it shonelike the sun. It was a magnificent sight to behold indeed! After I finished, Igave Vanessa the scissors. She placed them at at Chloe’s belt level, and usingthat as a straight guide, snipped straight across.

Shick! Shick! Shick! Shick!

Chloe’s foot long blonde locks joined my black locks on thefloor. Her hair looks even thicker and healthier now that it has been trimmed!

Ah, what a day it has been! Heads will definitely turn atschool tomorrow!

April 16, 1993

After seeing how beautiful Chloe’s freshly trimmed hair isfor one whole day, I started to regret cutting my hair. My goal now is to growmy hair out to waist length!

February 22, 1994

My hair has grown past my shoulders! Today, I got my mum totrim it. It now hangs about four inches below the top of my shoulders. I’vealso started using hair enriching products to make it sleek and shiny!

August 19, 1994

My hair has reached mid-back length! I’ve had people come upto me and comment on how I look like a shampoo commercial model with my sleekand shiny hair. Thanks to constant small trims and tedious care. Yay!

May 2, 1995

Chloe cut her hair today! More accurately, she donated her hair.We were shocked when she walked into class today with a chin length bob. Whenasked, she said that she got her whole ponytail chopped off for Locks of Love!What a sacrifice of such lovely hair. But how brave and charitable of her toofor such an act.

She reminds me of my past experience when my mum got mywaist length locks cut into a short bob at her hairdresser’s. Perhaps thedifference here is that Chloe gave her locks up voluntarily while mine wasforced (and that her hair went into a good cause while mine into a bin).

I wonder if I’ll ever be brave enough to voluntarily chopoff this beautiful mane of mine?

June 17, 1995

Yes! Just ten more days to my birthday and I’ve achieved mygoal! My hair is finally waist length! Amongst the four of us, my hair is nowthe longest. If Chloe hadn’t cut her hair, she would still have the longesthair.

Joan too has grown her hair out but kept it at bra-straplength for ease of maintenance. As for Vanessa, she still wears her hairmid-back length, still with the bangs we gave her a year before. Seems that shelikes those bangs.

Should I continue growing my hair? Mmm. I’ve come this far,so might as well keep at it.


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